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Thread: Parasitic Economic Activity
[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 6 hours ago

BUT there is an answer and that is that ALL of us left and right poor and middle class come together to DEMAND an end to the corporate rule of our government. Our goveration has done terrible things for anyone who is not in the top 5 percent. We can change this. We can join on this issue which does effect us all, which is currently destroying our democracy and way of life. We do need to make America great again - and the way we do that is by getting money out of politics and ending the corporate takeover and rule of our society. Neither Republicans or Democrats are going to do this for us - we as a people must come together and change this, whatever happens this next election we must do this together. It is our duty and it is our greatest weapon against the things making our country terrible - our unity is our greatest weapon in the fight against greed. No it is not the middle class who is greedy and asking for too much - it is Wall Street, it is our banks and insurance companies, and corporations who are taking too much from all of us, they have brought down our nation in so many ways - it's time we take it back together.

Thread: Parasitic Economic Activity
[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 7 hours ago

Democrats are focused on showing the poor how things will be good for them - they have failed not only to convince the middle class but to implement those things which will strengthen our middle class. Democrats continue to allow our system to rail the working middle class. The middle class needs relief. How can they trust Democrats in this regard? How is it good for them to have their wages stripped and to have to pay in more and more in local taxes, when they are barely keeping up; when wages have failed to keep up with inflation for twenty years or longer; when their jobs are no longer stable? I hear lots of promises to the poor. When the middle class hears those promises what they KNOW is that means they will have to pay more. Unless Democrats can figure out a way to get Wall Street to pay their fair share or to pay their workers a fair share and to generate more jobs, then I think maybe the middle class is correct to be leery of Democratic leadership, for their own personal wellbeing. What are Democrats doing to stop offshoring? What are Democrats doing to create more jobs? Why aren't Democrats protecting private unions and advocating for more unions and more worker protections? Where have they been while Trump's labor department had their way with the working class during this pandemic? Busy figuring out how to take more money away from the already stripped down working class and give it to the poor. Is this right? Until they make something anything happen in this regard their promises to the poor are hollow. Without a strong working class, there is no funding. The working class is being used and abused and taken advantage of. They are being asked to sacrifice their own well being without first having self care or security for themselves and their families. It's wrong. It's wrong and so they will look for relief (and false hope) in Trump.

Democrats and Republicans are working together to abuse the middle class coffers in order to help themselves in the name of the poor. All subsidies go back to corporations and rich landlords. Those subsidies come from a middle class which is being taken advantage of.

And I come back to move to Amend. Occupy Wallstreet. Wall Street is not the key to jobs. Downsizing Wall Street so others can have a fair playing field and self reliance is. We need the opposite of Wallstreet. We need things to get smaller and more local. We need to break down corporations like Amazon and WalMart which holds a monopoly on our economy and end the trading system which allows hedge funds and derivatives trading to flourish. We need a complete system overhaul.

Don't get me wrong I want safety nets and to have plenty of aid to help the poor. But the failure to focus on the working middle class - is CAUSING more poverty, not less, and ultimately there will be even less available to aid that growing poverty. It's disaster. Trump is a disaster in this regard as well - all he did was grow the corporate swamp. But Democrats in office really didn't bother to stop all that. I think in fact they liked it. Sanders was a threat to the swamp - so we have Biden.

Where are the good jobs (not some BS Gig shit) ? Where is the union advocacy?

Democrats in fact fueled division in this nation as much as Trump. Instead of pulling our party back together to focus on rebuilding our middle class they ran around telling them to give and give often - in fact telling them they don't deserve the things they worked for. It's fairly incredible that this entire time they failed to point out that those who need to give more are the GREED MONGERS on Wall Street. That in fact the middle class are working harder than ever for less than at any other time in history - that their productivity and labor has made Wall Street and investors richer than at any other time in history. They could have pulled us together and fought back. Instead they fought the hard working people of this economy and told them they don't count, that they need to continue to sacrifice more and more to the Wall Street volcano as if that helps the poor somehow. And they told anyone who felt the injustice of this system that now they must obviously be racist to boot. If Trump wins Democrats lost this election. Trump didn't win it. If you take off the top 5 percent - no we on the whole as a nation and people are not all privileged - we are barely hanging on. More than 50 percent of us make less than $30,000 per year.

Do I despise Trump - yes. Do I trust Democrats - no. What have they done for the working class? What will they do for the working class? How do they exactly plan to strengthen this economy and bring back a healthy middle class? Funding the poor I'm sorry to say is not exactly the answer. Where is that funding going to come from? The middle class is not riding around in yachts. In fact they barely have enough savings to cover a month of bills. This new normal and status quo is destroying our country - Democrats don't discuss this, they do not DO private union advocacy. They support public unions but then again the working class pays for them too. I blame Democrats more than Trump for their obvious failure to rebuild our nation and dismantle this greed driven system which has the working class pulling the wagon for everyone but themselves. They do deserve the things they have worked hard for, they do deserve to keep what they have built. They don't deserve to have Wall Street or our government take it all away. This election I predict the working class is going to protect themselves in the ways they think they can. They can't get job creation, they can't get stability, savings, or good paying jobs or Wall Street to pay their fair share - what they can or think they can do is hold on to some of their tax dollars. It's about money. It's always about money - it's about survival. Race or whatever issues get dragged onto the table - the most important thing to the middle class - is how to keep a roof overhead, how to feed their families, how to make ends meet. It's that simple.

Thread: Parasitic Economic Activity
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2460) from Fredericksburg, TX 15 hours ago

The call for an alternative has not been heeded ... yet. Monbiot wrote the article in 2016. The greatest harm produced by neoliberalism is the financialization of the economy, resulting in rent seeking concentration of wealth rather than production and distribution of real goods and material services. I'll keep hammering on the thick skulls of the true believers that docilely support their own destruction through ignorance and inaction. Sadly, I don't know that anything more substantial than words can be thrown into the struggle at this time.

Thread: Inclusiveness in a Worker Movement
[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 15 hours ago

If I'm having difficulty putting my own kids to college (in theory) or I've never been able to afford college myself or had time to go - why would I be ok contributing more taxes which help other people or other people's children go to college on free grants or subsidized funds? I now have even less money to help my own kids or I have to work even more or a second job. Would I have a problem contributing to a universal system - one from which my own kids would also benefit - no. Same goes for healthcare. So I think some of the rhetoric of late, has ignored this situation. Do I want all kids to have opportunity medical care and upward mobility - absolutely. (But not at the expense of my own children's opportunity or frankly my own) or my own time with family (ie working more while making less). This is why Trump is pulling in the working class voters in spite of the fact that he is simultaneously the cause of the problem. Because he acknowledges the situation and difficulty they face. Albeit he is only pretending to hear them. The democratic party has become tone deaf in this regard. I don't think anyone is excited to help others before they are helped themselves. And the middle class is not doing well. Even those who are are facing complete and total instability. Jobs are constantly downsizing and the working landscape continues to be destroyed by automation and outsourcing, gigging, and job stacking (what used to be 5 jobs rolled into one). The loss of pensions and 401k's, no more retirement. Everything is a fear filled uncertain shit show. The mood of America is reflecting this. People are becoming meaner, ruder, and more anxious. We are losing not just jobs but things that did make America great. Door holding, politeness, relaxation, confidence in the future, people being caring and friendly to one another. Those things are valuable too. Americans are full of STRESS now. Full of stress, resentment, and anger. And we are turning it on each other instead of those (and the system they made) to blame. And if I think my wages which haven't kept up with inflation are going to be further stripped down or stripped away - I'm going to get angry, I'm going to ask who is causing this, and I'm going to battle back. (I'm not talking about the top percents, I'm talking about working class). And they'd be right to be upset.

Why aren't Democrats focusing on making corporations pay a fair share both to workers and the tax systems. Why are they instead focused on attacking the already stripped down wages of the working class. The answer in my view is they are backed by the SAME entities as Trump and BOTH parties are doing everything they can to protect Wall Street.

Why do Democrats REFUSE to protect and promote private worker unions?

The middle class pays for EVERYTHING. And Democrats alongside Republicans seem happy to continue to let them.

Democrats are making promises to the poor they can't keep. They can't keep them because the middle class is the one funding it all. The middle class is under attack. The funds aren't going to be there after corporate America is through with them.

Thread: Inclusiveness in a Worker Movement
[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 15 hours ago

We must write laws which force corporations to contribute a fair percentage of profits to workers. We must have unions. Unions are the great equalizer which ensures workers benefit from the labor and wealth they create.

I also believe we need to have price setting of our resources to keep corporations from gauging us. Why do we pay more for our phone bills than heat? I don't know anyone who doesn't think cable costs too much. And don't even get me started on housing and landlords. Baby boomers had rent control Millenials - RENT CONTROL - before you were born. Imagine that? An apartment that is cheaper than a mortgage that enables one to save for the American Dream - yep it was standard.

Gen x remembers. That's why they disappeared us.

Thread: Inclusiveness in a Worker Movement
[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 15 hours ago

Flat tax - no deductions no offshoring?

Thread: Inclusiveness in a Worker Movement
[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 15 hours ago

Move to Amend. Re-write the tax codes - tax Wall Street. Publicly fund elections. Create a fair playing system by which small business can compete. Disband monopolies. Re-instate net neutrality.

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is fundamentally unsolvable because Israel is a secular Jewish democratic state aimed at providing a homestead abode on ancestral land owned by the believers in Judaism millennia ago for the entire world's current Jewish population. Palestinians are in the way.

Israel used to claim that it's the only democracy in the Middle East to curry favors with the Americans who obviously favor democracy and have previously supported the establishment of a Jewish Homeland on British Empire's land. Franklin Roosevelt went against the British in favor of the Zionist Jews. Now one land cannot house two peoples intolerant of each other. The conflict isn't about land per se but about "Lebensraum" in German or "living space" in English. Lebensraum is far more than just land. It's clean potable water, well-run schools, hospitals for the sick, caring for the elderly and infirm, meaningful jobs for the prime-aged workers, electricity, clean air, port facility for trading, food refrigeration, sewage and sanitation service, and more.

The Lebensraum of the Palestinians is being taken over by the newly arrived Jews in "the promised land" of Israel. The Jews have a likely incurable problem of the mind called Judaism in which the Jews are deemed to be far superior to all other peoples because Jews are "God's Chosen People," to be separated and holy from the rest of the human non-Jewish chaff. If you think about it, the Nazis of Germany believed the same thing albeit about their master race. Adolf Hitler actually agreed with the Zionists before WWII that sending Jews to their homeland abode in Palestine would be a good way to solve Europe's Jewish problem but alas, it wasn't going to be. The same belief gives rise over time to the same result--concentration camps for the subjugated inferior races. Gaza Strip is akin to such a concentration camp.

There is absolutely no solution possible under the current constraints. Note though that by relaxing the current constraints, multiple solutions can emerge as being feasible. The hardest problem in computer science is the NP=P problem, also known as "the traveling salesman's problem." It cannot be solved in a reasonable amount of time by any current computers even if they make improvements by leaps and bounds. Does this mean that the traveling salesman's problem isn't being solved? Yes, but no for a slightly degraded traveling salesman problem. United Parcel Service is solving this traveling salesman's problem nearly every single day sub-optimally !

No solution is possible under the set of constraints but gradually removing the constraints makes new solutions emerge. I don't pin any hope on solving the Jewish mind problem but fundamentally if let us say Canada were to offer refugee status to all Palestinians, I'm sure that the conflict between the Palestinians and the Zionist Jews will greatly diminish. Palestinians may never become Israeli citizens but if sufficient Lebensraum is provided to them, the citizenship becomes a moot point. Israel can never accept the Palestinians to become a majority voting bloc because it will detract from the Jews being the far superior race in their homestead abode. The U.S. has a similar problem right now with the Blacks and Whites. There is one with militant Islamists, too. "Old Money" tend to be more down to earth perhaps because of their longtime experience with being on top knowing how flashing one's wealth can lead to unnecessary violence. There's nothing wrong with Apartheid if we can keep these incompatible peoples separated in different nations and minimize their contacts. Building walls can mean building peace although the globalist Jews brainwash the entire world to believe otherwise. Just look at what the Jews did freely in their homestead abode called Israel--they built a wall around the Gaza Strip and they got peace there.

The U.S.-Mexican border has a de facto war going on so a wall can make sense, too, but probably too vast and archaic. Look, our southwestern deserts are nearly death traps, extremely hot, dry, and very wide. Wall or no wall, most border crossers will die there. I think though that a Gulf Coast to Pacific Ocean wall is an overkill ( frankly, does our orange-utan know how vast the U.S. is and how many fools and idiots we have who execute the innocent people? ) We have reasonably good relationship with the Mexican Government and the Mexican people so we don't need to do Israeli-style incursions into Mexico because they can do so for both peoples' common interest.

Consider .. "U.S. Admits Israel Is Building Permanent Apartheid Regime ..." - by Glenn Greenwald:

Did U read the link from my prior comment? Or are U going to see the one above? Dingbat! Also FYI ...

Also, IF your feeble brain can handle it ...

And furthermore try to dealing with ...

Finally, consider ...

Are U capable of sticking to the Forum-Post subject matter grapes? Or is more b-s going to be the m.o.?

et temet nosce!

Thread: I have my pick for 2020 Kirsten Gillibrand!
[-] 0 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 day ago

U are https://unfitfilm.com/ to "see" past your nose, tbh frf - U D & R fixated fool!

Now I dare U to investigate that link, to see if it is of any use to U going forward!

sub rosa?

Thread: Inequality Media with Robert Reich
[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 day ago

Democratic Party is resistant to being taken over, as you've already seen twice, despite what they advertise as their open-primary policy. Bernie Sanders has already lost twice in his bid for the nomination.

Even when Obama got in as the President, it's the Democrats who colluded with the Retardicans to defeat his agenda. Obama was frankly over his head dealing with the financial crowd lobbying his administration. He was so concerned with putting the sickest patients' bills on the taxpaying public that Obamacare had to unravel on its cost basis. The traditional American way of dealing with insurmountable financial distress is through bankruptcy. ( Our President's motto was probably, "To go bankrupt is glorious !" because he has reportedly declared bankruptcy for six times already. Maybe the seventh will be his greatest of all. ) Besides, the correct way to cut down medical care costs is through preventive care largely by the people themselves. Few automobile mechanics can fix extremely abused or already rusted-through cars. Having the taxpayers pay for the bills just shifts and increases the costs. It doesn't solve the excessive cost problem. On the other hand, the same amount of money can be used with far more returns in preventive care such as free childhood vaccinations, possibly school-based for parents' convenience.

Let us say a school has 400 pupils. Our current way to get them vaccinated is for the parents to make >400 phone calls to make the doctors' appointments, have at least one person possibly taking off from work to drive to school, pick up the child, drive the child to the doctor's office for a visit, wait for the doctor to become available, accompany the child when the doctor comes in and asks about the purpose of the visit, wait for the doctor to call a nurse who will find the vaccine, the disinfecting alcohol pad, syringe, and come in to jab the child. The parent then returns the child to school and possibly goes back to work. The process takes at least two to three hours for a needle jab. Multiply that by 400 and doctor's fee, nurse's pay, receptionist's pay, etc., the car's gasoline and depreciation, the parent's lost time from work, etc. Repeat this process for the easily dozens or more jabs needed for a full regimen of childhood vaccinations and costs add up fast !

Oh, I haven't even touched upon how a needle jab's associated costs are to be paid for via credit cards, phone calls to process the credit cards to inquire about the creditworthiness of the cardholder, validate the card as being still valid, etc.

The benefit is that the child gets customized doctor's service so in principle, it's safer for the child if there is some important adverse reaction possible. Most parents however already know of these reactions about their child so asking them first can remove most uncertainty.

The Democrats just didn't know how to run the country. I'm not saying though that the Retardicans are any better because they simply refused to run the country. It anyways pretty much amounts to the same thing, approximately one hundred years retarded relative to Hong Kong { where I was born above the Crystal Palace which was flanked by the Azure Dragon } ( some people still don't seem to know why wearing masks can curb infections and act accordingly; not everyone of us needs to be the flagstaff of our country ! By my childhood "holey sitty on a bluff," there was a cock (faucet/tap) that spewed out all of our shantytown's clean municipal water which we drank; it was "pissing in the wind" alright; we all loved it as long as the "water" wasn't golden colored. )

I sort of understand why such medical care retardation is tolerated in the U.S. Most U.S. citizens believe in American exceptionalism which the British in Hong Kong could've told the U.S. the fallacy of such belief because they had learnt their very hard lesson in the 1920s as far as contagious diseases were concerned. There is no such thing as British or American immunity.

Medical specialists see things closeup and say people are very different ( there are indeed very powerful genes around in the human genome such as the SRY gene which tends to make a person male instead of female ) but on a national genetic level, there's no significant difference of contagious disease susceptibility but culturally there can be a vast difference which is fortunate indeed because cultures can evolve very rapidly to deal with a deadly contagious disease. For example, there was little resistance in West Africans against quarantine regiments ordered by their more trusted Cuban doctors backed up by the U.S. soldiers. That very peculiar American contingent ( Cuba in the lead working with the U.S. as blessed by Fidel Castro himself: "Of course we can work with the Americans." ) hit home the seriousness of the Ebola outbreak so behaviors changed. I haven't yet seen a country of Übermenschen whose apparent immunity to CoViD-19 outbreak thus far wasn't due to cultural but to genetic factors.

My spiritual godfather was in the business of helping to prescribe medicines to the suffering masses, building medical clinics, hospitals, housing orphans in a converted temple, etc. It's a business alright ( without the believers donating, these things couldn't be done as easily; what's possible begins with what one believes is possible ) but it's not quite the same as most other businesses.

We have many options beside the vote. You're just too docile to know of these, I suppose. My guess is that you're mostly U.S. bound and haven't lived with the peoples of very different cultures. Authoritarianism/autocracy is much more prevalent away from the U.S.A. and other peoples do deal with them in their own ways.

you're the one who bought up "fair and square" tell me where do you see that? where is your standard met? I've made no claim at all I simply keep asking you this question which you do not address...you say it's not "fair and square" so I ask you what is, so that I can understand your standard...I've never seen "fair and square" myself..

Thread: Inequality Media with Robert Reich
[-] 2 points by factsrfun (8258) from Phoenix, AZ 1 day ago

even with all that we have seen you still work to divide the left so the GOP can win, are you confused or are you an agent of the right? have you not seen with AOC that the way to change is by taking over the Dems?

Thread: I have my pick for 2020 Kirsten Gillibrand!
[-] 1 points by factsrfun (8258) from Phoenix, AZ 1 day ago

reality, like science, doesn't care what you BELIEVE in...the reality is we have a vote, that's it, the rest is just pissing in the wind...

Thread: I have my pick for 2020 Kirsten Gillibrand!
[-] 2 points by factsrfun (8258) from Phoenix, AZ 1 day ago

so you'll be out working to get Republicans elected again this year I see...

  1. Israel did remove all of the settlements from the Gaza Strip.
  2. Gaza Strip has democracy--Hamas was democratically elected so Israel isn't "the only democracy in the Middle East" because there is one right next door. Hamas policy invited Israel's various responses such as building the wall which actually worked well to reduce cross-border violence.
  3. Since the Palestinians own the land under Israel's occupation, Israel just has to pay rent for all of the land used and being used.
  4. Olive trees which have been destroyed in an attempt by illegal Jewish settlements' dwellers to avenge the Palestinians' uprising damages can be replaced with new olive trees to restore the living space for the Palestinians in the occupied territories.
  5. The German word: 》Lebensraum《 should be familiar to all Jews worldwide due to Nazi Germany's usage of it which simply means "living space." The Germans felt that their living space was being squelched by the [Jewish] bankers of France and England so they liked Hitler's idea of fighting back to get back the necessary living space for the German[-speaking] nation which included more than Germany itself ( e.g. I didn't learn German from a German but from a probable former Austrian and Austria was annexed in 》der Anschluß《; the news about the mysterious chemical residues resulting from bombarding uranium atoms came through yet other countries often invaded/annexed by Germany--the Netherlands and Denmark; Germany often bullied its neighbors so they leaked out German secrets to help the outside world fight Germany )--similarly as the current Russian Federation's project of accreting all Russian-speaking peoples into the Russian Federation. I have a better idea: since the Chinese diaspora is worldwide and was descended from the Yellow Emperor, China should control the World as the Emperor because our sun is a Yellow star 黃帝子孫應該擁有陽光所照耀的一切。All non-master race peoples must behave and turn as sunflowers revolving with the sun towards China, which is the near-eternal axis of life on Earth unless GlobalPu.org proliferates its aerosol-making technology for a evil purpose, intentionally or not. Plutonium bombs can hardly fit into the space vacated by a kitchen garbage disposal unit under a sink but the primary purpose for a plutonium bomb can be achieved and even exceeded with this technology.
  6. The Russian Federation should return all of the land it got from other nations including Kaliningrad to Germany as Königsburg, Vladivostok 海参威 to China, Kurile Islands to Japan, Crimea to Ukraine, etc. Poland should return Gdansk to Germany as Danzig, the Free City. In lieu of Poland being attacked by Germany, Poland can join Germany, China, Japan, and Ukraine to participate in the coördinated multi-prong simultaneous attack upon the Russian Federation by the Global Land Justice League of which Palestine can be a founding member.
  7. Poland can learn from Germany and Russia how to conquer and partition another country, this coming time doing it on Russia itself rather than Russia and Prussia colluding to conquer and partition Poland as they had done before.
  8. The calling for the U.S. is to fight for universal human rights. Use all the power available, worldwide. It's not incidental or accidental that the U.S. has accumulated so much power. The purpose is clear: to serve. The Manifest Destiny is: to be neutral but not aloof. Why WWII and its catastrophic effects worldwide had to take place should be a lesson enough why the U.S. is the essential nation.
  9. The DPRK is propped up by Redfuckgina so go after Redfuckgina. When Redfuckgina is starved enough, it will expand into Qing China's lightly guarded land in Russia for Lebensraum. Why does Redfuckgina want to be an arctic country? Resources. Russia is perfect for a human organ harvest to transplant it south.

"Occupying Palestine is rotting Israel from inside & no Gulf Peace Deal can hide that" ... by Raja Shehadeh:

NB "Israel has twisted its laws and contorted its politics to protect the occupation. The UAE and Bahrain deals - won’t create peace."

fiat lux; fiat justitia; fiat pax!

Thread: Parasitic Economic Activity
[-] 2 points by agkaiser (2460) from Fredericksburg, TX 3 days ago

What is the cure for the economic disease that threatens our existence? Community ownership and operation, on a non profit (cost only) basis of critical services and production will minimize the damage these "necessary evils" do to our society. That is: What we need in common must be done in common on a non profit basis of, by and for the people.


Thread: Parasitic Economic Activity
[-] 2 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 days ago

For #S17, after considering ...

"What is the cure for The Economic Disease that threatens our existence? Community Ownership and operation, on a non profit (cost only) basis of critical services and production will minimize the damage these "necessary evils" do to our society. That is - what we need in common must be done in common on a non profit basis of, by and for the people." now consider the Necro-Economics; Turbo-Crapitalist ideology of our times, that so few can name let alone define ... NEOLIBERALISM:

et fiat lux ...

Thread: Occupy Wall Street's anarchist roots
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 days ago

For #S17: "Why Socialism?" by Albert Einstein ...

There's enough of everything for everyone. Fk Crapitalism!

et veritas vos liberabit?

Thread: Occupy Wall Street's anarchist roots
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23316) 4 days ago

Message for September 17th. Occupy love, beauty, creativity, spirituality, and generosity.

As David Graeber points out, our addiction to work is killing our planet. Besides, when we spend too much time working to acquire stuff and wealth we don't need, we don't focus on our friends, our families, our loved ones, our own creativity, our reason for being on this earth. Surely there is more to life than work? There certainly is enough money to go around for everyone to live decently without work draining the very soul from your body.

From: https://www.bigissue.com/latest/environment/david-graeber-to-save-the-world-were-going-to-have-to-stop-working/

"Our society is addicted to work. If there’s anything left and right both seem to agree on, it’s that jobs are good. Everyone should have a job. Work is our badge of moral citizenship. We seem to have convinced ourselves as a society that anyone who isn’t working harder than they would like to be working, at something they don’t enjoy, is a bad, unworthy person. As a result, work comes to absorb ever greater proportions of our energy and time.

Much of this work is entirely pointless. Whole industries (think telemarketers, corporate law, private equity) whole lines of work (middle management, brand strategists, high-level hospital or school administrators, editors of in-house corporate magazines) exist primarily to convince us there is some reason for their existence. Useless work crowds out useful (think of teachers and administrators overwhelmed with paperwork); it’s also almost invariably better compensated. As we’ve seen in lockdown, the more obviously your work benefits other people, the less they pay you.

The system makes no sense. It’s also destroying the planet. If we don’t break ourselves of this addiction quickly we will leave our children and grandchildren to face catastrophes on a scale which will make the current pandemic seem trivial.

If this isn’t obvious, the main reason is we’re constantly encouraged to look at social problems as if they were questions of personal morality. All this work, all the carbon we’re pouring into the atmosphere, must somehow be the result of our consumerism; therefore to stop eating meat or dream of flying off to beach vacations. But this is just wrong. It’s not our pleasures that are destroying the world. It’s our puritanism, our feeling that we have to suffer in order to deserve those pleasures. If we want to save the world, we’re going to have to stop working."

Thread: Do sanctions work?
[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 4 days ago

In the case of North Korea, a most courageous defector from the DPRK argued that sanctions could not be lifted "no matter what".

I say until the DPRK leadership changes its mind about developing nuclear weapons and stopping all human rights violations as verified by an international weapons inspection team and human rights watch organization, sanctions stay on. The U.S. had gone down this path before and was betrayed by Saddam Hussein who thumbed his nose for having outlasted Gerorge H.W. Bush's administration ( with which Iraq agreed to the terms of the ceasefire ) and kicked out U.N. weapons inspection team. When the U.S. was in doubt, it kicked the door down to find out. It was great that George W. Bush eventually found the shoes, with the help of an Iraqi journalist.

We'll hand the culprits over to their own people for justice and righteousness. Iraq used a gravy-tron. The DPRK being much colder and potentially a far more productive and wealthier country than Iraq ( which is actually true just next door in South Korea; ROK there has been emerging as the next economic superpower for a while already { its adoption of advanced technology on a societal level is much faster than the U.S., for example; I understand it when people online say that we the Americans still live in wooden houses therefore every year many of us get burnt to death--really not much different from the shantytown of my childhood except that many houses are farther apart in the U.S. than my childhood shantytown so maybe not the entire town would be burnt to cinder by just one single careless smoker hurrying to start going to work in the morning } ) may instead find a [tropical] banana or its peel useful.

For human rights we live, so fighting against the deprivation of human rights we die. That's the calling for the U.S.A.

Always remember that a nuclear bomb detonating in the heart of Manhattan is no different in effect from an individual ( probably ) White supporter getting hit at his temple a lead shot fired by whom he supports, down Fifth Avenue. Manhattan has many concrete buildings which can provide radiation shielding after a nuclear exchange.

Thread: Another World is Possible! #S17
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 days ago

Occupy Wall Street! The thesis is still being written. Meanwhile - this piece by Kristian Williams:


For #S17 by DG: "Our society is addicted to work. If there’s anything left and right both seem to agree on, it’s that jobs are good. Everyone should have a job. Work is our badge of moral citizenship. We seem to have convinced ourselves as a society that anyone who isn’t working harder than they would like to be working, at something they don’t enjoy, is a bad, unworthy person. As a result, work comes to absorb ever greater proportions of our energy and time.

"Much of this work is entirely pointless. Whole industries (think telemarketers, corporate law, private equity) whole lines of work (middle management, brand strategists, high-level hospital or school administrators, editors of in-house corporate magazines) exist primarily to convince us there is some reason for their existence. Useless work crowds out useful (think of teachers and administrators overwhelmed with paperwork); it’s also almost invariably better compensated. As we’ve seen in lockdown, the more obviously your work benefits other people, the less they pay you.

"The system makes no sense. It’s also destroying the planet. If we don’t break ourselves of this addiction quickly we will leave our children and grandchildren to face catastrophes on a scale which will make the current pandemic seem trivial." - from ...

fiat lux ...

For #S17, David Graeber (RIP) - on September 19th 2011 ...

respice; adspice; prospice ...