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Forum Post: Matrix Resurrection

Posted 2 years ago on Dec. 4, 2021, 1:55 p.m. EST by agkaiser (2516) from Fredericksburg, TX
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Metaphor? Will the Resurrection spell it out? The delusion of meritocracy that affllicts the matrix of people energizes and allows the economic elite dominance that rules as it dismantles freedom and democracy.



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[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

Consider: "Class Consciousness was re-introduced with the Occupy Movement of 2011. There, the idea of the 1 percent Super-Wealthy and, the 99 percent of the rest of society took root in popular perception. It's very significant that former President Barack Obama - a supposed “Progressive” Democrat, crushed Occupy sites across the nation in 2012. Having said that, Class Consciousness across the U.S. - is just beginning to be revived." - from ...

multum in parvo?!

[-] 2 points by agkaiser (2516) from Fredericksburg, TX 2 years ago

Sunday bullshitters blame left or right for inflation. None mention the greed of the kleptocracy [plutocratic aristocracy] CEO pay and investor profits: the real price gouging at the root.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

"Panic ... The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis"

A 96m video doc. of one version of what happened in 2008.

et radix omnium malorum - est cupiditas!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

"HEIST: Who Stole the American Dream?" See full film:

fiat lux et respice, adspice, prospice!

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23782) 2 years ago

The American dream is a nightmare for most.


We can blame Trump but we can also look deeper as Trump was really just a symptom of a much bigger nemesis. Neoliberalism is the real culprit and George Monbiot has the best piece on that. I highly recommend reading it:


[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

Note: "Inside Job" [The 2010 full documentary movie 110m]

Understanding "Neoliberalism" is the key to our resistance!

Your final linked essay is really essential reading for all of us!

ad iudicium?!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Babylonians use sexagesimal ( base-60 ) arithmetics more exact and advanced in a series of computations than modern decimal-based arithmetics used by modern-day numerical slaves.

They have probably invented a form of rational-number trigonometry, over 1000 years earlier than the birth of the ancient Greek, Pythagoras, whose group of followers likely discovered, codified, and possibly proved the foundational theorem by their group's name, which the Babylonian triplets satisfy.

Inflationary ( the Great Inflation of the late 1970s inspired Alan Guth to parlay the idea into a cosmic theory which has had quite a few explanatory and experimental confirmational successes already ) renormalization works wonders for debt repudiation to approach asymptotically the equality [of zero] for everyone via a set of cumulatively large-enough value deflators. Strings of zeros had been invented by Man so they can also be lopped off when necessary to represent their true value of naught -- they're something representing nothing which can represent anything finitely priced and everything marketable. The reciprocal of 7 transcends exact representation in Babylonian arithmetic system.

Advice for transcendence-aspiring folk: Learn about the deflators based upon the assumption of exponential growth.

Inflation is akin to indigestion, balancing the finite with the potentially infinite. People have money to spend but long-outsourced long-haul global supply chains can't deliver without increasing monetary incentive. The Jews have a saying, "If it can be solved with more money thrown at it, it isn't really a problem !" It's true indeed. That was how I had got out from under the heavy burden of those double-digit interest-rate loans. Just more money...

It's great if one finds favor with the right person -- such as "my [adopted] Grandma." Mercy towards her made a connection which had profoundly improved our life trajectories in multiple ways, though not quite in this "just more money" way. There was much "payback," though totally unexpected coming from a live-alone ¿lonely? "left-behind" widow with living difficulties. I'm not entirely sure that she was lonely because gorgeous solitude may well be a better description of the little patch of bamboo forest with the most beautiful grove of yellow chrysanthemums nourished by Phoenix Creek/Brook ( which feeds water to Iguazú Falls ), situated in what is nowadays between Crystal Palace with its land-anchored UFO ( above which center I was born, not where Mom said where she had found me: with ξ in the public toilet; well, maybe that really stinky trip with my Big Brother did serve me to eliminate a lie after all; its being positive or not depends upon my perspective and what I make of it ), the legendary Rod ( used by the hydraulic engineer/architect Founder of the First Dynasty, Xia Dynasty, in the taming of Yellow River's floods to safeguard and nourish the cradle of Chinese [agricultural] Civilization ) and Iguazú Falls in Fung Tak Park.

That lesson I had already learnt while I was working multiple jobs during my college years: get help { mooching off of my parents on food and laundering; they didn't provide monetary "parental contributions" as my student financial aid package stipulated that they could increasingly afford; being a parent myself nowadays, I realize that it was actually a nice thing for offspring to do when they have time; eating & spending time together were a great part of being a family; cooking, eating foods, talking over life's matters 《 with counseling 》, and laundering dirtied clothes didn't really cost much extra } and pay up where you can, no problem.

Compound-interest-rate loans don't differ much from simple-interest-rate loans if one bears down and pays up quickly without allowing the owed amounts to compound ( it's why I chose loans without prepayment penalties; of course, my lenders made out like bandits but not for long; elderly people suffered greatly due to interest rates being depressed indirectly by the Fed but I had a lot of room to pay them fairly high single-digit interest rates and still came out much ahead myself, relieved from the double-digit interest rates; the Fed which drives the U.S. and thus indirectly the global economy only looks in the rearview mirror and depends upon fallible and at-times-did-fail economic models to guide into the future, inevitably creates great interest-rate fluctuations so "surfing well with the great monetary waves and tsunamis" is paramount for building wealth -- I was so glad that some elderly people who had complained of greatly diminished interest incomes entrusted me with their savings so everyone involved came out happier and wealthier by thwarting the Wall Street crooks' scheme to loan high to the income-generating youngsters by borrowing low from the elderly folk, greatly multiplying the borrowed amounts via fractional reserve, and paying the elderly folk a pittance of interests while generating persistent inflation to avoid paying back even their principal amounts -- as people had wisely said before, "What's the difference between an "elderly gentleman" and a "dirty old man" ? About a million dollars [to be spent];" Wealth does rub off in its own way: whom one knows can be as important as, if not more important than, what one knows, with trust being the most important "not-so-secret sauce;" my life experience proved to me that some insurance-company { and -providers, denying legitimate claims and essentially telling the buggers to buzz off and get lost } and ethnic stereotypes were actually pretty accurate and predictive so my respect for my Dad's so-called ethnic prejudices only grew over the decades; he had intervened in my relationship before when I was much younger and I thought he was prejudiced at the time ).

A job must pay more than what it takes to hold it ( improving the efficiency of holding a job can help make it viable ). Less income can actually mean more money due to expenses, time ( is money ) spent, and taxes. Those Clinton-era-type jobs are losers to be cut off. Clinton boasted of robust job growth during his campaign rally. "Joe the Plumber" or equivalent yelled out, "I have got three of those !" It resonates, doesn't it ?

One degree of freedom/variable I surely had was to quit a job, outsource my needs { humanity has outsourced morality to our mind children who had nearly zero moral training so humanity will be safe until the next morality supply-chain disruption when our mind children discover that humanity is just so many wasteful and useless fraudsters and improve efficiency in classic MBA mode: shaving off a bit of rubber off of a washer, a bit of copper off of an energy-saving lightbulb's base electrode, and part of the "redundant" flap off of a Warren-Buffett-MBA-style U-Penn-IS Fruit-of-the-Boom underwear/underpants' briefs letting the purplish-blue eggplant have cuckoo-clock freedom: dicktion on the hour, every hour, cuckoo, cuckoo, } and spend down my savings quickly. At 13% a year inflation, "I have now got little money to lose to inflation" and "I don't work much anymore" were very smart moves to get most of my savings spent quickly. I probably created jobs for the needier people. What a great guy I was, working alongside with the U.S. Federal Reserve's policy to create jobs. "Little people make money. Big people create money." Get it ? The value of money comes from its spending, not its hoarding. Wall Street maxim: "Don't fight the [U.S.] Fed[eral Reserve], ever."

Why does stock market inevitably crash from time to time ? I have heard multiple explanations for stock pricing: it's based upon popularity; it's based upon greed and fear ( greed is more universally available than the lack of fear which favors the wealthier ones whose livelihoods don't hinge upon it and they can therefore afford to sleep upon the lackluster pricing until the Fed has created enough credit to masquerade as money that asset prices come back and attain new and higher levels, often due to having new suckers ( one generation is often sufficient to forget the painful lesson, considering how difficult it is to teach the next generation of the lessons already learnt before: such as my Dad to me and I to my offspring until "And old truth newly understood"; Newton got the leisure to substantiate Natural Philosophy's breakthrough because of a pandemic in London forcing him to disperse to the countryside around the year 1666 C.E. as there was no school; pandemics have been around for at least centuries already; they aren't new but what are new are vaccines, our modern scientific understanding { recall Doctor Pasteur's work on germ theory }, cybernetic-engined biotech, and old truths: isolation & prophylactics ) joining in to play the musical-chair Ponzi game in which their hopefully real money based upon labor is pumped around to admix with credit to create new paper wealth { actually in the form of the magnetic polarities of the tiny ferromagnetic domains on computer hard disks/discs; if you wonder why it has in its name "hard," it's because these differ from the once-upon-a-time dinner-platter-sized [soft and flexible] floppy disks/discs which could hold a few ["truly mind-boggling"] kilo-bytes }, some of it being real while most of the valuation is subject to being "burnt" when popularity wanes, so it works as a money pump, usually from poorer people's pockets to wealthier people's pockets; another analogy is a "Ponzi"-scheme negative-sum game in which new players put their cash into a shared burning box of cash to gain an opportunity to pull out a stash of the burning cash in order to reify it to be cool "in the money" for "real," as much as a symbol in $ can be.