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Forum Post: Conservative Future

Posted 3 years ago on April 10, 2021, 10:48 a.m. EST by agkaiser (2516) from Fredericksburg, TX
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In georgia, texas, the rest of the confederacy and quite a few more states, god fearing conservative people will be privileged to vote, own property and have all others work for them or pay rents to enrich them.



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[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

Consider "How Do We Stop Corporations From Shoving Fascism Down Our Throats?"

fiat lux!

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23790) 3 years ago

Understanding the roots of libertarian "free market" philosophy is a good place to start if we want to end corporations' fascist control of our lives!

So, I highly recommend another piece by Thom Hartmann that gives a brief but excellent summation of Ayn Rand's evil philosophy, how she came to it, where she rooted it and how it developed to be utilized over time by the greedy, sick f-kn bastards that now run the Republican party, among other things.

"Americans Must Repudiate the Connection Between a Child-Murderer, Reaganism and Trumpism.

The roots and brutality of the hard-right grew in the soil of libertarianism and Ayn Rand’s writings" by Thom Hartmann


I thought I knew the roots of this but learning how Ayn Rand's anger built from her wealthy parents experience during the Bolshevik Revolution (greed and unwillingness to share) and how she lionized a child murderer for his total selfishness and lack of empathy for another living being, well, I learned I knew very little. But, I'm always willing to learn more!

That I thought I knew Ayn Rand was a psycopath and now learned she was a psycopath on a whole other level was mind boggling.

I really suggest a read of this brief but enlightening piece by Hartmann! It is only through truth that we can overcome!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

"All Good Social Change Comes from Mass Disruption"! by Sean Larson:

"The New Deal wasn’t won by cozying up to congresspeople, but by workers’ disruptive mass strikes and social mobilizations. We cannot forget that in the Biden era."

I offer the link above as a Collectivist Antidote to your Very Important link re Ayn Rand's Psychopathic Individuality that denies & decries the very notion of 'Society'.ALL readers here need to read your link:

e tenebris, lux!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

Note that ... "Capitalists Have Never Been Friends of Democracy"! . . . by Dylan Riley:

I really can't recommend this excellent essay & analysis enough to any & all readers here.

ad iudicium ...

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

You've got to look beyond your nose tip. Let me help you: Red China's Xi Jinping is democratizing the to-be-Red-imperium at a record pace to support the rule-based international order. Australia discovered this Red Ruby gem years ago. Red China will develop the Russian Far East for Moscow as it had developed the weather and rescue stations with strategic bombers landing strip to combat the pirates and rescue the drowning sailors in the West American Warm Lake. Everyone should come to get wealthy by joining to realize the Chinese Dream. Taiwan has done exceptionally well so far. Where do you think FoxConn operated to make the iDevils ? Taiwan will soon learn firsthand what dictatorship with democratic characteristics feels like ( or maybe not if the U.S. protects it by touching soap to the water to sink from afar the incoming floating compasses.)

I being 龍的傳人 regret that my parents didn't get infected by the Chinese Dream to stay in Hong Kong so that I could collect my trust fund from Xi Jinping to become his trust fund baby "to have a good time." I feel bad that I haven't learnt how to draw huge portraits so that I could aggrandize him as my relative had glorified Mao Zedong by drawing his huge portrait for the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China. Chinese art wasn't my major in college, as I loved water, guppies, global coin collection, chewing gum wrappers, Zebra(R)-brand ballpoint pen, floating steel-needle compasses, soap to reduce water-surface tension to sink the compasses from afar, flashlight/torch magnet to manipulate the floating needles from afar, and model boats. Archimedes was an inspiration. David Hestenes was also an epiphany. I got hot while playing in our shantytown's garbage dump so Mom let me have the Chinese folding fan to cool myself with it. "Colonial foie-gras e-duc-ation" was a really terrible way to learn about a bivector and its oriented spread area, whose sign depends upon in which one of the two ways one opens the fan, with the left hand or with the right hand.

Don't you see that the Green Dragon flanks, cradles, and curls around the U.F.O. now anchored solidly to the ground in Fung Tak Park ? I was born above the rod set atop the rocky hill at the center of the fountain. Being my birthright, the legendary rod had been left there by the founder of the Xia Dynasty, the Conqueror of "the Sorrow of China," and it was preordained to be my weapon for my arduous mission to retrieve the Sutras of Truth by embarking upon "the Journey to the West." Like a laser meter of blue light beam ( "laser" was derived from the acronym L.A.S.E.R. originated from Light Amplification via the Stimulated Emission of Radiation, and there was the primordial violet-blue first visible light from the beginning of the universe scattered and absorbed, ) my rod can fathom how deep the oceans are at will and beats the disguised devils to force them to show their true colors and selves.

More than 4000-years-worth-of old empirical farming knowledge is partially encoded here in the Chinese calendar since the Xia Dynasty when water became controlled by its founder of the Dragon Dynasties of China. Understanding the Sun was the first leg 天時, of China's greatness because China had discovered how to synchronize and harmonize agricultural operations with the Sun's passage. Understanding the ground and its gradients was the second leg 地利, which represents the control of the water of the tempestuous Yellow River which had often inundated the cradle of Chinese civilization. The third leg 人和, represents harmonious politics among the people. Here's the formula for prosperity from ancient time: 天時, 地利, 人和。All great ancient civilizations started in river valleys because "Life is electric fire burning slowly in water." Watersheds gather and concentrate water into rivers and aqueducts to feed cities and civilizations. Be it Rome, New York, Hong Kong, Mesopotamia between Euphrates and Tigris River, Nile River Valley, Indus River Valley, Yellow River Valley, Yangtze River Valley, etc. It's about freshwater. CCP allowed pollution to go rampant, thus Red China will have to go on a war of conquest nearby to secure a non-polluted source of freshwater some time in the future. Water wars are coming. Pootin wants ample freshwater supply for Crime-ia to consolidate Russia's annexation of it in year 2014 and annex eastern Ukraine's now-independent { Russian-speaking Russian-Orthodox } republics of Luhansk and Donetsk to form Greater Russia to glorify him and bulk up his killer pocketbook even more. The solution to the confrontation is obvious: admit Ukraine to N.A.T.O. and attack Stalininsk. Meanwhile, Red China will win the war against Russia and regain Russian Far East. A likely result of Russia's success is nuclear weapon proliferation around Russia and Red China. The U.S. can gift nuclear weapons to Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Phillipines, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany ( perhaps.) Without Prussia, the Germans could not be brave so they are now Europe's weaklings which explains why Germany wants to hook up with the other weaklings with a new gas pipeline. It's probably best to avoid giving them nuclear weapons to waste. They can show the world their conventional military strength instead. Eurasia enjoyed the greatest peacetime prosperity growth post-WWII relying upon a U.S.-underpinned global seafaring and security infrastructure. The U.S. can easily pull back and let the street urchins slug it out once again amongst themselves as before ( in yet another war to end all wars ) but using nuclear weapons this time.

Do you see why the legendary rod which can stretch and shrink to fathom the depths of water was an important tool used by the founder of the Xia Dynasty ? The U.S. tried to help Afghanistan in the 1950s with hydro works, in line with the developmental sequence of ancient China. All great countries have learnt to control these to further the welfare of their peoples. For example, Southern California couldn't have boomed ( fire: from oil in Los Angeles, water: dammed by and ducted from Hoover Dam, people: on the journey to the American West via wagon trains, railroads, and interstate highways ) without the Hoover Dam which was completed around the time of the Great Depression. So was the Empire State Building situated in the heart of Manhattan completed. Labor was cheap during and around the Great Depression ( or Great Panic.) There was confidence in America's future.

The last piece in the formula is 人和, peace among the people(s). Philosophical breakthroughs of the mind may cause the harnessing of reality, for both good and evil.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

"The Native Land of the Hypocrite" is where U live & only U know wTf that^ screed is about!

multum in parvo?