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Thread: It's all about the Hag.
[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (26505) from Coon Rapids, MN 25 minutes ago

As we currently have - what we have - as concerns government.

I sent this note off to Bernie Sanders. No He is by no means perfect - but He - IS - clearly so much better than anyone else who is currently running for the presidency:

First let me start off with a quote from a Paul Krugman column :

you shouldn’t care whether a candidate is someone you’d like to have a beer with. Nor should you care about politician's sex lives, or even their spending habits unless they involve clear corruption. No, what you should really look for, in a world that keeps throwing nasty surprises at us, is intellectual integrity: the willingness to face facts even if they’re at odds with one’s preconceptions, the willingness to admit mistakes and change course.

And that’s a virtue in very short supply.

You are running for the office of the president of the United States of America - and I for one say = Thank God.

There are so many things wrong with our government today as well as with corporate practices, business practices in general or wall street (financial) practices or War Practices.

Plenty of good material for you to seriously campaign on and legitimately squash your opponents.

You have been really great on such things as denouncing the TPP and Fast Tracking of it. This issue alone decides whether or not democracy survives or if our country along with a significant portion of the rest of the world is completely handed over to Multinational Corporations ( I refer to them as corp(se)oRATions - as - they are not people - they are not living - they are constructs owned and operated by the very few who are actually people) to rape pillage plunder and destroy our world however they want with no interference from anyone..

TPP is a fundamental ALL IMPORTANT issue - which if passed could make any following government completely MOOT !

But Bernie - HONESTLY - you really need to strongly denounce - BOTH - the current Israeli government/military actions as well as Hamas actions for indiscriminately attacking and killing civilians.

Don't say that what Israel has done in bombing Gaza is bad and then go on to say - But Israel has a right to defend itself. That kind of thing makes it sound like you are okaying what the Israeli defense forces have done = bombing civilians and killing hundreds of them.

I know that you do not think it is OK - BUT - "THAT" - IS the position your opponents are fostering in the public eye - to put you down.

You have got to put to rest for once and for all any ambiguity that your opponents can toss at you. You have absolutely got to condemn the bombing and killing of civilians - and not just those civilians in Israel and Gaza - BUT everywhere - INCLUDING - the killing of civilians by USA military actions (CIA actions included).

Take it for granted that you have not properly addressed these issues - admit it - and correct it. LEAD !!!! Be the progressive voice for peace and prosperity for the world.


You need to get past the mud that is being thrown at you - Israel & Gaza being a major source of the mud slinging.

Win The Presidency - and do it on the issues - do it by saying what should be done differently - point out the technological possibilities we have as a world to promote and implement that would be clean non-polluting non-toxic. Technologies which could be exported as aid to developing countries so that they could end violence due to strife - strife of famine - strife of fighting over resources such as fossil fuel - strife over having clean water to drink and bathe and water crops.

Voice clearly what is wrong with the operation of this country - AND - what you would see done differently and how these changes CAN and SHOULD be made.

Build a solid foundation with the whole public - as well as the rest of the world.

Thread: It's all about the Hag.
[-] 1 points by MattHolck0 (2974) 3 hours ago

military violence is easy to track unlike the money

my issue is not fiscal

I find that the argument reduced to a budget condones I would support war if it made the US money perhaps by harvesting the organs of the slain

Thread: It's all about the Hag.
[-] 3 points by mdonelly (229) from Mineola, NY 3 hours ago

Sorry, I forgot to answer you question, although I do suspect it was a set up query. To my knowledge, our President has to be a natural born citizen. That is not the case for our Congress where their are just residency and age requirements. Both of them seem to revel in working for the interests of foreign countries; groups like AIPAC, and corporate interests who benefit from constant war, and who finance their campaigns. Our job has sadly been relegated into just observing it all.

Thread: It's all about the Hag.
[-] 0 points by DKAtoday (26505) from Coon Rapids, MN 3 hours ago

Oh go play in traffic.

Run along now........

Thread: It's all about the Hag.
[-] 2 points by mdonelly (229) from Mineola, NY 3 hours ago

That's not fair turbo..., we are only supposed to talk about critics of our policies on war, including our ignoble support of Israel's apartheid regime, from members of the war machine, err I mean .."the USA government."

When Ms McKinney announced her resignation from the Democratic party in front of the Pentagon, she said,

"As an American of conscience, I hereby declare my independence from every bomb dropped, every threat leveled, every civil liberties' rollback, every child killed, every veteran maimed, [and] every man tortured. And I sadly declare my independence from the leaders who let it happen..."...my emphasis. Unfortunately, it would be a cold day in hell before Sanders says anything like that.

What a woman she is...

Thread: It's all about the Hag.
[-] 2 points by mdonelly (229) from Mineola, NY 5 hours ago

Our quest for Empire might be a taboo subject here, but not in the rest of the World. Our current vassals and former allies are tiring of it. Unless we realize it soon, it may be too late.

And not realizing that our "Surveilance and Police State" is connected to it is a big mistake.


Thread: It's all about the Hag.
[-] 2 points by mdonelly (229) from Mineola, NY 6 hours ago

That's an interesting request. You want me to show you .."ANY outspoken opponents in the USA government of our policy (support for) towards Israel and the Israeli [massive] killings of the [unarmed] civilian population in Gaza." Your implication seems CLEAR, 'We should support Sanders 'cause he is the lesser of the evils,' with his muddling. Haven't we already done that? Many of his constituents at the Town Hall meeting he spoke at, and some of whom he told to "shut-up" were aware of his two-faced rhetoric, and so am I. You may buy into the new norm, but I won't.

Thread: It's all about the Hag.
[-] 4 points by lugano (928) 6 hours ago

''Bernie Sanders ends his recent column “Let’s Stand Together” with this piece of advice: “Let’s not be fooled.” - Quite right. Let’s not be fooled by any politician appealing to high ideals when they are in the business of war and empire." - from your link and...

''Many of my liberal and progressive friends remain clueless about the US Empire, instead opting for the easy explanation: “Bush and GOP started the wars, not Obama and the Democrats.” Of course, liberals usually neglect to mention Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan, drone strikes, Libya fiasco, massacre in Gaza, etc. Most importantly, my liberal friends believe, like so many Democrats, that US citizens can force domestic reforms without directly challenging the US’ bloated, unsustainable and insane military budget and Empire. Here, they are gravely mistaken.

''Immediately, it would be worth noting that 57% of the US discretionary federal budget is dedicated to warfare. Whatever liberals and activists wish to do with the remaining 43% doesn’t really matter because the remaining 57% of the budget is off limits and devoted to Empire. In fact, it’s not even part of the discussion. The dominant discourse surrounding the US Empire still takes place within the ideological-political prism of the War on Terror. Within this context, only minor reforms have been suggested concerning the US Empire.

''For instance, Bernie Sanders once said, “The situation has become so absurd, that the Pentagon is unable to even account for how it spends its money. Now we can argue about whether we need this weapon system, or that weapon system, or the size of the Pentagon, but I would suggest there is no disagreement that we should have an understanding of how the Pentagon spends its money.” from -

''No Alternatives to US Empire: Bernie Sanders and the 2016 Elections'' By Vincent Emanuele - http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article41750.htm

Food for thought to say the least. Btw - can ''Dual Citizens'' be POTUS? Or serve in Congress?

Thread: Baltimore riots and the declassed
[-] 3 points by turbocharger (1756) 10 hours ago

A) This is not capitalism, its a horribly corrupt version of fascism/corporatism

B) The Democrat and Republican Parties- or The System- have been social programming racism into our fabric for as long as the system has been around or their party existence has been in power.

C) The people are still not at an action level that is required to get positive change. The tide is shifting, but too often they are looking for solutions within the very system that is causing the pain to begin with.

Thread: It's all about the Hag.
[-] 2 points by turbocharger (1756) 10 hours ago

Ask Cynthia McKinney about that.

The DNC in 2012 convention should have proved it to you once and for all. Guess your memory is short as usual.

Thread: Baltimore riots and the declassed
[-] 2 points by grapes (3617) 14 hours ago

It is accurate but more emphasis on the role of state policies in creating the motivating force for the riots would have been welcomed.

I watched the video of Rodney King beating and the LA riots after the acquital of the accused police officers. That was decades ago! The injustice has existed for an extremely long time. As a society, the U.S. has done virtually NOTHING positive to curb classism and its bloody-red-clawed derivative. In fact, it has even enacted policies to import the third-world poverty (through unemployment), illegal drugs, crimes, prostitution, pimping, and human trafficking in the name of "Free Trade" to exacerbate the problem. The politicians were pimping their citizens. Even more infuriating is their patting themselves on their own shoulders for their "wars" against poverty, drugs, crimes, and human trafficking. How disingenuous! What a bunch of hypocrites! Or idiots, just to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The article lacks a plan to tackle the problem. The ghettos MUST be broken up steadily by resettling over time in batches the residents to better locations with gainful employment, transportation access, good schools, healthcare facilities, libraries, and grocery markets. Make the cops and their families live in the jurisdiction that they patrol or lose their jobs. For starter, STOP digging our hole deeper by exporting our people's livelihoods abroad!

I deplore our political leaders' lack of will to push forward. Defeatism gets us nowhere. It is UNACCEPTABLE. Long-festering wounds need to be cleaned up, dressed up, and cared for!

Thread: It's all about the Hag.
[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (26505) from Coon Rapids, MN 14 hours ago

Show me ANY outspoken opponents in the USA government of our policy (support for) towards Israel and the Israeli killings of the civilian population in Gaza.

Can you?

I can show you one party leader who invited nuttersyahoo to come and address the congress. Who opted out of attending that event?

Thread: It's all about the Hag.
[-] 2 points by mdonelly (229) from Mineola, NY 17 hours ago

OK, maybe Sanders is not a "Dual Citizen," (Edit; with a capital 'D' & 'C),' but he is defineitely a dual citizen in that his allegiances are not soley to this country, but rather to both this country, and Israel and their bidders, AIPAC. The barbaric bombings that Israel carries out on an unarmed people are unforgivable to me.

Here's that same link that I put up earlier, with three more links at the bottom of the story. It won't be difficult for you to find yet more though.


Thread: It is important to remember those that came before us, please listen.
[-] 3 points by mdonelly (229) from Mineola, NY 17 hours ago

I am aware of the history of "the Democrats ..[being] open supporters of the KKK." It stands to reason that, that is true, since many of the atrocities that the KKK carried out were in the South (not all though), where both them and the Democrats flourished. Johnson knew that Dixie was lost to his party for generations to come when the Civil Rights bill was passed. What LBJ didn't know was that many people in his own party would become members of the corrupt inhumane, system that we live in today. From my POV, that was the advent of neoliberalism, or when the Dems were "infiltrated." Both parties then started moving decidedly to the right. Goldwater lost his bid to become President, but his crappy legacy lives on, unfortuately.

Thread: It's all about the Hag.
[-] 4 points by Shule (2421) 18 hours ago

Could be. After all I did vote for Obama, and look what happened.

@frf: Do you think Dems... have nothing to do with the US-MIC? HC is a peacenik, right? Sheeesh!

Admit it... you are not 100% well, right?

Thread: It's all about the Hag.
[-] 1 points by lugano (928) 19 hours ago

Are you sure that Bernie Sanders is a ''Dual Citizen''? You've spun me out; how's that possible for a possible POTUS? Sorry but do you have a link for this? It sounds a bit impossible and a bit bizarre!

Thread: It is important to remember those that came before us, please listen.
[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (26505) from Coon Rapids, MN 22 hours ago

[-] 0 points by turbocharger (1756) 5 hours ago

You know this because of your extensive campaign work right?

↥twinkle ↧stinkle permalink

Wrong - it's called powers of observation coupled with common sense.

Neither of which you seem to have.

So far, this is the comment of the year :)

Thread: Police State Beatings & Murder
[-] 5 points by Nevada1 (5139) 1 day ago

Check this out------Report Confirms That Police Killed Netasha McKenna With Her Hands Cuffed And Legs Shackled------


i have youth approach me try to sell both 2 party candidates

unable to answer whether their candidate supported bombing

and baffled that I would even ask.

Incredible. An organization set up by the machine doesnt have the power to reign in the machine? Who would have thought?!!