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Forum Post: Don't Hijack My Protest!

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 10, 2011, 7:04 p.m. EST by wouldhavepreferred (26) from Portland, OR
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If any Democrat, Republican, or other party thinks they speak for me, they are sadly mistaken. As far as I am concerned, every politician now in power has broken faith with those they have been elected to serve. The Democrats think that, by speaking out in favor of the OWS movement, they will somehow harness its energy and, thereby, retain power. The Republicans think that they can characterize the movement by portraying us as hippie wanna-be's and Socialists. I am none of the above. I am a tax-paying citizen who loves my country and is committed to doing all I can to see that it is delivered to my children in better shape than when I showed up. They deserve a chance to live in hope.

When I vote, and I DO vote by God, I will



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[-] 2 points by partOfTheSolution7 (51) from Chapel Hill, NC 12 years ago

Don't get stuck in an us-vs-them mentality. If we are 99%, then we need to keep the doors open to any politician who supports our goals. It will only help. The key is to not get in the business of endorsing candidates; instead, invite them endorse our cause and make them be specific.

[-] 1 points by bankisopen (9) from Ontario, CA 12 years ago

I agree that we need support, but we have to be cautious that our values do not become intertwined with those of the Democratic party. Leading political organizations have spent decades creating disillusionment and focusing on issues that ultimately distract the people and keep progress from ever being made against the elite. Obama, Clinton, some of the most respected leaders of the Democratic party, are some of the biggest sellouts to the working class in American history. The Democratic party, in itself, is not an ally of this movement. If particular individuals within the party, however, wish to offer their support, they do so at our discretion, as you have stated. We must make them be specific: relinquish all power from the banks, and restore a debt-free currency to the people. Eliminate corporate personhood. No exceptions.

[-] 1 points by FuManchu (619) 12 years ago

They will sweet talk you into voting for them. Then back to business as usual. That's what they have been doing for years. The first thing to avoid is getting a politician involved in this.

[-] 1 points by smate1 (72) 12 years ago

We must get all the $ out of elections if you ever want the chance to be heard. We must unite on this issue while we have the chance. We can disagree later.

[-] 1 points by multi123123 (24) 12 years ago

Democrats = Republicans

All politicians of both parties are bought and paid for. It's corruption by another name.

[-] 1 points by doninsalem (74) 12 years ago

"Extortion" is the name of this game my friend, and they aren't done till they "milk it" (us) for everything and/or anything that what ever "it" may be is worth.

[-] 1 points by patriot4change (818) 12 years ago

Here! Here! Well spoken protester! That is the exact reason we need to "gut" the system and get rid of BOTH parties in Washington. And replace them will people just like YOU.

[-] 1 points by doninsalem (74) 12 years ago

Thank you sir, but I take no pleasure in watching/hearing/seeing/etc. that which has been the most wrongful, distasteful, human lives at stake display that "we" (this country) has ever been "MADE" witness to. "They" (world leaders) have life by the short hairs, and would be loved as well as receive all the ass kissing they really want, if only they would do what they should have been doing in the first place. When the logic contradicting speeches never seem to end, "ANY" proud American better help in straightening this mess out or all of us may come to find that since "they" (?) couldn't take this country (or anything in it) by storm, "they" (?) somehow (?) found a way to have us sit and watch "some vermin ridden (inside as well as out) human exit" (?) mail it to them.

[-] 1 points by doninsalem (74) 12 years ago

The easiest way to drag anything into the light is to face it (or let it face itself) away from it. What time is it? It's time to play Wheel barrel and/or "Doggysyle" + Maybe "their" (ETC.) HELL, is "our" (ETC.) purgatory, until we do. + (LOVE-n-STUFF) DONNIE Salem Mass. EST. 1626 +

[-] 1 points by China777friends (75) 12 years ago

Washington politicians! ! The United States is being fragmented! Oh! My God!

[-] 1 points by ThinMan (54) 12 years ago

Well you've now associated yourself with some pretty interesting folks. If your as even minded as you say you may want to seek a....group less likely to toss the constitution.

[-] 1 points by kilroy (58) from Orlando, FL 12 years ago


We need everyone from across the board. Democrats, Republicans, Business Leaders and Unions.

A Political answer is the the only one that work. We MUST DEMAND leaders either new or old that support the tenant that will restore our Republic.

SOVEREIGN RULE of the economy by the people and an elimination of money from public office and campaigns.

[-] 1 points by WhyIsTheCouchAlwaysWet (316) from Lexington, KY 12 years ago

Seconded! I vote too, but a choice between corporately funded legislator A and corporately funded legislator B isn't a choice.

This is a non-partisan movement. We aren't forming a political party. STAY UNITED.

"End private money's presence and influence in our political and electoral systems!" Government for the people, by the people! Separation of business and state!

[-] 1 points by number2 (914) 12 years ago

Very good to hear. I'm a tea partier and could easily be an OWSer if it doesn't get hijacked by socialists

[-] 1 points by MiMi1026 (937) from Springfield, VA 12 years ago

Exactly WHY I am here. For my furture generations.

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 12 years ago

agreed, we need to form a third party and not let them co-opt the movement.

































[-] 0 points by doninsalem (74) 12 years ago

The three differences (only) that truly separate the Torah, Bible, and/or Koran are as follows: Eternity, final Judgement, and Jesus Christ. Well "WE" have the first two licked because "No one" can dispute who rules those courses. Jesus is/was a/the key to salvation (FYI that's all folks!). It is incomprehensible when trying to communicate that a few differences, which are the same words (only spoken in a different way), and/or "PEOPLE", can undermine all the rest. Most especially "using" that person (ETC.) to do it. P.S. Any "war" between Heaven and/or Hell "WE" know (as it is written) was really over before it even started, because those that were cast out were (and still are) fleeting. If there is any ongoing war it is between those cast out and humans, and if there is a bet (a.k.a. capture the flag) it is that "man" being mortal (a.k.a. within our limited time given/allowed/ETC.) could not possibly prove that "WE" could rise to the level of those that are immortal (a.k.a. timeless). Man is "NOT" being forsaken by the LORD OUR GOD, HE IS CONSTANTLY BEING STRENGTHENED, FOR SOME WILL NEVER NOT ONLY BOW DOWN BECAUSE OF EVIL, WILL NEVER LOSE THEIR FAITH. There is only one place in scripture where "EVIL" is said to be a living breathing thing (never named). It is what is inside any human (although not all can be blamed on "them"), that would make "US" do such things, that we can/will conquer, and when we do, believe and trust that many indignities may "not" have to be suffered (shared). Maybe if we do "NOT" use capital punishment (a.k.a. kill) those that were wrongfully controlled from within (a.k.a. hold them till they pass on naturally) thus leaving finale judgement where it belongs, and do it with the hope that something known, unknown and/or otherwise may be rightfully returned, not for us (or anything), but because it should have never been taken, we gain more than just "something". Man is the "key" to proving just how wrong those cast out, angels/demons/humans (etc.) were/are and possibly returning all that was wrongfully taken from the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost (AMEN). Ready "GO" (What If? The Band Creed / Album "Human Clay" PEACE). P.P.S. The easiest way to drag anything into the light is to face it (or let it face itself) away from it. Tea Parties? Regardless of any given situation (life/death/etc.) "Man" was brought into grace for being a major contributor into proving just how wrong any that were cast out (angels/man/etc.) were/are. What time is it? It's time to play Wheel barrel, and if any would like to find me just look for the guy wearing the backwards Boston Bruins cap that reads "Doggysyle" and don't sweat it, because right or wrong, as for me (IF IT WAS/IS MEANT TO BE) I may find you (alive or passed on/ "OH MY, WHAT A LOVELY TEA PARTY"). The Passion of "Any" Samurai will always defeat the purpose of "Every" ninja. +

[-] 1 points by ThinMan (54) 12 years ago

Ok I didn't read this. Was this a filibuster?

[-] 1 points by doninsalem (74) 12 years ago

Filibuster, economy, etc.? No, just words of the day really because this holds all the appearances of a Human CULLING. Well, there can no longer be any doubt. "IF" Roswell were a true event (German/advanced alien insect/and or otherwise/ETC.), it "had" to be a "Trojan horse", or else we probably wouldn't be in this mess! Given all the controversy (Al-alwalaki/etc.) the real question "we" are asking ourselves (that some can't/won't admit/are trying to shut out) is should "we" be dropping bombs where the Pakistan/Yemen/ETC. leaders tell us (a.k.a. "Ya, you should hit here, here, and Oh ya, FYI, little bastard Billy right there needs to go too.)? Isn't it? Why did they hijack planes and fly them into those buildings? Because they couldn't storm them, and everybody knows that (or should have). "They say our life was just a fairy tale, that no matter how we try", "we must surely fail, but where are they now, how could they ever understand? "we" didn't build no castle's in the sand." (Song: All the Kings horses Band: THE FIRM / ALBUM: MEAN BUSINESS) +

[-] 1 points by ThinMan (54) 12 years ago

OK You lost me.

[-] 1 points by doninsalem (74) 12 years ago

All right, I see that you sir wish to stay w/ the real distractions, o.k.. So if politics were any kind of race the Republican party would be ready to go right now, united w/ a candidate and plenty of little tidbit solutions that BOTH parties have wrongfully withheld. O.k., so "WE" are going to worry more about the rear-end of a stealth anything, rather than sending all of the volumes of knowledge/capabilities that they couldn't come and take from us, so the "PLAN" is to mail it to them? O.K., politicians don't have to pay taxes for the positions that they were "supposedly" voted into (always by some narrow margin somebody puts up), but why, "oh why" batman aren't they paying taxes on anything else that "they all" (either one of our "so called choices") have their hands and asses (yours and mine etc. without rightful knowledge included) into? ETC. Did you mean something like that (I hope friend)? ? ? ?