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Forum Post: Sane Responses to Covid 19 are Possible

Posted 2 years ago on Dec. 16, 2021, 2:22 p.m. EST by agkaiser (2516) from Fredericksburg, TX
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[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

"Education is Central to Cuba’s brand of Socialism. The revolutionary government’s dedication to scientific knowledge and healthcare for all shows up now as Cubans cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. The United States is not so lucky.

"Cubans have wholeheartedly carried out masking, social-distancing, testing and quarantining. Cuba’ s bio-medical research and production facilities created five anti-Covid vaccines. As of December 3, 90.1 percent of Cubans had received their first dose; 82.3 percent of them were fully vaccinated. Only seven other countries have higher rates. (1) Trials showed that Cuba’s workhorse Abdala and Soberana 02 vaccines were protective for over 90 percent of vaccine recipients.

"Cuba’s Covid vaccines don’t need extremely low-temperature refrigeration as is the case for major U.S. vaccines. In that regard they are particularly useful in poorly resourced countries. Cuba has sent, or is preparing to send, vaccines to Vietnam, Venezuela, Iran, and Nicaragua. Cuban scientists are elaborating a version of their Soberana Plus vaccine that will protect against the Omicron variant.

"Cuba’s achievement in producing anti-Covid-19 vaccines is remarkable in the face of shortages of equipment, reagents, and supplies due to the U.S. economic blockade.

"U.S. and Cuban assumptions regarding vaccination programs and other public health measures are different. Vaccine production in Cuba is a matter of the common good, pure and simple. In United States, government-subsidized manufacturers will be making huge profits – $18 billion for Moderna in 2021. U.S. government scientists and their pharmaceutical company counterparts collaborated in developing vaccines, but the companies now are claiming intellectual-property and patent rights for themselves.

"Rejection of scientific facts and expert opinion is widespread in the United States. Myth-making leads to vaccine refusal. Political and cultural frictions frustrate consensus on mask-wearing and social distancing. The upshot is that the prevalence of Covid-19 infection in the United States is 14.9 per 100,000 persons; in Cuba it’s 8.5. The two countries’ Covid-19 mortality rates are, respectively, 240.18 and 73.31 per 100,000 persons.

"The message here is that a society coping with a major pandemic must draw upon reserves of unity and learning. Cuba’s recent experience shows that long attention paid to schooling and science is bearing fruit." - from your excellent link & so also please note:

commune bonum est summum bonum et per ardua ad astra!

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23789) 2 years ago

Mask mandates work because masks work to prevent airborne viruses! It's not rocket science.

One can see one's breath when outside in the cold, right? That's your breath. Just because you can't see it when it's warmer or when you're indoors doesn't mean your breath is not in the air spreading like a cloud.

Covid 19 is an airborne virus, spread through breath, speaking, singing, etc. So, when people wear masks, the air coming out of their mouth and nose stays largely inside the mask and much less is "sprayed" into the air for others to ingest, thus preventing the spread.


The fact that we still don't have mask mandates 2 years into this pandemic tells you a lot about how bad our education system, in schools and by the government to the public is.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

"Genetic Risk Factor found for COVID19 Smell and Taste Loss, researchers say" - by Sarah Sloat:

"Six months after contracting Covid, as many as 1.6 million people in the U.S. are still unable to smell or have experienced changes in their ability to smell" & U$A approach to mass reflects 1st Class Stupidity!

ergo - fiat lux!

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23789) 2 years ago

Meat Loaf died of Covid, was anti-mask and anti-vax.


How bad is the American school system that so many don't seem to understand what an airborne virus is?

How bad and selfish are the American people that so many can't seem to be bothered to wear a piece of cloth over their face to protect others and themselves!?

All too much really. What a friggin' waste.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

"Spotify Signed Joe Rogan for $100 Million But Won’t Hold Him Accountable" by Democracy Now!

Sadly your two questions - rhetorical or actual, really do deserve some serious reflection and meditation.

multum in parvo ...

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23789) 2 years ago

One minute it's "N95's are the only masks that you should be wearing" to a few weeks later it's, "Nah, you don't need a mask anymore."

The mixed messaging from the people who are supposed to be protecting us is bad enough. We don't need Joe Rogan's in the world making it even worse!


[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

"Burned Out by COVID and 80-Hour Workweeks .. Resident Physicians Are Unionizing"!

ad iudicium?!

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

N95 masks haven't changed but their availability certainly has. I got them before this pandemic hit but I didn't like their harder breathing relative to surgical masks which I was given from my visits to hospitals, morgues, and funerals. I still use them ( as I accumulated a [gruesome to me only, "memorial"] supply.) Yeah, people not only died of CoViD-19 but also of the overrun medical care facilities and overworked and stressed personnel. Money talks and shit walks.

I don't even know how to rationally count the number of deaths due to CoViD-19 anymore. It's a lot no matter how I count.

With omicron variant still running rampant in some countries but waning in the early-bird ones, there's a possibility of the emergence of a new variant. Wearing masks reduces the breeding pool for new variants ( omicron variant probably arose from a breeding pool of a huge amount of the virus ) so I wear masks to minimize the chance of yet another variant being created -- some viruses shall stop here dead. I really don't like to have any more "waves." It's fine to be old-school conservative ( one thing I learnt from having caught H1N1 bird flu in 2009 ) in being dorky in this mask-wearing look ( cadavers are antisocial regardless of whether one wears a mask or not.) I'm not running for any political office anyway.