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Thread: Economic Highlanders
[-] 1 points by grapes (5195) 1 day ago

The Mogul horde rode in on the Amero-shit-tsunami with the case of "Citizens v. United" (in hindsight: Citizens Divided.) I'm exasperated about and tired of the cliffhanger stunts of trumpery Amero-exit so let the Bagpipe Master pipe up.

With the current toady airhead-blindly-teardown fickvergnügend regime (regarding human rights, contracts, treaties, and most importantly trust,) the U.S. is a FAILING state. The "Prize of Zero" awaits the Yellow-Fox-Peril Mongol horde and the Shittoad tsunami.

My Heart's In The Highlands - 1789 (Robert Burns), lyrics American-anglicized on 2018-10-17 Tune: Failte na Miosg.

Farewell to the Highlands, farewell to the North, The birthplace of Valor, the country of Worth; Wherever I wander, wherever I rove, The hills of the Highlands forever I love.

Chorus.-My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here, My heart's in the Highlands, a-chasing the deer; A-chasing the wild deer, and following the roe, My heart's in the Highlands, wherever I go.

Farewell to the mountains, high-covered with snow, Farewell to the straths and green valleys below; Farewell to the forests and wild-hanging woods, Farewell to the torrents and loud-pouring floods.

Modern rejoinder: My heart's in the Highlands, hunting to salt the roe, Venison to last the Winter, And caviar for the doe.

Rarely use venery but for health or offspring, never to dullness, weakness, or the injury of your own or another's peace or reputation. – Benjamin Franklin

Moby-Dick is coming. Ruthie Baby. Get harpoons ready.

Don't worry too much about "the barefooted and pregnant-in-the-kitchen" work. We can consult and hire the sperm-whale experts. Outsourcing jobs is Great for making foreign friends, domestic enemies, and future autocratic enemies around the world. Historically, the most effective job creation programs are wars. Warum Kriege? Um allerhand Nahrung zu kriegen!

The Faroese know trumpery's explosive and pungent flatulence. See how the expert steps to the side to avoid being body-slammed (because the flatulent sperm, Moby-Dick, is "my kind of gay," yeah, acute flaccid myelitis) -- definitely demonstrating his knowledge and expertise in cutting the sperm. The Japanese know how to butcher a whale carcass into smaller pieces for the Miller. Another country's (?China, Philippines, Indonesia?) folks did it faster and live (watch the gills and the mouth move) although that was not a sperm whale.

Red waves are coming.

Thread: Economic Highlanders
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2189) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 day ago

The Chemical Bank decapped J.P. Morgan and Chase. Is its contemporary face the prime American contender for the 'Prize of One,' the all time winner?

"plagiarist" are you fucking five years old?

I understand you LOVED W Bush and now you LOVE Trump!

When I was a pupil and talked out of turns in grade school, the teacher Scotch-taped my mouth shut with the emblem of the Scottish flag. I instantaneously became a Christian Patriot to everyone else, bearing the Confederacy Cross to everywhere I went (cf., the Sexual Passion of X.) It was just too bad that I hadn't learnt how to reed the Bimbo yet at that single-digit age but I nude the passion of X alright. Yeah, the poor (?garter?) snake was stomped upon by the Son of Man -- I should have never been scared by the ?superstitious? stories passed down to me by Mom!

Where has my prepuce gone? Empire's "cut it out" to "stop" my bedwetting (?juvenile wet dream? "I had to pee [instead of "ejaculate" as reserved for post-pubescence]...") I was pretty sure that God didn't smell the aroma of a "burnt offering." The private-for-profit hospital was probably irreligious. My prepuce likely rotted away in a medical-waste dump while feeding some maggots. Well, at least my key-to-heaven unlike that spam key was freed from the sheath and relieved of the encumbrance of being a Gen-tile. Does St. Peter do pant-down inspections before the Pearly Gates? Do we lose our pants when ascending to Heaven? The angels don't wear pants in their depictions. Should we pull down men's pants and grab their testes to assess their angelic potential so that we can trust them? Extra-corporal testicular evolution of man indicates "yes."

Acting upon the recommendation of the neighborhood pubescent boys, ?devout? Big Brother with the Y-ale chromosome probably got some from reeding the Bimbo. I think that he might have red the Bimbo every night before going to bed. Elementary biology was what I had needed to e-lucid-ate the Bimbo's holeyness in "[with]out-lights-eat[ing]" so my devotion had to be delayed.

Trumpanzees which had climbed up the tree need Scotch-tape work done on their Bimblo behinds. Maybe the salt has eaten through the trumpery muffler. Why do trees, umbrellas, mushrooms, and nuclear explosion dust clouds all have the same similar shape? Is a toadstool poisonous, even to the toad itself when it eats the stool? Is Eros immune to Nietzsche's Christianity poison so that Vice is not the only residue left behind to "Winston Smith and Julia" doing missionary work together on the lawn of an arbor?

Thread: Jobless rate at 17 year low - I told you Trump would take care of us workers
[-] 2 points by trashyharry (3084) from Waterville, NY 4 days ago

Trump is mobbed right up The Wazoo. Trump take care of the working man? When your 2nd job doesn't cover the gas it takes to get to your first and third job, you gonna lose all three jobs, NOR

Obomber encountered severe political resistance from the Retards. Of course, he didn't do enough for the victims of the Retards because he also had a severe character flaw of compromising which had never worked with the uncompromising people such as the Retards.

He kept on drawing redlines in the Middle East and allowed Assad to trespass them repeatedly. This eventually brought about the depravities suffered by many peoples there and no longer there. Obomber should have just bombed Assad into oblivion after he had refused to leave Syria and used poison gases instead. For uncompromising people having trespassed our redlines, we could find their dead bodies cooperate very well indeed. Davy Cocker red the Bimbo every night.

Even a two-or-three-year-old toddler can understand, "one.., two.., three!" I found it amusing that I was asked repeatedly, "Is it two already?" whereas a babysitter kept on saying the same thing over and over again but there was no status request from the toddler.

If we had no intention of enforcing a redline (yes, the U.S. has many different kinds of rather formidable power alright but the Lord of the Ring must understand their natures and wield them humbly in service and wisely), we had no reason whatsoever to announce the redline.

There were and still are largely invisible cultural redlines which are quite visible to "the bridges" linking the two sides. My Dad told me that an important reason why the U.S. had dropped the two nuclear bombs on Japan was because Tora! Tora! Tora! happened while the peace negotiation was still going on. He mentioned something about Japan's naval attack task force was running on the "?Japanese-invented?" Daylight Saving Time but the U.S. Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor of O'ahu island was not. Since the U.S. had imposed an oil embargo on Japan due to its invasion of and aggressions in China, it's plausible that Japan used Daylight Saving Time to reduce energy consumption. Maybe the poor mutual understanding of the other country's system of time led to the nuclear revenge.

Japan was seen by the Americans ( whose ancestors, by the way, pried open the thighs of Shogunate Japan with Y-ale cannons for "trade" so Japan learnt the rapacious Euro-Amero ways, too, and fucked Korea and China, and many more eventually... similarly for Germany under the Kaiser and more recently Israel, Iran, Afghanistan[destroyed the Great Buddha], ISIL[destroyed Palmyra], Pakistan, and other Muslim countries -- cultural siege and whiplash imposed deliberately or unintentionally by the West on these culturally medieval societies are very inflammatory leading to terrible national, religious, moral, and cultural "cleansing" allergic response -- by my reckoning, nihilistic destructions reveal deep shit in the "heart" and portend future deep shit in reality [ when the Great Buddha was destroyed in Afghanistan, I exclaimed to myself, "an ancient do-little-else except being-of-great-historical-value relic but still an excellent tourist attraction to enrich Afghan coffers. Destroying it? Holy Shit !!!" We certainly get emptied coffers and "Holy Shit" there by now, don't we? Jesus said that what pollutes the greatest comes not from what a man eats or drinks but from his "heart" ]; when a gorilla-strong adolescent grows much muscle without the modern moral superego to reign in its growing strength, wars and catastrophes ensue; the Europeans went through many wars: the Thirty Years War, Eighty Years War, Hundred Years War, etc. before discovering the Enlightenment about God-given human rights through the separation of church and state to unload their by-then-millennium-old moral shit or dodo-turd ) as deliberately negotiating in bad faith. It took many days for the attacking Japanese aircraft carriers' task force to move across thousands of nautical miles into position within striking range of O'ahu. It took special adaptations of the torpedoes to allow them to be dropped from aircraft and still have them work properly in the shallow waters of Pearl Harbor. Note the strangely bulky tailfins of the torpedoes -- wood? for buoyancy in shallow waters so that the torpedoes don't sink too deep or hit the bottom and explode ineffectively after they have been dropped from an aircraft. Didn't the U.S. expect a potential outbreak of hostilities with Japan? Didn't the U.S. detect the supposedly stealthy Japanese aircraft carriers' strike force before it had started the attack? Yes, yes!

Why was there such a catastrophic surprise then? It's no different from how 9/11 attack came about and it was manned-video-captured prior to the North Tower of WTC being hit commencing the attacks. Someone always knows but some may have been turned into "an instantaneous Christian Patriot bearing the Confederacy Cross" everywhere they go so the rest of the people are chafe! Remember the word "actionable" intelligence? What does it mean? Who determines that? If the populace has equanimity, filtering can be less restrictive.

Japan's intention was to go to war with the U.S., months ahead of the breaking-off of the peace negotiation that was used as a cover for the attacking task force. Culturally, Japan's negotiating for peace in bad faith and sneak-attacking on a Sunday morning ( on a day of rest during chaplain religious service [de facto Christian at that time; nowadays we swear a candidate into a high office by requiring them to lay their left hand on the Bimbo and raise their right hand up towards heaven so yeah... John Wayne is dead and pussy grabbers reign in a vast cloud of uncertainties; perhaps muddied waters do hold big fish, Walfisch vielleicht, but no one knows for certain what else.. Fat Boy, Thin Man, Obese Moabite, All-White Moby-Dick, Boaz Constrictor, Ruthie Baby, Little Boy, Tiny Girl, Grapefruit, Walnut, Davy Cocker, Orange U-tan, Valley Forge, Daisy Cutter, or a Soft-Haired Blackhole?] ) were extremely infuriating to the U.S. because it was unfair.

Far too many rulers nowadays forgot about the lesson from the Peace of Westphalia which allowed the rise of Europe to modern prosperity and cultural dominance. Figuratively speaking, God blessed the Europeans because they had resolved state sovereignty amongst themselves. Auferstanden aus Ruinen\Und der Zukunft zugewandt. On a smaller scale, unity, justice, and freedom yielded peace dividends to Germany for it to become the most dominant country in Europe. All who break state sovereignty shall return to long wars/nation building.

The Russian word "vodka" was derived from the word "voda," (the Australian aborigines' term "gahbeh" was not Indo-European but @36:16 the White boy bridged the communication gap -- a bridge to nowhere is still a bridge to somewhere in the ethereal touristy mind of "America Zilth" ) meaning water in English. Distilled from this year's bountiful wheat harvest, voda of pater-land captures well the grounded F-35 spirit. Is a tailless manta ray in the vodkary ocean still considered a deadly vegetarian? Anyway without the modern translation, "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" became "the wine [probably vodka] is great but the meat is rotten." - an epic Fehler of OMG!

Enjoy vodka even if it's hidden under the bar (lawyers were historically drunkards alright, congregating inside vodkaring hóres) of the U.S. Supreme Court. Do the pyramid-building pussies romp there amongst the Walfisch-nuts to build up yet another cracked dual-sponge OMG?

The "Inconvenient Truth" about Al Gore, scion of an old patrician WASP family - that U won't face is that

it was HIS abject failure ... to face down and litigate the Voting Skulduggery and Stolen Election in 2000,

that paved the way for G.W. Bush because there was NOTHING that Al Gore was going to do - that was

going to upset the apple-cart of The demoCRAZY Duopoly Delusion! But sad sacks like U>frf - with your

amnesiac & partisan myopia are still fixated on Nader ... a man who has done more for USA's 99% over

the years, than any living Democrap U can mention!! U are still too busy kissing Obomber's A$$, to look

beyond it to ask WTF did he substantively do for US' 99% ... when SO fkn MUCH remained undone? As

for your predilection for HRC, the less said about that, the fkn better!!! Finally in case U are getting ready

to follow the DNC into the disaster that could be a Biden run, do try to consider Joe's RW resume' here..

  1. Plagiarist.
  2. Excoriated Anita Hill.
  3. Pro-Mass Incarceration.
  4. Helped To Destroy Welfare.
  5. Voted for the Iraq War. Twice!
  6. Voted to end Bank Regulation!!
  7. Will Support Mass Surveillance!!!

Clean as a sack of sh*t right? But it won't stop your partisan Dem arse from extolling JB's virtues for '20!

Bernie needs to learn the lessons of 2016 & "Go Independent",as he wins a 2, 3 or 4 way POTUS race!!

Another DNC/Corp.Dem insider from a Corp.CON-troll-ed Establishment'll give U another tRUMP term!!!

respice; adspice; prospice ...

PS:re.idiotic reply below see https://www.plagiarismtoday.com/2008/08/26/the-biden-plagiarism-scandal/

& nobody here "LOVED" Bush or tRUMP but U'll kiss Corp.Dem/DNC arse in a heartbeat tho' - right frf?!

IF U could "understand" anything here ... U'd "understand" how very out of touch U are with US Politics!!

U have N0THING to offer the youth and young folk in U$A, except More Corporate Controlled Duopoly!!!

U are & forever will be, an impediment to true political progress for US' 99% & the real changes needed!

U've N0THING to offer kids or anyone else - other than your "R-Bad; D-Good" simpleton's binary do U?!

Explore the three links above to see just how far U & the Democraps have got to go to inspire The 99%!

Finally, try to consider the truth here .. https://twitter.com/4aPeoplesParty/status/1052512060280590336

et temet nosce!

Michael rowed the boat ashore and sister helped to trim the sails. Downunder W Bushie children's prayers have been answered (near Panama City, Florida.) Hallelujah! Florida made a huge difference in the Bushie 2000 election.

The Bimbo reached back into Myth Time so it might not be the literal truth but it's likely close to the truth albeit with some exaggerations. I think that Cane's mate was NOT his sister so we didn't come from their incestuous fuckings. Cane was a farmer so he was probably living in the Middle East where agriculture had originated. There were certainly many other peoples there thousands of years ago from whom Cane's mate had come. The Bimbo had been oral history before the farmers' descendants wrote it down.

I think that the numbers such as the numbers of years are probably fairly accurate because agriculture requires the knowledge of the seasons so farmers definitely know about years. Also the Babylonians knew of numbers so the neighboring farmers in the Middle East probably knew them well, too.

Before 2012 Ralph Nader opposed Al Gore, then he made this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bu6SE5TYrCM I wonder what he could have done as POTUS? Of course Nader could do whatever he wanted to, just like people that voted for W Bush they had the right to do it,. it was just stupid and made climate change MUCH worse.

But hey I always welcome people who can learn from the past we don't have to make that mistake again, here is a good site to see what is happening with Arctic temperature if you're interested in such things.


Thread: Jobless rate at 17 year low - I told you Trump would take care of us workers
[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33673) from Coon Rapids, MN 6 days ago

Then there "IS" that.

Thread: Jobless rate at 17 year low - I told you Trump would take care of us workers
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2189) from Fredericksburg, TX 6 days ago

These are important points. Put them up front in a post. Don't hide it six deep in a thread as a response to a moron.

Thread: Jobless rate at 17 year low - I told you Trump would take care of us workers
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2189) from Fredericksburg, TX 6 days ago

Put it up front in a post. Don't hide it six deep in a thread as a response to a moron.

Yes hoping others can see it. I think it is an important story. We are in a race to the bottom. First of all the reason Amazon raised prices here is their UNIONIZED labor forces in other countries went on STRIKE!!! The last thing they want is for American workers getting the idea to unionize. That is just amazing. Then at the same time the teamsters ratify a contract members specificlly voted against because the workers know it means the end of the union. Ups managers are already denying workers shifts and whipped out a secretly trained workforce which stands at the ready in specific violation of the contract. So while older better paid members haven't been cut, there apparently is nothing to guarentee they will have a right to work ...which can also mean they lose their insurance. It is akin to suddenly telling long time employees they are now a temporary worker, with no benefits. Amazon and UPS working together to stifle unions?? (Plus apparent payouts to corrupt Teamster leaders).

Thread: Jobless rate at 17 year low - I told you Trump would take care of us workers
[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33673) from Coon Rapids, MN 6 days ago

A reply to an idiot like Brent is a waste of energy.

True - but at least others who are not Block Heads can see it too.

Thread: Jobless rate at 17 year low - I told you Trump would take care of us workers
[-] 2 points by agkaiser (2189) from Fredericksburg, TX 6 days ago

I like what your saying.

I think it needs to be more prominently placed. A reply to an idiot like Brent is a waste of energy.

Thread: Another Chance to Save Ourselves
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2189) from Fredericksburg, TX 6 days ago

as you said: there's hope

Thread: Another Chance to Save Ourselves
[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33673) from Coon Rapids, MN 6 days ago

insanity of neoliberalism is over.

One could wish it were - but that puss filled Boil is still filling and expanding - still, WS took another major hit this week - Boil soon to POP ?


The tragedy here is that in the past UPS was unable to replace / outsource union drivers.... drivers need to be trained to do complicated routes, which on a mass scale was too difficult to implement without sever disruption to operations. Implementing a lower wage second tier workforce enables this process, which I imagine was drummed up by 'Chief Transformations Officer' Scott Price formerly of WalMart. WalMart has been able to avoid and crush union activity through staunch crushing reaction to throttle any and every attempt at worker unionization. Taking this model to UPS, Price knows what it takes to implement a subcontracted and lower wage workforce without interrupting business, and how to squash the union from the inside out. I wouldn't be surprised if we see Taylor pop up with a position in WalMart for undercutting the mouth that feeds him and his bold corruption costs him his current Teamster negotiator position. But instead he should go to prison. Why no investigation? Are his offshore accounts too hard to track? Good hard working Americans soon to be shoveled off to the unemployment line and replaced for $13 dollar an hour workers. Meanwhile, ceo makes $7000 per hour. As well as why are Walmart and Ups execs swimming in the same swamps? Perhaps weakening the nation's largest private union serves more than one agenda.

At any rate UPS is by reputation anti-worker Tom and Jerry routine... known to stress manage and harrass employees, steal wages, and on for what seems misguided ideas about motivation. ...They prefer a stick over carrot? But I doubt the second tier caste will stick around for the abuse at that wage. So I think after all this their plan is doomed to fail. And what will they be known for? Their anti- worker, anti- working class, and soon to be lax delivery services.

Add to that UPS you blew your chance for a great slogan. "Employed in America" or Upholding the America's Working Standards. Or Working Wages for America.

Do you know how many red hat wearing not to mention blue hat wearing people specifically go out of their way to buy American products and services? Could have squashed Fed Ex. But sadly zero innovation. Zero progressive thinking. Missed opportunity. Too caught in old habits. Rinse/ repeat.

I have no trouble with the title. Scotland-Yard Bobbies "taught" me "discretion" and I'm benefiting lifelong from that lesson. If dogs can write their social-media posts at the roots of the trees and fire hydrants, why should the police harass the well-watered people coming out late at night from the closing pubs and later on bursting with golden showers? Aren't people more important than dogs? Some are even Urianoral poets when writing their golden scripts on the walls! Wall, wall, wall! Yep, the beached Walfisch wails.

Also older men generally grow their prostate glands large so what is so bad about their golden showering under pressure? The Bobbies (Dad told me that one, especially any global-culturally aware pinball, should never knock down their headwear with the Crown on it, even after having stripped them nude!) understood this -- any "old sea dog" has more human rights than any dog for an island nation (such as the British Isles, Japan, AND the U.S.A.) needing its global empire to feed it (heute zu Hause sprechen wir Deutsch nicht.) Kowtowing was considered humiliating by the British, even in the nineteenth century before the Opium Wars, when, the gang, rapists fought to the Supreme Heavenly Court for two cups of tea a day, served up in a bikini without ancient Roman propriety. Wars and revolutions originated from "Tea Time." I think both canine and human piss work rather well in making the trees grow beautifully green.

Being Homo-Urian masochists, the U.S. aristocrat-golf-course-green-lawn-wannabes love to be defaced and goldenly pissed off by the British-English-accented judges in our reality television shows. Due to our revolutionary heritage (yep, tea again! teats' secretion of milk could have averted our Revolutionary War as well as the Opium Wars) from the time of the Boston Tea Party, we in the U.S. do drink much coffee, a diuretic, so it's not like we don't have any tariff-free domestically brewed golden piss for the Trumpery show.

Why should the Bobbies break up the couples mating in the streets as long as the weaker female is pinning the stronger male to the wall? Isn't mating the most life-giving and life-creating rapacious or rapturous activity people can engage in? Of course, whose back is being pressed against the wall largely determines whether it is a rape or rapture in progress. Oh, let it be! Let it be, let it be! Let it be! I'm speaking words of wisdom, let it be! When a drop of blood squirts out as the cleaver 刀 slices a bit into a heart 心, keep cool and practise toleration: 忍

Obama had this virtue so he tended not to lose his heads (both Sir Toppenhead and Baron Untenhead) but far too many younger rulers nowadays lack it. Of course, it's not biological age which makes one "young." Smokers never get "old" because they are wrinkled and they die early as they blow smoke into people's faces.

It is fine lying again and again as long as the woman is on top -- and no euros' insertion <=€ has been used to open up the ?coin-activated? Urianoral.

After the recent Supreme Court Justice confirmation for the Kavalry cadet to occupy the chair next to the Devil's Triangle, we in the U.S. have learnt what "the Devil's Triangle" of D.C. with the new balance of sexual predatory power is and the NYC "Canal Street" (Kanalstraße) consumer merchandising means. Wir trinken Kanalwasser gerne. "Beat around the bush. Leave out the Geez spot. Co-mit Y-ale."

Watch from @16:16 and on to "We've got to go!"@24:57. Then as "it's getting late," I, being a child deflected by the unsuitable-for-children-content-programming small hours of the night, fell asleep. I dreamt of learning to swim in a blue-water swimming pool, and finally reached escape velocity on a Boeing-747 jumbo-jet with an upper-deck bar and "first-class lunge." No, on that night I didn't get to the video's latter part with the soft-hair-entropy mystery surrounding the blackhole of Stephen Hawking's fancy. @16:57 of the video: "What're you doing?" "Nothing... I didn't take mine last night. Did you like it? I had to pee." "I know... it kept fidgeting." <=€ euro insertion by I'm F. (of "not that I've never parked before" fame) has been proposed as a fix around the OMG cracked phallus ..hmm.. "do the Bimbo-thumping Retards believe that we had all come from the sister-fuckings done by Cane, the murderer of his brother Apel?" A National Golden Shower Day for our National Greenery can satisfy Scheißkröte's love for greens: "my dad doesn't discriminate, he loves all greens." Synchronized million-man piss and/or million-woman pee on our National Mall will be a greening event remembered for ages by posterity. Barbies and Bobbies, no look! Remember discretion: to pee is human, to really foul things up requires the only still-non-Jew dodo-turd.

It's not just a legend that there were people in those silvery glittering tubes with the wings, roaring in the blue blue sky while blowing smoke, as I was looking up above the treetops while standing up from a squat (with the ants, their hills, ponds, aqueduct, spam key, sandwich, bike dynamo, broken umbrella, ...) in my neighborhood garbage dump. I said unto myself, "I can set fire to my feathers .. to fly to 'a new world somewhere, they call the Promised Land.'"

Yeah, I forgot that being a mammal (that drank the mooootherly "tea" served in the bi-parti-san-kini), I didn't have feathers there but admiring Baron Untenhead's "who put the pubic hair on my Coke?" I unterstehe. Pubic hair will burn as well as the feathery nothings for reaching the Supreme Court of the United States. Soon our downunder kangaroo justice will be advanced by leaps and bounds.

Under the Retards' mob rule, the Urian-Suck-Ass is fading, failing, ..., gegangen!

Your "Climate Of Doubt" link is blocked in the U.S.A. due to copyrights. Different locations of it were also blocked. Although I haven't watched your version, I vaguely remember having watched this episode on PBS Frontline.

It is a definitively causal linkage of the human-induced emission of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide to global climate change. It is excellent for understanding the scientific basis of the case for anthropogenic climate change.

Aber unsere Scheußkröte versteht das nicht, denn sie immer im Sumpf schwimmen muß.

That's funny...No i dont own a tower like your manchild Trump. You know I agree about the Clintons but at least they are reachable and capable of listening with some level of reason and college aid was a priority...unlike Bush who favored banks and war profiteers. But Nafta, Walmart, outsourcing yeah mistakes...Clinton fucked up. But politicians are all doing this song and dance as they quietly destroy the middle class...taking American quality of life and flushing it down the toilet in exchange for their own seat on the Yacht Ark. That is why we want Burnie. Our standards of employment and what made America so great...gone. Today we bust our asses for peanuts, no pensions, NO TIME OFF, no 401k, high health care costs, more stress and pressure and slave driving than ever, to meet an ever rising cost of living filled with pollution and crime, while wages sit in the gutter. The only people enjoying life are developers and landlords. Like you. The rest of us can suck it though. I would love to know the entry to the ladder as it appears to be invisible as education is totally unreachable now. And it seems not only are wages on hiring sites stagnant and unchanged since the late 90's...but there are no more jobs than back in 08 crash. So...you're stoked up to work in fast food? Clearly we are being lied to ....the employment stats are being manipulated/ something is being left out. Long term unemployed left the rolls. Just want to add union jobs are gone as are state and government jobs ...privatized and gifted to rich wallstreet men to profit as middlemen pocketing the taxpayer coffers.

I am a working fool then. That is all we ask. You don't represent the working man you just say you do.

Your man Clinton and his wife aren't much better. They sold us out. We are workind under Trump. You guys need to get out of your Ivory tower.

Thread: Impeach Trump for the Innocents
[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33673) from Coon Rapids, MN 1 week ago

I think this has been happening for a while anyway.

Yep - pretty much an on-going program since the end of the great depression.