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Forum Post: I need help protesting online Facebook poker

Posted 4 years ago on Sept. 16, 2013, 1:54 a.m. EST by onlinepokerisrigged (0)
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Hi, everyone Just recently I started a campaign with the intent to help online gamblers from being cheated/robbed of their money. As you well know, most, if not all, online gambling are illegal in the US. But these online poker developers have found a loop hole within Facebook. They charge people ridiculous amounts of money to buy play chips that have no real value, which makes it not illegal. Recently, a famous online poker site by the name of Poker Stars started a Facebook poker app charging people money for play chips. Since players can't make real money, it's not considered illegal. I guess that's not the point. The point is these poker apps on Facebook target US citizens that are addicted to the poker game, not the money. After years of playing these games and witnessing cheats, I have decided that I was not the only one being cheated through lies and deception. So I've decided to try and help other players on Facebook that may be spending money, believing these poker games are legit. I have recently started to record in-game activity and have contacted Facebook numerous times to try and have them investigate the legitimacy of the poker game owners' claims. That it's not rigged or designed to influence people to spend money. I have started a cause on Facebook, and a website, dedicated to exposing these poker apps and it seems that Facebook is hindering my efforts to get the word out to its players. I've started a website with more information on my cause and would appreciate it if anyone on Facebook can like and share and try to inform other people that may spend money on these games. My purpose is to prevent people from spending money on online poker games.





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