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End Tory Austerity. Vote Labour tomorrow, December 12th and take part in changing the world for the better, for the many.

I strongly urge the U.K. electorate to take this exit very seriously and go to vote, especially its younger voters.

The U.K. possesses the strongest military force that can protect democratic free Europe against Russian aggression. The European Union doesn't have an integrated continental multi-EU-member ready-to-fight military force but if the U.K. says go, its troops can get to the European frontline and fight very quickly. The bulk of the U.S. forces are an American salty lake away so Free Europe had better be capable of holding off Russia for a while. The U.K. exiting the E.U. may leave many free European countries exposed. It may also trigger the breakup of the E.U. bloc. There are already a few countries waiting in line!

Although the U.S. and the E.U. are at times at odds ( mostly over economic matter,) it's largely true that we all hold the same values regarding the freedom and sovereignty rights of the smaller [European] countries ( recall what had happened to Crimea, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, East Ukraine, etc; will you like having something similar happen for more of continental Europe? Russia is and was very troublesome for Europe; geographically it's in both Europe and Asia but its population, easily livable space, and culturally significant city centers are largely in Europe; mentally it's actually a European country thinking that it's much more than just a European country due to its having the vast Siberia but in fact that land mass is so inhospitable that it borders on being useless except for natural-resource extraction and a few unsavory activities such as developing neurotoxin, dumping nuclear wastes, etc; Siberia reminds me of our Alaska where the state pays its eligible residents free money and yet there's no population boom coming from the U.S. residents who can move freely to live there.) Of course, the U.S. may help the post-exit U.K. by forming more trading ties with it. The U.K. can also trade with its many former colonies which have become economically and militarily very significant. The U.K. is the only country with such connections.

Regardless of what position one takes, let us all hear from the people who must live with its historically decisive consequences. Vote!

The destruction of multilateral world trade is THE BEST WAY TO GO FORWARD when there's the built-in inflexibility for dealing with the members of an institution which had joined it in order to undermine it insidiously from within. The West India Company shall surpass the faded glory of the East India Company. The U.S. corporations which didn't heed the cannon shot being fired around noontime to dislodge the rocks would miss the lunch set out by my Mom.

In parachute jumping, where and how one lands matter greatly. 》Rot scheint die Sonne !

Things have obviously become dire when a bank teller had used the trick told to me in my teen years ( probably in an effort to prevent me from being tricked, shortly after I had been plunked down in Manhattan as a newbie to America "you do count your money when you're standing at the counter { if the dealing's done }" "grab the groin under the gown of the monk or nun and feel for the testicles or the vulva if your life hinges on your identifying exactly whether it was a swastikas-filled monastery or a nunnery" ) stereotyping the Jews ( but I didn't know "Jews" in my earlier years so I was reminded, "the air is also free in the land of the free" and I figured out a way to identify them in line with my Mom's very successful criterion for identifying terrorists/kidnappers and distinguishing between the two types { wir putzen das Auto }; the Jew kids who had been shanghaied to go to a free port of China were in fact offered a chance at a new life with the Chinese and ethnically Jewish people who dispensed mercy despite their own dire circumstances under the Japs' occupation; Hong Kongers seeking to escape the clutches of the CCP may find a friendly and understanding face in the Jews due to the deeds of their forebears ) in order to short-change a customer cashing a dividend check immediately before the bank closed for the day. Big shots can steal and not go to prison but now has the same thing gone true for the little guys morally, too? Jersey Shore/Staten Island alarm clock went off. Maybe it's indeed - don't don't be evil.

Recently I was wondering about my Dad's life experience on the rim of the Great West American Salty Lake. Remarkably an item from decades ago accidentally emerged. It's apparently of some importance to him because it was well protected and was said to be stored together with his old bank passbook.

Vote Labour on December 12th to end Tory Austerity and get Jeremy Corbyn, a fundamentally good person, as Prime Minister.

Don't listen to the establishment's fear mongering. The Labour Manifesto will bring relief to the many. It is fully funded and doesn't even bring UK spending up to the spending of France and Germany. That is how bad Tory austerity has been.

Graeber is right about the canards against Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn is not anti-semitic, not one tiny bit. He is anti-racist and stands up for the human rights of all people on this globe.

The false charges against him are simply a tactic of the establishment and the wealthy to take down the Labour Party's Manifesto which will end UK Tory austerity and redistribute wealth back to the 99% the way it was before the neoliberal policies of the past 40 years were put in place.

It is a class matter and the establishment also doesn't like it that Corbyn fights for Palestinian rights. Plenty of Jewish people have come out in support of Corbyn pointing out the canard that's been wielded against him. Vote Labour to end austerity on December 12th!

"Bogus charges of anti-semitism against Corbyn (and the left) for supporting Palestinian human rights are not only wrong ... they are dangerous. They are making 'anti-semitism' meaningless, and empowering right-wing forces that actually ARE dangerous to Jews!''

ad iudicium?

David Graeber's "take on the AS controversy and why intentionally fanning the flames, as so many are doing, endangers Jewish people'' - from …

multum in parvo ...

Thread: Ice Cold Blooded
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2393) from Fredericksburg, TX 5 days ago

Almost everything conservatives do: global warming denial; aiding and abetting FIRE sector parasitism; supporting pharma and medical infrastructure price gauging and their bankrupting of America; private prisons and police abuse of the poor and minorities are destructive. All these things and more are threats to the survival of the human race. Billionaires, bankers, investors and stock [after] markets are enemies of the human race. They, the conservative ruling class of the Wall St. Oligarchy, must be eliminated from the gene pool by sterilization or more violent means if necessary. Their wealth is forfeit to pay towards the damage they've done and are doing to the Planet and life on it.

Thread: Ice Cold Blooded
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23001) 5 days ago

Absolutely shameful behavior by ICE with our taxpayer money. Think of the good that money could have done, but no, we've got to make profits in our prison system by fooling and snaring innocent people. Their crime? Wanting to come to America. It'd be a joke if it didn't cause so much harm. Imagine the fear these people went through. It's absolute abuse of human rights.

Make your plans to Vote in UK General Election on December 12th.

Where is your polling station?

What time will you vote?

How are you getting there?

Who are you bringing with you?

Do you need to tell your job you need time to vote?

Plan now and VOTE LABOUR.

Get the Tories out. End Austerity. End the deleterious neoliberal policies of the past 40 years

Success of Occupy: Corbyn & Sanders both have a real chance to lead the UK & USA. The seeds of Occupy from 8 years ago are growing. Who would ever have thought 2 socialists would be leading the pack to run two of the richest countries in the world just a mere 8 years from when Zuccotti was occupied? That is success. Never tell me the ideas of occupied failed, that's crap.

The UK election is December 12th. Do what you can to get a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn into power. It will change the course of neoliberalism if they win! It will be a watershed moment in history if they win. Let's do this!

Thread: Hong Kong Unrests
[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 week ago

"Impeachment Hearings - Day 1" by the House Judiciary Committee for the possible eventual firing of President Donald John Trump has started at 10am Eastern Time.

It's great that we are exploring and sorting out the boundaries in the dark recesses of our Constitution which were seldom or never before trespassed. Trump is avant-garde helping to map out new legal areas. When this is all over, we'll have a better and stronger union ( or have one be above the law.) The British themselves probably realized that George III was problematic even though he was legitimate in the line of royal succession. The Germans who had married into the British royalty patched up the relationships of the "breakaway colony" Americans with the British Crown leading to Winston Churchill being born of an American mother. The Roosevelt-Churchill friendship was decisive in influencing the outcomes of WWII/the Great Patriotic War/the "Aquarium Incident"/the War for China. Note that some of the depictions and narratives are incorrect. NO great country has ever come into existence without the wars of conquest ( China just had the mist from a very long history to obfuscate its wars of conquest.) In the beginning of history, every community was small and local. Wars are failures. Small states are generally much more peaceful and prosperous if they didn't have powerful neighbors to deter. All empires are authoritarian and stifle their neighbors. The U.S. is actually a very "small" country in its populace being parochial in outlook ( the U.S. had tried being an empire but largely gave that up [in disgust] but we certainly still have our West India Company's parasitic infection of our polity; at least becoming a banana republic will feed all of our monkeys, orangutans, gorillas, and chumpanzies ) but humongous and powerful as a great nation and a greater supernation [of soft power] otherwise. My Mom who had muttered for a whole year, "I'm going to buy a refrigerator; I'm going to buy a refrigerator; I'm going to buy a U.S.-made refrigerator," and she bought a G.E. one, made me brush with "Made in U.S.A." Colgate (R) toothpaste and eat "Sunkist (R)" oranges but I as a preschooler learnt of the taste incompatibility of the two despite their all being the same "all-American" ( just don't let them mingle in your mouth to produce a terribly bitter taste; there's nothing wrong with either one but.. I winced... I doubt that the "Made in U.S.A." or "Sunkist" label could've made a difference - other toothpastes and oranges would have probably yielded the same bitterness.)

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," - Nietzsche, or at least it gets you to take the mansplainingly lost but much safer scenic routes hereafter. The same principal as that for vaccinations is being followed - it's trying to mate for "Wee, the Peepals. In order to form a more purrfect union..." "Come to the [Stanford] john with me for your job interview. We are starting up!" Don't don't be evil? Oh, say can't you see the "Golden Gate" Bridge behind the rainbow? For one climbing out of the Great West American Salty Lake, it's the silvery apparently crossbarred ( but only for a stunt flier trying to avoid paying tolls or one whose nostrils point downward and is not offering candies, the ones bearing candies for kids being classified as a different kind; doo-tard sounds like an action figure coming out of the re-tards ) gateway across the bay to the New World. I wonder when our corporations will field their own military forces such as the West-India Buttbook Cybercommand in the footsteps of the East India Company or let Manhattan-schist flock-source them. Bury the ash and come with no hate. In the Old World, the removal of a king often required a decapitation but we hope that we can make a New World.

Correction: The U.S. death count from mass shootings is about one-a-day (R) like taking the daily vitamins, not one mass shooting ( 4 deaths per incident are required to be qualified ) nearly every day. The other gun-related deaths are about 100 times greater in number than those from the mass shootings. They, not the mass shootings as I'd mistakenly stated, are truly guaranteed to happen on every day.

Zeus says: the new construction in the ham sandwich of Europa should be fortified with 50% insect keratin to improve the poor acoustics for listening to the mating noises of the 35 migrating drunken geese with our Thanksgiving dinar leftovers. I had the urge to urinate ( the yellow color of urine comes from bilirubin ) upon the war when the red ants were fighting with the black ants over turkey-sandwich remains in one of our shantytown neighborhood's garbage dumps.

I eventually told Dad that I didn't want to eat chicken at every meal ( but not his "cold water and bread!") so his enticement for emigration turned out to have the king Midas curse in it. Be careful with what one wishes for -- one may indeed get it but wish otherwise after a while. Why doesn't Switzerland possess nuclear weapons? Why is the similarly landlocked, high-up, surrounded by great powers, and tribalized Afghanistan not well-off and being nominated as "the Switzerland of Asia?" Why does the Vatican have Swiss guards? The Swiss knew [fierce] fighting for certain but they had been living in peace for more than one-and-a-half centuries.

Surveillance terror superstates will act "With charity toward none, with malice for all" since Lincoln had been murdered in Ford Theater. In what make of limousine was JFK shot?

The Union had won the American Civil War but the Confederacy won its aftermath. The idea that skin color denotes superiority is fallacious because high correlation after rigging the results doesn't prove a causal linkage between skin color and ( largely political and economic ) superiority. Artists say that red is a warmer color than blue, but the blue flame from burning natural gas is much hotter than the flame from burning faggot.

The black slaves brought to settle the U.S. had superior resistance to malaria and therefore could and did produce the crops important to the economy of the South. They also survived a perilous voyage sailing across the Great East American Salty Lake during which they had been partially deprived of food and water. They and their descendants therefore became superior in water retention thus developing high blood pressure in modern society with its abundant drinking water supply and occasionally afflicted with sickle-cell anemia with an elevated probability during intra-racial reproductions. Almost every advantage in one circumstance becomes a disadvantage in another.

There are definitely superiority and inferiority ( we kept on arguing about race and skin colors in the U.S. but the arguments missed the important point altogether -- I propose that wearing socks makes a society economically superior and there is ample correlation to "prove" my proposal to be true but it does sound a bit ridiculous, doesn't it? why?) but they must be base-referenced to a just standard. In basketball, Yao Ming may be a super-tall superior superstar but there is an entire array of Black U.S. basketball superstars ( there are also White superstars but Blacks absolutely dominate.) I have no doubt that a U.S. "dream team" can beat a Red/yellow-star one. Rigging the game is deplorable but absolute dominance while playing justly is glorious, whether the winner be a Yao Ming or a Baby Yoda.

Treasure your country's own bright young talents. The U.S. does pick over "the wretched refuse of your teeming shores" and offer new homes to some of the talented outcasts ( it's not U.S. malevolence to "steal" people but recycling to create anew is benevolent to them.) Maybe we'll find a bicycle dynamo from a shantytown's garbage dump to electrify. "Shine for Jesus, shine your light. Be a beacon in the darkest night. Light the fire burn so bright. Shine your light for Jesus."

What qualities make Deep Ai ( 深爱, it's the Commie atheist flat-lined heartless version from simplifying 深愛 by removing the heart 心 from the godly love 愛 which alone yields the motherly Intelligence ) embedded into a ubiquitous and omnipotent political-credit system so disturbing and fearful to many people? Deep Ai can be so persistently wrong while lacking all qualities invented by the omniscient God to rein in unforgetfulness ( which allows men and women to possess and use the knowledge of good and evil "your eyes will be opened and you will become like gods" ) -- Mercy and Grace, in forgiveness.

All knowledge ( i.e. homomorphisms ) and memories ( communications across the gaps among the junctures ) are information. 》Warum ist die Vorzeihung wichtig? Vergissmeinicht.《

Thread: Free Market Apocalypse
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23001) 1 week ago

Bankers got rich from foreclosures.

"Following the foreclosure crisis after the 2008 housing bust, Wall Street speculators bought up foreclosed properties, seeing an opportunity to make big profits off the suffering of others. Private equity firms like the Blackstone Group and Barrack’s Colony Capital purchased tens of thousands of foreclosed properties that had been previously owned and lived in by families. What were once opportunities for people to own homes and build wealth, have become rental empires for the wealthy to squeeze profits from working families."

There are people who actually benefited greatly from the displacement of people from their homes during the foreclosure crisis. Not only is this disgusting greed but it threw people from their homes, their memories, their families, their towns. It up-ended lives.

There are consequences to greed that go beyond simply stealing money, lives are affected in deep and profound ways. We need a government that will put an end to greed and that will create an economy that works for all people.

We need leaders like Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corybn who put priorities with the masses of people rather than the few at the top.

Propaganda is what gets people to vote against their own interests.

Be aware of propaganda. From Bernays:

“It has been found possible so to mold the mind of the masses that they will throw their newly gained strength in the desired direction.” (Propaganda)

"The invisible government tends to be concentrated in the hands of the few because of the expense of manipulating the social machinery which controls the opinions and habits of the masses. To advertise on a scale which will reach fifty million persons is expensive. To reach and persuade the group leaders who dictate the public's thoughts and actions is likewise expensive. For this reason there is an increasing tendency to concentrate the functions of propaganda in the hands of the propaganda specialist. This specialist is more and more assuming a distinct place and function in our national life. New activities call for new nomenclature. The propagandist who specializes in interpreting enterprises and ideas to the public, and in interpreting the public to promulgators of new enterprises and ideas, has come to be known by the name of "public relations counsel.” (Propaganda)

Thread: Thousands freed from prison
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23001) 1 week ago

Shocking conditions in SC prisons.

"Can you imagine living without sunlight? Many of us experience seasonal affective (SAD) disorder in the winter months, causing symptoms ranging from depression and lethargy to thoughts of suicide. SAD can also exacerbate the symptoms of some mental illnesses, like bipolar disorder. But while grey skies may be depressing, or even hazardous to our health, most of us can’t fathom what it would be like to go over a year without sunlight.

For prisoners in South Carolina’s Level 3 prisons, this scenario is all too real. Prisoners held in the state’s high-security prisons spend 20 to 24 hours a day in 9 by 11 cells with small windows that have been covered with steel plates. The people housed in each cell have no access to rehabilitative services or educational programs and are not allowed any freedom of movement outside their cells.

People imprisoned in South Carolina prisons say guards have committed serious abuses, such as withholding water from prisoners and arbitrarily subjecting prisoners to solitary confinement. Prisoners also face deteriorating conditions, such as mold problems, rotting food, contaminated drinking water and a lack of access to showers."

“Most people don’t understand just how awful prisons are in the U.S.,” Mills told Truthout this week. “Most prisons in this country do not come close to meeting the Mandela Standards established by the United Nations for minimally humane incarceration.” While Mills and his colleagues work to defend the rights of prisoners in Illinois, he says he and his colleagues are in solidarity with prisoners all over the country. “We join the call by prisoners in South Carolina for the United Nations Human Rights Council to open an investigation into the human rights violations in the U.S.,” said Mills."

From truthout article: https://truthout.org/articles/south-carolina-prisoners-appeal-to-the-un-for-relief-from-torturous-conditions/

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23001) 1 week ago

Stephen Miller's affinity for White Nationalism.


This guy has no place in American government. We will need a Bernie Sanders government to turn this thing around!

Let's begin with Corbyn.

A Corbyn PM and Labour government in the UK will begin to change the world.

Read the Labour Manifesto here:


For the Many, Not the Few is the reason why the British and American establishment are shitting themselves over the possibility of a Labour government. It will begin to turn around the evils of neoliberalism, fear-mongering, war-mongering, hate and austerity which have been enriching the 1 percent and corporations for decades.

Thread: F. Y. I. Historical Tax Rates
[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 week ago

Firm on purpose, pliant on means. Medicare for all, however funded. Nationalize all primary health care and provide a National Health Information database ( the current computerization of medical information has obviously failed to achieve what it can provide for breakthrough discoveries through "Big Data" ) made resilient by adding 50% more memory at each level of redundancy being protected ( e.g. for 000, destroy any one 0 of the three and we can reconstruct the destroyed one using base-2 addition; for 011, destroy 0 and it can be reconstructed by adding the 1 to 1 in base 2 so = 0; we can sell this cyber information service to the private specialist health care providers as an option for them to migrate/offload their excess information-technology maintenance as well as reducing entry startup costs for new providers introducing competition which may drive down health care costs over time ) and safeguarded by the NSA/Cyber Command and the DoD ( making any kinetic and cyber strikes if necessary.) Fight for freedom, stand with the Peoples' Liberation Army.

I notice in the video that most of the people have their nostrils pointing downward ! They're all kidnappers and terrorists, according to my Mom's very successful criterion which she had taught me how to identify these people before she let me go out as a preschooler to roam freely in our shantytown and our many square miles of "backyard playground."

Hmm, I vaguely remember that she made a distinction between the kidnappers and the terrorists. The kidnappers would first offer me candies in order to get close enough to me to grab me.

The concept of human rights and the rule of law through a well-developed and impartial legal system were probably the greatest advances the contentious and warring peoples of Europe had contributed in the last millennium to humanity's voyage towards Paradise on Earth. I suspect that Christianity ( with its belief that everyone is a Child of God warranting categorically the possession of natural rights ) and its very bloody sectarian fragmentation over centuries of wars and eventually peaceful coexistence probably had a lot to do with why these advances had occurred in Europe. New ways of keeping the peace often emerged after the various wars but they probably tend to last only a few generations, perhaps 70 years or so, depending on the integrity of the transmission of culture from an older experienced generation to the next one.

I know that when my Dad started talking about his life experience, I wasn't paying sufficient attention as I somewhat regret it now because I've discovered a number of questions which may ultimately turn out to be unanswerable but he could have answered easily. With every person's death, a piece of culture in that person's mind vanishes. I'm just flabbergasted with the many moronic attempts to dismiss and undermine our global institutions that have safeguarded our unprecedented peace and prosperity bought at the greatest cost ever of treasures and human lives.

There are indeed inadequacies of global institutions that we need to address ( how to deal with the members who joined them with the intention to subvert them from within and effected the consequent de facto subversion by challenging their abilities to impose responsibility on the members ) but we should not tear them down without first knowing what problems they were intended to address. A new replacement system should be run side-by-side with concurrent comparison with the older system for a long period of time before discarding the older system wholesale. Long-term cultural memories need to be preserved and revisited from time to time so that we don't fall into the pitfalls already encountered and solved by our forebears again: there were good reasons why the various switches on our main electrical control panel had all been flipped to their 'on' positions. It's foolish to flip some to their 'off' positions "just for the kick of it," because most often we get the kicks in our own asses, of course ( our forebears or we ourselves largely designed and put them there after all!) Knowing what they are connected to before flipping them is important.

My life experience told me that many so-called masters of business/country re-engineering absolutely didn't know or care about what they were doing but were great at creating a performance to woo the populace and then resort to business or state terrorism when the truth inevitably came out of the Rustified DonbAss/CrimeMia district in an effort by Pootin the Great to unify all Russian-speaking people into a Supernation using the Martians with assault weapons.

The integrity of the transmission of culture from an older experienced generation to the next generation is probably less in the U.S.A. than elsewhere. For example, some words are now confused even in reputable publications: effect/affect, principle/principal, etc. "Irregardless" that fake facts ( and hot coldness ) don't matter, acts matter. The U.S. educational system shows its inability to teach English with preserved integrity ( the American accent likely played a role in the origin of the confusion.) With integrity, the Germans know the difference between 》der After《 and 》danach《 ( thereafter in English!)

Thread: F. Y. I. Historical Tax Rates
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

Despite NOT posting here for fk knows how long ... U return to berate others with accusations of inept

failure but even as U do … U couldn't even deign to do two different forum comments! Shameful & fyi,

engage with these links &/or read, digest & disseminate the information on this still extant OWS forum

Either show some gumption, guts & gusto at such an important time, OR get flustered, flounce & fk off

but whatever U choose to do or not do here, have a modicum of grace & do NOT divide, demoralize &

dismiss & try to realize that 8 years is NOTHING .. yet A LOT has been inspired & instigated by OWS!

et nosce te ipsum!

Thread: [DELETED]
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

Re.OWS, whether folk stay or "go" (not that anyone here thought U'd done anything but gone!) STOP

treating the rest of us here as fkn idiots! The fact that you could have posted - but have chosen not to,

says more about you and your self-regarding hubris than anyone else could!! What a Totally Arrogant

position to come here to say "Occupy Failed", when Bernie is still a possibility for PotUS if the infernal

DNC & Corp. Dem Establishment get out of the way AND a PM Corbyn is possible in UK … IF people

come out in UK's imminent GE19 and actually vote in their own best, long term .. collective interests!!!

If U knew your arse from your elbow - U wouldn't rock up here, brainfarting like a reactionary idiot and

expressing 'opinion as fact' whilst actually knowing, saying and contributing, sweet fk-all for The 99%!

OWS & its veterans have seeded & helped to germinate seeds, that are flowering in many places - so

get over yourself; get on board for the good of USA's 99% and STOP flouncing and drama queening!

How many times are U>GK going to appear here after a prolonged absence, only to tell us how U are

not going to comment again? There are more readers (as opposed to posters) - than U actually know!

et temet nosce!

Thread: F. Y. I. Historical Tax Rates
[-] 0 points by GypsyKing (8702) 1 week ago

Well, here we are, Occupy Failed and so now we have the Trump Nightmare. There's just two words. . . Warren, Sanders! Say them like a mantra. . . Warren, Sanders! Warren, Sanders. . .

Thread: Cannibalism
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2393) from Fredericksburg, TX 2 weeks ago

What's wrong with rich?

There's no good way to extract wealth from the community without exploiting the work of others. One cannot create many times more than the average wealth by one's own hard work. Finance creates nothing but money that represents material wealth. The FIRE sector is purely parasitic by the consumption of the real wealth it's funny money buys.

"Land of the free? Voter Suppression in the US", by Molly McCracken:

US Voter Suppression … "policies reflect a deep-rooted thread of racism at the heart of American politics, a wound that has festered since the nation shaped itself through slavery and, in academic George Lipsitz’s words, "the possessive investment in whiteness as cultural capital."

''The systemic racism of disenfranchisement can be traced through America’s history: under slavery, the Constitution included a clause that valued black lives at the rate of ⅗ of whites’ ... adjusting the population counts to increase the wealth and voting power of slaveholders. After the Civil War, Jim Crow legislation suppressed the supposedly liberated black vote by making voting near-impossible through segregation, violence, and prohibitive requirements.

''One of the outrages of the 2016 elections was the clarity with which such strategies have now been resurrected. Georgia’s Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams amassed unprecedented success as an underdog and calling attention to the 1.5 million voters disenfranchised by her Republican competitor Brian Kemp. Despite a narrow loss, she has expanded her voter registration campaign nation-wide to encourage people of colour to participate in elections.

''In Florida, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum lead a successful campaign to restore voting rights to ex-felons – an outcome that enables over 1 million formerly disenfranchised people to vote, against a staggering near 18% of the state’s black population who had been politically excluded. Indeed, while scholar Michelle Alexander defines the ‘new Jim Crow’ in response to the overwhelming incarceration of African Americans ... there are clear links between this imprisonment - and the desire among some policymakers to exclude the black population from public society.'' - [^My paragraphing^]

fiat lux et fiat justitia

Thread: GOP agenda
[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 weeks ago

For the custodians of Liberty? Or the janitors mopping up the radioactive ancient-orifice-metal from the superNoro explosion?

Turkeys might be "pardoned" but we'll still eat the GOOPy dinosaurs. It's a Good Life quantum-tunneling in a tall-corn field. Ma Yun, or Jack Ma, by-now-forced-out founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group knows how billionaires fare under the "democratic people's dictatorship." Brown-nosing billionaires should lick the ancient orifice clean to take a good look for themselves. Quality shaping of the bodily systematic thought sequence's output shit ( its often brown color is normal due to the presence of bilirubin from the decommissioned red { why's bilirubin yellow if it came from the red hemoglobin? the human liver converts the blue and water-soluble biliverdin derived from the red hemoglobin to the brilliantly yellow water-insoluble bilirubin in an energy-intensive process in the liver to allow it be excreted in bile into the human stool rather than as the blue biliverdin in the urine for "unknown reasons;" my hypothesis for these reasons is that this energy-intensive process evolved in humans due to an adaptation to a heat shock in southern and perhaps eastern Africa that forced our forebears to evolve extreme ways of conserving water 《 by avoiding peeing water out 》but still keeping cool 《via sweating》; this heat shock made us humans evolve our unique ability of running long distances in high temperatures while keeping our brains from being overheated with our naked nearly hairless ape-based bodies but with the tuft of hair on top acting as natural toupee insulation; our bodies' other hairy locations such as armpits and crotch are likely evolved for the reduction of friction while running or mating; aha! I've figured out why drinking much water after eating fat produces yellow bilirubin-laced stool if it's flushed out fast enough; the American-Sign-Language-capable gorilla, Koko, once signaled the very creative, "You green shit!" as a novel insult to Jane Goodall or her study team so gorillas know about diarrhea, I think, because the green color might have come from a bit of the blue biliverdin being quickly flushed out with the yellow bilirubin if gorillas have this seemingly uniquely human ability to convert biliverdin into bilirubin 《when did this biliverdin to bilirubin pathway first evolve in the human genome? if we discover the genes for controlling it, we may be able to find out from the DNA remains of ancient humans when they came about and we may correlate the dates and geographical location with the geological evidence of events such as the drying up of a lake ¿downstream of the Okavango swamp? on whose shore our ¿semi-aquatic? ancestors subsisted on shellfish perhaps,》 or the green color could have come from yet another heme molecule, the chlorophyll from the green plants eaten by the gorillas; when gorillas have a diarrhea, what's the bilirubin level in their stool? If humans had diverged from the gorillas by evolving as an adaptation the bilirubin technology for conserving water and digesting fats with bile, it means that humans have already evolved bodily mechanisms for dealing with heat shock, so we only need an eventual cultural adaptation to feel good about going nearly naked in the extreme heat of Anthropocene; also hemes are a very colorful group of molecules so we humans can nearly poo out the entire spectrum of the rainbow of colors in our stool except perhaps towards the violet end? has anyone pooped out indigo, blue, or violet stool yet? also leaf peeping of the hemes may be done all year-round by poop peeping in German-style home comfort with specialty stool-platform toilet bowls designed with precision German engineering "out of pooping comes a rainbow of peace!" there are indeed pots of gold hidden at the ends of the rainbows by the leprechauns despite the "Irish Luck" of the ones chasing after them for gold and peace, maybe we can try Newton's "English Luck" who was equally fascinated by the rainbow but instead made it from a glass prism 《 I made my rainbow spectrum by dipping a mirror into the water in the big round basin to reflect and resolve the sunlight while I was changing the water of my ¡infant-cannibalistic! guppies whose eventual complete demise after a few years of my raising them, indirectly led to the worst conflict between me and my Big Brother who had tried to scale up and upgrade my defunct hobby; it was true that no good deed went unpunished for him and almost for me, too, so I felt regret towards him after my impulsive terrible misbehavior in response to his baseless accusation of my losing his treasured fishes because I had cleaned up his by-then-algae-clad aquarium, in my usual way of taking care of my guppies, which Mom bought me shortly after I had been relocated away from our shantytown neighborhood, maybe in an effort to console my sense of loss, as some of my Big Brother's fishes might have been hiding inside of the underwater decorations; good intentions on both sides nevertheless led to the catastrophic result of an unknowable number of dead and injured fish and never having any more pet fish in our home due to his preposterous accusation and I felt his inequity and insult after my having cleaned so long and hard for hours on his neglected aquarium and pet fishes; both my Big Brother and I loved the pet fishes but... what did it take to cut a tree in the DMZ? two killed, Defcon raised, and B-52 deployed for a nuclear strike! 忍... give or take an epsilon of room and impossible problems may be solved; the golden rule is inadequate because it's presumptuous that others are like me as I'd love my aquarium be cleaned already 》 -- think hemes and rainbow as a sign 《 from God if you're a Christian 》 of the possible dispersion of a widely available energy source -- the Sun; apparently there exist chemical ways in a liver of converting hemes to absorb different colored lights so it might be ¿possible to use a chemical gradient to create a plethora of hemes for a nearly complete absorption of sunlight? converting it efficiently into a spectrum of excited electrons on various heme molecules; the next step is to find the proper electron carriers to harvest the electrons to drive an electric circuit; if we can make much solar electricity and have the "fair" economic distribution mechanism for everyone, peace becomes much likelier } blood cells in the digestive juice, bile, added as a control to the digestive process; all controls can be thought of as inputs, too, which was the recent-year-AI's huge "breakthrough" { natural human learning has already been doing it for a very long time } of "Big Data" ) demands it.

You've got to know when to hold, know when to fold up, know when to walk away, and know when to run...

"There is no royal road to Geometry," - Aristotle said to Alexander [the Great].

Here's one way to know what the suppression about Hong Kong's Election result sounds like: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4PIRYxtG82g. Is there any new information except the same old CCP propaganda coming from the Beijing people on the street? No, besides, there are so many other videos showing many Hong Kongers' reactions. Which is easier to stage? I think that the CCP central apparatus was genuinely surprised. They didn't know. Can Winnie the Pooh understand the YouTube comments in English? Highly unlikely, I doubt that it even knows much English at all! It seems to be yet another culturally deprived product of the Cultural Revolution. Mandarin is just another dialect of English, both being the major ones of our mother tongue Earthlingese. It should be able to squeal English easily at our bus in a little while and pledge allegiance to our motherland Earth as American K3 kids do.

Decades hence, Koreans may well be put into mass vocational re-education camps in the newly established 口自治區 ( 口自治區 ) the Hangul autonomous region fashioned after the ones in Xinjiang for the Uyghurs. Koreans, especially the descendants of the current residents of the DPRK who sorely lack the skills ( but they can of course compete on the basis of the cheapness of their labor -- e.g. an average South Korean may well make twenty times the wage of an average North Korean so the North Koreans can easily low-bid their brethren in the south for the jobs requiring labor but not specialized knowledge, skills, or judgment; if the border between the DPRK and ROK were freed up immediately for people to migrate, what has happened in East Germany may well happen again to North Korea -- i.e. its younger people left their homeland, leaving the former East Germany in a very long-lasting economic slum so that even now decades after the German Reunification and huge amount of economic aid from the former West Germany, the former East Germany is still relatively poor and therefore turning towards right-winged populism; a vibrant economy needs to have people with "the right stuff" and their network ) to compete successfully in the national-socialist East-Asian labor markets ( which generally boast of having the highest suicide rates amongst their younger people as well as the ¿economically? depressed elderly people,) will greatly appreciate the motherly job-placement ( there's always a place for training for new jobs to go to, even for the thought criminals from the DPRK!) help provided by the Han 汉 ( 漢 ) people's headquarters in Beijing.

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Election worked. There was massive voter turnout. Throwing Winnie the Pooh under the bus shouldn't be out of character for the "Save-My-DonbAss" bus driver who has thrown down below the wheels on the bus and run round and round over his old toys. Win, Win, Win for Liberty!