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Forum Post: Don't Hijack My Protest!

Posted 3 years ago on Oct. 10, 2011, 7:04 p.m. EST by wouldhavepreferred (26) from Portland, OR
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If any Democrat, Republican, or other party thinks they speak for me, they are sadly mistaken. As far as I am concerned, every politician now in power has broken faith with those they have been elected to serve. The Democrats think that, by speaking out in favor of the OWS movement, they will somehow harness its energy and, thereby, retain power. The Republicans think that they can characterize the movement by portraying us as hippie wanna-be's and Socialists. I am none of the above. I am a tax-paying citizen who loves my country and is committed to doing all I can to see that it is delivered to my children in better shape than when I showed up. They deserve a chance to live in hope.

When I vote, and I DO vote by God, I will



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[-] 2 points by partOfTheSolution7 (51) from Chapel Hill, NC 3 years ago

Don't get stuck in an us-v