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Thread: rent or debt
[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 day ago

Without electricity, Texans are probably glad that they weren't driving electric vehicles during the recent natural [i.e. non-manmade per the directive of the ACP or American Conjob Party] disaster.

New York went through a similar problem during Superstorm Sandy when we had gasoline down in the storage tanks of the gasoline/petrol stations but no electricity to operate the pumps to move the gasoline to the vehicles. It sounded rather silly but it unfortunately happened. Energy resiliency does matter.

It seemed that the propane users in Texass had fared better than the electric vehicle users there recently although they had to line/queue up to get their portable propane tanks refilled. Electric vehicle battery recharging is fairly slow relative to liquid fuel transfer.

Green New Deal is a worthwhile aim to strive for. Renewable energy must become a far more important component of the total energy mix but I suspect that it will still fall short of reaching the target of the World achieving zero net emission of greenhouse gases by 2050. Red China's coal-fired power plants will surely be operating at that time. Absolutely no other country can counteract that using anything.

Red China is using electric vehicles to deceive the World yet again that it is doing much to reduce greenhouse gas emission while spewing tons and tons of greenhouse gas every second into the air from these coal-fired power plants. There were many cancers ( I suspect perhaps 20% of them were pollution-induced ) in the Chinese people, likely caused by the rampant water, air, and soil pollution so concentrating pollution to coal-fired power plants may make sense but only if the pollution is captured there. I doubt very much that the numerous coal-fired power plants in Red China are capturing the pollution, knowing the "CCP/money is god" state/subject atheist philosophy.

While Red China is cleaning the face, it cleans only its nose bridge to be "highly efficient." The D.P.R.K. is the best country to be in for this CoViD-19 pandemic because I think that there is no clear evidence proving that it has even a single case of this deplorable CoViD-19. Kim Jong-un is the greatest leader our World has ever seen, protecting all these children. The Red Scarf is "stained with the blood of the patriots." Of course, only human rights patriots should hold power, which comes out of the barrel of a [Miaoist] gun of Maui. Children, for efficiency, emulate the Redfuckgina but get a plunger fast for killing the mouse @28:44 called Redwall at Kaohsiung (高雄).

"You are welcome," also sprach Zarathustra.

Gerrymandering's meaning in the U.S.: "Voters don't choose their representatives. Representatives choose their voters" of Rustia with Big Techs' Sucked Data and Infoshroud. Observe how well the Clintons had done by helping "China eat our lunch." A Roman soldier ate too many beans.

Thread: rent or debt
[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 4 days ago

hey Beauty, and nice to see (hear, read?) you also. glad to hear that you are helping to keep this forum going. you know i agree that GW was made to look civilized by trump. what a country - what a world. well i hope this wakes people up to the true security threats we face - like the lunatic neo nazis and now energy security (Texas).

that has been my main focus lately - the coming problems with energy. lots of interesting info but the main point is that the green new deal will not sustain our current lifestyle. nobody seems to be planning for a future that will have to run on less energy dense sources. most people seem to think that electric cars and solar panels will save us - sadly they will not. much more info if interested but below is a bit from a study by the Finnish govt - the whole article (and the study itself) is well done and worth reading. i will try to remember to check back in periodically - see you soon?

“To phase out petroleum products (and fossil fuels in general), the entire global industrial ecosystem will need to be reengineered, retooled and fundamentally rebuilt," the report notes. "This will be perhaps the greatest industrial challenge the world has ever faced historically.” As we have not properly planned for the possible phasing out of fossil fuel energy, it is entirely possible that as energy systems, oil in particular, come to contract, we could witness “the peak of industrial output per capita sometime in the next few years.” In short, we have entered a new era of expensive energy that is likely to trigger a long-term economic contraction. Right now, though, “no one is preparing for this,” said Hagens. “Not only are we speeding, but we are wearing energy blind-folds at the same time. But the momentum of our current system forces us to have conversations about a bigger system not a smaller one—so the correct and valid plans and blueprints are not discussed…

Although the world therefore needs to urgently transition away from fossil fuels, it may well be too late to do so in a way that avoids an economic crisis. And doing so will require industrial civilization as we know it to be fundamentally transformed:

Government Agency Warns Global Oil Industry Is on the Brink of a Meltdown


Thread: rent or debt
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23381) 1 week ago

Look who it is! So nice to see you flip! Yes, I'm still around, and Shadz and a few others as well. The forum has remained a constant in my life which has seen a lot of change over the past few years. I'm very grateful it is still going. I think it still gets a good amount of traffic as well, especially during the election.

So glad you and Mayda are well. Thankfully America avoided full on fascism for now, but what a crazy 4 years it was. Turned out Trump was much worse than I thought he could ever be. And, sadly, I don't think the right wing nut jobs are finished. If it's not handled well, they'll be back.

Biden is a relief even if he is a centrist liberal lol! Even George W. Bush was looking good next to Trump. How quickly things can turn! Maybe they can turn quickly for the better as well!

We miss your excellent posts here so please give us something to read and think about!

All the best, bw.

Thread: rent or debt
[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 1 week ago

good one!

Thread: President Drumpf? How Insane Is THAT ?
[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 1 week ago

wow you guys are still at it here! obviously i haven't checked in for a long time. all good here - we shut our solar company down and sold it which was good. i still teach tennis once a week but now at age 70 i am playing instead of teaching - finally!

Mayda and i were both unemployed during the pandemic and are having all sorts of problems with NJ unemployment. i got benefits as a self employed for the first time ever - well first time i could not work so? anyway we were both cut off from benefits and no way to reach anyone because the phone service is shut down. were are fine financially but the system sucks and there must be many others who really need it and can't get it.

also the vaccine system is a mess - in NJ anyway. very hard to navigate the system to find out where and when one can get it. our government is dysfunctional!

we have been very careful with covid and not in a rush to take the vaccine but probably will in the not too distant future. Mayda is scheduled for next week.

so you and the beautiful one are still going strong. that's great. what have i missed?

and what about you - and what a country huh? i don't think i would have believed you if you told me what would happen when trump got elected in 2016. and just FYI my young nephew - working for campbell soup in IT told me that there would be a riot on jan 6. how is it that he knew and they were not prepared? i would like to know who gave the order to go with minimum security?

i will check back in soon to see how you are. will take a look at recent posts to see who is saying what

Thread: Covid Cover
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

NB: "The Brazil Variant Is Exposing the World’s Vulnerability." by James Hamblin:

"Somehow the CoronaVirus is rampaging through a city that was supposedly immune."+"The countries that hoard the vaccine without a plan to help others do so at their own peril."


"Full-Blown Fascism: Is America Teetering on the Brink?" - a warning by Thom Hartmann:

"You can only see Fascism in the rear-view mirror and then it’s too late ..." + Also consider this:

respice et prospice ...

"Race as a Mechanism for Social Division"

Dictionary definition in "Brittanica" is pretty interesting.


"Race as a categorizing term referring to human beings was first used in the English language in the late 16th century. Until the 18th century it had a generalized meaning similar to other classifying terms such as type, sort, or kind. Occasional literature of Shakespeare’s time referred to a “race of saints” or “a race of bishops.” By the 18th century, race was widely used for sorting and ranking the peoples in the English colonies—Europeans who saw themselves as free people, Amerindians who had been conquered, and Africans who were being brought in as slave labour—and this usage continues today."

The rather lengthy entry in the dictionary goes on to discuss "Building the Myth of Black Inferiority."

We are still living with the consequences of hundreds of years of oppression of people of color. Trumpism is a symptom, or legacy, of it.

Thread: Flu Mob - Be the vaccine
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23381) 1 week ago

"Experts believe the virus is likely to have originated in animals before spreading to humans, but they are not sure how," according to the WHO piece above.

And, no, as per below.

Bernie is now Chair of the Budget Committee, a very powerful position.


"If Sanders can prevent the Dems from reneging on hiking the minimum wage this will be a stupendous flex of working-class muscle. Raising the minimum wage is wildly popular, especially with people who toil for less than $15 per hour."

"Those discouraged that Bernie Sanders was not appointed labor secretary can take solace in his role as chair of the senate budget committee. There he can accomplish far more for working people than he ever could at the labor department."

Thread: The Jungle
[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 week ago

We Americans are not as vengeful as the Russians who had actually used tanks to bombard their White House ( Russia's Parliament building.) The Swiss don't have such a concentration of power in the Executive Branch although they had largely copied the U.S. federal political system. The quality General George Washington was the historical accident which allowed such a concentration of power to continue.

Our federal legislators risked their lives to conduct our nation's business ( state legislators did likewise on state level during a dry run ) and decided to forgive the White-privileged ( but colored orange as a disguise ) one.

Trump 2040 !

Trump said, "Fight, Fight like Hell. If you don't fight, we don't have a country anymore." Whites know how to do "wilding," too, right ? Here is why Trump-75M will be back. "Be Best." "We love you. You are very special." ( it'll just be yet another con job without any conviction, though, { recall how the Trumpanzee "infrastructure plan" and the mostly for the wealthy Trillion-Dollar tax cut in Boom Times fared when compared with each other; I was very wrong about Trump's being a real estate or infrastructure builder more than his being a money-grubbing con jobber; blocking infrastructure improvements might have been a GOOPy con job to screw Joe the Plumbheads as screwing Poles White-Slaves might have become too boring for Trump et al } hopefully getting through to the ones who had missed what had already happened in the last term of the Presidency 2017-2021.) Blue Sky differs from White Cloud(R). Los Angeles has much nice warm weather which attracts many homeless people. Also the Finance, Insurance, Real Estate ( FIRE ) sector built upon credit funded and created the greatest number of homeless people by inflating the prices of assets via leverage ( same mechanism as used for setting up for the stock market crash of the Great Depression, although any sovereign bankruptcy has a flavor all its own.) If one goes looking for Black witchcraft, one is unlikely to catch White wizardry even with multiple witch hunts, try as one may, again, and again, and again, and again...

The hookup is the meaning. Even Pootin missed that message ( keeping relative humidity down to 44% avoids the growth of molds/moulds while providing sufficient comfort for the human inhabitants ) with the Pootinate Kingdom on the shore of the Black Sea. The East Germans were superb in keeping archive ( about Pootin in particular.) The heating/cooling nanoclimate-generating system hooked up to a humistat set to home in at 44% relative humidity yields "no molds and no expensive mold remediation or renovation needed" as the meaning. Targeting pretty high relative humidity ( to reduce evaporative loss of [primarily] alcohol and water through the cork of a wine bottle or a wine cask ) and low temperature ( to have a slow fermentation which flavors the wine with the special flavor of the wood of the wine casks [gradually adding vanillin] ) in a wine cellar yields "great wine" as the meaning.

Meaning originates from the [interfacing] context which hookup provides. Mexico is indeed warmer and better than Texass in the cold and dark after winter storm Uri had come by and left ( Texass still fares better { in "Hello, Houston ! " 德州一周自然灾 } than what may take place after the Big Red Button has been pushed.)

Auferstanden aus Texass, Und der Zukunft zugewandt,

C(s)+ H2O(g) -> H2(g) + CO(g); 4H2(g) + N2(g) -> 2NH4(g) which can be burnt to make nitrate

As long as there is coal, water, air, and industrial technological infrastructure, one can make fertilizer to boost crop yield and feed many people ( even in very cold places in neighboring China, there were many greenhouses.) With D.P.R.K.'s vast coal reserve/production and high technological capability, it should be able to produce much fertilizer domestically conforming to Juche. Besides, from what did so much nitrogenous high explosive for the vast D.P.R.K. artillery arsenal come ? Nitrate. If the D.P.R.K. can produce nitrate for explosive, it can use the same nitrate for crop fertilization to boost crop yield to feed its own people. The D.P.R.K. becoming an autonomous region of the R.O.K. ( which has per capita G.D.P. many times that of the D.P.R.K.; R.O.K. knew how to hire the right [disillusioned-by-philosophical-clash-between-"do-before-think"-and-"think-before-do"-as-market-environment-matured non-figurehead] U.S. talent in the late 1980s ) makes sense ( what's so bad about being invited to join a wealthy new "family" as long as one recognizes that "I am but a refugee !" ? Starting near the bottom and staying there for a while but circumstances often improve if one isn't mentally fixated { i.e. complaining about "[Capitalist] exploitation" rather than moving on to a more lucrative job elsewhere--being intelligent means knowing that one has been wrong so one backs out of the dead end.} My family took up the offers from British-owned Hong Kong { there was also the much larger Chinese-owned British-leased Hong Kong where we were living at that time } and later on from the U.S.A. and fared very well { my [education zealot] Mom was proud of our educational attainments and before our sponsor's likely dying of CoViD-19 a while later, he praised my Big Brother's social involvement [during his absence, conforming to tradition of praising behind the back lest otherwise causing a slacking off of effort which was considered vital for success; we didn't believe in genius being determinant although it does exist to some extent; we believed in working hard for improvements for the bulk of the "also-rans" who are informed of who the few top-broad-spectrum-ranked peer performers are so that they get targeted at-least-achievable-by-some-people models to aspire to].} )

Texans resorted to using propane in this bout of arctic blast. Liquefied propane can become the linchpin for a smooth and fairly continuous non-disruptive transition to less fossil fuel usage and more alternative energy usage ( fossil fuels may continue to play a significant part and convert over time.) My family had used portable propane for cooking and boiling water in the 1960s so the technology has already been around and proven to work well for a very long time. Propane used in a LPG stove was better ( easier safer ignition, cleaner burning, and less smelly before and during windy burning ) than the kerosene [stove] which we had been using before then. A home-based stationary fuel cell can generate heat, water, and electricity quietly, efficiently, and nearly independently, thus providing utility resiliency. The carbon dioxide byproduct can improve photosynthetic efficiency of a greenhouse yielding food plants. If managed well, co-generation can greatly improve the overall efficiency of providing utility services.

Thread: The Jungle
[-] 2 points by agkaiser (2479) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 week ago

Charles Manson never directly took part in any of the murders for which he spends life in prison. Charge Trump with conspiracy to commit the first degree murder of a police officer!

Thread: The Jungle
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

"Even (as) He’s Acquitted, History Isn’t on Trump’s Side"! by Sasha Abramsky:

respice et prospice!

Thread: Cult of Conservatism
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

"The Capitol Siege Was White Supremacy in Action! .. The Trial Evidence Confirms That."!

fiat lux ...

By Thom Hartmann - "Famous Medical Journal Calls Out the GOP Death Cult (&) while the world is shocked, Americans are not — here’s why…"


e tenebris, lux!

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders (Still) Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by gsw (3349) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 1 week ago

Stability and safety can promote equal happiness —


One factor. Our system, not very stable for many. Think health care, paycheck to paycheck for many. Productivity went up 73 percent since 1973. Minimum wage should be 20, here. Back to fairness and social good. Democrats seem pretty silent now and GOP loves playin it to their groupies https://youtu.be/euDYgYDXJHg

Compare and contrast Cuba with this ...

respice; adspice; prospice ...

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders (Still) Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 weeks ago

Consider "Bernie Sanders Clears Path in Congress to Raise Minimum Wage" by Mike Ludwig:

dum spiro, spero!

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders (Still) Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by gsw (3349) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 2 weeks ago

The people of China like peace, and look toward improve family, sacrifice personal for family. They send COVID vaccine to Africa. Chinese people do not like violence, they get along, as there are so many, they must cooperate, tolerate.

Yes I disagree with disagreeable political choices of some, and one must hold their tounge, and defer some because if you are the visitor in Rome, you do as the Roman.

If I travel to other land, I go as to observe, and look to learn something. I can seek some good, and appreciate some historical place, some nice food, scenery, and new encounters of culture and practices.

You can seek the good anywhere, and if it is not good enough, go somewhere different.

Many places to see new ways to solve problems. Chines are very industrious, and good recyclers. I hope they can learn to conserve the natural environment and species.

One time I encountered a German man on beach in Mexico, I assumed he was American, but no, he lived there and his two German Shepard’s were for protection, and they had a nice walk on the beach. He told me every country has its good and bad, positive and negative. It is good to travel and seek to find the knowledge and good throughout the world and not live in fear mongering, Cambridge Analytica divide and conquer, manipulative false facts. All have right to stupid opinion still.

Just the google translate.

X@近平 is the world's criminals and the top sick man in East Asia.

If mainland China wants to keep its sovereignty, we must put it into the global isolation ward, reserved for the sickmund of East Asia. If mainland China wants to maintain its sovereignty, we must include it in the global isolation ward, which is dedicated to patients in East Asia.


Rise from the ruins, Face turned to the future Let us serve you, Germany, the United Motherland.

Ancient suffering to overcome Let's solve it together, Because we must succeed The sun shines more than ever More beautiful, shining Germany, Beauty shines, motherland

Neither your racist dad nor U have any interest for me grapes but when I step on U, I'm not surprised that U will inevitably let out a little w(h)ine! Now feel free to fk off &/or read this ..

Your 1st reply ended at "Here's a hint: my Dad had some undesirable affiliations" but do add more!

et temet nosce!

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Shockley ( Father of Transistor which now serves in almost every electronic device )

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Watson ( Father of the DNA structure, First Director of the [U.S.] National Human Genome Research Institute )


What was the pitfall for these Nobel Prize winners and prominent controllers of [goverment/corporate] funding ?

Here's a hint: my Dad had some undesirable [northern European] affiliations rubbing off onto him, too, in my own opinion, even though he had grown a "horn" from a skirmish fighting against Apartheid. 近朱者赤, 近墨者黑。He worked for Great Britain's shipping so their peoples' disgust looking down upon the Irish rubbed off onto him, too. In a certain sense, he ( who didn't delve into the bad-blood history between the Irish and the English; my take on it was that the English discriminated against the Irish and governed poorly and callously in Ireland therby planting the seed of ethnic hatred ) was proven correct decades later by the many bombings in the U.K. As a reaction to these bombings, London got the then-densest collection of security cameras in the world installed and monitored. Note how essential the U.S. had been in fostering the peace in Ireland and Northern Ireland where Christians, Catholics and Protestants, used to clash, bomb, maim, and snipe at each other. Blessed be the Peacemakers.

In my early days in the U.S., I heard, "Nigger, nigger" quite a few times [in small-group setting]. I somewhat gathered that it pertained to "Negroes" and "Negresses" so I chalked it up to the peculiar vocabulary of certain [White ! ] people. I actually thought that it was a [ sarcastically ¿endearing? -- it's actually far more complicated than I thought because a "Nigger" calling a "hot" chick "Nigga" is endearing but a White calling the same "cool" girl a "Nigga" is perjorative ] diminutive. Of course, nowadays I don't even use these "Neg**" words anymore.

Have you noticed how often we had to change what the darker-skinned people have to be called without getting socially censored: Negro, Black, African American, Chicano, Hispanic, Latino, etc.? Should Italians be called Latinos? Are Jews Asians? Are Jews White? Are there Black Jews? What's the difference between a Jew and an Israeli? Are Israelis Asians? Are Israelis White? Are there Black Israelis? Should these be called African Israelis? Guess how dark a skin color this assailant invokes in the minds of all who reads this news about an assault? "Yet another dark-skinned person !"

"Muslim" doesn't enjoy a great reputation, either. Donald J. Trump grew up in an environment in which it's generally true that the darker-skinned people tended not to pay rents and rip off his father's real-estate holdings so a border caging of Latinx, willy-nilly separation of illegal alien [ asylum seekers aren't illegal but legal ! because according to international law, they generally need to have a physical touchdown with the targeted host country in order to be considered for asylum { unless such country revises its asylum requirements as it desires } although they don't have to be physically held in the targeted host country while the asylum claim is being processed ] families at the border, Muslim ban, etc. were expected. I used to hear often regarding these conditioned attacks, "Just get over it !"

I was assaulted probably for looking similar to the Japanese @5:15 ( I was "Made in [British-governed leased-from-China] Hong Kong" and I am not Japanese but [Caucasoid, now White] morons abounded { should people attack the Irish because the English invaded and pillaged other peoples' countries because the Irish and English look and sound alike to many culturally distant peoples ? } ) when Japan was killing the U.S. automobile industry with its imports. Well, looking like a Japanese helped my Dad bluff his way through Imperial-Japanese-Army-occupied areas under the protective cover of his Japanese girlfriend/mistress whose boss tasked her to protect him because he was the son of the Big-Shot board director instrumental in founding in "the Orient" their company which was passively ( or so-called "neutrally" ) resisting the Nazis and Japs at the time in Axis-occupied territories.

Here's why I strongly believe that karma exists because my [Big-Shot board-director] paternal Grandpa's deeds allowed my Dad to survive and be rehabilitated after he had been imprisoned twice ( first time by the Kriegsmarine when a U-boat had sunk his ship carrying Appalachian coal from Newport-News to Great Britain and the second time by the South African Afrikaner police for challenging Apartheid--they clubbed him with a nightstick during the skirmish so he grew his "horn" while being imprisoned.) It was natural for him to run back to Hong Kong, his home away from home, although it wasn't safe, either, as Japan conquered it. Having a genuine Japanese companion/spouse definitely helped because it provides for the other end of a soapy molecule ( soap can help water flush away dirt because its inorganic hydrophilic end can hold onto the [polar] water molecules while its organic hydrophobic end can hold onto the [organic] dirt; reflect upon why amino acids, ribonucleaic acids, and deoxyribonucleic acids are so central to life and we talk in hereditary biology about base sequences within acids; why weren't insulators, resistors, and conductors good enough to ignite electronics' explosive growth until transistors had become available ? Authorities used to say that semiconductors were "good for [almost] nothing" and were thus ignored for a long time because they were "inferior" to the other materials: not as insulating as good insulators, not as conducting as good conductors, and notoriously fickle in their conducting properties; it turned out that it's precisely this electronic bipolar manic-depressive fickleness, well-controlled, { sand holding the semiconductor material, silicon, is widely distributed and cheaply available worldwide but why are electronic devices only created in some highly selective places ? why isn't the Sahara Desert with its abundant sand the place to be for the "Silicon Valleys" of the World ? why did Hong Kong grow so wealthy while nearby China languished for decades in poverty ? it had much to do with the 1949 Communist Takeover and subsequent reforms of mainland China as well as its willingness to supply Hong Kong with drinking water/foods and tolerate British rule } which allowed semiconductors to dominate the world of electronics, as evidenced by our measuring progress [Moore's "Law"] by the rapidly increasing count of active devices, i.e. transistors, on a microchip.)

That was likely the reason that he would help rebuild postwar Japan because of the wartime help he got from his Japanese girlfriend/mistress/waifu. I'm pretty sure that there's "good chemistry" because he was handsome looking even decades later in a photograph so I could imagine how much handsomer he had looked in his youthful prime when she was likely in a similar phase of life. A number of his close relatives were killed by the occupying Japanese during the Second Sino-Japanese War ( 1937-1945 ) so the natural reaction for him was to hate all Japanese but.. there was Love... There was also historical evidence that most people of the now-dominant Japanese Yamato tribe, 大和, were the descendants of the Han Chinese. Is X@ itching for conquering Japan yet ? Or is he just waiting for human genomic proof ? Some aborigines of Japan were definitely Caucasoid ( Ain-u ) as "耳聽是虛, 眼見是實。" especially if it had come from a Twitter feed. The White Supremacists of America may well embark on a war to conquer Japan in order to recover the White Aboriginal Homeland (WAH.) Similarly, based upon the results of comparative genomic analyses, many anthropological and archaelogical studies, Africans should embark on a global conquest to clear out the numerous squatters on banked properties.

Were poverty a lack of money, in recent years, those countries such as Zimbabwe printing higher and higher denominations of money to satisfy their societies' need for the means of exchange lubricating commerce should have no people living in poverty. An example of one country closer to home is Venezuela. Printing money can only be a short-term band-aid. Structural imbalances need to be addressed with a longer-term view ahead. Exchange requires two parties. Only one who is holding a high-denomination banknote doesn't suffice for an exchange. Having gold and silver doesn't always make a country rich ( Mexico had them galore just next-door.) However, having good soil ( Ice Age glaciers bulldozed topsoil from Canada to the U.S. Midwest ) and water allowed the U.S. to grow rich. The same is true for water buffalo dung and bean plants for China to grow into the wealthiest country in many past centuries of the Common Era. "Dirt, bean, shit; yep, dirt, bean, shit," were the vehicles to wealth. One must largely solve the societal problem of food and sex so one may have leisure to think and create. The U.S. was extremely innovative because it could feed most of its people without them toiling in the fields. Many people could thus engage in pursuing higher levels of needs. There were always events happening ( including some idiotic things but like rocket exhaust, you've got to fart more powerfully to get to New Horizons ! ) A few yielded great innovations.

Thread: Occupy Wall Street's anarchist roots
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 weeks ago

Yes, http://monthlyreview.org/2009/05/01/why-socialism

Because it's the least advertized of all Einstein's works!

I encourage everyone to read n' share this Great Essay.

fiat lux ...

White Supremacy is A Real Problem and it is rife in the USA! It is deeply ingrained and coded into US society and it is now also confronted by the facts of demography. The GOP in particular has ruthlessly exploited WS and tried to blame the effects and pressures of Neoliberal Crapitalism on White folk - on something done to them by black and brown people. It's an old trick that the GOP's addicted to & now tRUMP, Bannon, Miller & co. have taken it (and video below) to the next level ...

Caveat Emptor!