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Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 0 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 hours ago

"While "capitalism" is "unfettered" - we are in the f-ing chains! Wake up people'' before it's too late!

"This is a huge moment and Sanders cannot, and should not - be ignored any longer by those who continue to erase him, his candidacy - and his supporters." Beware RW "Centrist" DNC substitutes!

Consider, this https://berniesanders.com/issues/ is why Bernie is better than "Centrist" butt kissers!

e pluribus, unum!

Bernie is on fire in Dem Debate.

Time for Americans to quit their worshiping of the wealthy and start fighting for their own benefit. Support Bernie Sanders platform to TAX THE RICH.


We can end the huge chasm in inequality by taxing the obscene wealth of the billionaire class. No one needs that much money and how do they get that much money anyway? They get it by charging us, the people, way too much money for the products we need, pharmaceuticals, computers, software, etc. They get it through exploitation, through the forces of capitalism and we must put checks and balances on that capitalism so that the rest of us can survive and live decently!

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (22973) 10 hours ago

Good luck in Dem Debate, Senator Sanders.

We're pulling for you.

From the Weissert article:

“We’re getting into the nitty gritty and the details of what has to be done with some specificity. The broad concept of how you create a democratic society in which working people have more control over their lives is a theme that I have obviously been working on and believed throughout my entire career. But this provides some of the very specific details of how we can go forward, and it will be a major transformation of the economy in the sense of empowering working people to have control over their own lives, over their own jobs and not just be cogs in a machine, which is sadly enough too often the case.”

It is apparent that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with an actual detailed platform of policies and ideas to free us from the "unfettered capitalism" that has all of the 99% in chains!

So, get it? While the "capitalism" is "unfettered," we are in the f-ing chains! Wake up people!

Thread: Thousands freed from prison
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 day ago

''What is the Prison Industrial Complex?''

How a nation treats its prisoners is a yardstick with which to judge its true level of civilization ... maybe? Punitive or Restorative? Progressive Rehabilitation OR Reactionary Incarceration? The choices society makes surely reflect its underlying ethos. Norway & New Zealand show better way to a USA that is 5% of Global Population yet has 25% of the Global Prison Population! Then there is Capital Punishment & the whole issue about the lack of effective legal representation available for the poor! Finally FYI, see... this link https://incarceratedworkers.org/campaigns/prison-strike-2018 for info re.Resisting U$A's P.I.C.!

errare humanum est ...

Note .. "This tax on extreme wealth would have a progressive rate structure that would only apply to the wealthiest 180,000 households in America who are in the top 0.1 percent. It would start with a 1 percent tax on net worth above $32 million for a married couple. That means a married couple with $32.5 million would pay a wealth tax of just $5,000.'' - from your link.

Now just think about that. How many couples have net worth of $32.5m?! Very few! How few? Consider:

radix omnium malorum est cupiditas ...

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 day ago

''Bernie Sanders is seeking to make real and permanent change to our society to benefit all people, not just the wealthy and corporations. His plan is the only one being put to voters that will truly provide an alternative to unfettered capitalism.'' As it is so worth repeating & in compliment, please also consider...

From which: ''I think it is very hard, very hard for Donald Trump or anybody else, to make the case to the American people that a company like Amazon — owned by the wealthiest person in America, made $10 billion in profit last year — didn’t pay a nickel in federal income tax. Somebody wants to make that case, you go ahead. I just don't think anybody in America will accept it. It has everything to do, simply, with the power of the billionaire class, the power of the corporate elite and a very corrupt political system.'' Amen!

fiat justitia ...

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (22973) 1 day ago

Bernie has a plan to win. Great video with great summation of what needs to be done to overcome wealth inequality in America.


Basically, workers have to become owners. And, Bernie has a bold new plan for corporate accountability and democracy to make this happen.

His proposal would actually change the nature of our economy by giving real wealth and real power to workers. Workers would own 20% of the share of their companies and workers would hold 45% of corporate board seats. This would be a profound transformation and as Krystal Ball points out in the video, Thomas Piketty has shown that the only real way to overcome inequality is by doing something this dramatic.

None of the other top candidates have any proposals nearly as bold and as transformative as this would be. Bernie Sanders is seeking to make real and permanent change to our society to benefit all people, not just the wealthy and corporations.

His plan is the only one being put to voters that will truly provide an alternative to unfettered capitalism.

In his own words "I have one life to live, what role do I want to play?" We should all be asking this question. Go Bernie.

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 day ago

Is ''Bernie's finally on a winning track'' ?

Thanx for your reply - I recommend it to all.

I'll try a longer reply later but pls watch^vid.

fiat lux ...

Thread: Thousands freed from prison
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (22973) 2 days ago

Norway's successful prison system could teach USA some lessons.


Norway's incarceration rate is just 75 per 100,000 people, compared to 707 people for every 100,000 people in the US.

On top of that, when criminals in Norway leave prison, they stay out. It has one of the lowest recidivism rates in the world at 20%. The US has one of the highest: 76.6% of prisoners are re-arrested within five years.

Norway "relies on a concept called "restorative justice," which aims to repair the harm caused by crime rather than punish people. This system focuses on rehabilitating prisoners."

Hence, AOC's speaking about "abolishing prisons."

From truthout:

"What we might call the classic definition of prison abolition comes from Critical Resistance, a grassroots organization founded by Angela Davis, Ruth Wilson Gilmore and the late Rose Braz in the 1990s. Their definition targets a “prison-industrial complex” and summarizes abolition as “a political vision with the goal of eliminating imprisonment, policing, and surveillance and creating lasting alternatives to punishment and imprisonment.”

So, this is quite wonderful that we have a Congresswoman even willing to broach the subject. Perhaps we can get moving on this as we change our society to an ever more "well-being" focused one as these other nations, like New Zealand and Norway have done. It is possible.

Social Security and Medicare are the bedrock of American life.

How can we grow old without these two things?

There are 330 million or so Americans. Maybe 30 million of them are well enough off to not need Social Security but I can bet you they'd still want their Medicare.

For the rest of the 300 million, Social Security is a vital part, many times, the biggest part of having any kind of economic security in old age.

IF the gov't wants to denude us of Social Security then are they going to require corporations, both large and small to provide pensions?

WTF do they expect people to do? What should an elderly person live on if they do not have a private pension?

Here are the stats: "Typically in any year only half of workers participate in a retirement plan at work."


I do wonder sometimes if this rampant disrespect for Social Security and Medicare has something to do with our society's rampant disrespect for aging in general.

What is real wealth anyway?

New Zealand will be the first country to measure success by peoples' well being!


So, the Smith article above proves that when "success" means money and materialism it doesn't necessarily bring "happiness" or "well being."

In a capitalist system we become focused on the material and become alienated from one another in the pursuit of money. Greed overcomes love and generosity. This does not result in well being. It results in illness, both physical and mental illness.

From the article:

"...struck by the disconnect between their tremendous success and their personal misery--of failed marriages, of being trapped in their jobs, in feeling their sacrifices weren't worth it and in sensing the shallowness of their success and the poverty of their inner lives.

Not every super-successful person was miserable, of course; some had shifted gears to lower-paid work they found more fulfilling and others still loved their careers. But what was near-universal was the desire to get the heck out of Silicon Valley and leave its pressure-cooker lifestyle in the dust."

Now, again, what is success? Clearly, for me, success is not just money and a powerful job. Maybe it is NOT those things at all.

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (22973) 2 days ago

The IRS doesn't audit the rich, let's face it, because the government doesn't want to!

The Republicans have de-funded the IRS so now it claims it cannot afford to audit the rich because it takes so much more effort. Hog wash. They de-funded the IRS purposefully.

It's no different than requiring the Post Office to fund pensions 75 years into the future and then claim the Post Office is bankrupt.

These are pointed decisions made by an immoral government.

From the Darby article: "ProPublica.... found that a person is more likely to get audited if they make $20,000 a year than if they make $400,000."

This is outrageous and un-American on so many levels.

Bernie Sanders seeks to turn around this vast inequality that we find ourselves in. This matter is one of the biggest.

Tax the Rich.

Here is Bernie's Income Inequality Tax Plan




"Sanders’ plan includes enforcement measures that he said would block evasion of his proposed tax. In addition to the wealth registry, the IRS would be required to audit all billionaires and 30 percent of wealth tax returns for others paying the highest tax rates."

Thread: Control
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (22973) 2 days ago

Used car prices are controlled and kept high harming the poor who need affordable transportation.

It's not only our work they control but the price of all the things people need in order to live decent lives.

Sometimes, it's lack of control such as the lack of the government to control rental prices and the cost of education. The government, instead of looking out for the general welfare of the people, just allows the free market to set prices that do not jive with income!

So, here is an article about why used car prices are so high in the USA. I found it to be very enlightening, though depressing.

"Rising old used car prices help push poor Americans over the edge"


"For America’s working poor, an often essential ingredient for getting and keeping a job – having a car – has rarely been more costly, and millions of people are finding it impossible to keep up with payments despite prolonged economic growth and low unemployment.

More than 7 million Americans are already 90 or more days behind on their car loans, according to the New York Federal Reserve, and serious delinquency rates among borrowers with the lowest credit scores have by far seen the fastest acceleration.

The seeds of the problem are buried deep in the financial crisis, when in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, automakers slashed production. A decade later, that has made a relative rarity of used 10-year-old vehicles that are typically more affordable for low-wage earners."

"Expensive older used cars are exacerbating the problem and it may take years for them to return to more affordable levels.

George Augustaitis, director of automotive industry analytics at CarGurus Inc (CARG.O), an online marketplace for new and used cars, said late this spring his team started to notice an “accelerating decline” in the number of available vehicles under $10,000, which typically would include vehicles between eight and 12 years old."

In my opinion, a government doing it's job to protect people's ability to live decently wouldn't have allowed this to happen. Shameful.

There should be no billionaires according to Bernie Sanders.

I agree!


No one needs that much wealth. The needs of the majority should outweigh the desires and greed of the few!


Bernie Sanders will tax extreme wealth to pay for the programs that Americans need in order to live decent lives where their basic needs are met.

Here is how his tax would work:

"This tax on extreme wealth would have a progressive rate structure that would only apply to the wealthiest 180,000 households in America who are in the top 0.1 percent.

It would start with a 1 percent tax on net worth above $32 million for a married couple. That means a married couple with $32.5 million would pay a wealth tax of just $5,000.

The tax rate would increase to 2 percent on net worth from $50 to $250 million, 3 percent from $250 to $500 million, 4 percent from $500 million to $1 billion, 5 percent from $1 to $2.5 billion, 6 percent from $2.5 to $5 billion, 7 percent from $5 to $10 billion, and 8 percent on wealth over $10 billion. These brackets are halved for singles.

Under this plan, the wealth of billionaires would be cut in half over 15 years which would substantially break up the concentration of wealth and power of this small privileged class.

Under current law, the IRS is already required to assess the net worth of the wealthiest Americans when they pass away, to calculate estate tax liability. A federal wealth tax would require the IRS to make the same assessment on an annual basis for the wealthiest Americans. Steps would also be taken to streamline the process for purposes of the wealth tax.

For assets that are difficult to appraise, the Treasury Department would have the option of allowing taxpayers to have appraisals done periodically instead of annually. The Treasury Department would establish the average rates of appreciation for several classes of assets. Those appraised only every few years would be assumed to appreciate in the intervening years at the average rate established for their designated class.

Assets placed in a trust would be treated as owned by the grantor of the trust (by the person giving assets to the trust) until that person’s death."

Thread: Free Market Apocalypse
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (22973) 2 days ago

Elizabeth Warren is "capitalist to her bones" according to Bernie Sanders.


"In 2018, Warren was quoted as saying "I am a capitalist to my bones" during an event hosted by the New England Council, a non-partisan regional business organization."

Sanders says "I am, I believe, the only candidate who's going to say to the ruling class of this country, the corporate elite: Enough, enough with your greed and with your corruption," Sanders said. "We need real change in this country."

This is a very important distinction between these two candidates because as George Monbiot says "Capitalism is destroying the Earth."


Thread: If Occupy Created Bitcoin
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 days ago

''How American CEOs got so rich'' ...

U go from long, rambling screeds to a tiny reply .. where U do not show your thinking, nor any evidence but simply ass-ert something - expecting what? Interlocution?! Watch the video .. then debate, perhaps.

ad iudicium?

Thread: If Occupy Created Bitcoin
[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 days ago

"Next" is inaccurate in the "Next Financial Crisis." A long rambling screed takes much time, inspiration, and effort for it to be built. This is no longer "a tiny reply."

No expectation is needed. Information is valuable only if it's not in a state of "heat death" when everyone knows it. Communication is worthwhile only when there is an element of surprise.

After more than 30 years of explaining to someone where wealth came from, they are still caught up in the excitement of the moment and don't get it. Some learn the difference between secant and tangent and try projecting by following the secant, others don't and go off on a tangent and lose much of their life savings (the real world is finite so the reality of growth limits eventually sets in to kill the rosy tangential projections.) Buyback-caused stock price rises are fake news which you seem to be all excited about so I know from that fact alone that you're not wealthy. Buyback-induced wealth is just wealth "on paper" ( or more accurately in the minds of people as induced by the magnetic polarities of tiny patches of magnetizable materials flipped one way or another usually kept in a basement or a nondescript building connected with thick electrical cables, which spews hot air exhaust ) which you can eat and live off of only if there are the worker bees who will take from the [largely male] drones more paper called money based upon the wealth on paper to exchange for the goods which they have produced. Wealth on paper can be increased without bounds. If you truly want to become an instantaneous millionaire/billionaire, exchange your money officially in Venezuela for its bolivars. Of course, you should first check whether Venezuela has lopped off a few more zeros on its currency, again.

Why do you think fake news is so important to Donald John Trump Thought? It must beat Pootin the Great, Chamber-pot Thought, and it must also beat Winnie the Pooh, Xi Thought!

People should like it better than a Red Fuckgina.

I hope that the sex from these cardinal Thoughts has relieved your pent-up sexual energy after your having experienced "the second death," also known as an orgasm. Sex reduces violence (it's why all societies promote and protect long-term civil sex contracts known as marriages, a.k.a. holey matrimoney.) Serotonin release helps.

With Islamic State resurgence becoming probable (whose likely first target is Russia which wanted the fake-news dynamo/MoscowMitch to electrocute N.A.T.O.) due to fake-news dynamo and DNA fingerprinting technology being available for parenthood identification, a new regulation may be: no marriage partner shall be admitted to the U.S. until they can submit a live-birth baby whose DNA signature links it to those of the alleged parents. Thereupon and having completed other applicable requirements such as its not harboring contagious diseases and being quarantined for health observations for the duration of not less than the amount of time the astronauts from the earliest lunar landing mission have been quarantined, the baby shall become a naturalized citizen of the United States of America and the petitioning-for-legalized-status marriage partner may be admitted as a new immigrant parent granted the right of refugee upon the successful completion of the health and security background checks and quarantine as required of a refugee.

Another regulation is to change the default of the organ-donation directive to be selected at the facilities of our various states' departments of motor vehicles to make human organs available for transplantation, unless opted out explicitly, in order to avoid the buying of and using the organs of Red China's prisoners executed for political non-orthodoxy. Organ-transplant tourism to Red China may thereby be discouraged and reduced.

I recall very distinctly from my kindergarten-years' childhood my perusing an atlas ( an old one { e.g. on it Gdansk was Danzig, "the free city," and Kaliningrad was Königsberg 康尼斯堡, } lest anyone from Poland or Russia gets all riled-up about my apparent focus stirring up troubles, calm down as my Urheimat was the Silk Road, both on land and in the sea, so Danzig, "the free city," Königsberg, and Sinkiang 新疆 were lexicon forming a part of my [trading for at least centuries and migrating for millennia] family's Collective [Sub?]conscious { do you believe in mental resonances from perhaps previous lives? such as keeping on bumping into the same person again, and again, and again with very unlikely odds for each encounter or with one mutual look, feeling that we had met before somewhere somehow as if we had known each other very well } - the peculiar subtitle "the free city" 自由市 attached to Danzig 旦澤 and the Umlaut in Königsberg intrigued me at the time because I had seen 'o' in English but not 'ö' ) that Sinkiang (now in pinyin as Xinjiang) was marked as an autonomous region of Red China (Sinkiang Uighur Autonomous Region) so its being encroached upon with hundreds of thousands to million(s) of its native inhabitants being confined to concentration camps and "re-educated" clearly indicates a draconian measure unlikely to have originated from its native government. It's Peking (now in pinyin as Beijing) government's oppression.

With Hong Kong, Red China is doing the same thing as what it has done with Sinkiang (Xinjiang.) Unsurprisingly according to the rules of transitions, Hong Kong now has an emergency movement for democracy.

In centuries past, China as opposed to the now tumor-like coastal-industrialized Red China was the agricultural superpower, routinely feeding hundreds of millions of its people. It was doing that well before the German breakthrough invention of the Haber method for fixing nitrogen from the air into ammonia. About one third of humanity gets their proteins derived from this industrial-scale produced ammonia. How did China get its fixed nitrogen? China used to use buffalo dung and bean cakes as fertilizers before the advent of chemical fertilizers. Beans are in the nitrogen-fixing legume family but there is an often overlooked technicality involved in using beans for fixing nitrogen: their plants must be plowed under before they flower or fruit. An alternative is to use clovers. Those very gaunt DPRK people may be able to get more protein if natural nitrogen-fixing plants are used.

Industrialization is very much a tumor-like cancerous-growth process, admired by most but creating worldwide conflicts. China was not globally expansionist until its coastal areas have been industrialized.

Why did the British Empire come into being and where did it lead? Coal->industrialization->cancerous growth of population and commerce->metastasized worldwide->British Empire->Opium Wars->Hong Kong.

Why did the German Empire come into being and where did it lead? German rulers envied the world-dominating successes of their British neighbors and cousins so they industrialized. Ruhrgebiet coal and steel->industrialization->cancerous growth of population and commerce->metastasized worldwide->German Empire->collision with the "First Born" the British hogging much of the World->WWI, WWII.

Japan's transitions are a Halloween topic for Japanese schoolchildren to find out, if their government permits. Communication is still worthwhile even after more than seventy years of suppression by multiple parties involved.

Now is Red China's turn: Xinjiang oil, Inner Mongolia coal, Australian coal and iron ore->industrialization->cancerous growth of population and commerce->metastasized worldwide->Chinese Empire->collision with the "Earlier Born [than industrialized China]" but actually "Latter Born [tried Colonialism (after all, the rebelling English colonists started the U.S.A. so the U.S. knew of and envied the colonial ways of the British Empire; but got tired of it and gave up, with vestiges such as Puerto Rico;) as the British would have said, 'what a bloody mess!' about WWI and WWII which the U.S. had eventually and reluctantly participated due to WWI having been UNJUSTLY concluded by the colonial powers hatching the CCP, Imperial Japan, and Nazi Germany]" we the Americans hogging much of the World->WWIII (maybe WWIV as the Cold War had all of the characteristics of a WWIII except that the principal countries with nuclear weapons didn't engage in direct nuclear conflict for a good reason.)

Post bloody horrible WWII, U.S. created/used multilateral global institutions such as U.N., N.A.T.O., I.M.F., World Bank, etc. for assuring peace and prosperity on a global scale, with good results on the developmental side creating great living for many former enemies. A bothersome observation was that only the countries occupied by the U.S. militarily for a long time to this day did spectacularly well economically, e.g. Germany, Japan, and South Korea. I wonder if it was due to their reduced military spending. If true, reduction of hostilities points to a great future in which countries can enjoy prosperity. Afghanistan and North-East Syria show the not-so-great results of short-term U.S. engagements.

Coal, Coal, Coal!

China, India, Turkeys (《屌嘅藝術》Diǎo kǎi yìshù "The Art of the Deal" as interpreted for the Ur-ani-um island of stable iso-topes with S-400 dark energy.)

1-800-HOT-HOTT from two years ago's coddling.

911.2 is our new-model Porsche race car for the cliff run. Fossil fuel is the lifeblood that feeds the insatiable cancers all around the world in a process called angio-genesis which certainly bleeds! Cancers are globally admired.

I wonder where my neighborhood-boy playmate is. We need him to teach an Advanced Masturbation Techniques class in Washington D.C. to the I.M.F.

Thread: If Occupy Created Bitcoin
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 days ago

''Let’s Not Wait for the Next Financial Crisis to Nationalize Wall St. Banks''by Laura Flanders:

A video and transcript of Laura Flanders speaking with Nomi Prins, an ex-Goldman Sachs banker.

radix omnium malorum est cupiditas!

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 days ago

''Critics Use Bernie Sanders’ Heart Attack .. To Smear Medicare For All!'' .. by Michael Corcoran:


Thread: Thousands freed from prison
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 days ago

Again .. ''Financial motives have corrupted our justice system. Perverse incentives fuel the unnecessary caging of our fellow human beings at every step. Along with the private prison industry, these incentives range from our money bail system exploiting and jailing the poor while it frees the rich, to police officers being rewarded based on number of arrests ... to prosecutors getting promoted for securing convictions and harsh prison sentences ... to billions in federal grants going to states and cities running on autopilot to drive more arrests, convictions, and prison sentences.'' - because it bears repeating! Also fyi - note ...

fiat justitia - ruat caelum!

YES, ''Social Security exists to replace income/wages so that people, all people, can live comfortably in retirement. It is NOT an entitlement .... where someone is getting something for nothing. It is an earned benefit paid for throughout a lifelong career'' ... BUT Repugnants & RW GOPlite Dems want to diminish, denude & destroy it!!! The abject venality of the Wall Street parasites is off the fkn scale for most people, who do not realize that Wall St. is desperate to get its hands on the US SS Trust Fund!! WTFU America! And meanwhile ...

fiat justitia...

By emeritus MCLA Prof.Ed Curtin and in compliment - please also try to consider ...

omnia causa fiunt ...

Thread: Another Republican terrorist attack last night.
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 days ago

Alas & again "for Dem-addickts like U, a mere Dem as POTUS is the be all & end all, right?!" - U can't /

don't / won't face the facts & evidencial links here above (or anywhere else on these boards!) & so just

endlessly regurgitate your shallow; zero-sum game; binary shibbolleths - like the parDisan hack that U

actually are! Do try to pull your head outta your HRC luvin' arse and then go deal with the facts here ...

Btw, frf; I have told U before about regarding GOPlite, as somehow - "The Left"! They are not! They are

only slightly less bat-shit-crazy RW than Repugnants! Always thinking - ''Vote Lesser of Two Evils" only

means U just spiral into more evil at a slightly less breakneck speed than that with the Xtrm-RW GOP!

ad iudicium?

IF "Kirsten has the most liberal record on the Senate" .. then that just shows how far to The Right your

"facts" really are! Furthermore, it appears that U have lost track of the "facts" if U think I'm a registered

Democrat w/a vote in the primary! I, wanted Bernie to run as 3rd Party/Independent POTUS candidate

before 2016, when it became very clear that the Corporate GOPlite DNC'd stitch Sanders up with their

infamous Super-Delegate fix. Bernie could even have gone '3rd Party/Independent' after the New York

Primary was stolen. Given what could happen again this time, I fear that Sanders will again be used to

sheepdog The Left, so that the Dem Party can lose again to tRUMP because they'd rather do that than

U$A actually have a POTUS Bernie Sanders! Also try ...

verb. sat. sap.?