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Forum Post: Ethics

Posted 3 years ago on Oct. 9, 2011, 8:12 p.m. EST by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA
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  1. Endeavor to do the least possible or no harm to all persons, property, life, liberty, livelihood, environment, self, others, family, community, Country, World, Economies, Children, Elders, Workers, Voters, and Ecosystems. (And so forth.)
  2. Endeavor to make all of ones labor to meet ones own needs also coincide with the maximum energy potential of benefit to others. Practice the law of charity and reap the rewards of the law of karma. Give your best to others and go the extra mile, for the good of all, for the benefit of all of ones relations.
  3. Emotions derive from primary instincts. Flight renders fear and fight renders Rage.
  4. Emotional Energies are best resolved via right action problem solving process, not allowing emotion to guide or control ones thinking or process.
  5. The 1st and second principle applies as a matrix to the whole Needs Pyramid. That Pyramid consists of Physical needs at the base, social needs, emotional needs, mental needs and spiritual needs at the top.
  6. We only move up through the pyramid of needs one need at a time and in order of priority for survival. Needs are coded as instincts that drive all of human behavior. All behavior is tactic to meet ones needs. Behavior which harms others or which fails to benefit the whole of society is unethical behavior, but it must be understood to exist as a psychology which is an instinct attached to a bad problem solving tactic. People only act to meet their needs, if they act badly, what they need to act better is a better tactic.
  7. Thus do no harm and work for the good of all as you climb your pyramid of needs and be cognizant of what your needs are, and lucid in terms of having good tactics that are socially beneficial for meeting your needs.
  8. Most morality can be expressed as iterations of the do no harm rule. Do no harm against ones relationship with spirit, Do no harm which would kill another person, do no harm by stealing or thieving, do no harm by potentially transmitting STDS i.e., law against Adultery, the list goes on etc; most of the Ten Commandments can be rewritten as specific details of the do no harm rule.
  9. Ethics is the process of reconciling the needs of society with the drives of the Reptilian and Mammalian Brain and thus Ethics are the laws of nature which allow us to exist in peace as a culture or society instead of continuing the law of the jungle.
  10. We are spirits in animal bodies, and there is a law of the jungle under our skins which must be somehow evolved and cultivated into cooperation (and cooperative process) rather than violence (and violence as a problem solving process.) The law of the jungle is violence. The law of Angels is Cooperation.