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Thread: America is Fixable!
[-] 1 points by grapes (5224) 8 hours ago

Evolution and revolution are actually cousins. When enough evolution has happened in a functional area, new combinations will become possible and arise. Then the most desirable ones as selected by the breeders/propagators flourish. It has then become a revolution. One never gets revolution by itself as Athena was born from the forehead of Zeus.

As concrete examples, two of the most world-transforming inventions of the 20th century: the nuclear bomb and the transistor, have both been originated in Manhattan (which I nicknamed as Man-heeft-ding meaning Man-has-thing in Dutch for this New-York-State urogenitalia.) Understanding New York City and New York State is easy if one looks at New York State as a gigantic bladder collecting water to be pissed out by New York City at the penis called Manhattan. Look at a map to see this analogy. "Life is electric fire burning slowly in water" so life is about water because people need water to live so where do you expect the most densely packed people in New York State to live? Man-heeft-ding, yep, the penis!

New York became an economic and financial center because it's where the freshwater for people and seawater for fish and trade converge. Why does seawater matter? The cheapest way to move a lot of goods is by water. New York has water connections galore! In particular, things accumulated in New York over time. As beautifulworld had mentioned before Maslow's pyramid of needs and wants, New York reached the highest starting with having solved its water need through the upstate reservoirs, etc. One thing leads to another. More things interact to create new combinations. It's simple mathematics: 2+3=5 < 23=6 but 2+7=9 << 27=14.

Man-heeft-ding is seedy enough to piss out the nuclear-bomb and transistor projects in its paroxysm of wartime and peacetime creative spurts. The creation of the nuclear bomb was clearly a wartime project seminated by the Brits and originally planned to be based in Manhattan, hence the codename "the Manhattan project." It had to be moved away inland and be dispersed because German U-boats were popping up on the East Coast (potentially up Hudson River, perhaps reaching Bell Labs. on West Street working on radar component, the crystal rectifier, and Columbia's Pupin Hall where Enrico Fermi, yet another refugee luminary of "that project," taught and worked on "that thing" with associates, some of whom becoming Nobel Laureates later on.) The transistor was invented postwar because the technological talents were freed up from wartime work and could afford to pursue to understand why what they had done in the war worked. The crystal rectifier was used in radars. The heart in radars 'the cavity magnetron' came from the Brits via yet another refugee. Hitler's attacks on Britain drove these national treasures (radars and nuclear bomb) of the British Empire to the safer and more "fertile soils" of the U.S. When I mentioned Brits, that also included other members of the British Empire in the past such as Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Did the U.S. detect the British spies for the Soviet Union early in World War II so that the U.S. had tried to avoid leaking top-secret information to the Brits with whom the U.S. still needed to consult? When did General Grove decide to shield "the project" against the Brits? Did he suspect British spies at that time? Before and during WWII, Europe underwent a lobotomy and sent its intellectual and technological élites to the U.S., many becoming refugees and a number of them Nobel Laureates. The U.S. mainland stayed largely peaceful without war so with the help of these luminary refugees "turned smart!"

The U.S. became the "can-think-can-do" juggernaut that could handle, manage, and accomplish vast projects. It sheltered many "tempest-tost" "wretched refuse of your teeming shore" because it wasn't too discriminating, picking up what Europe wanted to discard. My rejoinder is, "there is gold in them Pis!" Blessed was the U.S. for being pissed at. Cursed is Russia for not mellowing out. Hona Leis.

Without war, radars and nuclear bombs were not developed and deployed. Without peace, there was no time to discover why a crystal rectifier worked so no transistor was invented. It takes things and freed-up time to make new things. The more new things you have and free in checking out these new-things' combinations, the likelier you will find valuable ones such as the transistor to be propagated for posterity. Add an 'r' from 're-creation' to evolution and we get 'revolution.' Simple!

Work to climb up Maslow's pyramids of needs and wants. My Bikini Party for Social Progress uses the "well-fed well-fucked" motto although more polite people call it as "satisfying well the need for food and sex." The operational pipeline stages of focus are HELP (Health, Education, Livelihood, and Passion. The people in this pipeline should be emptied out from the last stage first because Libya had done it in the wrong sequence, leading to civil unrest due to congestion in the pipeline. Get people fucking and fucked first so that they can have the strength of the pair bond to face down the vicissitudes of life together by sharing resources. On the average, no one on Earth starves anymore! What a glorious achievement in the last few decades unattained before in all of human history.)

Thread: America is Fixable!
[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33688) from Coon Rapids, MN 14 hours ago

Yep - introduced 1st crispy baby to lowkey international outrage.

Thread: America is Fixable!
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2240) from Fredericksburg, TX 15 hours ago

oh - is that what he's doing?

Thread: America is Fixable!
[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33688) from Coon Rapids, MN 17 hours ago

Evolution will not save us, social or otherwise.

A Chinese genetic researcher is sure gonna try = 1st gene edited baby

Thread: America is Fixable!
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2240) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 day ago

Evolution will not save us, social or otherwise. I said: "If we're to be saved we'll have to save ourselves using the equipment we've had from birth." That implies individual conscious efforts to bring about systemic changes. We must choose to develop new social paradigms. That's not evolution as it is generally understood.

Thread: America is Fixable!
[-] 1 points by grapes (5224) 1 day ago

Once the limit of a person's circle of friends has been reached (studies showed that the maximal number of friends was about 100), increased number of people being shoved together tend to cause social devolution. If this hypothesis is true, we should expect that around 10,000 years ago, people tended to live in a clan of about 100 people.

We have actually evolved social mechanisms and institutions to become an externalized layer of super-clanship. That's why we have library cards, passports, social security cards, etc. to identify membership in a super-clan. Ripping down these social mechanisms and institutions amounts to social devolution. However, they can be rebuilt much faster than biological evolution because they are manmade. Things are not hopeless.

Thread: America is Fixable!
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2240) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 day ago

The great explosions in brain sizes in both the Cetaceans and the Homo genus probably came from the biological computers' evolutionary quest for solving the complex cost-and-benefit problem associated with a large social group.

We're devolving socially. We have been doing so for at least 10,000 years. Evolution is too slow and random to be our saviour. If we're to be saved we'll have to save ourselves using the equipment we we've had since birth.

Thread: America is Fixable!
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2240) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 day ago

The great explosions in brain sizes in both the Cetaceans and the Homo genus probably came from the biological computers' evolutionary quest for solving the complex cost-and-benefit problem associated with a large social group. If this hypothesis is true, we should expect that the increases in brain sizes

Trump's fat head explained!

Thread: America is Fixable!
[-] 1 points by grapes (5224) 1 day ago

Reds killed the most people in all of history. For what? A belief that collectivization can bring on a new age of plenty. They're leftists who turned out to be depraved power grabbers preying on the gullible poorer folks of the World. Name one single country that had been Red for a long time and displaced people were flocking en masse to seek asylum there. Not one, not a single one!

The Reds have failed miserably. Less than a handful of these diehard countries are still around but they can only survive by boxing their people in and keeping the news of the prosperity outside, out. Diehard countries will simply die a hard life.

My experience in life is that the first knee-jerk reaction to something is often an overshoot. Of course, I didn't know that they were overshoots until much later. A good life needs balance. When one runs away as far as possible from a bogey regardless of everything else, one tends to regret it later because what about the other things? Our brains are biologically built with rationality sitting on top of a volcano of reptilian emotions. Use that rationality on top well to keep things under control. We have a much shorter paleohistory of having a huge brain relative to the Cetaceans such as dolphins which have more hemispherically holistic brains than we do. Their love and compassion are not coming from just a veneer set atop a crocodilean brain.

The most difficult problem in Computer Science is the NP-Complete problem associated with finding the optimal solution to the Traveling-Salesman problem. The great explosions in brain sizes in both the Cetaceans and the Homo genus probably came from the biological computers' evolutionary quest for solving the complex cost-and-benefit problem associated with a large social group. If this hypothesis is true, we should expect that the increases in brain sizes had accompanied the increased social-group sizes as long as the interactions involved great number of non-local ones.

Thread: America is Fixable!
[-] 1 points by elf3 (4091) 2 days ago

I'd argue it's corporate communism killing us for the good of WS traders and banksters.... And the CEO's who run them. No We can't kill people esp not half of all our citizens unfortunately we have to turn the tories blue or have a revolution. It's been done before.

Thread: America is Fixable!
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2240) from Fredericksburg, TX 2 days ago

Better dead than Red?

We'll probably get that wish and most will never know that it's capitalism that's killing us.

My Mom found a solution to this disparate-power problem when my Brother started "disciplining" me, being much younger than he was (I was in kindergarten when he was in high school.) Mom told him to stop and that only she alone could discipline me as long as she was still alive. I became his "license to roam" because I had my First Amendment right to free speech when Mom asked us how our day of roaming went. She held him responsible for my happiness. Problem's solved. Maybe once our federal government(5) holds Texass(4) responsible and accountable for Vermont(3)'s happiness, and California(4) for Wyoming(3)'s happiness, our national problem will be solved, too.

Our shittoad-in-Chief claims to be the leader of the whole brood and yet continues playing favorites. Fairness means wiser states should withold all support from the idiotic states' shittoadency. "The fish rots from its head down." Here are the out-of-power old-timers sounding alarms about the current state of our [dis]union: "No economy can be stronger than its political system." This is being borne out in the Brexit process about to start breaking up the European Union in a few months, EU being a very powerful economy but with weak bottom-up political unity. Pan-European consciousness was not strong enough to respond quickly to the migrant crisis, the Bosnia/Kosovo crisis, and the Portugal-Ireland-Italy-Greece-Spain debt crises. Devolving "PIGS R US" got to the 'R' for Rome.

Shittoad is just a cunty pretender to the full might and power of the U.S. What's really there but a dying old fart desperately masturbating to no avail trying to have the last grand jerkoff before it's swept into the dustbin of history reserved for carting away the most fearsome and WIMPY Periplaneta americana-in-Chief? A national election was supposedly held to elevate it to national prominence but if it keeps on needing to drink its cesspool latrine-sweet, it's best to "castrate" it first for a burnt offering at glans penis's most sensitive and highly secured 1776'-tall Freedom Tower before carting its carcass back to where it belongs in NYS urogenitalia which is visible from low-earth orbits in space. The Freudian-slip Man-heeft-ding island can unite it with the 911-damaged golden Sphere before pissing them off together at Lady Liberty from glans penis's Battery/Piss-tip Park. Starting a war in Ukraine with Russia will quickly garner the World's attention away from the shittoad's failings. Win Armageddon to prove that it's not just a 911-damaged golden Sphere left there in Piss-tip Park. The chamber pot, Pootin erectus, craves for getting a jab by the impotent and flabby Texass instrument. A kiss on top can never beat the sensation of whipping it at the bottom of the KGB-bugged white-butt chamber pot in lieu of a wimpy jab by the still-non-jew dodo-turd. The Balkans peninsula has the apt nickname of being Europe's "powder keg." Igniting a fuse near there is in the grand tradition of starting wars in Europe and far beyond.

The 3-4-5 right triangle of power provided the stability and fairness: I being 3, Brother being 4, and Mom being 5. Mom and I together can beat him well (3+5 >> 4) but Mom wasn't involved in our brotherly roaming so she started out being neutral (3+0*5 < 4) but 3 reports to 5 and 5 listens. 4 controls 3 during the day of roaming but judgment awaits in the evening. This is why I had learnt "discretion" early and took the right to free speech very seriously. The "license" roams as the Astro-Inertial Navigation System behind the cockpit, "warum? warum? onboard privacy?" "discretion!"

Keep in mind the three Japanese monkeys' ways for success in the take-no-prisoners markets: see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. All Wall Street research should initially be taken as propaganda until corroborated. Pay homage to the truth when it does come. It's never humiliating to serve the truth with righteousness. Google got it pretty close initially with "don't be evil!" but how long can it last? Yeah, Facebook feels the duality as well as the oneness of the Force.

"The day America ceases to be good is the day America ceases to be great." So it was, so it is, and so it will be.

Why did Luke Skywalker set Rey's hand down @1:54 on the rock with the many stones on it? It's because that is the source for understanding: big data, solid data from the masses. All Evilness seek to filter and control what information their slaves see, hear, and speak. Saudi Arabia exported its religious (and cultural because Islam is far more than a religion) hatred of the West to Pakistan (despite its having been a part of the British Empire so it knows English; do its people know Magna Carta? do they know our First Amendment? With these answers we know whether it is a "shithole" country or not) and more. Our Founding Fathers learnt eventually to pray to God together in gallow unity without bickering over whose prayer should be used. That's when America started being great. Frankly speaking, do people love living in the -stan's?

"I am Persian. I am not Iranian!" Yeah, the U.S. sanctions Iran but it does not sanction Persia! Be the "sound perceiver." As rock cracks near Rey and Luke Skywalker, earthquake emits p-waves and s-waves. They are all sound waves, like the heaving and swaying of the mother ship "Mustang" in a rough ocean a topgun "Maverick" [cow-] [boy] pilot would try to tailhook to safety.

Cultural sensitivity is of paramount importance to achieving peace. There are many tacit cultural norms of behaviors that did, does, and will trigger wars. My Dad who was working for/with and/or trading with the U.S. (I think he was a civilian in Honolulu on the day that will live in Infamy but it's just a guess based on the descriptions) at the time of the attacks (Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki) said that the nuclear attacks on Japan by the U.S. was due to Japan's having violated U.S. cultural norms of behaviors: good-faith negotiation with no attacks while negotiation was in progress. The despicably timed-to-Sunday-morning-chaplain-service Pearl Harbor attack was a surprise to the U.S. in that sense. Japan preplanned the attack on Pearl Harbor and simply used negotiations as a cover for its true intentions. It took many months to equip and position the Japanese aircraft-carrier task force to be ready for attack. The attack on Pearl Harbor started before the negotiation had been broken off (there were some confusions as to why it happened, deliberate delay, daylight-saving time confusion, or the messenger delivering Japan's declaration of war on the U.S. getting lost.) Regardless of whether daylight-saving time confusion, deliberate delay, or the messenger getting lost had been involved, what mattered was how it felt from the U.S. side because Japan did not control whether the nuclear bombs were dropped, the U.S. did.

I think that all of "the greatest" gods are at peace with each other because they are infinitely great (our kids nodded their heads in agreement at this notion of "infinite greatness" so they had to be tackling with Georg Cantor's obssession with the different degrees of infinities: countably infinite and uncountably infinite) and therefore literally out of our finite universe. What is real to me was the bickering kids arguing about the clay of the buddha statue, the red-painted carved wood of Jesus bearing a crown of thorns and hung bleeding on the INRI Cross, and the idolatry of kneeling down before and worshipping "graven images." Maybe the Catholic Sunday School from childhood got it right when we were served milk and cookies... so there was a Man who lived thousands of years ago who loved us, especially welcoming kids like us. "Let them come to me," so He said, "the kingdom of Heaven..."

Hmm, "was like the Peace of Westphalia for Switzerland and Afghanistan, both landlocked high-terrain countries." In the early nineteenth century, the Alps were much feared (where the Big Bad Wolf lived) but a different mindset by the rich people and centuries of peace have turned it into a great beautiful and scenic landscape. Switzerland, though small, is well armed despite its long-lasting peace. I'm amazed how the Swiss had managed to stay united despite their disparate multiple official languages. It could be gallow unity similar to our Founding Fathers'. It's something like, "we little guys had better hang together or we would be hanged separately." Switzerland had considered becoming a nuclear-armed country but gave up or simply delayed the idea for a long time. Its interest lies in nuclear disarmament. I aspire to become the Minister of the Navy of Afghanistan, similarly as Captain von Trapp of the Austrian Navy. Is Afghanistan deploying a Space Force, being so high up and therefore energetically advantaged? It can work well as a missile range.

Thread: I Served in Congress Longer Than Anyone Else. Here is how to Fix It.
[-] 2 points by agkaiser (2240) from Fredericksburg, TX 5 days ago

Fifty years ago cheating by the propertied class was mostly stretching the systemic abuses canonized by the founding fathers in the Senate and Electoral College ...

It has devolved from race baiting, xenophobia promotion et al to the boots on the ground election fraud we've seen more and more of by conservatives and repugnacrats every year.

Our problem is the loss of patriotism and its derivative bipartisanship. The Senate was designed to block the passage of legislations if bipartisanship is lost. It's there to protect minorities' interests. There is free movement of our people across all the states so if you feel that you will get a better representation in the Senate by moving to a "flyover" state, do so.

The "flyover" states, shall we say and agree, are undesirable places to live, work, and procreate? They are generally poorer, mean-spirited, shortsighted, less-educated, dirty-things-loving, blatantly bigoted, gun-toting, Bimbo-thumping, etc. so I feel sorry for these folks because I wised up. I froze my butts off there in Winter; I was shoved down; and I missed the ocean so I moved! It's fine with me to let these poor folks have a say in the Senate where they matter. I think that they can block necessary legislations and let this formerly great country go to shit but I know that they will surely suffer far more than we do in the process. After superstorm Sandy had flooded the copper wirings of the telephone central offices in lower Manhattan, Verizon spent billion dollars to replace them with optical fibers. We have the wherewithal to get things fixed because of Wall Street so we don't need to swim in the cesspool with our Idiot-in-Chief. I'll just switch on my air conditioner and watch the "flyover" states fry in the searing heat to come. The people there can watch their crops wilt and die and their children move away to become princes and princesses. They will know what it means when they are living alone incapacitated in old age but no young ones are around to help. I myself believe that old people need us and we need their wisdom to deal with life's challenges. Culture was what made human families great and killer-whale pods survive.

There are many unsung heroines. I know some ever since my early childhood. They know what they have done for the others who may not know, though. Like what the forerunner of what is now Canal Street, the East River is a truly great river of New York City! Pebble Beach on the East River gives an excellent view of lower Manhattan's skyline but avoid that baptismal water unless you are still an accomplice of our Shittoad-in-Chief. This "local" guide in the video mispoke the 1776'-tall Freedom Tower in tony Tribeca as the "Empire State Building" which is not in the video @1:43, but said to be framed within the Man-heeft-ding Britch because it is in Midtown, up East River which is penis-shaped Manhattan's urethra in NYS urogenitalia.

We know how to renew things in these coastal states but more importantly, we know what counts: our values, education, investments, good government, clean environment, good jobs, temperate weather, good-looking people with whom we'd like to procreate, etc. The "flyover" states didn't get left behind by us but they chose to stay behind. Let it be, in the name of freedom, to stay poor! After talking to a Muslim woman, I became a convert to this type of freedom: the freedom to be incompetent (relative to our women,) the freedom to wear dark clothings on a hot hot day, the freedom to wear a headscarf to cover the hair lest the male sexual predators should be titillated by it, etc. I know why God blessed me: I have my male genital like His! Of course, He's definitely a little bit more than I am because He wasn't circumcised in the artists' imaginations. I need to research the sexual experience of Mary with God to find out about His genital's cut status. Could Jesus be God's prepuce offered to redeem us from our sins? It seemed that God had allowed circumcision and the prepuce's burnt offering to replace the human sacrifice of our firstborns.

Culture and governance matter. Contrast the two sides on the Mexico-U.S. border. They have identical climate but culturally distinct. In fact, just looking at the existence of precious metals, Mexico was far richer than the U.S. Mexico had gold and silver but the U.S. had soil. Think about why the coin given to Arya to reach Braavos was made of iron, neither gold nor silver. Iron is what laborers need to make their tools so the U.S. indeed had much iron and the coal for refining the iron ore. "Arbeit macht frei." Here's why I think we must hold the line on the cultural divide. When I was handling the affairs of a deceased parent, I stood in a long line to pay. A woman just cut in front. When I challenged her, she said that she paid taxes. That was total ignorance about us. Paying taxes does not, I repeat, d o e s n o t, entitle anyone to cut into a line. There are cultural norms of behaviors that newbies in our midst just don't understand. We can handle a certain number of these newbies but definitely not when they can overwhelm our often tacit cultural norms. I suspect that this may largely be due to one's cultural upbringing. I myself realized that "I am American" when I fearlessly took a drink from my school's drinking fountain instead of looking for that whiskey bottle holding the cold boiled water. I trusted America with my life after having lived close to cholera. However, I definitely can do without the Periplaneta americana scurrying up the bottle towards my hand causing me to "bomb and destroy" Mom's white porcelain sink, shortly before we had to take off on the Boeing-747 jumbo jet to start our transglobal flights to reach the U.S.A.

Maybe that scurrying Periplaneta americana was an omen that I wouldn't be needing that Johnnie-Walker-black-label whisky bottle anymore because according to the Theory of Relativity, America was running up to me! I'd even seen them flying around before in our kitchen, quite an impressive sight! They were far more impressive and well-armed with the spines on their legs than the much smaller Periplaneta germanica which mainly scurried around fast to hide in crevices although they, too, could fly. My Brother, after doing some research, told us that it had to be my Dad who had brought these Periplaneta germanica home from his trips abroad, mostly to and from the U.S.A., not Germany. As a young child, I was left wondering why the "Americans" were originally in our home but the "Germans" from the U.S.A. invaded it with my Dad's "help." Shouldn't the "Germans" have invaded us from Germany, not from the U.S.A.? Global contagion was, is, and will be the downfall of global trading and travel. Disease from far-flung trading had wiped out entire ancient cities before.

Oh, I have discovered a conjecture to my childhood bewilderment and why the Germans generally kept mum and didn't herald their connections to their descendants who had risen to global power. Now I know why Wikipedia is sometimes under so much attack because of the dirt or paydirt that may be dug up and posted there. Sex, accommodations, and money were an heirloom family business. Did the U.S. then require good character of P. germanica's patriarch? Sippe deportation, once birthright citizenship has been retroactively banned? It was less painful to swat a P. germanica than a P. americana due to the spines on the legs so I prefer living with P. germanica if I had to live with either P. germanica or P. americana. Mom knew how to deal with P. americana more efficiently than I did by closing all the windows for airtight day-long confinement, spraying DDT and locking the door behind us, and upon returning home, cupping the limping ones on the ceiling into hot water and sweeping all the carcasses into the dust bin. My Brother helped her clean up upon returning home.

Mom wasn't too upset about my sink-bombing incident because we had pretty much spent nearly all of her savings on the airplane tickets but we still had enough left over to replace the sink so she quickly replaced it with a new one. We literally threw away the old broken kitchen sink. A new beginning in the New World needed opportunities of [utterly new to my parents' skillsets'] jobs and my schooling but not necessarily monetary wealth because we were almost broke when our Boeing-707 landed ( Dad spent two U.S. quarter-dollar coins from his traveler's loose change on a can of Coca-Cola at a vending machine for me in Tokyo International Airport; my ears hurt when the Boeing-747 jumbo jet descended to land so newbies to flying such as kids should be taught to swallow or open and close their jaws to equalize pressures. ) We were very happy for a while until the Jews and the Arabs fought each other yet again in the Middle East. I frankly don't give a shit about whose god is "the greatest!" Kids were enlightening to me. "Your god is made of clay." "Your god is made of the bloodied wood." "Both of you committed idolatry." Okay, okay! "Milk and honey on the other side" but for me orange juice instead of honey suited me just fine because I was still a minor, unsuitable for the "warum? warum? onboard privacy." Ja, ja, 男人也是人, 女人也是人, 为啥人压人? This grown man was being reborn, as Jesus had said what it took to enter Heaven. A boat is nice... even the Titanic!

Bipartisanship suffered even more after instituting the "nuclear option" in the Senate rules to grease its mechanism. We saw it in full display recently in the confirmation hearings of the Kavalry cadet. Did you like what you saw when a sexual predator had been confirmed to become a U.S. Supreme Court Justice? I know that yet another sexual predator is in charge in the White House who is unwilling to admit making the wrong choice but this is not at all about "winning" or the numerical superiority in the collection of pussies. This is about the future rendering of wise and unbiased judgments.

Thread: I Served in Congress Longer Than Anyone Else. Here is how to Fix It.
[-] 1 points by gsw (3224) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 6 days ago

“With my own eyes, I’ve watched in horror and increasing anger as that imbalance in power has become the primary cause of our national legislative paralysis. In primaries, the vocal rump of a minority of obnoxious asses can hold the entire country hostage to extremist views. This insanity has sent true public servants fleeing for the exits. The Electoral College has the same structural flaw. Along with 337 of my colleagues, I voted in 1969 to amend the Constitution to abolish it. Twice in the past 18 years, we’ve seen the loser of the popular vote become president through the Electoral College formula, which gives that same disproportionate weight to small states, each of which gets two automatic votes for its two senators.

My friend Norm Ornstein, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, sees a demographic shift coming that will effectively transform us into two countries. He tells me that “in 2050, 70 percent of Americans will be living in just 15 states. That 70 percent will then have 30 senators, and the remaining 30 percent of the people, mainly those living in the smallest and poorest states, will have 70 senators.”

How do we fix this? Practically speaking, it will be very difficult, given the specific constitutional protection granted these small states to veto any threat to their outsize influence.

There is a solution, however, that could gain immediate popular support: Abolish the Senate. At a minimum, combine the two chambers into one, and the problem will be solved. It will take a national movement, starting at the grassroots level, and will require massive organizing, strategic voting, and strong leadership over the course of a generation. But it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? “Abolish the Senate.” I’m having blue caps printed up with that slogan right now. They will be made in America.” continues representative Dingle.

Thread: I Served in Congress Longer Than Anyone Else. Here is how to Fix It.
[-] 1 points by gsw (3224) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 6 days ago

Former rep. Dingle proscribes, abolish the Senate. It is a minority rule, ...”The end of minority rule in our legislative and executive branches. The Great Compromise, as it was called when it was adopted by the Constitution’s Framers, required that all states, big and small, have two senators. The idea that Rhode Island needed two U.S. senators to protect itself from being bullied by Massachusetts emerged under a system that governed only 4 million Americans.

Today, in a nation of more than 325 million and 37 additional states, not only is that structure antiquated, it’s downright dangerous. California has almost 40 million people, while the 20 smallest states have a combined population totaling less than that. Yet because of an 18th-century political deal, those 20 states have 40 senators, while California has just two. These sparsely populated, usually conservative states can block legislation supported by a majority of the American people. That’s just plain crazy.

The math is even starker when you look at places like Wyoming and Vermont, each of which has fewer people in the entire state (575,000 and 625,000, respectively) than does the Twelfth Congressional District of Michigan, which I last represented and whose more than 700,000 residents are now in the hands of my wife, Debbie. She fights her heart out for them every single day. Yet her efforts are often stymied simply because it is understood that even should a good bill make it through the hyper-partisan House, it will die a quiet death in the Senate because of the disproportionate influence of small states.”

Thread: Activist Graduate School
[-] 1 points by grapes (5224) 6 days ago

Bushies and Georgy Girls. I doubt very much that the U.S. could have fooled Saudi Arabia into believing that the Iraqis were poised on the brink of invading it. Saudi Arabia had and still has intelligence apparatus for verifying the Iraqi mobilization. Besides, Saudi Arabia is such a humongous place that a commercial satellite's inability to verify the U.S. claim of an imminent Iraqi invasion did not mean that there was no such buildup. The U.S. had and has many different sensor systems so corroboration and coordination amongst them were and are possible for better contextual understanding as well as focus. A single satellite is often very inadequate for monitoring a fixed area on Earth due to the extremely high velocity of any satellite and the nearly nonexistent ability to change its orbit because rockets need to be fired to do that and rocket fuel in space is a very expensive commodity. Also, good surveillance requires both wide field of view for understanding the context as well as narrow field of view for understanding exquisite details, thus requiring high resolutions. Then there is coordination between the two. Ground-based verification of a military buildup is often technically less challenging once one has the coordinates of the area being surveilled. I suppose that the Saudis could and should have done that before plunging into a war.

Spy satellites provided the basis on which arms control regimes had been built. Without the trust provided by their watchful eyes, we probably would have already fought nuclear wars to eliminate uncertainties. Why was Saddam Hussein's Iraq invaded leading to his eventual hanging by the Iraqis? He had started playing games with the weapons inspection regime agreed to at the end of the First Gulf War. The U.S. wanted to make sure so.. any WMD uncertainty was eliminated from Iraq. Saddam Hussein being executed was just a side effect. The bull ran into the china shop looking for Europa to be carried off on its back to be raptured.

Thread: I Served in Congress Longer Than Anyone Else. Here is how to Fix It.
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2240) from Fredericksburg, TX 6 days ago

Get the royalist tory traitors out!

Royalist: conservative; fascist; libertarian; republican ...

Thread: Another Republican terrorist attack last night.
[-] 2 points by elf3 (4091) 1 week ago

Lower the cost of living by regulating companies given rights to our resources like land and gas and internet and create more individual entrepreneurship and opportunity by regulating large corporations and thus diversifying labor and creating meaningful opportunity while allowing people to survive on less income. (A government that puts people before capital.) Unfortunately we are now a society which works for the "Greater Good" of Wallstreet. Corporate Communism has failed and it fails everytime we try it. Only when The New Deal came about did we rise as a nation.

The 'Greater Good' isn't working so well for GM workers. Nor National Grid workers. Nor for the Amazonians. Companies now use downsizing as a means to skyrocket stock. Layoffs are a business model. You will see them return every few years getting huge amounts of tax incentives, they milk it dry, move offshore, and the cycle repeats in order to iflate and get instant huge profit spikes. The citizenry of this country sees no benefit. We are chess pieces (consumer wage debt slaves) for multinational conglomerates and banks. Large corporations must be broken down to human size. And yes regulated. Price caps, limited ownership of resources, the works.

Because right now the ingedients currently being employed are the exact recipe of third world " shithole nations": corrupt politicians who take bribesand seat regulatory boards with swamp crocodiles, red tape and heartily regulate individuals, while government unleashes the reigns on corporate power, privatizes and partners with huge resource eating megacorps that steal the resources from the people for personal private gain. Forced reliance, skyrocketing prices, monopolizing markets forcing individuals out, regulating access to basics like water and you know salt, leasing our lives in debt, all land in the hands of the Feudal overlords.

Thread: Another Republican terrorist attack last night.
[-] 2 points by grapes (5224) 1 week ago

Goodwill with empathy can reduce violence once the basic needs of life have been satisfied. The tough part is how to satisfy them when there are so many people in need. It's daunting.

The Bobbies with empathy probably understood that the laws were generally written for idiots so they tended to be too strict to be applied to morons. Dog pee and our pee are not greatly different, being both antibiotic and anti-fungal. As the dogs check their Buttbooks against the fire hydrants, we the well-watered males, in order to avoid being arrested by the Bobbies for mistaken rapes, should only check our Facebooks with our backs against the walls, trying to land our nearly out-of-fuel jets at night onto the heaving and swaying deck of our mother ship "Mustang" praying and hoping to snag one of the arresting cables with a tailhook before either plunging into the ocean or taking off again at full power with an almost empty fuel tank. Kavalry cadet in a Devil's Triangle was told, "I don't care about where you got your appetite as long as you all eat it in the RIGHT way!" Yeah, tailhooks are the most important life-saving instruments of Periplaneta americana. "That woman" deserves to receive the Progressional Medal of Honor for keeping the Periplaneta americana-in-Chief's tailhook well-oiled and -engorged with life-refreshing ¿deflowering? blood after the numerous floral bimbo eruptions with "whitewater." Yeah, let's "watch the English mist roll through the dale." I loved smelling the fragrance of Dad's "Old Spice" after shave lotion and pondering the meaning of the sailing ship on its bottle.

Remember discretion: to pee is human, to really foul things up requires the only still-non-Jew dodo-turd. When will our National Golden Shower Day be?

I dreamt of learning to swim in a blue-water swimming pool. Yeah, Michael can't hold off much longer, Dad. "Cross your legs." Damn the Kool-Aid. "It's very legal and very cool!" "Just do it." For the Scheißkröte (shittoad) blue water and liquid ¿black? gold make green!

"The [G-20 Buenos Aires] summit and greeting also comes as a Russian-born businessman said a penthouse for Putin was under consideration at the proposed Trump Tower in Moscow."

How much is Russia willing to bribe to lift the U.S. sanctions so that hydraulic fracking technology (the former Soviet Union tried using nuclear explosion to no avail for the same purpose) may greatly increase its oil and gas reserves? Probably <$50 million because the penthouse was rumored to be so "priced." Our neighborhood's children are very happy that the shittoad has been nailed to the wooden board so that they can all line up in a queue and take turns shooting arrows made from the broken-umbrella spines at the Loser. Hahahahahah! Oily hoggyswasch baptism.

Weaning the world en masse from oil by using lithium electric car batteries cannot work due to the limited quantity of lithium available. Magnesium is abundant, cheap, and widely available. It may not give as much performance as lithium but its rather environmentally benign exhaust and worldwide availability make it suitable for use in mass electric car batteries. It's safer and less toxic than lithium. It may not give as much of an oomph but people generally don't race their cars in their everyday living. Better, stronger, and lighter cars also need less oomph from the batteries. With magnesium, one doesn't need to huff and puff cannabis to calm one's nerves down whenever the oomphy pyrotechnic and potentially toxic lithium is involved.

I can guarantee that even a thousand years from now, we'll still have magnesium available because we already have the technology to extract it from seawater (ocean bedrocks such as the basalt I first saw on a cloud-high hiking trail generally contain magnesium so the seawater extracts the magnesium from them) I believe that the oceans will still be around, barring some global catastrophe such as a blackhole hitting the Earth or global frying. Meanwhile, we can export these invasive species to China where people can eat them for sure. I had eaten Asian carp before. It had a river-mud scent and rather bland in flavor (which may be just fine here in the U.S. because although tilapia is rather bland-tasting to me, it has found great acceptance amongst the people here as "an invasive species from Africa" on their tables; they are not invasive anymore because the ultimate invasive species on Earth loves to eat and control them, here) but when properly prepared ( I liked it finely cut, [ avoid cutting if one is not accustomed to eating through many small bones; cutting increases surface area allowing more efficient scent reduction when soaking in vinegar ] and sautéed with oil, after marinating it with vinegar, and wine to reduce the muddy scent and with spices for the otherwise-lacking flavors ) it was still fairly good-tasting. I think that fishermen here exported much of the strongly flavored fish such as mackerels and sardines that I like because there's too small a market here. Tilapias' having large areas of flesh without any bones probably contributed greatly to their acceptance here. The Asian carp is different, being much bonier.

Illegal immigrants (note that asylum seekers are not illegal immigrants because the very definition of an asylum is a residence within the dominion of the hosting country; they must be under the custody or legal national/domestic dominion of the hosting country in order to seek asylum through the country's legal process to become its refugee) are an invasive species according to the definition enunciated in the article:

A species is considered invasive when it moves into an ecosystem that has not evolved 
to control it. Once a species gains a foothold in territory without its natural 
predators, it multiplies and eventually takes over.

It is the same for the [ so very negative-energy that I nearly fell asleep there in 1999; later on that evening I suffered a break-in to my car after the encounter with a humongous foot-long rat in Midtown; what with all the golden flakes embedded in the smoothed reddish black rock down under the Sphere forming the base of the fountain-of-wealth symbolizing oil wealth perhaps? ] Christy Gadget implosion-type device seen @4:33 used by the Islamo-fascists, whose "religious" education and more to brew hatred and terrorism were funded through Islamic "charities" by oil money. "The artwork was meant to symbolize world peace through world trade, and was placed at the center of a ring of fountains and other decorative touches designed by WTC architect Minoru Yamasaki to mimic the Grand Mosque of Mecca, Masjid al-Haram, in which The Sphere stood at the place of the Kaaba."

I have a dream that Empire Haven reincarnated as the Countess from Hong Kong, beaching briefly to test the bottom lining of the [Hansa] Constitution.

Though death and darkness gathered all about me
And my ship was split apart upon the seas,
I've smelled again the smog of the drowning baquettes
And rusty scent of blood that brought me once to thee.

家有家规,国有国法。 天子犯法,与民同罪。 天子犯宪 , 罪一等。擅自改宪 , 无法无天Allah: Who's in the Kaaba? Allahu Akbar!

Iraq, Libya, Syria, ... North Korea, Saudi Arabia next? Is nepotism cooking up more terrible messes again?

Thread: Another Republican terrorist attack last night.
[-] 1 points by elf3 (4091) 1 week ago

And I see we have been successfully divided by TPTB. As far as the rise in White Supremicism: Interesting Front Line documentary which hinted that these are often former ex cons who were forced into prison gangs which are apparently required for protection in prison since prison gangs are racially divided. Prior to prison many of these manchildren used to be common street thugs running around with guns and affiliations with mixed race gangs and MS13. I've always felt a prison sentence should be confinement and that any level of violence in prison is unacceptable and must stop. So back to my previous observation: what causes an individual to become violent? (Trauma now mixed with disenfranchisement from our economic system. )Trauma makes success infinitely harder no matter which social class one is in. The poor from all races have become excluded from progress. People with trauma are climbing mountains invisible to society on top of the downward spiral of our economic system. The economic landscape has changed. So we are seeing the results of trauma compounded. (The mountain that got too high to climb.) Now it is also far easier to scapegoat and blame and a much harder effort to actually do something such as get something on a ballot and advance worker rights. Trauma causes supreme self protection and a lack of empathy which can lead to victimizing others. White Supremacists are also LAZY. How does someone justify violence and ownership over another being's divine right of life, happiness, peace , and bodily safety? (MS13 or Nazis). Instead of changing the system and working hard for those results they race to the bottom and win at the expense of good innocent people, the death of their own moral character, and freedom when they end up in prison. They don't do anything but whine and blame others for their own failure to take responsibility to change Washington. Far easier to point a finger at people who actually have the same and worse economic challenges to overcome rather than attempt meaningful hard work and protest that matters. And we as a people need to unite to that end. Division conquers and Washington and Wallstreet have certainly found their goat. And we are fighting eachother for the scraps WallStreet leaves us.

Our brains have on one spectrum empathy at the other self protection. The further into self protection...the less aware and empathic we become. The further into empathy we go we become more aware. Awareness is the father of intelligence. The more kindness we have, the more intelligent we become. When the brain is stuck in extreme self protection we become disconnected and dumb. One small act of kindness per day can begin to shift people from self created inevitable destruction. Change is ALWAYS possible.

And the cure to trauma is in kindness...NOT power.

Thread: Another Republican terrorist attack last night.
[-] 1 points by grapes (5224) 2 weeks ago

Can we separate the act from the illness or the illness from the person?

It's unnecessary to make this separation to tackle the problem because the act has ALWAYS resulted from the interaction between the present external environment and the present internal environment (viz., the person.) We certainly know how to tweak both the external and the internal environment. We may not know in which direction to tweak but we certainly see immigrants being assimilated to our level of gun violence by their third generation.

Worldwide, I think Germany can rightfully claim to be a very violent place historically with so many "beautiful" castles left over as the legacy of that violent past. Yet we have a German word "kindergarten" in English witnessing the rise of Germany to intellectual prominence. Germany has become a very tame place since WWII, perhaps too much so for its own good due to the ever-present geopolitical element: the wide-open northern European plain still being there and Russia still aspiring to its former glory and greatness as the Soviet Union. Germany and France have worked out how to coexist peacefully despite their long and terrible past animosity. Germany therefore knows how to tweak both educational and economic institutions to bring about modern peace and prosperity. We in the U.S. can learn and use the same methods.

Germany used to be the unconquerable swampland among powerful empires with so many different disparate cities and principalities united by the German language. Militaristic Prussia unified them politically and economically aiming for rapid industrialization and urbanization through railroads crisscrossing the many rivers, thus producing an extremely strong many-engine-cyclinder industrial juggernaut (new infrastructure can lead to an economic boom; German railroads, die Autobahn, U.S. transcontinental railroads, U.S. interstate highway system, internet.) I can see a parallel with the U.S.A. having played the role of Prussia (though not unifying the various countries politically; maybe the U.S. could have prevented many of E.U.'s political-impasse problems such as Brexit, PIIGS, Bosnia/Kosovo crisis, etc. if it had behaved more like Prussia providing a focus for rapid centralized responses) in regard to western Europe by conquering it in WWII with the help of allies. The internet is the modern parallel of the German railroads. As a parallel to German as the lingua franca of the newly unified Germany, English is the lingua franca for the British-Commonwealth/American anglophones dispersed worldwide so the post-WWII world has boomed economically extremely well under the often-unassuming leadership (but virtual under-the-table domination in reality) of the U.S.A. Well, as long as the U.S. could make me well-off and let me piss my liquid-gold offerings freely, I was content to tolerate its domination. Any U.S. citizen (with some reasonable restrictions such as not currently being incarcerated, not being underaged, etc.) can renounce their U.S. citizenship, give up their passport, and leave this country for good so I consider the U.S. domination to be voluntary. Overseas wet jobs need "deep-diving" experts in teflon-myliar wetsuits. Soon-to-be-laid-off gene-modifying workers are especially encouraged to apply for these exciting newly created opportunities. Billions and billions. "Tax cut works. Believe it!"

While wearing his brand-new festivity's clothings, my Big Brother was trans-regulated when he tried to hop over but instead landed squarely in a hoggyswasch trove (/trōv/ noun a store of valuable or delightful things. "the museum's trove of antique treasure") in a pigsty's trough (/trôf/ noun a long, narrow open container for animals to eat or drink out of. "a water trough") Hahahahahah!

There's no need to dig into the ancient past to find a cure for mass shootings and state-level violence. The recent past offers successful cures. Australia had a frontier gun-rich culture like the U.S. but it has largely solved the mass-shooting problem. France and Germany had been going at each other's neck for many centuries with bloodbaths galore. It has been a while that terrible mass shootings and state-level bloodbaths have occurred in these countries. The U.S. can do the same if it so wills.

Well-fed well-fucked people tend to have less violence among them. It's basic biology, food and sex, true for most lifeforms, a simple Esssex formula.

Thread: Another Republican terrorist attack last night.
[-] 1 points by grapes (5224) 2 weeks ago

In Alabama, evolution by "Natural Selection" is absolutely acting heroically to "take out the threat" within seconds of shots being fired in the crowded mall.

Whites disproportionately committed more mass shootings than others. Why? Whites 
have far more guns than others because our law enforcement observes the White 
privilege to carry firearms without shooting in panic at the Whites brandishing the guns. 
Imagine a Black brandishing a gun or even an unarmed one in a racially "mismatched" 
neighborhood or apartment: Bang! Bang! Dead. Evolution means few Blacks open-carry 
in civilian settings by "Natural Selection."

The Black with a gun has been secured.

Americans' livelihoods will be severely impacted according to the National Climate Assessment. Imagine having tidally driven (or Rev. Sun Myung Moon's mass-consummation) traffic jams like this one every day from the crumbling infrastructure. As I recall, the anthropogenic climate change gave rise to predictions that the hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico would become more powerful and devastating. The Far West would have severe droughts allowing great fires. California in recent days has certainly fulfilled that prediction extremely well. Northern California being wealthier than southern California probably didn't expect that wealthy people could be overrun by a wildland fire so quickly and easily but... we got a bonfire of the vanities!

Here's the same Goebbel's book-burning bonfire speech with English subtitle.

"Idol worshipping must be destroyed." Gold, gold coins, and hard currencies are idols in Iran. Iran supports soft currency for its people. Does Islam allow the likeness of a man to be on a gold coin? Is that idol worshipping? Maybe Islam's ban on idols triggered Islamic mathematicians to invent one of the greatest conceptual breakthroughs in the Common Era – algebra – because they had to use symbols for avoiding the explicit graven images of the sought-after answers.

The survivors tended to have heeded the warning signs despite their prior luck. It helped Albert Einstein to have Leo Szilard as a sentry.

"Never push your luck - you only live twice, mit Presskohlen." "The Laconia incident had far-reaching consequences. Until that point, it was common for U-boats to assist torpedoed survivors with food, water, simple medical care for the wounded, and a compass bearing to the nearest landmass. It was extremely rare for survivors to be brought on board as space on a U-boat was barely enough for its own crew."

"Only one life raft left the ship with POWs on board; the rest jumped into the ocean. Survivors later recounted how Italians in the water were either shot or had their hands severed by axes if they tried to climb into a lifeboat. The blood soon attracted sharks."

"Sharks darted among us. Grabbing an arm, biting a leg. Other larger beasts swallowed entire bodies. – Corporal Dino Monte, POW"

The rescue ship Empire Haven described in https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Empire_ships as:

Empire Haven was a 6,603 GRT cargo ship which was built by Taikoo Dockyard & 
Engineering Company of Hong Kong Ltd, Hong Kong. Launched on 28 April 1941 and 
completed in June 1941. Torpedoed on 13 August 1943 by enemy aircraft north of Oran, 
Algeria (36°15′N 02°23′W). Towed to Gibraltar by a Royal Navy ship. Towed to UK for 
repairs. Sold in 1947 to R Chapman & Sons, Newcastle upon Tyne and renamed 
Clearton. Sold in 1956 to Compagnia Maritime Amaconte, Liberia and renamed 
Amaconte. Operated under the management of J Ponte Naya, Spain. Scrapped in 
January 1970 at Avilés, Spain.

is not Puff, the magic dragon anymore. "Though not baby unicorns, the essence is forever."

"A dragon lives forever, but not so little boys."