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Forum Post: How you take away from me

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 12, 2011, 7:22 p.m. EST by tcoffin (2) from Auburn, ME
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Subject: How you take away from me

I can't see beyond the line society has drawn in the sand to indicate how they would have me separated, them from you, mild to bland though words are wind, just another plucked string in the band one can't help but feel cut to the quick, but that's what they've planned just remember a word whispered today, soon becomes another's demand

How far away from yourself can one drift? how long can you sustain when all you have is THEIR gifts? wouldn't you sooner die on your feet, then drown in "our" rift? open your eyes, don't just take, look for more, seek, and sift

Here, I break the convention they gave me to rhyme is to create prose, those words I can't be I'd sooner speak from the mind, maybe even make others see so thus I spurn their pentameter, I'll speak only in a flow that is free

Why allow all their bad dreams the power to pave our way? why can't we speak, and write? why can't we sing, and unite? why can't one be all and nothing sure? why can't we love the individual without the love of the more?

We have come to an understanding with our enemies we sacrifice our dreams to fuel their machines we wear suits and ties to our daily 8 hour funeral marches AND WE THANK THEM FOR OUR PAYCHEX, for our wages borne of hopes and screams

How much must we wither our souls to sustain our shells? how much deeper can we dig ourselves enslaved to debt so we can compete with The Jones's? while we morally bankrupt the future's we're forcing on our children

Why doesn't every 3rd man scream for the lives that we've wasted and the lusts rotted to green? Where is every mother who cares ever brother not caught unawares? ever Old Man not trapped in their snares?

I know, they are all caught in the "Rat Race" aptly named from the powers that be, this is their honesty we've handed the reins to gluttons, who aren't only evil but sleeping at the wheel

and It's YOU who force me to steal through your tax dollars, such a great "New Deal"

It's YOU that make me lie so you can allow them a bigger piece of the pie

It's YOU that makes me kill for I can't accept a life without free will

It's YOU that believes all their hot air at the cost of liberty, and the pursuit of "fair"

It is also YOU that will never pay the ultimate fee that debt, as all else will fall onto me

yet it's YOU who look at me with hostility like I was born without nobility

and it's YOU who stare so intently do you think the Idiot box is named accidently?

ITS YOU WHO STOLE MY INTEGRITY through your witless floundering, and mass media induced stupidity

You who are the bane of all that is me whom I can't hurt, nor fault, but have to leave free whom I can't deny, nor assault, cause that isn't PC whom I can't leave, nor leave be, while you live, and thrive, and consume all you see

You are the end of everything and the beginning of nothing

you found a way, to force me to say;

I am you and you've become me



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