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Yes and no, code is in the "eye" of the beholder. It exists if the cosmic fields between the measurer and the measured have resonances, otherwise it's just b-s, a.k.a. noise, the most efficient form of information transfer achieving maximum entropy. All communications a.k.a. measurements have noise ( without noise, there is no need for communication ) even when the results must necessarily be definitively discrete.

Why are you sure that I won't answer you? "Seek and you shalt find." "Knock and the door shalt be opened unto you."

"Life is electric fire burning slowly in water" is true on Earth and probably true in most of the Universe as well ( chemistry and physics are universal; atoms and ions are universally and forever constrained by what we have elucidated: the periodic table of the chemical elements.) "Life has no inherent temporal limit as it is communications, as it is measurements, as it is about the integrity of information over time. How long can a fire burn? Indefinitely long, depending on the conditions surrounding it.

Have you wondered why I wanted to perfect a method to sprout beans? Beans can be stored for a long time and transformed into a proteins-, vitamins-, and minerals-rich food by sprouting. If I have to be cooped up in my tiny CoViD-19 shelter for a long duration of time and I want to avoid getting scurvy or other nutrients-deficiency diseases, I'll need to eat something such as bean sprouts. On their long ocean-crossing voyages, sailors appreciate fresh foods such as bean sprouts which my Dad said that he could grow on modern-day ships.

There are also other alternatives such as the limes eaten by the British sailors on their global voyages. Limes don't require freshwater to be stored, as growing bean sprouts do, and they don't rot quickly due to their high acidity content. The limes made the global British Empire possible.

The Polynesians must also have or have had their seed/fruit/vegetable trick for sure because of their ancestors' populating the vast Pacific Ocean in the centuries or millennia past.

I wonder about the results of growing seeds on the International Space Station, hmm... Inner passage into the basement of my soul is cold, dark, and damp, where the seediness grows. I must earn the full-rigged sailing-ship emblem for rounding Cape Horn and confront the Southern Furies head-on. For beyond the perilous strait is the greatest ocean on Earth, the one Magellan named, after peace. The lamp of the lighthouse still beckons and glows.

I'm so glad that our Red States are trying so hard to protect the traditional number-one place for the U.S. on ranking lists: we have the healthcare system "rated number one" in the world--we must be vigilant to protect our rank as the developing countries are catching up fast to their Trumpism leaders. Everyone should learn "tea-time," as my Dad had so eagerly sought to get me to learn ( I suppose that it may be no fun if one's actually at the bottom of the totem pole, though.) It's good to have people such as coworkers engage in a bit of talking, drinking, and eating together on a regular basis but it shouldn't become yet another form of suffocating social pressure ( which I suspect that the British is rather susceptible to; I got a heatstroke because of a British formality--I prefer being with what my Dad had called "the mongrel people" { yep, we, the Americans, are definitely heterogeneous as measured however every which way } whose personal grooming is what he would have probably called "lazy beggar's"--he used that phrase on me but probably not the Americans because he had worked with/for them himself; I think that he was attracted by the Americans' old-school sense of justice, despite his obvious preference for "Britishness" in many things.)

Dad was obviously not at the bottom of the totem pole while he was in Japan because he spoke kindly of the very civilized Japanese customs involving tea ( maybe going to the British ¿via Williams Adams, the English Samurai? ) and baths. To this very day, people in Japan drive on the left as the British. It's actually fairly easy to change on which side of the road people in a country drive if it's prepared in advance and done together all at once.

Similarly, this CoViD-19 pandemic can be tamed in three weeks ( with the deadlier strains killing themselves off by their victims being killed or having developed immunity ) if the entire world goes into lockdown at the same time for weeks. Instead of that, it will reverberate for years culling the unbelievers in hygiene or the selfish ones. Some acute symptoms ( coughing is not considered by me as an acute symptom ) of CoViD-19 returned to me in a less acute form after three months plus one week from when they had disappeared so the immunity acquired by getting a suspected infection might not linger for a long duration.

I'm sure you won't answer me - is this some kind of code?

Transcendence with introspection is possible. ( by breaking away from pan-global authoritarianism and act against the evil hypocrites.)

How's everyone liking the Magic Mushroom shipped from Redfuckgina? "Press '1' for English, Press '2' for Spanish, Press '3' for TeraERex, ... May 1 helps you?" asks the global help hotline for the King Flu.

The only legitimate purpose of any government is to serve the people in its jurisdiction. Big Brother takes care of the Big Things: Redfuckgina, Pootinium-clad Chamber Pot, however leavened and flavo[u]rful they get.

Migration is a potential solution to the problem of being in rotten places. As long as one observes and respects the host countries' customs, traditions, and cultures, and not to interfere without getting sufficient local knowledge first. Things can work out well in the long run.

It helps to choose a migration target suitable to one's desires. During WWII, South Africa was better than the North Atlantic ( let the Europeans duel it out amongst themselves as a German interrogator probably told Dad, "Stay out !" ) but not good enough due to the de facto apartheid Afrikaner regime, only nominally under the rule of the British Empire ( which police mostly only carrying no firearm but a nightstick, { as a representative, of the British Crown was more respected than a U.S. deputy so the use of lethal force was rarely needed, } was less scary, according to Dad, than the gun-carrying police of the U.S.--one who has a gun at hand tends to use the gun as a solution to defiance or perceived defiance, such as that coming from mentally ill, linguistically or culturally challenged "foreigners," .. or hard-of-hearing people.) Hawai'ī was better than South Africa but war came soon enough to it to create a living hell in "paradise."

And there is still a chance to turn it around. It is never too late to realize you have gone down a bad or short-sighted road and want to change. I think it is always right to offer people a second chance to do the right thing. Bezos can still turn his life around. The question is - how does he want to be remembered in the course of human history? A stingy slave master who destroyed all this human potential in favor of his own ego? Or someone who lead the charge to change how we value human labor/ life? Perhaps he himself could pave the way for a renewal of unions and the American Dream as a true leader of something more than (mall) profits?

I do better when YOU have a union wage. My employer doesn't want to lose me to a better paying AVAILABLE jobs. He increases my wage and benefits, or seeks to make the job more enjoyable. He becomes more accommodating to life situations (like a sick child - or a school play - and all those types of FAMILY VALUES issues). And if those other jobs are offering a pension - than hey now he may have to also. And you know maybe he can't afford that super mansion or yacht he had is eye on now - mabye he has to reign in his luxury spending - but it's still more than well worth it when you consider how well he does in spite of those extra luxury amenities. Besides he can't take those things with him when he goes. BUT he can improve the lives of many others, and their children - he may even help cultivate the next Mozart, Doctor who cures cancer, or things we haven't imagined yet. The human imagination and potential doesn't exist only in the offspring of the wealthy - it could be inside of anyone. Right now it's being oppressed. All that potential may wither. Bezos, Trump imagines it is the cream who rises to the top and finds the loopholes. I would argue there is far more potential out there than he can envision - and it's being killed by those with his mindset. How much of it has already been destroyed. This can't be measured and yet I know it to be true. I do not see it as the Cream who is rising to the top - it is the destroyers: The destroyers of compassion, progress, imagination, human uniqueness and our true potential. We must cultivate this potential once more to make this country what it can be.

And that's right I said $30.00 pay for fortune 500 workers. They can EASILY afford it. It's fair - it is right. AND this is the average wage of a union worker. Fifteen is far from enough. Unite, Unionize, Live a good life! While small business owners fear the competition - what I would say is you will make up for it in shoppers. It's up to small business to demand ownership of their buildings. Getting the landlords out of monopolizing property which strains and constrains them - on the local levels and nationally. There is no reason that ordinances can't be made to limit mega-corps from owning too much property in small towns (or in cities). Why can we not limit this incredible problem? Just because something is already been going on does not mean we can't CHANGE it. It's wrong for large companies to own large swaths of properties in small towns. In some cases and mostly they belong to multi-national conglomerates collecting rent on our populous. The real trouble for you is not your workers. Think bigger.

A better world is out there - and it's not on the moon. I want to see my neighbors happy and doing well. I don't want to be in the largest home on the hill looking down at others struggling. But that is exactly what today's EPSTENIAN minded CEO's seem to want. It's a grotesque mutilation of Capitalism and the American Dream.

Bezos has so much money the only think he can think of to do next is fly his little rocket to the moon? What kind of moral deficit and entitlement is this? We have starving people here on earth. You have his workers who build this company struggling to have a work life balance and make ends meet. Amazon pays zero tax. If you want to own and operate a fortune 500 company in America then the definition of BOSS needs to change. Workers provide you the opportunity to build something - they provide you a service. If Bezos and his ilk can't look at it as anything other than a master/ slave relationship then I'm afraid their opportunity should be as limited as possible so as not to afflict the world with this savagery and small minded thinking. A better world is out there - and it's not on the moon. I want to see my neighbors happy and doing well. I don't want to be in the largest home on the hill looking down at others struggling. But that is exactly what today's EPSTENIAN minded CEO's seem to want. It's a grotesque mutilation of Capitalism and the American Dream.

Where is the GRATITUDE to the workers whose very hands and backs build and enable your comfort and success? As well as the comfort and success of shareholders. Especially when today's workers have zero share in this comfort.

This is destroying human potential - how much - can't be measured. The loss is unfathomable. Not just here but around the world as this new accepted mindset goes global. This is not normal. It is immoral and destructive. Each human life has value and potential beyond measure. Each mind is so very intricate and complex and so valuable. How we could ever lock it up in the ways we are doing is just so utterly shameful. We must water these minds, and grow them to their fullest potential here and all around the world from childhood and into adulthood. We must lay a cultivated ground so the best opportunities exist for them to bloom. And we must wrip out the weeds like Bezos who threaten to destroy this garden. (With what amounts to an online shopping mall). That's right it's a technological mall. OOH... AHH.

Modern day slavery isn't as visible as it once was and as it is in countries like China. It's far more insidious and lives under the radar. And yet we can see it exists. We see it in the one percent. We see it when we look at the data that shows less than five percent of people own ALL of the world's wealth. We can see it when we see poverty and food banks and a lack of health care in the midst of such wealth and profits. We can see it when we walk down a city sidewalk or subway as we step past the homeless. We can see it when a CEO refuses to treat his workers with basic dignity and fair wages compared to his own salary and would rather fly to the moon - than share his wealth with them. Today's slavery is all around us. We just can't see it.

What Siberia has a lot of is wood. Wood burns if it has dried up and reached ignition temperature, maybe from a lightning strike or the "fiery" animals ( we ) which have harnessed fire ( plasma ) but accidentally lost control. Between "fire" and the water of a watershed is where we love to live. In Siberia, it's where there is wood, natural gas, oil, or electricity, and river ( fresh ) water.

My seeming Narcissism is the result of self mining done on one's inner passage, Reiyukai, ( "Care about others," the spiritual underpinning of the Rise of Post-earthquake-nuclear-clamity Modern Japan ) to reach 元神: 元神是太虛幻境的一部分一般人較難感悟其存在和功能.. 修煉此法者人生最重要之事在於深層感悟並開發元神的功能...

As explained in the quote above, there are two directions for reaching the origin: inward towards oneself and outwards towards the Universe. Regardless of which direction one takes, one will see the "Face of God." It's because we ALL came from the same primordial source of cosmic fields--the Big Bang. It's like us being in the drop of water my Mom dripped into the bowl in the silvery full-moon light shortly past midnight which caused ripples of the cosmic fields to spread so-called "out."

"There's a fairy crew out boating.. Boating, boating, in the sky." "What shall we do with the drunken sailor?" In whichever direction one goes, one aims to reach the origin although the inner ( self ) passage into the funnel is less distracting. Much of what's in us, oxygen, calcium, etc. has literally come from the stars ( i.e. the cosmic nuclear bonfires like the flying sparks from a firework exploding in the sky.)

A flying saucer in the sky caused the stalling of a car when it came close by. It probably interfered with the electrical ignition system which included the solenoid and the spark plugs, to cause engine misfiring and stalling. It had to have very strong electromagnetic mechanisms onboard. It also spooked the farm animals which were sensitive to subsonic or ultrasonic vibrations such as those shortly before an earthquake. The flying saucer had vibrations inside it indicating internal moving parts. A straight line and a circle are dual under a conformal transformation: inertial guidance gyroscope wraps linear momenta into angular momenta.

Sanders seeks to move 10% of military budget to fund human needs instead.

Imagine that!

From truthout:

"...his new amendment aiming to cut the proposed Pentagon budget by 10% — around $74 billion — and devote those resources to funding healthcare, housing, jobs, and education in impoverished U.S. communities."

“Now at this moment of unprecedented national crises — a growing pandemic, an economic meltdown, the demand to end systemic racism, and police brutality, and an unstable president — it is time for us to truly focus on what we value as a society and to fundamentally transform our national priorities,” Sanders continued. “Cutting the military budget by 10 percent and investing that money in human needs is a modest way to begin that process.”

Radical? No, I'd say, humane, just, moral, the right thing to do!

Delayed unemployment is intentional according to Salon.

Bad enough there are 46 plus million unemployed people but millions of those who have applied are still waiting to receive their unemployment payments!

According to this article in Salon, it is intentional! What ever happened to the General Welfare clause in the Constitution if we have governments that subvert our rights and justice?


"Haven't gotten your unemployment check? That's intentional "Designed to fail": Many states designed their UI systems to limit payouts, experts say"

"Nearly one-third of unemployment benefits owed to millions of Americans laid off amid the coronavirus pandemic still haven't been paid out, according to an analysis by Bloomberg."

"A system that mails out forgotten internet passwords is designed to fail," she said. "A system that can hold up benefit receipt for weeks or months because of a small error is designed to fail."

"Generally, unemployment insurance in many states is designed to be far more effective at limiting access to benefits for those ineligible than ensuring those eligible actually receive them," Herd told Salon.

Just sickening. And, this during a pandemic. How are people supposed to live?

Thread: To All Let This Be Told
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23252) 2 days ago

35 mill have not received their stimulus checks! Yet they sent 1 million to dead people. Unreal!


"States Are Legally Required to Protect the Right to Vote" by Jeanne Mirer & Jerry Wallingford:

omnia causa fiunt ...

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders (Still) Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

"Bernie Sanders Unveils Amendment to Slash Pentagon Budget by $74 Billion" by Jake Johnson:

pacem in terris?

Thread: "Let Them Eat Covid!" (says Politicians to Us)
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

"Whole Foods Is Quietly Telling Workers Not to Show Black Lives Matter Support!" Nichole Karlis:

cave - anguis in herba!

"Trump’s Arizona Rally Confirms His CV19 Policy Is Driven Only by His Ego!" by Wm.River-Pitt:

respice; adspice; prospice ...

Thread: To All Let This Be Told
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

"Treasury sent more than 1m CoronaVirus stimulus payments to dead people, congressional watchdog finds!" by Erica Werner:

Why? How? Because the old and dead are more likely to be RW reactionary GOP voters?! Holy Fk!

verum ex absurdo?

Thread: Police State Beatings & Murder
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

"How Police Became Paramilitaries" ... by Michael Shank:

"Military might has always paraded in America’s streets. But it wasn’t until this century that it became an often daily presence. In the 2000s, local law enforcement agencies began to adopt the type of military equipment more frequently used in a war zone: everything from armored personnel carriers and tanks, with 360-degree rotating machine gun turrets, to grenade launchers, drones, assault weapons, and more. Today, billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment—most used, some new—has been transferred to civilian police departments. As the ACLU has documented, this has led to the militarization of American policing.

"It is now commonplace to see a Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicle, or MRAP, respond to the protests in Minneapolis, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. MRAPs resemble Humvees but are even larger, more heavily armored—and more intimidating. Many police forces acquired them free-of-charge from the Pentagon as part of a program established by the National Defense Authorization Act under President Clinton that transfers surplus equipment—or “excess property,” as it’s called—from combat deployments to police departments across the US.

"This Defense Department initiative, known as the 1033 program, requires that law enforcement agencies make use of such equipment within a year of acquisition, effectively mandating that police put it into practice in the public space. The Department of Homeland Security also has a terrorism grant program that has given tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to local police forces to purchase military equipment directly."

e tenebris, lux?

"Siberian Forest Fires Increase by Fivefold in Week Since Record High Temperature .. Warning Signs!" by Eoin Higgins:

Ever noticed how all your b-s responses are replete with "I, me, my, mine" gripes? Narcissistic much?

nosce te ipsum ...

Origins are ends. Ends are new origins.

A swastika on this emblem related to my spiritual godfather just had no bad Nazi connotations to me. Adolf Hitler usurped the swastika symbol. Upbringing or cultural conditioning created meanings for us because our neurons which fire together "weld" together by forming new protein. I associated quiet and peaceful meditation with swastikas because of the environment I was in as a kid ( people were largely praying.)

An ancient Roman might have found the holy symbol of Christianity, the Cross, as being repugnant as we might find the holy symbol of a hypothetical new-age religion which had adopted the Electric Execution Chair as its holy symbol. ( M.B.A. says, "CoViD-19 infection can do it more economically en masse--often yielding the same respiratory failure.)

Thread: Food Priority
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23252) 6 days ago

People are going to go hungry if we don't focus on this. You are absolutely right. Priorities!

"We can live without Wall St. We can't live without food." Exactly!


Thread: **Stim-u-less**
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23252) 6 days ago

30% of Americans missed housing payments, for rent or mortgage, in June 2020.


That's a shocking number. We haven't even begun to feel the pain yet.

"Columbia University researchers estimate that homelessness could increase by between 40% and 45% this year over where it was in January 2019."

Look at this: Occupation of City Hall park in NYC. The occupiers are demanding that the NYPD is defunded by $1 billion. Imagine what good that much money could do! My brain hurts just thinking about it!


And, look at this: A smaller occupation of Bridgport, CT's police department has led to actual change:

"After weeklong occupation outside police department, Bridgeport leaders agree to pursue protesters’ demands including cutting police funding"


It is very hard to stay positive in these times we are in but I'll take the glimmers of hope when we find them.

I reckon that I had already caught SARS_CoV-2 in early afternoon on February 8th, 2020 and become a CoViD-19 survivor by late afternoon on February 12th. I didn't get tested due to the CDC guideline in effect, then requiring a fever and I used a high-tech electronic touch-to-the-temple "Made in China" thermometer with likely stale batteries ( as I had been healthy for years since I caught the H1N1 flu in 2009--my preparedness just laxed off; I should've kept some fresh batteries on hand for the thermometer.)

Electronic thermometers which fail more abruptly rather than give faulty readings may be better or one can go low-tech and highly reliable with Galinstan(R) eutectic-metal( Ga, In, Sn )-mixture somewhat-toxic-if-inhaled-or-toxic-if-ingested but mercury-free thermometer. I'm an adult who tries to avoid inhalation or ingestion of broken thermometer materials so I prefer this better than the cumulatively neurotoxic [ turning organic after reacting with dust, for example ] mercury. Henceforth, I plan to keep both types of thermometers, using the liquid-metal one to calibrate the convenient and high-tech one but largely using the convenient one to reduce the chance of breaking the liquid-metal one.

I have detailed my experience, advices, and predictions about CoViD-19, masks usage, oxygen concentrators, namaste, decongesting orange-rind tea { citrate turned out to be an anti-coagulant, exactly what I had needed to ward off my potential blood clots coming on--I started seeing shadows of small blood vessels when I blinked my eyes, } flushing my gastrointestinal tract and with water, Texass and other hitherto spared Red States soon to go gloriously red, etc. for months here already. The blowing up of CoViD-19 cases in the U.S. is entirely within my expectation so it doesn't alarm me, as a former unwitting grave dancer in childhood 《採山花,覓樹果》, eating a guava and sucking flower buds' nectar from a cemetery. It's all under the Maniacal Artist's control, as it was predicted.

The Maniacal Artist whose name in Physics is Alpha is taking care of the air we all breathe. It's thus written, "Speak to the earth and it shalt teach thee," and, "The meek shalt inherit the earth."