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Forum Post: How to Survive a Cold Winter without Gas

Posted 1 year ago on July 12, 2022, 8:06 p.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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My spiritual godfather was a shepherd whose miracle was turning rocks into sheep when he was asked where his sheep were for all forty years he had been in seclusion, being missing to others. My Mom made us woolen sweaters to keep us warm in winter. We didn't have artificial heating in our shantytown home in Hong Kong.

Sheep wear wool which keeps warmth even when wet. My Mom needed to do chores such as cooking and washing clothes so she got wet and needed waterproof and light clothings which keep warmth and don't constrain movements.

Eating much food and sleeping also help.



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[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

Further "Fueling the Warfare State" by William D.Hartung:

"America's $1.4 Trillion "National Security" Budget Makes Us Ever Less Safe"!

In response to: http://occupywallst.org/forum/the-iran-war-war-is-god-by-michael-carmichael/#comment-1081398 & exactly whyTF are you still spewing unintelligible RW garbage on my forum-posts you PoS?!

Finally gropes, go get your empty head around this http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/57137.htm

omnia causa fiunt!

PS: The above ^ is now also in response to the utter drivel, B-S & gobbledegook - again spewed in reply here .. http://occupywallst.org/forum/the-iran-war-war-is-god-by-michael-carmichael/#comment-1081405

respice - adspice - prospice!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

I would like to spend money on things other than the massive defense budget of the U.S.A. but no matter what, the U.S. must spend what is necessary to safeguard the World, being the ONLY country remotely capable of shouldering the heavy burden [by itself].

Americans also do the right thing after doing all the rest first. That's what the Brits said of Americans before the U.S. went whole-hogged into fighting WWII.

The 1918 influenza pandemic was a contributing cause of WWII because President Woodrow Wilson contracted influenza and didn't get to shape the post-WWI peace settlements.

Guns or butter is usually an ever-pressing question for most countries. For those which can afford butter and guns such as the U.S., it's important to get both, guns being far more important than butter. If anyone doubts what I've just stated, ask Ukraine (which has much butter in the form of exportable grains) about what its years of underspending on guns had led to -- despair and ruins.

This isn't really anything new, at least to me, a descendant of at-least-millennia-old ancestral warrior clans (the Russia-Ukraine War is in origin no different from the Han-Xiongnu/Huns Wars millennia ago when the ones with the guns tried to rob the ones with the butter; Han married off their daughters to the Xiongnu/Huns to appease them but eventually it didn't work anymore so wars there were, even between in-law tribes; that's not unusual, either, as the British Anglo-Saxons came from what's now Germany and Queen Victoria and Kaiser Wilhelm II were relatives through the European royalty marriages.) Without secured borders (how do we the children of the Yellow Emperor 黄帝 start writing 国家? we start by creating a border,) there is no country. 「国家」、「国家」、有国先有家。 -- Without country, there is no family. Without family, its individual members suffer. Of course, we weren't code-less warriors because we fought for what values we believed in and held fast unto death, and hopefully beyond, carried on by our progeny.

When the clarion calls, we must rise to the occasion. We'll loop around the smoky ring of time again.

Recall the aftermath of dynamite with such explosive power that its invention would end all wars, the U.S. fighting in WWI, the war which would end all wars, etc. Nuclear weapons are indeed terrible in their power but it won't stop humans from using them en masse. Remember the Fermi Paradox. Where's everybody in our Milky Way? Why haven't we been visited by extraterrestrial advanced-civilization aliens yet? They blew themselves up in such a short amount of time after having attained technological mistressy-wizardry that they the hermaphrodites had fucked themselves to death. Engaged.

Really only very young technological civilizations have the urge to explore our Milky Way galaxy. Older technological civilizations which know enough about their immediate neighborhood, how the Cosmos was made and what its structures are wouldn't really pay for a far-flung expedition to the other parts of the Milky Way galaxy. "Been there. Done that."

If one doesn't have an abusive parent at home (excluding Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, the Arab World, and the former Soviet states, so-called "Atheism" and "Islam" being major contributors to the list of abusive states 国家 practicing abusive "parenting" on their families; I'm Christian because I believe in Redemption which probably doesn't offend my spiritual godfather because he was a shepherd and he advocates for healing widely, with humility,) "There's no place quite like home." Chemistry and Physics are pretty much the same throughout the Universe and Biology is constrained, too. I suspect that we are the ONLY still alive planetary civilization in our Milky Way galaxy. The count of technological civilization is very likely binary: 0 or 1. Of course, Life itself is very abundant, though, but would cyanobacterial forms of life on another world interest us enough to send an interstellar probe to explore them? I would say "no," recalling that the U.S. had cancelled the Superconducting Super Collider.

The Red Dragon is behind the Evilness in the World. Siberia is Native Americans' ancestral homeland so the U.S. must reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Russia must pay our Native Americans their oil and gas revenue resulting from their illegal extraction of American wealth in Siberia. To kick off the Arctic Ice Hockey, we'll unplug Russia's titanium flag planted upon the seabed under the Arctic Ocean.

Marauding Russia's desire to do 15th-century-style land grabs was long evident, at least since 2007. Russia had the deep-diving submarines to plant such a flag but zero ability to rescue the crew of their gloriously built double-hulled "unsinkable" super-submarine, Kursk, a "killer of aircraft carriers," while Poo-tin continued to stay upon the warm-water Black Sea shore, vacationing for four more days (long enough for the oxygen to run out for the 23 still alive crew members who had survived after the explosions) before returning to Moscow to take charge. Every survivor of the first and subsequent batch of explosions in that super-submarine died in a slow dragged-out asphyxiating death knowing fully well that their beloved Kremlin and the cherno gremlin had likely abandoned them in favor of keeping nuclear submarine state secrets. Lies about all crew dying immediately after the explosions couldn't cover it up. I was transfixed by the progress of the rescue at the time so I knew how Poo-tin wasn't taking charge.

There was Soviet-era hatch-design incompatibility with the equipment of the West but it didn't mean that the trapped crew couldn't have had a chance to escape (it was relatively shallow ~350 feet < 100 meters, cf. 4300 meters deep to Russia's titanium flag, of seawater above the sunken submarine) if an early decision by Poo-tin had been made to accept foreign help immediately upon discovering that Russian equipment was inadequate (it doesn't take four days in an open society to figure that out ! Not having the freedom of speech is deadly... Retarded societies, the perennial laggards in most worthwhile matters {security, comfort, and a sense of life improving, its being best if achieved with one's own effort; getting a nudge by "encouraging words" is fine, too, "where[ever] the sky is not cloudy all day"; I'm not here to "make a profit" but I'm here to make myself and hopefully neighbors happy -- I neither want to nor need to produce extra grains to be robbed by "civilizations"}, love to "kill the messengers" to foster a sense of stability for the Idiot-in-Chief but of course, they are actually as intelligent as a child playing hide-and-seek by covering their own eyes to hide from "IT !") The Brits and the Norwegians who had volunteered to help had some applicable equipment, especially the Norwegians because of their deep-North-Sea-experienced divers who worked in their stormy and cold North Sea natural gas operations. Norway's gas operations in the North Sea are in deeper water than the Brits' so Norway was more capable of doing the rescue, with the flexible thinking human element of the deep-sea divers.

Do the Russian soldiers still fighting in Ukraine know what they are really worth to Herr Chamber-pot Poo-tin whose poo has certainly spewed out to Ukraine? Aren't they maruta for the mill ? Ukrainians are fighting for Ukraine's sovereignty; what are the Russians fighting for? To create a battle monument to be remembered by posterity as their cancers for a million years, which cause would be detectable with a Geiger counter in all of the [pootinium-laced] grains shipped to the Global South ?

This was the smoky ring of time which the Russians want to traverse again. It's the much heroic glory of the U.S.S.R. Poo-tin is trying to re-create in Ukraine. Many Russians are still clusterfuck "bio-robots" who haven't learnt. Most Red Chinese are being fooled in the same way, too, regarding Beijing's TianAnMen Square Massacre by the so-called "Chinese" "Communist" Party.

We Americans boast of how few casualties we had incurred in our wars but the Reds boast of how many tens of millions of their own people had died at the hands of the Nazis. Do they know why the Nazis had regarded the Soviets as degenerate subhuman? There was the bullying Stool-in (which became encapsulated into now cherno [Stool-in]Poo-tin & char siu Shit-pig) heading up the Soviet Union who refused to abide by the Geneva Conventions. Isn't it remarkable that both curtained-in top-down-command-structured societies of [previously U.S.S.R.] Ukraine & Japan attracted nuclear catastrophes multiple times, natural & manmade ? Centralized authorities are inherently incapable of making quick, well-informed, and consequential major decisions at local levels because the underlings stay silent about already/impending catastrophes. Distributed authorities' local initiatives smother small problems quickly so "great fires" tend not to form. There might be Idiot-in-Chief elected to a position of authority but term limits expunge such.

Comparing the breaking-up of empires, we have to wonder what has gone so wrong with the Soviet Empire's being succeeded by the Commonwealth of Independent States relative to the British Empire's sucession by the British Commonwealth. I certainly didn't hear of Singapore attacking Hong Kong or the U.K. attacking Canada to save it from adopting the world-renowned American culture of "Are you still alive in the O.K. Corral?" or "Are you already lying in a shallow grave in Tombstone, Arizona to size it up?" Hmm, dig and the grave shalt be deepened for you; Knock and the gate of Hell shalt be opened unto thee.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago


Consider: "When we do manage to have conversations about Medicare for All, they are often hampered by questions about how we’re going to pay for it. Of course, we never run into those questions when we are talking about the military or policing or the consequences of fossil fuel extraction because in the US, there is always money for death-making.

"Our government expects us to understand its violence as existing for our benefit, to such an extent that we are all expected to fund state-sanctioned murder, torture, confinement &, the havoc of war. But when it comes to sustaining human life, including our own, we are told that funds are scarce & - that taxpayers will reject any taxation for the sake of life." - FROM:


et temet nosce!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Ancient refrigerators in Persia used nighttime hot air vented water-evaporation cooling. They manufactured ice and even had ice in summer ! Hot Europe in summer can borrow its ideas and do similar things, too, as long as it cools down somewhat at night.




I usually keep windows open { we know malaria isn't due to bad night air ! } with screens to prevent mosquitoes and other bugs away at night to cool my place down. Opening a higher-up ventilation window can allow the hot air to escape while dragging in the cooler air near to the bottom. Usually 4 a.m. Universal Time ( pegged to the sun's passage across the sky, natural not artificial so it's not the Imperial Japanese daylight-saving time used on the aircraft carrier fleet for attacking Pearl Harbor/Harbour while diplomacy was still on-going ) has the coolest temperature so from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. is best for cooling; remember to shut out the sunlight with shades, draperies, windows, etc. before sunrise (this is one reason why I like to wake up before dawn -- to reduce sun's heating of my place; in winter, with the daily maximum usually reached at 3 p.m., one may let the sunlight in between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. to warm up; it's best to work with Nature not against it { Extremisms all fail on this count -- because most of the time the state of any dynamical system is not in the vicinity of an impending-catastrophe cusp so a bit of flexibility in system control can allow a gentle guided push in a circumspect direction to migrate the system to a stable locale in phase space; expediency creates endemic faults leading to many future errors which may trap the system into an eventual catastrophe; political systems are dynamical systems and there are measurables such as the jurisdiction's population's habitat ambient temperatures' deviations from human comfort range of 20-25C/68-77F, livelihood sustainability, glycemic index distribution, or put simply in a special case: hungry people do desperate things, such as deposing and/or murdering their rulers; } when one knows enough and acts properly, the sun, the wind, the seasons, the clouds, the trees, the grass, etc. may all become one's good friends. ) No electricity is needed because the temperature and thus density difference between the escaping hot air and the cool incoming air provides nearly free energy to get the fresh cool air in and move the waste heat with the hot air out. Cooling is often possible at night because outer space is extremely cold and radiative cooling can happen at night everywhere where a dark night sky is visible (in the infrared-light band.)

Water stored in a non-glazed clay pot can also evaporate creating cheap cooling so one can for example store uneaten food somewhat longer in hot and at least somewhat dry places such as a desert. Note that water freezing into ice expands so it can crack clay pots set outside in freezing weather or cold climate. People also use this method in a larger scale in hot places to store vegetables: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=enOjVc-kN7Q

You've got to know when to hold up and when to fold up. Know your locale's characteristics. Everything can have a good side and a bad side in different situations. Never ask a racing car to bulldoze the reinforced-concrete chimney vent of an underground British munitions depot's storage.

Physical Principles don't change but our understanding of them and our ability to manipulate and control tools built with using them in mind can increase over time. A prime example is the cat's whisker crystal radio, replaced by vacuum-tube radio, and in turn replaced by transistor radio. The transistor still uses the p-n junction current-rectifying principle of a cat's whisker made of any metal (n-type due to mostly negative-charged electrons conducting) impinging on a semiconductor crystal such as galena (p-type due to broken bonds on its surface leading to mostly positive-charged holes conducting -- understanding why just about any sharp metallic cat's whisker will do led to the greatest invention of the 20th century, the bipolar junction transistor, which triggered the low-power high-speed light-weight low-price breakthroughs of the electronics age) so it uses something very old but in a new back-to-back [i.e. like a basic vacuum tube's triode] configuration of p-n-p and n-p-n type.

There's nothing new under the sun but there are usually new configurations possible.

My family living in Hong Kong had never owned a clothes dryer despite its subtropical rainy climate. My Mom just hung our cleaned wet clothes out on bamboo poles to be dried by the wind in the sun because she was working from home so she could work with her good friends, the sun and the wind, to dry our clothes. I think that the shiitake mushrooms ( perhaps mind-altering as they contain psilocybin which could poison people if consumed in excess but that has zero chance of happening to me because they were quite expensive mushrooms so my Mom had never got many for me to eat; she usually used them in thin strips to flavor dishes but there were a few whole ones in the dishes she prepared as offering to my spiritual godfather and our ancestors so being my Dad's home god, I ate them; did you know that eating excessive salt and/or sugar kills people en masse despite salt and sugar being ubiquitous in most kitchens ? we need to pass a law to ban all salt shakers as insidious deadly assault weapons ! ) I ate in Hong Kong were also dried by the sun -- nearly no fossil fuel was used in their being dried.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

American values: Hypocrisy creates the space for progress. ( Sleep more for smartness but don't get depressed by not getting enough vitamin D or disrupting circadian rhythm, both of which sunlight helps with; get up early, 5 am or so, to set body's bioclock by seeing dawning of the day and get things done very efficiently due to having slept.) Mass extinction improves the stock under genetic algorithm. ( Vacuum tubes, slide rules, MySpace, etc. are gone but we have transistors, smart phones, Instagram, etc.)

Dreams aren't just curiosities but may well be divine inspirations. It's important to capture them by writing them down immediately upon waking so having a notepad and pen by the bedside to write down ideas can be extremely important for one's future. Our brains work even while we are sleeping so giving them sensory inputs and problem statements before sleeping keep them productive during sleep. Don't get underwhelmed or overwhelmed by task-to-do items. Schedule a short nap {Mao did get this one right, an after-lunch rest like a siesta worked well; 1.5 hours of lunchtime in my secondary school was nice} and do-nothing-in-particular daydreaming {doing nothing is actually still doing a zero-thing so I almost never felt "bored" because my to-do list was never empty because do-nothing is always there, such as feeling}. Keep any backlog short but not task empty. In any case, backlogged items which never got done after a long while should be considered for being expunged and forgotten about.

The Leftists' creed that talents exist in everyone is great because it's really just a fairytale/marketing pitch that gets people to act to pursue their dreams. My Mom said, "You've got to act. We don't know how things will turn out." Any successful rocket launch spews tons and tons of exhaust. Rockets are akin to bladders, mostly containers having space for fuel and oxidant. No ignition creating exhaust precludes any successful rocket launch.

Our bodies can create vitamin D from cholesterol under our skin in ultraviolet rays present in sunlight. This process is most efficient in fair-skinned people but ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancers so avoiding excessive sunlight exposure is very important.

Mushrooms' chemical composition is more similar to animals than plants. Mushrooms eat living debris like the animals eating plants. We can delegate this vitamin-D-making process to mushrooms by exposing them to sunlight for maybe 10 minutes to half an hour before cooking and eating them. Vitamin D's not being water-soluble means it can usually stay in our bodies for long periods of time so precisely how much we get from each bout of mushroom consumption isn't particularly important -- it adds up over time so the sum matters; also humans, "naked [so-called] apes," evolved in low-latitude area so sunlight isn't as abundant in where we now mostly live {far more indoors nowadays without sunlight on naked skin; I'm no raw-back ditch-digger outdoors and most people aren't, either} making many people vitamin D deficient; with large margins of safety for vitamin D dosing in most people, we don't need to run Red Chinese Hukou system on this vitamin-D manufacturing private enterprise as all who can afford mushrooms to eat and get sunlight should be allowed to do this. ( I'm a fairly moderate Conservative, not a Leftist; I'd like to make things easy and routine but still achieving goals over some time; there are grandfather clauses to some newer laws so I can run grandmotherly projects, too; I realize why Red China banned foreign aid delivered by religious NGOs to rural Chinese schools -- it's because Red China is a monarchical theocracy with the party being The Only God; I being an American accustomed to "The First Amendment" frankly didn't care about the religion of the NGOs or whether it's a UN agency with Guan Xi 關習 as long as the aid got to the people in need; I measure my waistline roughly everytime I go out wearing pants/trousers with a belt; if I start using a different belt hole, I mildly adjust my food consumption; it's why I hadn't gained or lost much weight over about four decades since my reaching adulthood.) Doing this mild suntanning of mushrooms avoids getting skin cancers arising from directly exposing our own skin to sunlight.

I found driving a Red-Chinese-derogatory 无轨电车 a great way to learn more and more new things to gain knowledge and wisdom. I think that low cholesterol level correlating with suicides might be due to the low level of vitamin D leading to depression. Eating eggs with some vitamin D naturally there to help with absorption of calcium from yogurt for example might prevent suicides. We should send some people with depression to sunbathing camps and track whether the rate of suicides decreases upon sunlight exposure.

If sunlight-exposure/suntanned-mushroom suicide prevention proves scientifically sound via the vitamin-D pathway, we can make UV-irradiated dried mushrooms in egg omelets/omelettes with yogurt as suicide-prevention medicine. I had started eating yogurt due to my pre-final-exam toothache but I never quitted eating it. Milk if fermented into yogurt can be eaten longer if it was kept sour by putting in much sugar into the yogurt culture before fermenting -- I made my own yogurt to eat from milk by adding sugar, yogurt culture, and keeping the concoction warm for hours, though not days. The non-mutant and thus lactose-intolerant adults can eat yogurt instead of milk to get the benefit of milk because once yogurt isn't sweet anymore, the lactose or other sugars ( common table sugar is fructose-glucose, -ose suffix means sugar; Organic Chemistry is a must-learn subject for all higher-level health-related endeavors/endeavours because our bodies are organic; in my youth, I didn't want to preclude early such potential career paths so I acquired the foundational knowledge to become a bit more literate; it helped over the decades past that I could actually understand what the health scientists were talking or writing about; knowing more languages and cultures certainly helps in eavesdropping; acquiring knowledge requires free time -- what did Albert Einstein have as a Swiss patent clerk ? free time and passionate interest { interest can grow as one's knowledge, wisdom, resources, and mistressry grow; having free access to information upon which all the aforementioned depend favored over the long run free and open societies such as pre-crimson Hong Kong and the U.S.A. } -- researching potential patents was boring but it provided a comfortable and stable livelihood ) are used up. I sometimes ate shiitake mushrooms in Hong Kong and they were probably dried by sunlight and thus enhanced with vitamin D2.

Where there are abandoned enclosed and sanitation-controllable spaces such as old concrete bunkers, warehouses, etc. and there are forest wood, grasses, horse manure, etc., one can grow edible mushrooms if one can keep the culture uncontaminated by poisonous species of mushrooms. Special mushrooms can be expensive and high-valued products in certain markets such as Japan's. I ate horse manure for sure in the form of mushrooms, indirectly, yeah, rich in minerals, from horses eating grasses.

It's not horse manure for me to say that the predominantly White mob which had stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021, had at the very least an attitude problem.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Be a lazy [Teutonic-tribe's] sheep.

слава україні !

Catch the breeze and the winter chills, In colors on a snowy linen land.

God loves the aroma of the burnt offering of slain animals.

A high-proof liquor such as Johnnie Walker Black Label has an exceptional rate of evaporation to make the aroma {to please Dad's home god and goddess, me and my Mom, who sampled his alcoholic offerings} and Dad's-not-being-home-so-there's-no-soaked-in-beer "drunken chicken" to eat but whiskey/whisky-flavored chicken was even better in both aroma and taste. Kowloon-City tarred-and-defeathered chicken served up by my Mom to a vegetarian deity was accepted favorably because of her 》ein Volk; ein Mädchen; eine Religion《 fervor and her belief in probability. Her first two times in Hong Kong of doing Kau chim yielding a single identical result despite her believing that she had forgotten to say at the first time that she had moved far away so the [scolding-tone] first-time result might have been intended not for her but for a different person, was good enough to establish her complete faith.

Pascal's Triangle is the mind-ziggurat { found being inverted in the Ferrero-Rocher square-lattice-of-dimples-packaging-structured building up of the electronic configuration of any low-Z, Z < 11, light atom to create the chemistry enabling all Life } edifying God's Creation from the first row, in the beginning, 1 = 1, 1 being with 1, then 0 + 1 = 1, 1 + 1 = 2, 1 + 0 = 1, generating the second row of Pascal's Triangle... Newton had climbed upon this ziggurat with his extension of the binomial theorem to negative and fractional exponents and subsequently started using infinite series for successive-approximation-type computations. The dimensions of the Geometric spaces spanned by the linear combinations of eigenstates also come from the numbers of Pascal's Triangle.

U.S.S.R. -- the flesh was strong but the spirit was rotten. Ukraine has a good reason wanting to split free from the Russian-imposed political system that failed despite having access to Ukrainian talents. Johnnie Walker Black Label whiskey/whisky was great for making "drunken chicken." The meat was killed but the spirit was aromatic.

India emulated [lying] Stool-in's [politicized] economic system. China ( both Nationalist and Red, but Nationalist side had quite a headstart since the latter half of the 1930s; it's also because Red China had to wait a few more decades for Mao to die in 1976 and the ensuing power struggles to finish by 1979; approximately 1979 - 1939 = 40 years at least was the Nationalist headstart; my Dad was torpedoed shortly before the cusp of Hitler's choosing between Imperial Japan or Nationalist China to partner in conquering the world by attacking the U.S.S.R. on both the eastern in-Asia and western in-eastern-Europe fronts; Nationalist China was deemed not militarily ready so Nazi Germany partnered with Imperial Japan, which was already chafing against U.S. Open-Door policy towards Nationalist China, would secure the necessary resources for world conquest in the Far East: Dutch-ruled Dutch East Indies' (now Indonesia's) ¡¿crude?! { foolish mistake also made by Venezuela's nationalization } oil for vehicular fuel, British-ruled Malaya's rubber for vehicular tires/tyres, in addition to under Japan's-rule Manchuria, Korea, Taiwan, and East China; dropped Nationalist China thus took a decisive turn to team up with a powerful ally, the U.S.A.; Kriegesmarine's somewhat benign treatment of my Dad as a torpedoed and captured British Merchant Marine breaking Nazi Germany's U-boat blockade on Britain "smuggling American coal to England" during northern Europe's brutally cold { 5C below normal average } winter of 1939 - 1940 was probably due to his being a Nationalist China's national, potentially a future ally of Nazi Germany as the Abwehr had already known of Hitler's choice options at that juncture ) emulated U.S. economic system ( as Hong Kong was certainly looking up to the U.S.A. since a very long time ago, at least since the 1960s for my parents so Hong Kong was a concrete example showing that a Chinese society can succeed economically with using the U.S. economic model; another such example was Singapore; dictatorships love the forms of governments in colonies because they're great for the élites ) It does matter a lot which model one picks.

My Dad's invitation to me to visit his ship was probably intended to impress me with a seaman's lifestyle but I went into the source of all of that power to look for my Dad: the 50C ambiance of the engine room where the probably newly overhauled boiler was located. My Dad was probably very proud of the overhauled boiler but I was a bit scalded by the flying-dragon-thrashed-out-of-my-hand showerhead spewing very hot water while I shut it off & figured out its control valves' operation ( as there was also very cold water !!! -- Death Valley or Yakutia -- it was my control but I was a bit slow, not wise enough to be bottom-oriented yet.)

My Big Brother was quite knowledgeable researching sociological aspects such as my Mom's three mistakes worshiping my spiritual godfather but he was trying too hard to fix my family name in multiple dialects' transliterations and phonetic spellings. My experience with identifications over the about half a century or so living in the U.S. taught me that it's best to leave mistakes alone rather than concoct yet another pseudo-united-cultural solution ( e.g. renaming Bevatron as Gevatron: .001 British-billion eV = 1 U.S.-billion eV = 1 Giga eV.) Mistakes were made because they were CORRECT in mistake-makers' minds. Traceability requires making CONSISTENT but COMPARTMENTALIZED mistakes conforming to the CORRECT or CORRECTED mistakes. Talk Doggese to dogs & Cattese to cats. It doesn't matter until dogs & cats get together to demand your speech. Usually, they get into a brouhaha with each other first and forget all about you or why they gather there in the first place: regarding the revolutionary ( the image of the rotating stainless steel drum of our Siemens(R) automatic clothes washer spin-tossing our dirty laundry into the soapy water inside pops into my mind because I could see the sudsy bubbly water getting dirtier and dirtier through the side-loading glass door; Hooray for Super Diaper Baby ! side-loading often uses less water than top-loading because the water is more pooled together ) breakthrough business organizational practice of Noche Matrix Management in which the selfless one takes the Ju out of Juche to make Noche.

Generally, it's highly recommended not to talk about politics or religions with Americans if one wants to keep the friendship going ( and why U.S.A. often had [major] problems with theocracies because religions crept into politics and the foundation of the U.S.A. needed to keep religions out of politics.) It's a major reason why we had instituted our First Amendment to cut religions out of our federal government. Without it, the U.S.A. would have stayed being British colonies with different religious bents ( Massachusetts might be Puritan, Pennsylvania Quaker, etc.) Of course, we couldn't possibly cut out politics from government completely because what government does is determined by politics. In the earlier years of self governance, we had political rivalries to the point of having duel between political leaders/representatives using guns ! We matured out of that ( perhaps French ¿influence? because many Founding Fathers were francophiles and the young French mathematician, founder of Galois theory and group theory 《which underlies beauty for which the Cosmos, our Universe, was created under the [maniacal] Artist's loving [right] hand,》 Évariste Galois died in a duel ) but we might have forgotten why so we might have to go around the smoky ring again.

I frankly agreed with the feelings of the Russians in Alaska after Russia had sold it to the U.S.A. that they didn't want to live with American Frontier "culture" ( want to get raped, bear an unmarriageable rapist's fetus to birth and beyond, and/or be shot with a hard bullet, freeze one's butts off or donate blood to the legions of bloodsuckers such as mosquitoes, deal with the snow, ice, sleet, mud, and grime, then move to Alaska where the state's residents got in recent years an annual dividend payout of about 1000 US dollars in addition to paying no state income or sales tax; the cure for the British attacking Alaska from Canada being American "culture" ) and repatriated. In the 19th century, the U.S.A. had Russian Empire's back covered, blocking Russian Far East and Yakutia from being attacked by the British Empire present in what's now Canada. Around that time, the British Empire was the common enemy of both the Russian Empire and the U.S.A. The colonies of the British Empire sending many troops to fight in Crimea probably became fed up with Colonialism.

A Canadian ¿politician in frustration? once uttered that Canada wanted British government, American technology, and French culture, but ended up with French government, British Technology, and American "culture." As a former British Overseas colonial subject and an American citizen for about four decades, I get the sentiment...