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Forum Post: Two wolves and a lamb voting

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 4, 2012, 11:26 a.m. EST by hidden (430) from Los Angeles, CA
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This expression often attributed to direct democracy, but does it paint the real picture?

Do you really think, that there are more wolves then the lambs around us?

Is it another fear based manipulation?

What is the alternative? Two lambs and a wolf, where wolf in a lamb's skin is ordering one of the lamb to prepare the other? That's exactly what we have and that's what we always had.

If a lamb ever get in power, the lamb immediately gets eaten like J.F.Kennedy.

This expression also implies a choice, when in reality, there is no choice, the wolves will eat the lambs without any vote taken unless the other lambs interfere.

Please, reevaluate your expressions. Do they bring us legitimate concern or fear based manipulation.



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[-] 1 points by Misfit138 (172) 6 years ago

It does paint a real picture in that a larger group opposed to a smaller group will always win. That is why we have a representative republic. The two wolves have a representative as does the lamb. Now the weak have a voice strong enough to ensure that their rights are not trampled by the strong. California's prop 8 is another good example of the majority oppressing the minority. If we had direct democracy, gay, Muslims and other minority groups would be subject to the will of those who do not want them here. They need a voice loud enough to be heard and that is why we have a representative republic. Direct democracy is a dream in which reality must be replaced with a simplistic, almost naive, belief that people will do what is right for the whole rather than look out for their own self interests first.

[-] 1 points by hidden (430) from Los Angeles, CA 6 years ago

Who is representing us?

Who is representing prop 8?

We choose the wolves to represent the lambs.