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Forum Post: The Iran War : "War is God", by Michael Carmichael.

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 29, 2011, 2:45 p.m. EST by shadz66 (19985)
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The Iran War.

"The buildup of the Iran War has been long and arduous. Over the past eight years, our military intelligence establishment working hand-in-glove with other shadow agencies of other nations has been building up the notion of a casus belli against Iran predicated upon their allegedly clandestine nuclear arms program.

"We all know that Iran is an Islamist state. In 1979, the populist uprising long incubated by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini finally ejected the hated regime of the Shah, one of America’s most cherished allies in the oil-rich region.

"It must be said that the Shah was a great burden unto his people. While he lived in unparalleled luxury seated on a jewel-encrusted throne shaped like a peacock, the Shah entertained more lavishly than any other potentate on earth, even though his people suffered under the cruel heel of the Savak, one of the most brutal, repressive and predatory secret police forces ever devised.

"The United States was on intimate terms with Savak. We trained them. We armed them, and they served our purposes in their region.

"Richard Nixon loved the Shah, and the Shah loved Richard Nixon. The Shah granted Nixon the power and privilege of oil-riches, and Nixon tacitly granted the Shah immunity from the crime of heroin production, one of the largest and most profitable industries on earth, a fact known by Interpol for decades.

"We all know, the Shah fell, and Khomeini rose to power.

"What we often forget is that soon after the Iranian Revolution, our honourable ally, Saddam Hussein, at our beckoning and with our blessing, attacked Iran with arms we provided unto him. The Iran-Iraq War lasted 8 years. We do not know the exact number of casualties, but the figure of one million is probably far too small. We do know that Saddam Hussein did our bidding, and we do know that under the administration of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, we secretly armed Iran in order to permit the Reagan White House to wage an illegal war by arming the Nicaraguan Contras, a political movement that was nothing more than a death squad of gigantic proportions that murdered nuns, priests, women, children and poets in their campaign of carnage against a democratically elected government that sought to create economic justice within their own finite economy.

"Today, the Republican presidential candidates sing from the same songbook on Iran – with one notable exception, Ron Paul. The official Republican line is: war with Iran to purge them of their Islamist regime and destroy their nuclear program. Rank and file Republicans bitterly criticize President Obama for being too soft on Iran. It is ironic that rank and file Democrats are beginning to believe the same thing.

"Last week, by a margin of 410 to 11 - the House of Representatives just passed a bill that would criminalize diplomatic contact between the USA and Iran. The bill barring diplomacy with Iran is the work of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, (R-FL) backed by Howard Berman, (D-CA). The White House, the Department of State and key members of the Senate are working to ensure the failure of this egregious piece of legislation.

"Our nation is suffering deeply in the throes of Islamophobia, and now we have developed an even more virulent phobia, Iranophobia, a fear of the nation and people of Iran. America is not the only nation afflicted with Iranophobia, the small and vulnerable nation of Israel is obsessed with the threat of imminent nuclear annihilation by an Iranian nuclear bomb, a weapon whose existence at this point in time is totally imaginary, the hypothetical component of a conspiracy theory. If America and Israel were psychiatric patients, their condition would be described as delusional. Instead, our government and our obeisant media are doing everything in their power to brainwash the American people to inculcate into their psyches the fear of every molecule of Iranian origin.

"The Iran War is the brainchild of the neocons of the Bush-Cheney administration. In top secret meetings of the national security council, Dick Cheney argued for war against Iran as early as 2002 and 2003. Cheney’s daughter, Elizabeth Cheney served in the State Department as the conduit for $85 million per year in funds to “pro-democracy” organizations inside Iran – groups like the Mujaheddin e-Khalq, a Marxist Islamist paramilitary cult of celibate terrorists, commandos, assassins and agents who sublimate their sexual desires for the practice of assassination, bomb manufacture, espionage, torture and terrorism. Today, 3000 members of the MEK are stranded in Camp Ashraf, an encampment inside Iraq that is now scheduled for demolition by the government of Prime Minister Maliki. Astonishingly, Governor Howard Dean has combined forces with Republican neoconservatives to remove the MEK from the US listing of terrorist organizations, so we can continue to provide them with more aid for their cult of terror.

"While the tempo and pace of the buildup of the Iran War has been long, complicated and terrifying for those of us who monitor it, we must report that in the last few months, the pace is definitely quickening.

• Iran has arrested an untold number of Americans who languish in their prison system classified as “spies.” Apparently, Americans are crossing the border between Afghanistan and Iran as if they were embarking on “hikes” – and we the people of the United States know very little about these cases, their number, the individuals, the circumstances.

• Just over a year ago, a cyber attack by the Stuxnet Worm was unleashed against the Iranian nuclear industry. This anonymous cyber attack made international headlines in most of the advanced nations on earth, but only a slight smear on the inner pages of our newspapers in the USA.

• In July of this year, an Iranian nuclear scientist was shot dead by an assassin on a motorcycle in Tehran.

• In America, ABC ran a story headlined: "Who is Killing Iran’s Nuclear Scientists?"

• In Britain, the BBC ran a story headlined: "Is Iran Already Under Covert Attack?"

• In London, the coverage read: "Iranian Scientist’s Death Probably the Work of Western Security Agencies: Analysts Suggest Mossad or CIA Behind the Murder."

• Recently, the Obama administration announced the interception of a disturbing terrorist plot allegedly masterminded by the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards or the Quds Force. The US Drug Enforcement Administration intercepted intelligence about an alleged Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador in Washington by outsourcing the murder to contract killers connected to a Mexican drug cartel. While this story was shocking, we have been advised by our government to take it seriously, even though it is considered to be risible, laughable and incredible in almost all other parts of the world. It may be worth reminding ourselves that propagandists have long operated with the principle of the big lie: the bigger the lie, the more likely people are to believe it. After the exposure of this fantastic plot, the United States elevated the level of monitoring and surveillance of the nation of Iran.

• In November, working under their new Director Yukiya Amano, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) issued a report on the Iranian nuclear program. The first Amano-Era IAEA report cited evidence that Iran was "studying nuclear weapons." Iranian officials immediately denied the report of nuclear weapons research. In America the most authoritative source on US-Iranian tension, Seymour Hersh described the Amano report on Iran as: "The shift in tone at the I.A.E.A. seems linked to a change at the top." and, "The new report, therefore, leaves us where we’ve been since 2002, when George Bush declared Iran to be a member of the Axis of Evil—with lots of belligerent talk but no definitive evidence of a nuclear-weapons program." Thus, the IAEA report created more tension, but little more. Seymour Hersh appeared on Democracy Now in a lengthy interview explaining his reservations about the objectivity of the IAEA report. The Seymour Hersh story on Democracy Now was headlined: "Propaganda used ahead of Iraq War Now Being Reused Over Iran's Nuke Program."

• As you will know, a US drone spy plane was recently shot down over Iran.

• You may not know that only three weeks ago there were a mysterious series of explosions at a nuclear facility located in close proximity to the historic city of Isfahan in Iran.

• Shortly after these explosions, Iran ordered the closure of the British embassy.

"Throughout it all, we are being assured by our government that Iran is culpable of violations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but we are given no conclusive evidence that this casus belli is any more credible than the risible case Colin Powell presented to the United Nations in February 2002 stating that Saddam Hussein posed a threat because of his vast and powerful arsenal of weapons of mass destruction."

[The above is an extract abridged from "War is God", by Michael Carmichael : http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30091.htm & http://www.planetarymovement.org/go/newsflash/war-is-god-by-michael-carmichael/ ]

Pacem In Terris ...



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[-] 4 points by shadz66 (19985) 12 years ago

Re. Iran : Some hard facts may bring some 'Light' to matters, rather than all the unpleasant 'Heat' being generated by the constant fear and loathing :

a) Iran has The World's 3rd Largest known 'Total' & 2nd Largest 'Liquid' Oil Reserves : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_reserves_in_Iran ,

b) Iran has The Worlds 2nd Largest known Gas Reserves : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_gas_reserves_in_Iran

c) Further consider and cogitate upon the fact that in Feb. 2008, Iran opened a Hydro-Carbon Bourse at The Kish Mercantile Exchange (see http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article11613.htm and also http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article28646.htm ) - trading in a basket of currencies, including Euros, Roubles, Yuan and Iranian Rial BUT NOT in U$ Dollar$ and thereby challenging both Reserve Currency, Dollar "HegeMoney" as well as the Monopoly of the existing Oil and Petroleum Bourses.

d) The Iranian Central Bank is State Controlled & Entirely Government Owned and NOT Privately Owned [ http://blogs.wsj.com/corruption-currents/2011/12/15/senate-passes-sanctions-on-irans-central-bank/?mod=google_news_blog & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Bank_of_the_Islamic_Republic_of_Iran ] . Thus do 'a-d' here actually constitute the Real "Casus Belli" ?!

e) The same NeoCon, Neo-Colonial, Paleo-Imperial WARMONGERS who beat the drums for The Unconscionable, Illegal & Immoral WAR on Iraq (where The Only "WMD" = Words of Mass Deception !!) are now beating the Drums of War and this time Iran is in the Imperial crosshairs. Pls. Research PNAC (eg http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article1665.htm & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PNAC etc.)


.+ See the film, "WHY WE FIGHT ; What are the forces that shape and propel American militarism ?" : http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article8494.htm .

@merica : Nosce Te Ipsum ...

[-] 3 points by shadz66 (19985) 12 years ago

Further to the above, please read, calmly consider and cogitate upon the following Articles :

a) "USrael and Iran", by William Blum ; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article29880.htm ,

b) "The Worst Case For War with Iran", by Stephen M. Walt ; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30052.htm ,

c) "From Occupation to “Occupy : The Israelification of American Domestic Security", by Max Blumenthal ; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article29892.htm ,

d) "George Orwell on the Evil Iranian Menace", by Glenn Greenwald ; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article29890.htm &

e) "War On Iran Has Already Begun. Act Before It Threatens All Of Us", by Seamus Milne of The UK Guardian ; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article29917.htm .

fiat lux ...

[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 12 years ago

Finally towards a rational discourse about Iran, please also consider watching the following Videos :

a) "Iran is Not the Problem" ; http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5708329875314599685 ,

b) "Inside Iran : Rick Steves' Travel Journal, The Most fascinating and surprising land I've ever visited." ; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30062.htm & for insights re. 'Iran and Jews' please see :

c) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA7yz2vciGk +

d) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-r04SQ97_Q &

e) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngttxIzXRsE !!!

fiat pax ...

[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 12 years ago

.+ ...

1) Marching Towards War : "EU Reaches Agreement to Ban Imports of Iranian Oil (Reuters) ; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30162.htm &

2) "Obama Seeks to Distance U.S. from Israeli Attack", by Gareth Porter ; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30158.htm#idc-cover .

fiat justitia ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

Consider ''Hubris Before the Fall'' by Finian Cunningham:

q. e. d. ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

Re. Iran, ''Israel-born Treasury official is at the center of U.S.A's policies on Iran'' ... by Alison Weir:

fiat lux ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

''The Evangelicals Who Pray for War With Iran''. by Sarah Posner:

''Mike Pence & Mike Pompeo, who urged Trump to kill Qassem Soleimani, are ardent proponents of Christian Zionism.''

bellum se ipsum alet?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

''We're an oil company with an army!" - (Tulsi Gabbard) from ...

as Tulsi talks IRAN with guests Stephen Kinzer & Dennis Kucinich:

fiat lux et fiat pax ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

''How U$A Wages War to Prop Up the Dollar'', by Ryan McMaken:

MULTUM in parvo!!!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

''US agreed to counter Iran in Iraq - while Israel fights it in Syria (says) Israeli 'defense' minister!"

''Defense minister (Naftali Bennet) also expresses opposition to mainly relying on bombing Iranian arms shipments to Hezbollah, saying ‘for every convoy you hit, you miss five’''!

et fiat lux!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

''Iran pleads for $5BN IMF Loan as deaths soar past 4,000; US To Block Funds'', by 'Tyler Durden':

fiat justitia et fiat pax ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

By blowing up Iranian military targets .. Israel is now hoping to force a confrontation before Trump can be voted out in November, sources say!

MULTUM in parvo!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

"Iran scientist's assassination appears intended to undermine nuclear deal"! by Julian Borger:

"Analysis: The shooting of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh will do more harm to diplomacy than it does to Iran’s nuclear programme."

et cui bono?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 month ago

"Iran frees crew of Israeli-owned vessel, keeps ship"! via The Cradle:

"The ship was seized last month for 'violating maritime laws,' just hours before Iran fired hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel."

quid pro quo?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

"Biden Iran envoy boasted of depriving civilians of food, in sadistic sanctions manual"! by Max Blumenthal:

Also .. "US extends national emergency on Iran" by "RI"

The USA is scared of Iran?! Really?! Or just more fkn lies?!

cave bellum se ipsum alet!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 months ago

"Iran’s Attack on Israel Stoked Netanyahu’s Evangelical Allies’ Appetite for the Apocalypse" by Noah Landau:

"The joy that today grips Hagee and his friends is further proof of the errors in the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu."

fiat lux et ecce homo!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

"How can the US bar Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, from a summit of the Americas in Los Angeles & embrace the Saudi Regime and the Israeli Aparatheid State? How can it decry the war crimes of Russia and unleash industrial violence on the Mulism world? How can it plead for the 12 million Uyghurs,mostly Muslim, living in Xinjiang, and ignore the Palestinians?! How can it justify another “preemptive war,” this time against Iran? The duplicity is not lost on most of the world. They know who we are. They know that in our eyes they are unworthy.Our inevitable demise on the world stage is cheered by the majority of the planet.The tragedy is that as we go down, we're determined to take so many others down with us." from:

NB: "The United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel, responsible for military fiascos, hundreds of thousands of deaths and innumerable war crimes in the Middle East, are now plotting to attack Iran." Hmmmmmm!

caveat actor!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

"Iran’s supposed threat to the U.S. is a scam"! http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/56447.htm

I've run my eye over your bs & bumkum gripes and it appears in the main, to be irrelevant - yet again! If on the slim chance, U actually do wish to learn something about Iran, then peruse and study this thread.

ad iudicium?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

But gripes, "Iran Is Not The Problem"! [1hr 20m video] An essential, excellent & educative doc film.

Nobody, least of all me is reading your Imperial Propaganda Regurgitations & who started Iran on its Nuclear Journey gropes? Obviously, U have no clue whatsoever, so read this link & then this thread!

et, anguis in herba ... temet nosce!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Der Dreh- und Angelpunkt der USA ist aufgrund seines First Amendment weder für noch gegen irgendeine Religion voreingenommen: https://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/first_amendment

Die USA überwachen die Welt (also kämpfen sie sowohl gegen als auch für Muslime, weil der Islam als Religion für den Casus Belli nicht relevant war), aufgrund ihrer schmerzhaften Erfahrung, Kolonialmächte zwischen dem Ersten und Zweiten Weltkrieg Amok laufen zu lassen (hauptsächlich europäische Mächte, aber imperiale Japan war auch eine neue marodierende Kolonialmacht in Asien.) Die USA unterstützen die Verwirklichung vieler universeller Menschenrechte der Vereinten Nationen weltweit. Darunter sind die Vier Freiheiten (des Franklin Delano Roosevelts).

Die territoriale Integrität (und die staatliche Souveränität – muss die Polizei sich aus dem Haus eines Mannes heraushalten, der seine Frau und seine Kinder verprügelt, weil die Souveränität „Heimat ist eines Mannes Burg“ ? Nein.) oft notwendig ist, um zu erreichen, aber immer der Erreichung untergeordnet ist die vier Freiheiten für alle, die USA unterstützen sie, also ist es offensichtlich, warum die USA die Ukraine unterstützen, da diese russischsprachigen Masktianer, die keine Abzeichen tragen, den ukrainischen Donbass besetzt hatten und die territoriale Integrität der Ukraine verletzten. Sowohl die USA als auch das Vereinigte Königreich haben die Sicherheitsverantwortung für die Ukraine klar erklärt, da beide Unterzeichner des Budapester Abkommens waren, nach dem die Ukraine ihre Atomwaffen im Austausch für Sicherheitsgarantien, insbesondere von der Russischen Föderation, aufgab.

Der Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky war aromatisch. Die Invasoren in der Ukraine werden zurückgetrieben oder in Särgen zurückgebracht, wenn sie Glück haben (viele Mütter hatten nicht das Glück, die Überreste ihrer Söhne zurückzubekommen, aber einige von ihnen hatten vielleicht Sonnenblumenkerne in ihren Taschen, die ihnen von ukrainischen Zivilisten gegeben wurden Wo immer man in der Ukraine eine Sonnenblume blühen sieht, kann es gut sein, dass sie ein Sohn der Überreste Russlands ist, der sie befruchtet, damit sie in all ihrer Pracht zur Sonne blüht, слава солнцу, und die Weizenbündel antreibt. Die Klügeren haben die Ukraine bereits verlassen ist die lebenserhaltende Entscheidung ( z. B. einen Hügel erklimmen oder bauen, um am Tag der Sintflut für einen Tag auf die Arbeit zu verzichten ) sowohl für die Gesundheit als auch für den Wohlstand wichtig.

Die Ukraine und Japan sind die beiden Länder, die lange Zeit mit hochgradigen nuklearen Strahlungszonen leben mussten (abgesehen von Russlands geheimer Katastrophe und Mülldeponien, einer riesigen östlich des Urals und kleinen rund um Moskau). Japan hat Fukushima im Jahr 2011. Beide mögen keine Nuklearkatastrophen. Wenn Russland nicht aus der Ukraine vertrieben wird, stirbt die nukleare Nichtverbreitung. Jeder Milliardär kann sich unserer Global Plutonium Association anschließen und sich in seinem Keller eine Atombombe bauen (unter der Küchenspüle war es etwas zu eng, es sei denn, wir haben noch stärkere Sprengstoffe.)

Die iranischen Atombomben- und Raketenprojekte werden wahrscheinlich weitere Atombombenprojekte im Nahen Osten auslösen und große Schwankungen der weltweiten Energiepreise verursachen. Wenn das, was wir bisher mit hoher Inflation gesehen haben, nicht ausreicht, kann der Nahe Osten sicherlich noch viel mehr bieten. Peitschenaufblasen jetzt ( GEWINNEN ).

Der Wirtschaftsboom nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg wurde durch den Schutz der billigsten (in Bezug auf die gelieferte Tonnage geteilt durch die Gesamtkosten von der Quelle bis zum Bestimmungsort) Form des Langstreckentransports von Gütern durch die US-Marine untermauert: über die Seewege. Ein wichtiges Beispiel ist die Sicherung der Öllieferungen nach Japan, Rotchina, Europa und mehr durch die US-Marine, die durch die Straße von Hormuz gehen, direkt vor der Nase des Iran, der mehrmals damit gedroht hatte, sie zu schließen, einschließlich während des Irak-Iran Krieg. Deshalb muss das US-Militär dort in der Nähe sein. Saudi-Arabien ist ein verbündetes Land dort drüben, das einige US-Militärangehörige und viele US-Waffen beherbergt, die es in den letzten Jahren gekauft hatte, um bei Bedarf einen Krieg zu führen.

Unser globales Inflationsproblem hat eine wichtige Komponente, die vom Russland-Ukraine-Krieg herrührt. Es gibt keine Supermacht in der Nähe des Schwarzen Meeres, die über ein ausreichend starkes konventionelles Militär verfügt, um das nuklear bewaffnete Russland dazu zu bringen, die Verpflichtungen einzuhalten, die es in mehreren Vereinbarungen versprochen hat. Unter der Montreux-Konvention in einer kriegerischen Situation im und um das Schwarze Meer (was für die meisten Menschen auf der Welt eindeutig existiert, obwohl Russland es immer noch als "spezielle Militäroperation" bezeichnen und diejenigen, die es als Krieg bezeichnen, vielleicht bis zu fünfzehn Jahre inhaftieren kann ; Nun, ich unterstehe nicht der russischen Gerichtsbarkeit, also ...; hmm, vielleicht können die USA die Position Russlands übernehmen, dass es keine Kriegssituation gibt, und unsere sechste Flotte in das Schwarze Meer schicken, um Getreide- und Düngemittellieferungen aus der Ukraine und Russland dorthin zu eskortieren Ernähren Sie den globalen Süden und beruhigen Sie die globale Inflation in einer "zivilen Spezialoperation" { und wir werden jeden einsperren, der sagt, dass es nicht so ist, bis zu fünfzehn Jahre in Guantanamo Bays Camp X-Ray; es könnte immer noch [warmer Kamerad] geben Mitgefangene dort von früheren US-Operationen; wir werden keine Ehen zwischen Gefangenen dort im Camp X-Ray fordern, damit Poo-tin nicht zu einer Homo-Ehe gezwungen wird, was seine Freiheit verletzt, die Vielzahl von Dickens anzubeten }, weil Turkiye eine Approa ist

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

Iran is no threat to the U.S. as soon as it has become the newest province, "West Aryanstan (XinXinJiang 新新疆)," of the already nuclear-armed People's Republic of China. Note that Taiwan needs to take heed of and prepare for this reunification decree enunciated in 1949. As Xi Jinping, the eager-for-stability/stagnation Brezhnev of Red China, believes that 《中国現在強大啦 ! (China is now strong ! )》 war is coming. After Red China's conquering Taiwan, the Russian Far East @26:26 will be next to be rejoined to the Chinese motherland.

Iran has the oil needed by the land-based superpower PRC to challenge the U.S. oceanic { and space-assets'; it's much easier to destroy than to build so the PRC will destroy rather than build in order to catch up to the U.S. even at the cost of creating so much space debris speeding around to enforce the de facto end of space-faring in which human beings will become Earth-bound for ages } superiority by bypassing the Malacca Strait { The U.S.S.R. evaded Hitler's conquest because it lacked railroad transportation but offered water/snow/ice and mud galore; the PRC is smarter than Hitler for sure so it's building railroads for future conquests; Germany with its many railroads but without NATO's frontline protection at the Baltic states and Poland would be an easy pushover for Russia to conquer, especially after Russia has shut off Germany's gas energy supply in a winter for a while before its invasion and takeover because militaristic Prussia has already disappeared } and 新新疆 borders the Persian Gulf, sufficiently close for a massive surprise attack on either Saudi Arabia to seize its oilfields or Israel to fulfill the Biblical prophesy of crossing the Euphrates to reach Armageddon ( cyberattacks or just rampant Greed have already gone past the Euphrates so I've hidden myself from the flak, hopefully ! If the people of paranoid countries are so afraid of my free speech and aid, I can live with a Type-0 Earth contain-your-neighbor bunker mentality as long as we seal off our borders with every paranoid country because the U.S. despite its huge connections to the rest of the World is still largely independent of the rest of the World due to its continental "New World" diversity and resourcefulness in developing it { Alaska is, of course, somewhat difficult for us to develop because it's pretty far away at least hundreds or thousands of miles from our mainland of "the lower-48 contiguous states" and flying isn't cheap; I was there for aircraft refueling and saw the vast number of subarctic-long-morning-sunbathing mosquitoes perched outside on the glass panes of Fairbanks International Airport after my city-girl Mom had somewhat freaked out upon seeing them; it's a beautiful scenic wilderness state but buggy and therefore it has stagnant bodies of water ( e.g. Grandma's cistern ) and warm-blooded wildlife ( e.g. me, Mom, Big Brother, our shantytown's other residents, chickens, pigs, dogs, sparrows, etc.) for feeding and breeding mosquito larvae thereby providing great fishing from all the fish eating the bugs; one can still become positive if one acquires the vision through the mind's eye arising from scientific knowledge 《which is a collection of successful recipes; "stocking fish in swamp to eat the mosquito larvae" strategy was what Walt Disney Co.'s artistic/creative people possessed in creating Disney World from a mosquito-infested swamp to the World's topmost tourist destination》 and thereby looks around the several corners at the myriad mosquitoes with the perspective of getting great fishing--I like eating Alaskan [sea-reared not mosquito-fed] salmon although I've never really caught, 《not just hooked a fish and let it wriggle free while it swallowed my bait which I had done as a child, but in fact it might be the U.S. sports fisherman's norm to catch on occasion the same fish multiple times setting new records by releasing the fish after catching it; if I only had this ingenious idea, I could've become a fishing champion by catching my pet guppies again and again; if one gets bitten by mosquitoes while fishing, one who understands the cycle of sustenance will feel better philosophically about donating one's blood to farm the mosquito larvae ¡yeh, aren't they beautiful ?! to feed the fish in the process of "giving back" 》any fish on the fishing trips in Hong Kong I had gone on with my Big Brother.} ) Nowadays, with cyberattacks, bioweapon-capitalism, holding off countermeasures to get time for trading on insider information, and economic coercion, we experience man-made disasters such as CoViD-19 more than natural ones. Kings of the earth committed adulteries with her.

The way in which to seal off Red China is to target its current partners in order to take over all of its markets. The U.S. has the allies, probably alliance soon, and likely the technologies ( using robots can under-bid the Chinese labor { which has mostly been backed up by state funding so the state funding by the U.S. with the U.S. dollar should beat the non-convertible renminbi; even illicit drug money is largely held in U.S. dollar, subject to U.S. depreciation at national will; shouldn't the drug cartels hold renminbi instead ? } but there are also other ways), to achieve this global transformation. Let Red China work upon feeding its own 1.5 billions many-unemployed and aging/ageing people.

The U.S. can buy up all of our own soybean production ( and out-bid Red China by buying up the soybean supplies near us, such as from Brazil ) and shift production gradually to other crops ¿perhaps peenuts? or biofuel ( currently ethanol isn't satisfactory because it absorbs moisture from the air and rusts the engines of less frequently used seasonal machines, such as boats and lawn mowers, just as 'flip' had complained of before in this forum; it's why the 3-carbon-molecular "fatty with hydrogen atoms saturating the carbon ones with no chemical bonds on any hydrogen atoms to spare to stick to other things" gas propane which doesn't absorb moisture can be superior to ethanol; lifeforms create and use 3-carbon-molecular spines extensively so diverting and upgrading them to make propane may well be feasible if one has fluctuating use-it-or-lose-it supplies of energy to be concentrated and stored.) Vegetarian dishes' preparations have advanced quite a lot so tofu burgers and the like are now entirely within the realm of being well received ( look to the cuisines of other populous countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, etc./ect. though not as well endowed as the U.S. with meat production, for good-eating-without-red-meat clues; I had much better and tastier variety foods in Hong Kong without any red meat than I did in the U.S., barring perhaps Honolulu, Hawaii, unsurprisingly the most culturally international { i.e. not of the red-necked coal-burning-hillbilly wearing-no-mask-for-freedom-to-catch-and-spread-CoViD-19 red-meat-potato-eating dudes type } and far-flung of all U.S. states.)

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

We are very afraid of Iran, if not more than the I.C.B.M. and nuclear weapons owning D.P.R.K. yet. It's best now for Iran to follow the lead of the great and glorious helmsman, Kim Il-Sung, and achieve - Juche - as the D.P.R.K. has arduously done over many decades and generations of great leaders. As Iran has much oil 家油 which it isn't exporting, it can afford to 加油 in order to get to 家有 !

Venezuela can also serve as a great example for Iran due to its holding the World's greatest proven oil reserve of 家油 so it sometimes even comes out of the kitchen faucet/tap.

Many decades ago, when Saudi Arabia was drilling for water, oil gushed out instead and made Saudi Arabia one of the per-capita-wealthiest countries in the World.

As far as sanctions on Russia causing food supply to shrink over there, the disappointment over the minimal shrinkage just arose from a poor understanding of Russia which is the country with the most rivers and much arable land. In recent decades, only during the Stalinist years did the Soviet people starve greatly, thanks to its dictatorial leadership which Mao, the greatest mass murderer of all time, copied, killing 35-55 million rural Red Chinese in the process of collectivization/industrialization in the "nature-made" catastrophe known as the Great Famine.

My Mom told me that it was the Ukrainian, Khrushchev, who retracted U.S.S.R. technology advisors and asked Red China to pay for the Soviet arms expended by Red China's "Volunteer Army" in the Korean Conflict which had caused the loss of much food to the Chinese people. At times, there were great quantities of starting-to-rot foodstuffs which had gone all the way to Europe ( usually Moscow ) and come back to East Asia after having been rejected by the Soviet Union for their lack of sufficient size ( apples ) or high-enough quality ( pork.) It was said in secrecy that the Soviet Union had to get its payback in a different [revenge-packed] way someday as karma. Both Red China and Japan had extremely negative opinion about Russia ( then ruled by the Georgian, Stalin; no matter, Russians get blamed for being the predominant people in the Soviet Union; anyways, it's a bit like me being assaulted by being a Japanese look-alike even though Imperial Japan had slaughtered a number of my parents' relatives, what the fuck ? Idiots abound; hmm.. are Indians assaulting the Irish people whose ancestors were starved to death by the English just because Irish look like the English and Indians hate the Colonial English ? ) and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ( its global expansionist ideology and behavior caused many problems some of which we are still trying to solve in these days ) because of their "nigging" acquisitive exploitative ways regarding territories. Red China didn't get Soviet nuclear weapon technology as promised by Stalin who had died. Of course, Red China got the technology working plus much more anyways after the paranoid suspicions of the U.S. about a prominent Chinese-ancestry scientist/engineer triggered the house-cleaning ( echoing Europe's brain drain to America before and during WWII.) Red China has proliferated that technology directly and indirectly via Pakistan ( yeah, "Islamic nuclear bombs" have long existed { in order to counterbalance "Hindu nuclear bombs" of India, which were developed to counterbalance "Sino nuclear bombs" of Red China } only that they were Sunni ones, not the Shia ones which will probably come from Iran first ) so it ironically is being surrounded by the greatest number of nuclear weapon states right next to itself, including more coming on their way.

"What goes around comes around." It's also true for the U.S. and other countries. Maybe a Dongfeng-series missile developed/designed by a formerly U.S. rocket scientist of Chinese ancestry stripped of security clearance due to suspicions of his associating with Communists would sink a U.S. aircraft carrier, drowning thousands of U.S. Navy personnel. What about Trump associating with Kim Jong-un, a so-called Socialist ? Has any of our dozens of intelligence agencies checked out the love letters exchanged between them ?

Think about why Russia has such a terrible alcohol addiction problem relative to many other countries. It's the curse of the abundance of starchy foods and water from its rivers. What does one get combining the two and letting the boiled mixture ferment in a less-oxygen-and-thus-more-reducing-atmosphere ( achieved by keeping an iron object atop for forming rust to absorb the oxygen { oxy=acid, gen=generator; much oxygen makes vinegar instead of alcohol } and wrapping it with an insulating blanket to keep it warm to speed up fermentation ) container ? Alcohol ! Distillation using the fire from burning the abundant wood from the vast forest or natural gas reserve yields strong liquors. Cheap and abundant liquor in a depressingly dark environment ( one can look at this far more positively, though, as someone had observed that women living in high latitudes stayed young-looking and beautiful much longer than the same genetic stock ones exposed to strong sunlight without much protection from melanin; they're correct because some sunlight photons have sufficient energy to damage cells so less-exposed skin tends to stay young and beautiful longer; compare skin under the arm with that on top of the same or inner side of elbow with outer side of the same; it's important to get sunlight-produced vitamin-D but that can come from sunlight-irradiated mushrooms, for example, because they are nutritionally akin to animal meat more than plant tissue ) makes alcohol addiction widespread. In the countries not blessed or cursed with food excess, the peoples won't have the leftover food to make alcohol so they are cursed or blessed ! The U.S. is cursed or blessed with much corn/maize so we are blessed or cursed with being very fat in general but we may have lost that title of being the fattest in recent years ( to Mexico which also has much corn/maize; U.S. shifted production to soy/soyabeans in order to feed Red China { which is really stupid if it should get into a shooting war with the U.S. because however stupid and unpatriotic U.S. politicians have been, they definitely won't sell beans to the enemy to feed them and their pigs 《a war with the U.S. will result in much higher prices for pork, a meat staple of Red China》; to the U.S. the entire bean business amounted to billions upon billions of dollars a year, but that's actually a pittance when the U.S. could certainly pay the farmers by including them in the economic stimulation during wartime using trillions upon trillions of dollars a year ! it pays to be 高考 number one superpower -- shifting U.S. agricultural production from beans to corn/maize is entirely possible and reasonable in a warring situation.)

Russia chose to be Christian rather than Islamic initially because Jesus definitely drank alcoholic drinks and in fact commanded followers to drink for remembrance, too. May Kim Jong-un's fatness fit him well into American Waist Company fighting the Battle of the Bulge or Russian Rubber-Sheet Math-Breakthrough Company drinking cognacs ? Good Day, eh ? I wouldn't mind having the air I breathe every day be disinfected somehow to kill germs by its being pumped through strong Russian liquors and having the alcohol vapor condensed and partially removed first. I'm a sniffer, not an imbiber. I was coming home on a train going through Lion Rock Tunnel while being tightly hugged by my shivering Mom:: near Amah Rock, Hong Kong. 「舊約煙雲逝, 勞燕各分飛。」「青山橫北郭,白水繞東城。此[乃鳳翼吉]地一為別,孤蓬萬里征。」

[-] -1 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago




尊尼获加黑牌威士忌香气浓郁。如果幸运的话,乌克兰的入侵者将被击退或被棺材送回(许多母亲没有足够的运气取回儿子的遗体,但其中一些人的口袋里可能有乌克兰平民给她们的葵花籽,所以无论在乌克兰哪里看到向日葵开花,它很可能是俄罗斯遗骸的一个儿子,为它施肥使其在其所有荣耀归于太阳,слава солнцу,为小麦束提供动力。更聪明的人已经放弃乌克兰了。知道哪个是维持生命的选择(例如,在大洪水到来的那天爬山或建筑, 放弃一天的工作)对双方都很重要健康和财富。

乌克兰和日本是经历过长期高水平核辐射区生活的两个国家(除了俄罗斯的秘密灾难和圾垃场,乌拉尔以东的一个巨大的灾难和莫斯科周围的小一个个的圾垃场)。乌克兰在 1986 年有切尔诺贝利(Chernobyl),日本在 2011 年有福岛(Fukushima)。两者都非常不喜欢核灾难。如果俄罗斯不被赶出乌克兰,核不扩散将消亡。每个亿万富翁都可以加入我们的全球钚协会,并在他们的地下室为自己制造一枚核弹(厨房水槽下面有点太狭窄了,除非我们有更强大的炸药。)


二战后的经济繁荣是由美国海军保护最便宜的(以交付吨位除以从源头到目的地产生的总费用计算)形式的长途货物运输:通过海上航线。一个重要的例子是美国海军保护通过霍尔木兹海峡(Strait of Hormuz)运往日本、红色中国、欧洲等地的石油运输,就在伊朗的眼底下运输,伊朗曾多次威胁要关闭它,包括在伊拉克-伊朗战争。这就是美国军队需要靠近那里的原因。沙特阿拉伯是那里的一个美国盟国,那里有一些美国军事人员和近年来购买的许多美国武器,准备在必要时打一场战争。

我们的全球通胀问题主要来自俄罗斯-乌克兰战争。黑海附近没有超级大国拥有足够强大的常规军事力量来击败拥有核武器的俄罗斯,使其遵守其在多项协议中做出的承诺。根据蒙特勒公约(Montreux Convention),在黑海及其周边地区的交战情况下(对于世界上大多数人来说,这交战情况显然存在,尽管俄罗斯可能仍将其称为“特殊军事行动”,并将那些称之为战争的人可监禁长达 15 年; 好吧,我不在俄罗斯的管辖范围内,所以..; 嗯,也许美国可以采取俄罗斯的立场,即没有交战局势,派我们的第六舰队进入黑海,护航乌克兰和俄罗斯的粮食和化肥在“特殊民用行动”中运输到养活全球南方并平息全球通货膨胀 {我们将监禁任何人说在关塔那摩湾(Guantanamo Bay)的 X 射线营地还不到 15 年;可能还有 {热情的同志}以前美国行动的同伴俘虏在那里;我们不会要求 X 射线营地 那里的囚犯之间结婚,以免 Poo-tin 被迫进入同性恋婚姻,侵犯了他崇拜众多Dickens宗教的自由} 因为Turkiye是一个平易近人在北约的美国盟友)Turkiye有义务阻止所有军舰(包括美国的美国)通过在其控制下的博斯普鲁斯海峡(Bosphorus Strait)。

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

President-Elect Biden's thinking on April 15th, 1980 regarding U.S. aircraft carrier task force deployment near Iran was: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lueMrnGpmK8

Extraterritorial or extrajudicial assassinations were generally proven to be destabilizing and are thus ill-advised. Nations are well-armed. If the hated individuals of an enemy nation are assassinated, that may trigger widespread unintended conflagrations ( such as the several world wars of the last century.) Stability which came from locking up everything to stop flexible stress relief inevitably end in stress building up to a breaking point. ( Amongst the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, only the U.K. has still retained its monarchy because the British had gone through governing inflexibilities before, much earlier than the other member countries; flexing avoids breaking; an example is the spelling of "Elizabeth" changed from "Elisabeth" decades ago; another example is the shocking way the British Empire dealt with India relative to how it dealt with Hong Kong--I think that the presence of China nearby stating its intentions clearly and unequivocably { the leased part which was most of Hong Kong would be returned to China on schedule on July 1st, 1997 } made a huge difference in the eventual British somewhat hands-off-of-a-hot-potato policies in Hong Kong; Shenzhen wouldn't have become China's "Silicon Valley" without Hong Kong's being nearby providing confidence to the foreign investors who tended to be based in Hong Kong { still remember the old-time "China Trade?" there was a modern equivalent which made Hong Kong the place to be for the newly minted-by-China-Trade billionaires.} ) There are many countries which are far too pseudo-stabilizing and de-facto stealing their so-called elections in order to keep their decadent and corrupt élites in power, so for the greater good of humanity, assassinations may well be called for to glorify God. Allahu Akbar ! Many countries' flags' red color symbolizes human blood shed { often for the revolutions founding a country.}

"We have guns," is not a U.S. monopoly because many denizens of the Siberian forests also have guns ( for killing the huge bears and tigers, etc. as necessary.) White privileges overwhelmingly allow Whites' possession of firearms in the U.S. to suppress "the Coloreds" in an often-imagined but seldom-happened-on-a-large-scale-in-multiple-jurisdictions Color War. Actually, killing people generally doesn't even require guns. Sharpened bamboo sticks used for scaffolds or hanging up clothes to dry in the sun and wind were quite sufficient for some revolutionaries in China. Rwandans killed near million(s) of their fellow neighbors without using guns. Dozens of soldiers were killed in the recent India/China border conflicts without using guns. Guns in the U.S. embody White Fears.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

"By killing Fakhrizadeh, Israel is doing its best to ensure that, for Biden, that military action is the only viable option available." from ...

"“There’s obviously a close working relationship between Mossad chief Yossi Cohen and Haspel,” said Mark Dubowitz, the CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a right leaning think tank that’s advised the Trump administration on Iran.

"Some of the president’s confidants have urged him not to draw too much attention to the killing. The administration has chosen to remain mostly tight-lipped regarding the scientist’s death. A source close to Trump said they had counselled the president in the past few days to avoid gratuitously tweeting about the assassination. Not only would it be a “bad look,” according to this source, it would likely undermine the administration’s public position of keeping the operation at arm’s length, if not farther away.

"“The Israelis understand that between now and Jan. 20 they will need to inflict maximum damage on the regime,” Dubowitz said.

"The Trump strategy over the next few weeks is clear, one of the senior administration officials said: Continue to use sanctions as a deterrence tool while providing intelligence to regional allies such as Israel that have a mutual goal of damaging the Iranian regime.

"That plan isn’t so different from the one the Trump administration has put into action over the past four years. Since Trump took office in 2017, a cohort of top officials, advisers, and external advocacy groups have helped craft and implement a “maximum pressure” campaign on Iran that has relied primarily on the implementation of more than 1,000 sanctions on regime-linked officials and companies while also covertly targeting Tehran’s assets overseas.

"The only difference now, officials say, is that the administration not only wants to punish Iran, it also wants to pen in President-elect Biden."

I had to run my eye over your bumkum and twaddle & it appears, in the main to be irrelevant, yet again!

If on the slim chance, U actually wish to learn something about Iran .. then peruse and study this thread.

fiat lux et fiat pax ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

''Did Trump threaten Iran with Nukes?!'' - by Scott Ritter:

''He said he could destroy Afghanistan but was signaling elsewhere. Scary part - there's already a plan!''


[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

So as ''Democrats spar about “Endless War” - will any of them end it?!'' by Mike Ludwig:

pacem in terris - oremus ...

[-] 2 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

Re. Iran & ''The Deeper Story Behind The Assassination Of Soleimani'' - please try to see this …

"Days after the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani, new and important information is coming to light from a speech given by the Iraqi Prime Minister. The story behind Soleimani’s assassination seems to go much deeper than what has thus far been reported, involving Saudi Arabia and China as well the U.S. dollar’s role as the global reserve currency."

sub rosa?

[-] 2 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

"More Lies on Iran: The White House Just Can’t Help Itself - as New Facts Emerge!" ... by Philip Giraldi:

fiat lux et fiat justitia ...

[-] 2 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

"Israel to Attack Iran? Washington Gives the Green Light to the ‘Military Option’"! by Philip Giraldi:

Which ends with this - "In short, U.S. foreign policy is yet again being held hostage by Israel. The White House position is clearly & absurdly that an Israeli attack on Iran, considered a war crime by most is an act of self-defense. However, it turns out the U.S. will be seen as endorsing the crime and will inevitably be implicated in it, undoubtedly resulting in, yet another major foreign policy disaster in the Middle East with nothing but grief for the American people.The simple truth ... is that Iran has neither threatened nor attacked Israel. Given that there is nothing defensive about any of the actions . Israel has already taken in sabotaging Iranian facilities and assassinating scientists and, there would be nothing defensive about direct military attacks either with - or without U.S. assistance on Iranian soil. If Israel chooses to play the fool it is on them and their leaders.The United States does not have a horse in this race and should butt out ... but one doubts if a White House and Congress, firmly controlled by Zionist forces, have either the wisdom or the courage to cut the tie that binds with the Jewish state."

fiat lux et fiat pax ... ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

"The CIA, Mossad and other Western spy agencies ... are using Iran's riots as cover for war"!!!

multum in parvo ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

NB "The Secret History of the CIA Hollywood Doesn't Tell You"!

Both the video & the book, are by the ever excellent .. Vijay Prasad!

And note: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L5mMTO_J3Y [25m]

Further - https://twitter.com/ricwe123/status/1626060365078401024

&- https://twitter.com/AlanRMacLeod/status/1631394059179663365

respice; adspice; prospice ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 9 months ago


consider "Declassified British files highlight a little known aspect of the joint MI6/CIA coup against Iran’s democratically elected government in August 1953 – UK covert action in support of leading radical Shia Islamists, the predecessors of Ayatollah Khomeini."

From which .. "We look at the 70th anniversary of the August 19, 1953, US & UK-backed coup in Iran, which took place 2 years after Iran’s democratically elected PM Mohammad Mosaddegh nationalized Iran’s oil industry that had been controlled by the company that is now known as British Petroleum. “If nationalization in Iran of oil was successful, this would set a terrible example to other countries where US oil interests were present,” explains Ervand Abrahamian, Iranian historian & author of 'Oil Crisis in Iran: From Nationalism to Coup d’Etat' and 'The Coup: 1953, The CIA, and the Roots of Modern U.S.-Iranian Relations'. While the CIA has historically taken credit for Mosaddegh’s overthrow -- “the British have not admitted their leading role,” notes Iranian filmmaker Taghi Amirani - whose documentary film 'Coup 53' uncovers the influence of UK MI6 agents who sought to preserve the imperial-era access to Iranian oil & pulled in the Americans - by promising a “slice.” 70 years later, says Amirani, “We are still living with the ripples of this disastrous event.”

respice, adspice et prospice!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 8 months ago

"Israel threatened to launch nuclear war on Iran - UN envoy"! --- by 'JERUSALEM POST STAFF':

"During his UNGA speech, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted that “Iran must face a credible nuclear threat,” a statement the PMO later retracted."

fiat lux et fiat pax!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 months ago

"CIA publicly acknowledges 1953 coup it backed in Iran was undemocratic as it revisits

‘Argo’ rescue"!!! by Paul Gambrell:

ad iudicium!

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23790) 1 year ago

"The main agents of instability in the so-called Middle East are Europe and it's overgrown colony in North America. Since the crusades people there have every reason to be sick of the sight of us. Britain and France built instability into the region when Sykes and Picot drew it's borders. It was Britain that planted the seeds of Israel's apartheid regime in Palestine, divide and rule, just as it did in Ireland, and the West never had any qualms..." MEP Clare Daly's speech from https://twitter.com/sahouraxo/status/1596207524767830026.

There is a reason why Ireland can identify and have empathy for Palestine. It's called imperialism, colonialism, hegemony, oppression.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

"US 'Defense' Story Disguises Truth - Global Capitalism with R.D.Wolff"

As for the Irish, their resistance to oppression & empathy for others is famed!

Finally for context see "Thom Hartmann on America's DUMB Gun Myths":

fiat lux et fiat pax!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 months ago

Re. Iran - "Israel’s Latest Lie Is That It Has ‘No Choice’ But To Attack Iran"! .. by Cailtlin Johnstone

And note "Both Israel and the US are pretending to be powerless in this situation, when in reality they're both anything but! They’re like two muggers getting ready to mug someone and saying 'If only there was something we could do to stop this terrible mugging!'"

multum in parvo!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 4 years ago

Did Iran defy U.N. resolution with its tests of missiles which may carry nuclear weapons and threaten other countries with "nukes?"

The coat of blue paint on the rocket's launchpad is obviously trying to make it into a signal of threat sent to space reconnaissance satellites due to blue being the complementary color (making it highly visible) of the predominant colors of brown, red, yellow, etc. of the background.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

U have bought into ''Iran as designated enemy of USrael' thesis .. so fk your Corporate MSM sources and propaganda!!! U can find comprehensive answers & information about the 'War On Iran' scenario, & its causes on this thread, so I will not waste further time on your corp disinformation digressions!! U do seem perpetually clueless about the main sources of aggression and instability in the ME - namely The U$A; The KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and The Z A-E (Zionist Apartheid-Entity) ... so go get a clue! + FYI..

et cave - bellum se ipsum alet!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

"Trump Wants to Drag Us Into War With Iran. Bernie Is the Candidate to Stop Him", by Meagan Day:

fiat lux et fiat pax!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

Is ''War in Iran : Trump's Route to Re-election?'' .. by Thom Hartmann


[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

Re. Iran - "In order to get elected Barack Obama will start a war with Iran"! ... (Donald Trump)

cave bellum se ipsum alet!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 4 years ago

Uncle-Tom-in-Chief didn't have the gumption to "cut off [a] head of the snake" so it's left up to his successor to try to finish the gore. It's Medusa, not the Mediterranean U.S.A. Kulturkreise which Russia wants to claim as its very own via the annexation of Crimea and the invasion of East Ukraine by Russian-speaking Martians wearing balaclava. I never knew that the Russians had such linguistic influence on Mars and got there a long time ago.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" Medusa!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

"Lies About Iran Killing US Troops in Iraq Are a Ploy to Justify War" by Gareth Porter:

from which - "When officials of the Trump administration claim that Iran is responsible for U.S. deaths in Iraq, they are following Dick Cheney’s playbook. As the Bolton-Pompeo team tries to steer the U.S. toward attacking Iran, it's important to draw that parallel to Dick Cheney’s strategy and so understand the history behind this push for war."

I seldom have any idea what your near-random warblings mean nor what U volubly and voluminously allude to grapes but maybe we can limit this particular exchange to the actual facts of the link above?

et spero meliora!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

''Lies, the Bethlehem Doctrine & the murder of Soleimani" by Craig Murray:

Many thanx for your links that show the extent of resistance inside the US to the RW excesses of The 0.01%'s Neocon Neo-Imperialism. I can not recommend former ambassador Craig Murray's informed item above enough to U & all who still read here. Only by sharing truth & light - are dark lies defeated.

e tenebris, lux ...

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23790) 4 years ago

First Lie: "...the Bethlehem Doctrine is the formal policy position on assassination of Israel, the US and UK governments. So that is lie one. When Pompeo says Soleimani was planning “imminent” attacks, he is using the Bethlehem definition under which “imminent” is a “concept” which means neither “soon” nor “definitely going to happen”. To twist a word that far from its normal English usage is to lie. To do so to justify killing people is obscene."

Second Lie: "Let us now move on to the next lie, which is being widely repeated, this time originated by Donald Trump, that Soleimani was responsible for the “deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans”. This lie has been parroted by everybody, Republicans and Democrats alike.

Really? Who were they? When and where? While the Bethlehem Doctrine allows you to kill somebody because they might be going to attack someone, sometime, but you don’t know who or when, there is a reasonable expectation that if you are claiming people have already been killed you should be able to say who and when.

The truth of the matter is that if you take every American killed including and since 9/11, in the resultant Middle East related wars, conflicts and terrorist acts, well over 90% of them have been killed by Sunni Muslims financed and supported out of Saudi Arabia and its gulf satellites, and less than 10% of those Americans have been killed by Shia Muslims tied to Iran.

This is a horribly inconvenient fact for US administrations which, regardless of party, are beholden to Saudi Arabia and its money. It is, the USA affirms, the Sunnis who are the allies and the Shias who are the enemy. Yet every journalist or aid worker hostage who has been horribly beheaded or otherwise executed has been murdered by a Sunni, every jihadist terrorist attack in the USA itself, including 9/11, has been exclusively Sunni, the Benghazi attack was by Sunnis, Isil are Sunni, Al Nusra are Sunni, the Taliban are Sunni and the vast majority of US troops killed in the region are killed by Sunnis.

Precisely which are these hundreds of deaths for which the Shia forces of Soleimani were responsible? Is there a list? It is of course a simple lie. Its tenuous connection with truth relates to the Pentagon’s estimate – suspiciously upped repeatedly since Iran became the designated enemy – that back during the invasion of Iraq itself, 83% of US troop deaths were at the hands of Sunni resistance and 17% of of US troop deaths were at the hands of Shia resistance, that is 603 troops. All the latter are now lain at the door of Soleimani, remarkably."

Third Lie: "The final, and perhaps silliest lie, is Vice President Mike Pence’s attempt to link Soleimani to 9/11. There is absolutely no link between Soleimani and 9/11, and the most strenuous efforts by the Bush regime to find evidence that would link either Iran or Iraq to 9/11 (and thus take the heat off their pals the al-Saud who were actually responsible) failed."

All from Craig Murray article:

From https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/01/lies-the-bethlehem-doctrine-and-the-illegal-murder-of-soleimani/

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

Note .. ''Iran Is Not The Problem!'' (Video)

Above is an important 'made by Americans for Americans' doc. film, that is 12 yrs old but is still good. Many thanx for your excellent excerpts from the essential link in my prior reply comment above. Only more true info & open US minds can stop our near inexorable slide into ever more war. Solidarity bw.

fiat lux et fiat pax

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23790) 4 years ago

No War on Iran! American allies don't want it. The American people don't want it.


"Trump's America Stands Utterly Alone" opinion by David A. Andelman



"Future of US military presence in Iraq in question amid confusion in Washington" by Julian Borger

"But the response of Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was particularly striking, as he has been one of Trump’s staunchest supporters on the world stage.

He told a meeting of his security cabinet on Monday: “The assassination of Suleimani isn’t an Israeli event but an American event. We were not involved and should not be dragged into it.”"

Strange, because certain of these allies have been going for Iran for over 40 years. What is going on?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

tRUMP wants to forget USS Vincennes, which shot down Iran Air Flight 655 in 1988, killing all 290 on board, of which George H.W, Bush said: "I will never apologize for the US - I don't care what the facts are, I am not an 'apologize for the USA' kind of guy!" PanAm Flight 103 brought down over Lockerbie, Scotland was the direct result of that atrocity, but NO US/UK MSM outlet would tell us then ... or now!

Thanx for your links above bw & in reply to your question "What is going on?", I'll hazard a guess at:

"A Long War With Many Battles for Language And Memory, In Service Of Anglophone Imperialism"!

respice; adspice; prospice!

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23790) 4 years ago

"Pompeo again declines to present evidence of 'imminent' threat that led to strike against Iranian general" By Nicole Gaouette and Jennifer Hansler


A real problem for world peace.

And brings back memories of the lies of "weapons of mass destruction" by George H. Bush and co. and continues the overall distrust the American public has with regard to our presence in the Middle East and our government's thirst for war.

But of course, the Military Industrial Complex benefits as stock prices go up for arms producers:


[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 4 years ago

It's not strange because both the U.S. and Iran don't want war with each other. If this were the final push to get rid of Iran's nuclear weapons and rocketry technologies, Israel would surely join the U.S. to fight Iran. I'm absolutely sure that most of the other U.S. allies as well as the traditional enemies would either join in ( they can use a piece of Iran for sure, unlike the nearly half-a-world-away U.S. which is largely self-sufficient in what a conquest of Iran might have to offer; healing starts with dampening down the emotions arising from what has already happened in order to proceed rationally or one should at least practice exercising Mercy or Grace if one has indelible memory as God did; I lament the loss of the unknowable number of fishes which had died in grapes' winepress of wrath when I had a jerk of my lower leg and foot arising from my knee-jerk anger over what my Big Brother had accused me of by "losing" his fishes after I had spent hours cleaning up his severely-algae-infested aquarium to save his fishes which played hide-and-seek in the aquarium's decorations like Saddam Hussein did with the suspected WMDs and drove out at times the U.N. weapons inspectors; the suspicions were eventually resolved by invading Iraq and toppling Saddam Hussein; I couldn't get a roll call of my Big Brother's legion of colorful { heterogeneous--it's not accidental that large polities are made up of diverse and heterogeneous populations were all authoritarian empires } fishes as I could align and "march" my (largely silvery grey but a few have small shimmering rainbow-colorful patches) guppies by stirring the water in the big round basin into a whirlpool to make them swim briskly in a formation making my counting them easy; I tried to save but killed instead; "I shall henceforth set my rainbow in the sky after the stormy rain clouds to remind myself" ) or at least cheer along. No one is happy about Iran becoming a nuclear-weapon state with possible longer-range delivery vehicles.

Iran, unlike Israel, has a vastly larger potential army due to its much larger population. It has already been an exporter of insurgencies in the volatile region so its going nuclear will create a much worse imbalance of power for the most important "blood-of-industries" region in the world. Industrialized economies such as those of Europe ( excluding that of Russia which has its own oil and gas fields in its vast territory to the North and East of its political and economic center at Moscow,) Asia, and America will surely be struck hard. By confronting Iran's export of insurgencies, the U.S. is taking the lead to prevent the disruption of oil supply from the volatile region but it's also in the U.S. interest that most countries don't get hurt should oil supplies be disrupted.

"There's nothing new under the sun and there's a time for everything." It's not the time to defang Iran (it doesn't have nuclear weapons "the fangs" yet, so it's off of our meat hooks, for now { Iran will go nuclear regardless of whether the JCPOA is in effect or not because the U.S. has already given up the leverage of having seized Iran's assets in the U.S. quite enough to make nuclear missiles and releasing them to Iran under the JCPOA; the quest for continued White-male superiority/dominance in the U.S. will make nuclear missiles land in Washington D.C., Moscow, and Beijing one day, hahaha! Money can buy much and there will be sellers; we have however become far too fearful of using nuclear bombs because we have already gone through far worse in World War II--far more gruesome, tortured, and numerous deaths in one episode such as were done in the Rape of Nanking/Nanjing, 3 to 4 times the number of deaths from a Hiroshima or Nagasaki nuclear bombing at times done with the Japanese military swords shoved into women's and girls' vaginas (no China-man or any man without a fistula need apply; I frankly suspect our females would prefer being flash-photographed-to-soot-prints on concrete sidewalks by a nuclear explosion than getting a sword shoved there; I respect the Kurdish women who fought for their homes and towns with or without ERA protections for the WTF-now-four-but-with-one-de-bearded-imposter-co-conspirator Deep-Ai-determined-from-beards [Muslim] terrorist escapees from the job-training camps of East Turkestan of Redland) or the fire-bombings of the civilians of Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo than from a nuclear bomb; we didn't use nuclear bombs in the Cold War because they would have been "exchanged" between two huge warring camps of nations with each side possessing thousands to tens of thousands of nuclear warheads; oh, I've just been reminded of a potential quick fix to the global warming problem--the nuclear winter after a large-scale nuclear "stock exchange;" the newly emerging nuclear-weapon states don't have anywhere near that many warheads; Las Vegas, though not bombed but had orders of magnitude more nuclear explosions nearby but some were underground when the U.S. and Soviet Union came to their senses: "we all breathe the same air," Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, then-still-possessing-largely-intact-defense-industries "beach-head for a working-up-the-island-chain-invasion of Honshu" targets not chosen to maximize civilian deaths, are still prosperous cities; there is life after a nuclear bomb explosion } due to the practice of "reluctant dentistry.") Yeah, we should all recall that nuclear weapons are "un-Islamic," for sure, for "the religion of peace" (maybe it's meant as that of a cemetery.)

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 4 years ago

You know that combatant countries don't disclose the most successful strategies of their enemy opponents in killing their own soldiers on the battlefields, don't you?

The facts have to be kept secret away from the enemies ( I make a distinction that there may be intramural opponents in domestic sparrings who are not enemies or maybe even good friends! intense intramural competition with the most successful strategies being disclosed to friendly and trusted rivals { although the U.S. trusting the British "atomic" scientists had led to the current state of nuclear proliferation nearly encircling Red China via the rise of the Soviet Union and its arrogance in erecting the postwar Red China, which in response to a nuclear-technology-cheating India, proliferated via Pakistan to quite a few countries including the DPRK; have you wondered why Pakistan hadn't sold its nuclear weapons' technology to Iran? Saudi Arabia has been keeping Pakistan afloat and Saudi Arabia certainly doesn't like Iran to take over and dominate the entire region } but not to enemies can lead to extramural dominance ) for the safety and security of the soldiers until the counter-strategies have been put into practice.

Look up "crossing the Rubicon" when the pants will all come down before Mar-a-Lago becomes a World-Heritage Cultural Site for the stony flamingoes! Barron is well beyond the age of the Last Emperor of China and may well make a great emperor himself.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 4 years ago

The U.S. isn't at war with Iran!

The U.S. doesn't want war with Iran. Iran doesn't want war with the U.S. If both aren't having epileptic seizures simultaneously, there's no possibility of any war happening between the two. The recent actions largely occurred in Iraq with the 'q' at the end there, NOT an 'n'!

Maybe the Iraqi militias needed something else to attack in order to stay employed after they had defeated ISIL. The same thing happened with Al Qaeda and the Mujahideens after they had defeated the Soviets in Afghanistan. There was no postwar decommissioning program for the veterans re-entering into being civilians. Iraq became such a terrible place because its law-and-order security apparatus' personnel were decommisioned without a bottom-oriented plan.

Anal fixation is the gateway to health and well-being after digestion. It's why I like the Japanese habit of getting "the Royal(R) Flush" (it worked far better than Obamacare) by drinking four cups (32 fluid ounces) of water immediately upon waking up, not eating anything until forty minutes later, and the Muslims/well-off Hindus' habits of washing the anal area with soap and warm water { much water in hot India is already naturally warm so Indians are far more energy efficient than I, a North American, using the heated water from my Peoples' Holy Temple } as clean as the hands after pooping. The anal region must be kept clean enough to eat from and eat with just like the hands. I still use toilet tissue paper (I, being a brave American, ignore and deny any and all Chinese intellectual-property rights to using tissue paper unlike some cowed Muslims or Hindus) to wipe the region clean after pooping so the cleansing ritual afterwards is an enhancement to be performed in the People's Holy Temple with the white porcelain throne and the bidét. I'm a devout worshiper, visiting the temple many times every day to do my duty to God and to my body.

Gritting the teeth is great for retaining them in old age in order to achieve great health ( by chewing food 28 { for mathematicians, 28 is a perfect number which equals the sum of its proper factors: 28=1+2+4+7+14; 6 is also one: 6=1+2+3 but 6 days of labor to create the universe is lacking the seventh day on which God rests from all labor and contemplates; the Sabbath, akin to the greatest bodily orifice which gathers the final completed fruits of labor, was blessed holy because the fruits of labor were accrued to the laborer who may chase after billionaire ikes } times before swallowing according to the Seventh-Day Adventists; it's actually a very scientifically sound practice to increase the surface area of food in which to react with the digestive juices and enzymes in chemical reactions in order to improve digestive and nutritional efficiencies; near immortality comes if bodily-damage-repair rate approaches 100%) because "life is in the blood" so draining and later on replenishing the blood after gritting teeth exercises the muscles and gums. It works well in conjunction with raising the knees into birth-giving position while pushing out the offerings. If you don't get this, attend a birthing class where the mothers-to-be learn the breathing techniques used by the American football linebackers/quarterbacks: Huck! Huck! before a play while assuming the knees-raised-high (in order to straighten the delivery path kinked by human bipedalism--I doubt that the quadrupeds get hemorrhoids) and legs-spread-apart position to facilitate the offerings to life.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

Dare U to read the articles below & reprise this OP & thread, as your 'opinions' count for sh*t, tbh ...

et temet nosce!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

''Iran’s international bourse to be set up by Mar.2020'' here appended further to the good link above:

multum in parvo et veritas vos liberabit!

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23790) 5 years ago

"Chances of war with Iran are rising. And Donald Trump is to blame"


[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

''With Bolton whispering in Trump’s ear, war with Iran is no longer unthinkable'', by Owen Jones:

''This week it emerged that the US government is discussing sending up to 120,000 troops to the Middle East for possible military action against Iran. “We’ll see what happens with Iran,” declared President Trump. “If they do anything, it will be a bad mistake.” The principal driving force behind this is Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, a man who thinks there is no problem to which the answer isn’t war: in the Bush era, his militarism was too much for the commander-in-chief who laid waste to Iraq. You can see them scrabbling for excuses already: the Trump administration says Iran-backed proxy groups are preparing attacks on US forces in Iraq and Syria, a claim forcefully denied this week by British major-general Christopher Ghika, the deputy commander of counter-terror operations in both countries. The US has blamed Iran, without evidence, for damage to Saudi oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. Could an Iranian Gulf of Tonkin be looming?''

bella horrida bella!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

''Lies About Iran Killing US Troops in Iraq are Just a Ploy to Justify War!'' - by Gareth Porter:

alea iacta est?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

''‘Wheat is a weapon’: US gov-funded, Democrat-linked think tank proposes starving Syrian civilians to weaken Assad'' ...

Now the Neocon psychopaths who laid waste to Iraq, Libya & Syria, have their next target in mind: Iran!

From your link, I excerpt ... ''The current Iran predicament is the result of a years-long campaign by the same people who pushed for invasion of Iraq. Instead of learning from the Iraq debacle, they’ve decided that any means, including a potentially catastrophic war with Iran, are justified in order to achieve regime change in Tehran. Their public arguments for escalation with Iran have generally been cloaked as criticism of Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear agreement, by disingenuously calling for what they know is an unachievable “better deal”.

cave - bellum se ipsum alet!

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23790) 4 years ago

Tulsi Gabbard on Iran.


TULSI GABBARD: We hear a lot of politicians say the same argument that we've got to stay engaged in the world otherwise we'll be isolationists as though the only way the United States can engage with other countries is by blowing them up or strangling them with economic sanctions by smashing them and trying to overthrow their governments. This is exactly what's wrong with this whole premise and the whole view in which too many politicians, too many leaders in this country are viewing the United States role in the world. How about the United States be a leader in the world, work out differences and build relationships with negotiations and diplomacy and finding common interests and seeing how we can work together so that we can stop sending our men and women in uniform into harm's way serving in missions that do not serve the interests of the American people that make our country look less safe and end up causing more harm and more damage to the people in the countries where we wage these wasteful regime-change wars.

GABBARD: A war with Iran would make that war with Iraq look like a picnic. Escalating these crippling sanctions, withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, designating Iran's military as a terrorist organization, something unprecedented, and continuing to deploy more and more U.S. troops. The neocons in the Trump administration and Saudi Arabia and Netanyahu have created a situation where it's going to be very difficult for President Trump to avoid a war with Iran. They have built all the building blocks, placed the dynamite and lit the fuse. And it's going to be up to Donald Trump and his leadership whether or not he is going to cut that fuse and say, hey, we need to get back on track and put the interests of the American people in our country first and avoid a war with Iran. Get back in that Iran nuclear agreement.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

''Today’s Refugee Crisis Is Blowback From US Dirty Wars in Central America'', by DemocracyNow!

From which - ''A war with Iran would make that war with Iraq look like a picnic'' & as clear as Tulsi Gabbard about Iran, it is now time for truth re. Central American refugee crises to be said loud & clear!

So, does anyone is USA even know about ''The School of The Americas'' at Fort Benning, Georgia?

respice; adspice; prospice ...

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 4 years ago

I don't worry a bit about any blowback at all. We have the specially devised hitherto hidden massager (¿messenger?) bought by the U.S. Electoral College. This golden-colored Trump butt plug was created by the All-American-Enterprise entrepreneur who had come from Mexico at the age of 11. It's suitable for dual use so I order two because the Vomit Comet makes up and down temporarily meaningless in Operation Portobello in zero-Grabity.

Wanna play balls with the U.S? It's fun...

We had balls. "We had fun. We had the seasons in the sun."

Eat burrito or chili con carne to generate propellent for zero-G trumpery. (You'll appreciate my wisdom of having ordered two for control, one for each opening.)

I got a 22-to-0 victory (21-0 in the first match; it got dark so we tried to quit while claiming victory but the opposing team argued that we hadn't beaten them yet even with the 21-0 shutout score because we had to win two out of three consecutive matches to call it our victory; we said that it was getting very dark after the sun had set so no one could see well; they agreed so we all compromised and agreed to having quick penalty shootout{s} to clinch the skirmish; 1-0 was the score in the shootout so we clinched it against the two tenacious diehards {who actually reduced by simple bargaining our overwhelming dominance in the first match to only a 1-0 headstart counted towards the penalty shootout skirmish victory; we the lower classmen just weren't as smart as those two because they only needed 0-1 and 0-1 to win the skirmish even with our 21-0 shutout score of the first match; ultimately, their bargaining superiority didn't help them overcome our sheer dominance} ) for myself and another schoolboy in an impromptu soccer match played in a basketball court against two senior schoolmates !

It's even better than the 13-to-0 trouncing of the Thai women by U.S. women in the World Cup opening game but we were only in the homecamp "league." The mismatch of dominance was just astounding. It may be the torch passed.

Kennedy's inaugural address was one of my Dad's two favorite speeches. The other one was Winston Churchill's given during the darkest hours of Britain. Both Neoliberals and Communists want people to be uprooted so that one group gets ever cheaper labor and the other a power monopoly, they both agree with, "Only trees need roots." What ideologies are the reactions to these and put emphasis on people being rooted? How have they served people?

When Chimerica gets cut into halves, we'll all enjoy "state sovereignty" in both the U.S.A. and Red China. I remember the statues. D.P.R.K.'s emphasis on self determination and self dependence will work great for both sides, too, a bit like how a prison can hold off a social contamination. Puff, the magic dragon may not only live by the sea but can also live in it. Besides, every child may also own a "Puff" of their own.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

''Noam Chomsky: Trump Is Trying to Exploit Tension With Iran for 2020'' ... by David Barsamian:

e tenebris - lux?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

Re. Iran - ''Disputing Trump’s claims, Japan says no evidence Iran was behind Saudi attack'':

cave - bellum se ipsum alet!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

''Trump’s Syrian Oil Grab'' ...

Americans have no idea why Iran & Iranians do NOT trust the U$A. To understand why - watch the above & then research Operation Ajax, 1953 - but I am not inclined to spoon feed anyone on that!

fiat lux; fiat justitia; fiat pax ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

Please closely consider .. ''Bolton’s Dream of War With Iran is a Global Nightmare''

by Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan

fiat lux; fiat justitia; fiat lux ...

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 4 years ago

the Trump administration says Iran-backed proxy groups are preparing attacks on US forces in Iraq and Syria, a claim forcefully denied this week by British major-general Christopher Ghika, the deputy commander of counter-terror operations in both countries.

Hasn't US forces in Iraq been attacked? Yes!!!

Iran crossed a line inducing the "loss of life of U.S. personnel" that should have been obvious from studying why the U.S. had held back from attacking Iran for the downing of the U.S. drone.

What was Iran's Quds Force's Commander Qassem Soleimani doing at Baghdad International Airport, huh? Iran has been exporting provocations and violence throughout the volatile Middle East. Its neighbors knew well. The U.S. was less convinced, being a newbie with fewer reliable intelligence assets there than Iran's neighbors. Samson can bring the temple down even when he's blinded but for what?

Here's an historical lesson which may help avoid unnecessary conflicts and carnage. Take diplomatic envoys or aspiring peacemakers { e.g. Emmanuel Macron of France } seriously and politely. General MacArthur praised the politeness of the Japanese people lavishly despite his likely lack of understanding of the Japanese language but gestures communicated. It's extremely arrogant to attack a tanker going to Japan while the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was conferring with Iran. Good attitudes can make a huge difference. Arrogance kills.

Don't mistake Grace as being a weakness! It may actually be restraint. In Christianity, Mercy and Grace were exhibited by God who could, of course, destroy everyone and everything but didn't.

Maybe Russia, despite its decades of state-avowed atheism, still had the remnant consciousness and morality of Christianity during the Cold War confrontations so that we are still alive today. Many nuclear bombs' detonations even if no one's hurt or killed in each one's immediate aftermath will likely kill thousands of people over time, most of them yet unborn via congenital deformities/{ mostly defects but it's also a step on the evolutionary path to breed 》die Übermenschen《 } and cancers. I have tritium in my bones and radioactive potassium in every banana I eat and so do most people who have survived the Cold War. Anthropocene registered in my atoms and probably in yours, too. Rather than a layer of iridium-rich sediment marking the demise of the dinosaurs, we'll have plutonium, an artificial chemical element, "burning bright" in the streaks of light thrown down from the sky. Then a layer of soot will settle on top of the cinder layer. We already have an Anthropocene test sample available on an atoll, probably already leaking radioactivity, under U.S. jurisdiction but for the greatest-quantity-of-uncontrolled-plutonium sample, we need to go to Fukushima's multiple nuclear reactors' meltdown site (with solidified core-meltdown "elephant's foot" but it's much too radioactive for tourists' visit; the numerous tanks of collected radioactive ground water will surely impress the potential viewers of the gargantuan scope and duration of the task of struggled containment; some tanks are likely leaking radioactive water by now.) Ukraine's Chernobyl offers a less impressive ( no "elephant's foot" albeit more tourist-accessible since the fire of the great quantity of neutron-moderator graphite ignited by the meltdown vaporized its plutonium and the smoke carried and dispersed it all over Europe ) alternate sample available in Europe.

We use tritium for the auto-glow exit signs which stay faintly lit even when electricity goes out in an emergency such as in a nuclear attack, a fire, or a blackout.

Star Children of the Primeval Light ( 3 minutes after the Big Bang, "light" became matter { high-energy gamma death rays cross-beamed so their photons became life's material: protons and antiprotons,} ) there's absolutely NO need to visit a stinky public toilet with buzzing iridescent green flies to discern our material origins. We are made of the commonest run-of-the-mill materials which were repeatedly baked and re-created in the stars.

A trip to the public toilet may still be worthwhile in order to discover that moms may lie about where their children had come from. That was my first encounter with Fake News (that she had picked me up from the stinky hole in the ground in the public toilet and I was "retarded" enough to check out my purported birthplace there!) from an authority figure. I had doubts about what I was told because I knew a rudimentary exclusionary atomic principle akin to Pauli's Exclusion Principle from having tried to put things into containers which were too small for them.

Applying my bottom-oriented systematic thought sequence, I've just realized the likely origin of the bizarre big and wide dead end alley which had entrapped the burglar who stole change from my Big Brother's trousers. The alley was most likely the original main entrance and exit gateway for our shantytown. It needed to be big and wide because of the confluence of foot traffic. It was probably cut off later on to accommodate the channeling of the effluent of the public toilet after the municipal water pipe and public toilet were brought in and installed at the top of the bluff overlooking where the old main gateway path had been. My knowledge about the likely developmental sequence of a shantytown let me "see into the past" many decades ago even though I had been a resident there as a child, was presented with the evidence on many days, but I'd never paid attention, or understood why. I can even venture a guess that the municipal water pipe and public toilet might have been installed shortly after the case of cholera had happened just across the small drainage ditch from our home or yet another outbreak of cholera or other water-borne diseases before that.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

"Israel had advance notice of U.S. plan to kill Iranian general Suleimani, report says." by Noga Tarnopolsky:

"I seldom have any idea what your near-random warblings mean nor what U volubly & voluminously allude to but maybe we can limit this particular exchange to actual facts of the links above" & below?

multum in parvo?

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 5 years ago

"all that stands between Bolton’s violent fantasy being executed is Donald Trump himself."

Now with Trump being a stabilizing influence on the peace in the Persian Gulf, I feel so safe with "hope" and "fear." 》Einfach herrlich! 《

What does one do with U.R.O.s retrieved from the back of the bottom of the refrigerator? "When in doubt, take it out," said my Dad. Of course, I tasted with salted chicken his Johnny Walker Black Label with Mom's permission so clearly identifiable rotting grapes may be savored instead for their alcohol and sweet fruity flavor. It beat the Budweiser Rhinegold lager that I had otherwise used with Dad's cognizance.

Mom cautioned me, "Don't drown the chicken with the whisky. A little bit goes a long way." I think that Dad's upgrading from the usual Johnny Walker Red Label to the more expensive Black Label piqued her interest. The American Shogun stationed upon the aircraft carrier in Tokyo Bay of occupied Imperial Japan would probably agree with her not to drown the chicken. I doubt that Dad had ever figured out why his Johnny Walker Black Label had a higher "evaporation" rate than his Red Label. It must have been due to either the high alcohol content or the high temperatures of the dog-tongue-sticking-out "humid" days of summer in Manhattan. Unlike some fortunate Muscovites, we didn't have a dacha in Sochi to escape to so we settled for a Scotch-whisky-alcohol-cooled salted chicken and watermelons instead.

Dad advised my Big Brother when he was getting a telephone installed for the other "dog owners" to talk with him that the traditional Japanese wives were the best. He lamented the American occupation for having "spoiled" the women's being subservient and obedient culture of Japan which might be compatible with Islamic culture's assigning low social status to women. The American culture's "contagion" lowered a man's position of utter dominance akin to that of a god's in a household in post-WWII Japan. Dad was probably a member of the Patriarchy in Greater Yokohama, together with the Americans of Yokosuka.

We the Periplaneta americana need to be sensitive to local cultures to avoid excessive Terrarubella americana contagion. The 9/11 attacks arose from cultural contagion. Cultural apartheid or at least a cultural Chinese wall has its peace-serving value. It's why I think importing already educated immigrants is problematic at best. Some suggested sentencing our many criminals to death penalty. "A bullet is cheap and we can even charge their parents with the costs to carry out the executions of their children."

I don't want that here. The lawyers surely get an erection just thinking about it. Do you know how much it costs to execute a convicted criminal here in the U.S. after years and decades of automatic appeals? Far too much considering how many criminals had been suggested for execution by our newly imported "already educated" immigrants. Besides, there are innocent people even among the death row inmates. De-educating people such as our orange marmalade (which took out a full-page advertisement in the New York Times calling for imposing the death penalty upon the Central Park Five who had since been exonerated for that particular crime) is even tougher if even possible at all than educating people starting from young childhood. Our orange mommalaid probably doesn't even know of the foundational history and values of our nation so although it hasn't quite fermented into brown molasses yet.. it's cumming. Was its penis (陰莖/不周) e-duc-ated in 賓州's wartown-school-of-bustiness? I mean, prior to age eighteen, okay? Albert Einstein said that education was the layer of prejudices crammed into a child before the age of eighteen [to make Homo pâté de foie gras]. As a kindergartner, I felt similarly after speed-eating at least a pound of juicy oily gourmet chicken butts (having an adolescent Big Brother had definite drawbacks -- I wonder whether he got as sick of it as I did after our competing for the scarce but suddenly plentiful resource {Mom was at least partially at fault because she prepared for the two of us four pounds of it after our running out of it at our first time eating and then whining;} maybe not, because of his much higher body mass.) For more than a decade afterward, the aroma or even the mere thought of gourmet chicken butts nauseated me. It was a lesson to me of the value of moderation. Both droughts and floods are bad. Avoid extremes, particularly the irreversible ones.

I fear our getting an electorate trying to impose hitherto foreign cultural values in the U.S. There exists a cultural limit on how quickly people can change their values which they had learnt starting from their young childhoods onward. I could feel it in our family. Both my Big Brother and I understood each other well our frustrations when we talked to each other about our parents' "Retard-I-Can!" attitudes/positions. Trespass that cultural limit at your own peril.

The first two words in the first one of my kindergartens' English vocabulary books were 'apple' and 'arm'. In another one later on, they were 'apples' and 'arrows'. I don't recall there being any English vocabulary book teaching the alphabets that had started with the two words 'apples' and 'oranges'. Upstate New York had many apple trees. Florida had very cheap oranges. However, flying the windfall apples to Florida to preserve their freshness costs too much. There is no legitimate educational purpose for putting apples together with oranges, even in making a Chinese fruitcake with alphabet soup for kindergartners.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

"WAR ON IRAN'' is the subject of this thread so WTF is this b-s above?!!! Are U drunk when U write this stuff?!! Rest AssUred, I'm NOT fkn reading it anytime soon tho'! Now better for your attention, consider...

ad iudicium?

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 5 years ago

》"WAR ON IRAN'' is the subject of this thread so WTF is this b-s above?!!!《

That b-s above was a product of the Alfred E. Nobel Club of "Prometheans."

》Are U drunk when U write this stuff?!!《

If you know the difference between 'liquor' and 'liquid' or that between 'humor' and 'humid', you may understand my answer. No, I was not drunk with liquor. Yes, I was drunk with the liquid of life -- water. Japan has one of the highest longevity of life for its people. I learnt something from Japan, too. Things were very expensive there so it makes economic sense that one eat less to save money. That reduces caloric intake and probably triggers many cellular protective mechanisms to reduce metabolic rates and slow the degradation of the integrity of cells which is conducive to living longer and healthier. Immediately upon waking up, I follow the Japanese habit of drinking the four cups (32 fl.oz.) of room-temperature water set to bedside before sleeping. Human body's chemistry is largely done in water so having a sufficient amount of clean water in it helps most bodily mechanisms to run better and more efficiently.

Water is the Liquid of Life. "Man is a machine," wrote Leonardo da Vinci. It's as true today as it was centuries ago. Life is electric fire burning slowly in water. There is a protein-studded fatty membrane to separate the slow fire from the water so its integrity helps maintain equilibriums conducive to staying young via aging at slower rates biologically. Noise power in the channel transmitting the configuration of life from a moment to the next is thereby lowered so analogously speaking, Claude E. Shannon's terminal illness of Alzheimer's disease is delayed. We can view all births, aging, diseases, and deaths as the replication of the configuration of life and the noise-induced entropic engulfment of it as time goes on. We become more probable. However, similarly as a rocket shedding its mass behind, we may shed our high-entropic mass behind to keep a lower entropy part to reach greater heights. We may still not escape the heat death of the Universe when we could not find low-entropic bodies which can lower our entropies sufficiently to justify searching for them. However, for all practical purposes, there is no physical-law-imposed limit on the persistence time of a configuration. Yeah, Biology is an information science, too.

Can a man live forever? Yes, if the configuration of the man is maintained or restored forever. However, things will happen to take away the 'forever' part but there is absolutely no limit to how long a human being can live if we can fix everything breaking down, such as the shortening telomere endings on human chromosomes upon a cell division (bacteria use toroidally shaped chromosomes so they don't have this problem of shortening telomere endings.) Nothing can be maintained or restored forever so "Valar Morghulis" and therefore the Alfred E. Nobel Club of "Prometheans" will take "Valar Dohaeris."

At the Garden of Eden, the chromosome-cutting enzymes from the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil cut apart human beings' toroidally shaped chromosomes. After God had learnt of the human disobedience and the breach of trust, He grafted generously long telomere endings onto every chromosome and only later set man's lifespan to 120 years maximum at the Tower of Babel by controlling how long these endings were. Elephants solved the problem in a different way by having multiple copies of the same gene available for backup usage. This is no different from error-correction coding. Claude E. Shannon's breakthrough tells us that reducing the rate of information transmission to below the channel capacity allows us to achieve arbitrarily chosen low rate of errors. Life is an information transmission process from one moment to the next.

For God so loved the man and his wife that He bound up their wounds of iniquity with telomeres of some lengths (only further reduced at the Tower of Babel to allow 120 years maximum of cellular divisions, "for you shall surely die, [by age 120]" unless we overcome our communication barriers as imposed upon our ancestors at the Tower of Babel) and granted them eternal life through their children who will eventually include the Son of Man who is also the Son of God, for Man was made in God's image. Man was made to live forever like God but He didn't lie about man's surely dying.

Attaining arbitrarily long near-eternal life is an engineering problem. For example, God's artistic fix (more in the nature of a software-workaround patch) in Eden using telomeres can be reversed to create toroidally shaped chromosomes (they may still need to be repackaged differently for resiliency and reliability.) Multiple copies can be made for warding off cancers as done in elephants. "God's work on Earth must truly be our own," was the clarion call for all of God's engineers to make God's ¿engineering? artistic projects work. God is a maniacal graffiti artist who signed His alpha (the fine-structure constant) everywhere to stand as His calling card. A (male) kid said, "Engineering is hard because engineers have to make things work," but there are many existing ¿near-engineering? artistic projects to be chosen from which only need to receive the finishing touches. What God(dess) started, Man must finish.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

''Who Wants This War with Iran?'' by Patrick J.Buchanan

multum in parvo?!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

''The Geopolitics of World War III'' - by 'Storm Clouds Rising':

The US dollar is a unique currency for many reasons, though the real reasons that matters most aren't widely known. Before 1971 - the US dollar was bound to a gold standard. The filmmakers highlight that the International Monetary Fund reports that in 1966, Foreign Central Banks and Governments held 14 billion US dollars. While the United States did have the $13.2 billion in gold reserves - most of that was needed to cover domestic holdings & only $3.2 billion of it was available for foreign holdings. What that means is the US was printing more money than it could cover & thus price inflation naturally ensued.

To quell that fire, Richard Nixon's GOP administration took the dollar off The Gold Standard & - made it a debt-based, fiat currency, under the aegis of The US Fed, which is in reality a club of Private Bankers whose entire modus operandi is to maintain the supremacy of US' Private Banks & their 'Create Money out of Nothing & then charge Compound Interest on loaned Fiat Money' scam!! This was proven during S&L and LCTM crises & lately .. by the 2008 Global Financial Crisis - from which the entire world is still trying to recover. This entire system & this Fiat Dollar Reserve Currency Racket - is now ultimately both maintained & enforced by the near "Full Spectrum Dominance" & threat of US Global Military Empire.

Through various political arrangements, the filmmakers suggest that the USA then tied the dollar to oil trade to keep its demand up - a system that remained in place at America's convenience until the year 2000 .. right before 9/11 - when Iraq's leader Saddam Hussein declared he was shifting Iraq's oil trade from the dollar to The Euro! This is said to be the catalyst behind all post-9/11 military action - not anti-terrorism efforts & that these dollar-undermining decisions by foreign govts. - continue to shape U$A's military agenda today in regards to its Foreign Policy against eg. Russia, Libya, Syria - and Iran!

e tenebris, lux?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 months ago

Note how: "Israel is provoking the US into a conflict with Iran but the media ignores the danger"!

"In addition to killing thousands of Palestinians in Gaza, Israel has been routinely attacking at least four other nations in the region: Iran, Yemen, Syria & Lebanon.Why does the US media keeps the American public in the dark?"

Meanwhile consider ... "Biden is everything People Feared Trump Would Be"!! by Caitlin Johnstone

As - Butcher Joe "Biden has turned out to be everything we were warned tRUMP would be: a genocidal monster fueling racist - violent crimes against humanity while imperiling the world with insanely reckless foreign policy decisions."

controlled, cool, clear n' calm; rational, reasoned n' reasonable in the face of a .. Scorched Earth; Ethnic Cleansing; Collective Punishment; Racist Apartheid; Genocidal War .. IF you can watch this^94s video!!!

et veritas vos liberabit ...

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 4 years ago

Israel will nuke Iran if Iran acquires a nuclear weapon. Most likely, Israel will strike before then. The Arabs' repeated attempts to drive the Israelis into the Mediterranean Sea failed.

The U.S. during the previous administration tried to hold Israel back from attacking Iran in a full-scale war but we should recognize that Russia won bigly by decapitating sanity from the U.S. The Biblical prophesy about "crossing the Euphrates" doesn't lose a single iota till the end of time.

There isn't much to worry about yet. The motto of the National Retard Association says, "It takes a good nuclear weapon to take out a bad nuclear weapon." Believe that you are holding the good nuclear weapon and be at least as generous as Red China had been in sharing with its neighbors. Never to be outdone in generosity, the U.S. should gift nuclear weapons and their means of delivery to the Uighers, the Japanese, the Mongolians, Taiwanese, South Koreans, Hongkongers, Macanese, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Thais, Burmese, Bhutanese, etc. to secure Red China with the Great Great Wall lest its neighbors should resent it as much as it had resented Khrushchev's Soviet Union for hoarding its nuclear technology which might have helped to start a nuclear war in 1969 from a border conflict regarding near-border fishing rights. Que sera, sera.

Never forget that Red China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) is NOT Chinese or it would have been named the Chinese Liberation Army. The PLA IS the ARMED WING of the Chinese Communist Party. Beware of all-PLA-funded so-called "com"-panies because one is actually dealing with the conpanies of the communist party of Red China which views all private properties as only temporarily legitimate.

Why did the People's Liberation Army recycle so many Chinese in TianAnMen Square on June 4th, 1989? The "People" excludes the Chinese people by the Chinese Exclusion Act.

华夏文化, 炎黄子孙, 囍禁品, 万死, 万死, 万万死 !!!

Uninformed and 一 凸(¯ ω¯ ) brainwashed (and/or living behind censorship walls) people in the world believed that Red China's rise was due to its totalitarianism. Don't we all love fucking our drama queer in Homecoming? There have been many countries with that feature alright but where have they gone? Did they become well-off? Upon gaining its independence from the British Empire, what did Singapore on which Red China had modelled its rise do? Allying with the U.S. and solving its security problem in one fell swoop (Qatar also used this method.) What resources did Singapore have? Oil like Venezuela's? No. Farmland like Zimbabwe's? No. Mountains like Nepal's? No. Location, English-capable, and people! People were an initial liability so birth control was promoted but education transformed them into an asset later once global business linkages (such as with a German company having a dying-analogue-camera business whose camera-shutter-mechanism manufacturing techniques were later applied by Singapore to its PC disk drive mechanism industry and made Singapore into a global high-tech hub for PC component manufacturing and electronics) had been set up. Hongkong has these attributes, too. Singapore is a politically independent city-state as what some Hongkongers aspire Hong Kong to become. As in Djibouti, the U.S. should lease a "U.S. imperialism" military base from Hong Kong so that it can rescue Red China quicker as it did before. In order to make Hong Kong independence viable, just as the Brits had realized what their new "victoriously conquered land" actually was (a small pirate-infested mountainous island with a fishing village flanked across the harbor in the north by Kowloon peninsula, far away from Guangzhou where they wanted to be; the Brits aptly named it "Victoria" harbor adhering to the "fake it till you make it" principle; it was a diamond-in-the-rough due to its natural mountain-protected harbor,) they leased more land. Similarly, it makes sense that the U.S. should lease the neighboring provinces, too. Maybe Liaoning was just too close to the Capital for comfort so Hong Kong is a better choice being far away but close to the vital shipping lanes from which the U.S. needs to ward off the starving Semmellian pirates and search-and-rescue the shipwrecked/stranded seamen in blue water as Red China's brown-water navy needs artificial islands (a.k.a. immovable aircraft carriers, dredged from the ocean) in order to operate in blue water. The only movable "Liaoning" aircraft carrier stays near home to guard the Capital.

Leasing a military base in Hong Kong to the U. of Swimming and Aerobatics is a purely commercial transaction that the Special Autonomous Region can approve all by itself because the base will be used for the search-and-rescue efforts for shipwrecked/stranded seamen and attempts to capture from the West American Lake the starving semmellian pirates. The torch has been passed to a new generation of riparian Americans.

Moldova became a member of NATO so why didn't its economy take off like Singapore's? Trade is important. Singapore is located near one of the busiest shipping lanes in the entire world and English is widely used there. Moldova is not similarly located and people there largely speak Russian (or a variant thereof.) In Europe where Moldova is located, English is often used as a bridging language for trade. Russian is actually rather widely used, too, though not as much as English. Moldova could have significant amount of trade with the Russian-speaking countries but it's tucked away in a corner away from them and is allied with their enemy, NATO. After Soviet-Union's collapse, Russia suffered a similar problem as Moldova, having loosened its former ties without having formed new ties first. People's mindsets and attitudes change slowly.

For trade, access to a market, stability, language, culture, etc. are important. Red China had totalitarianism for three decades without any great economic rise until it opened its door for trade in 1979. What happened in 1979? The country which had fought the U.S. and 14 others to a stalemate and later on the U.S.S.R. for the weapon cost of the war rescuing the D.P.R.K. established diplomatic relationship with the U.S.A!

It's Revisionism, just like Khrushchev's, right? Maybe not, until later? When it's time to "Hang the capitalists with the ropes they sold."

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

By Oliver Stone And Dan Kovalik ...

The link ends with: ''In the end, the greatest single thing we can do, both for ourselves and for the world, is to stop the United States from starting its next war, while demanding that it end the wars it has already started. We must demand that our government stop putting resources into war and destruction and instead put those resources toward building, meeting human needs, and saving our environment. This will require the rebuilding of the US peace movement, which once helped stop the war in Vietnam and the US war on Central America, and which mobilized record numbers of people in opposing the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Such a peace movement is needed now more than ever, and it is literally a matter of life and death.''

IF U think my reply is not quite a response to your comment, then that is because I am not reading your strange, overly long, rambling & unfocused screeds. Make of that, what U will but try to desist & evolve!

verb. sat. sap.?

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23790) 5 years ago

If Trump is truly anti-establishment then he should NEVER be going for war with Iran because that has been the establishment goal for decades!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

''The War Hoax Redux'', by Ed Curtin:

''Many years of secret American/Israeli planning for an attack upon Iran can’t be wasted. The stage is set. The charade continues. The MSM keep preparing us for the .. “smoking gun.” Something's got to give - and propaganda geniuses are working overtime on delivering us an Oscar-winning justification. Don’t buy it.'' + Also consider this piece by Owen Jones:

caveat emptor!

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23790) 4 years ago

Justin Raimondo, RIP, antiwar.com Editor-at-Large

One of the few places to always find war casualty listings:


[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

https://antiwar.com/ and re. Raimondo ...

vale et requiescat in pace.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 4 years ago

Justin Raimondo, RIP

Proof positive that border walls in conjunction with current immigration laws/policies/practice to reduce the numbers of people trying to flee to safety in the USA (or elsewhere) doesn't work in keeping People (individuals & families) from trying to cross the border even at the risk of dying in the attempt.

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23790) 5 years ago

Iran sham. Demand evidence.

"Yet once again Americans are being played for fools by the government and MSM. The open secret, the insider’s fact, is that the U.S. plans to attack Iran if they can seduce enough Americans that they are threatened. The Trump people know this, the corporate media shills know it, for the Bush-Clinton-Obama scenario, written years ago, is to act as if it weren’t so, to act as if a peaceful solution were being seriously considered. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc. all learned better. The U.S. never seeks a peaceful solution." - Ed Curtin

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 years ago

The U.S. never seeks a peaceful solution


Because if Peace Health & Prosperity for all were the true agenda - we would not be spending trillions of dollars on weapons for use here at home and for export around the world (export to friends as well as enemies).

We would also NOT be sending multi-trillions of dollars (decades of the practice) to corrupt governments around the world - while knowing that that money is not gonna be used to improve the life of the populations, that it is instead gonna be put into out of the country Treasure Hoards of the corrupt.

If Peace Health & Prosperity For ALL was the agenda, foreign aid would not be loose dollars, but would instead - be Material Aid as in infrastructure improvements to provide clean water for agriculture as well as for drinking and bathing, this would include clean tech for production of electricity to power cities and towns and villages for use in Hospitals and schools and individual dwellings for food preservation as well as for heating and cooling, cheap clean electricity for industry and transportation. Clean non-threatening energy to end resource strife, violence, Wars!

But Obviously Peace Health & Prosperity For ALL, is not the agenda! Not here at Home in the USA and certainly NOT elsewhere in the world!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

''Nobody warns you as a kid that, if you ever really want to grow up, you’ll first have to extricate the vast network of lies which have been deliberately sewn into your consciousness since birth!''

veritas vos liberabit!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

''Iran Shoots Down Strategic U.S. Drone; Is Ready For War & Puts 'Maximum Pressure' On Trump'', by 'Moon Of Alabama':

cave - bellum se ipsum alet!

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 years ago

Stupid Dumb Fuck Move. The Criminal-N-Chief is just looking for an excuse to attack them. Now I suppose if The Orange one can show some restraint - he will only have the Navy take out all of their missile launchers and radar sites and call it good.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 5 years ago

Re: http://occupywallst.org/forum/the-iran-war-war-is-god-by-michael-carmichael/#comment-1077323

It's best if everyone can recognize that every human life has a price placed upon it by others. We know this to be true because there are decisions being made every second which indicate the worth of a human life. For example, Trump said that he withheld striking Iran due to his "concern" regarding the loss of 150 human lives balanced against the loss of the RQ-4A Global Hawk worth at least $100M. Not taking into account the other factors such as the cost for the strike, etc., the price of a human life was pegged at $100M ÷ 150person = $666,666.67 per person.

Insurance companies do this kind of computations for their business living. The U.S. Department of Defense does the same kind of computations. Cities and Towns do the same thing such as not fixing that structurally deficient bridge that will kill somebody (most probably NOT White, rich, or Caucasian) because we have a superior-class child (most probably White, rich, and Caucasian) needing "Special Education."

Of course, the non-superior-class child should be warehoused instead of being specially educated. That explains our migrant-children concentration camps, the greatest business growth opportunity created by Trump's prescient business acumen and vision.

I actually prefer the greater vision of a "security" camera and DNA sampler under the rim of every toilet bowl. You know that London is certainly beating us to that on the streets and South Korea almost everywhere else (though not entirely for security purposes.) Make America a Greater A.S.S!

I'm still waiting for the Trump recordings. I collected peace dividends before because I had lived near borders and experienced non-war low-grade (as aside from the soldiers standing guard during crackdowns, we didn't have lots of guns, unlike in the U.S.; most things can become weapons if the will and the knowledge are there; my aborted kiddie Operation Neighborhood Microvampires turned out to be a minuscule part of the greatest scourge of all Homos -- Mom born a city girl, who had also lived in the countryside and become very fearful of the pestilences there knew better than I did so she culled my pets despite my not being in school yet, making a non-issue of my petkeeping being a "waste of time") riots, infrequent bombs totalling in the dozens, terrorism, labor strikes, and street confrontations and conflicts. Having faith is good but being prepared is better. The handmaiden of prosperity, peace breaking out, is the best of all.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 5 years ago

Aryans are now "ready" for multiparty golfing actions in the pre-lubed Strait of Hormuz.

It seems that Asian countries haven't done their significant culling of their pigs before the widespread threat and arrival of the African swine fever disease because prices went up by an impressive up-to-40% recently. However, U.S. farmers apparently did some culling beforehand because pork prices had dropped in recent months after the news of Red China's failure to contain the disease broke. It's no accident that U.S. farmers probably make out better than many of their Asian counterparts due to their living in a society with freer information flow and they know better how markets work. They help govern the U.S. by pursuing their own interest through their market actions based on good-quality free-flowing information.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

''In this perpetual uphill struggle to find and maintain some precious quality to our lives, some of us are fortunate enough to have friends and family who impart feelings that we are wanted and appreciated. Others, however, never find these feelings in any sustaining sort of way. As for American society in general, it seems to offer less and less as time goes on, except an increasing probability of being shot.'' excerpted from ...

As for "Aryans" ... their current iteration is pretty much the present Iranian nation & peoples!!! "Ari Noor" (Light of The Aryans) was one of that US backed tyrant, The Shah of Iran's titles & in fact the very word ''Iran'' derives from the word, 'Aryan'! Finally, the rest of your reply remains a mystery to me ... as ever!!


[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

''Netanyahu had posited that Iranian-linked “militants” would set off a nuclear bomb in the basement of the World Trade Center.

''During his press conference on the day of the attacks, Netanyahu also asserted that the 9/11 attacks would be a turning point for America and compared them to the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

''Netanyahu’s statement echoes the infamous line from the “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” document authored by the neoconservative think tank, the Project for a New Ameican Century (PNAC).

''That line reads. “Further, the process of transformation [towards a neo-Reaganite foreign policy and hyper-militarism], even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event — like a new Pearl Harbor.”

''Then again, years later In 2008, the Israeli newspaper Maariv reported that Netanyahu had stated that the September 11 attacks had greatly benefited Israel. He was quoted as saying: “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.”

''Indeed, it goes without saying that the aftermath of 9/11 — which involved the U.S. leading a destructive effort throughout the Middle East — has indeed benefited Israel. Many of the U.S.’ post-9/11 “nation-building” efforts have notably mirrored the policy paper “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,” which was authored by American neoconservatives — PNAC members among them — for Netanyahu’s first term as prime minister.

''That document calls for the creation of a “New Middle East” by, among other things, “weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria” and “removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq — an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right.” As is known now, both of those main objectives have since come to pass, each with strong Israeli involvement.'' - excerpted re.OP, from this article:

When it comes to Iran/ME, folk really must ask themselves WTabsoluteF is going on and why and:


[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23790) 4 years ago

Jeremy Corbyn against war with Iran.

"In defence of Jeremy Corbyn's brave and lonely stand on calls for war against Iran"


"I believe Corbyn is doing his job as leader of the opposition by asking sceptical questions about the growing clamour for war against Iran"


"Senator Bernie Sanders A War With Iran Would Be An Absolute Disaster"


[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

So, re. Iran: "Did John Bolton Light The Fuse Of The UK-Iranian Tanker Crisis?'' - by Gareth Porter:

Because .. the ... ''Evidence suggests he pressured the Brits to seize an Iranian ship. Why? More war.''

cave canem!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

''An Attack on Iran Would Violate US and International Law'', by Marjorie Cohen:

NB: ''Trump’s threats to use military force in Iran and the use of force itself are illegal under the United Nations Charter and the War Powers Resolution.''

fiat lux et fiat pax ...

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 5 years ago

We should all fear what the itchy fingers in a high-tension geopolitical environment can trigger.

Operation Fuckgina video @1:19:46 shows how close (seconds, not minutes) the U.S. got to launching nuclear missiles at Red China during the Cuban Missile Crisis. There were also other very scary instances, some of which turning out to be very sad, too.

The U.S. had pretty much purged anyone knowing Chinese or Chinese culture from its State Department during the Red Scare of the 1950s. "When in doubt, take it out!" The U.S. might only be a few seconds away from initiating a nuclear war against Red China which wasn't even a belligerent party in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Of course, a mirage could have happened due to the Red-Scare theory indicating that Red China was belligerent.

Although I fear itchy fingers near Iran, I hope for sharp eyes and intelligence in dealing with rogue nations such as Red China. I doubt that Joe Biden has grasped the full scope of the many fronts of the hybrid total warfare that Red China has been and is waging against the U.S. Red China is deep-down ideologically a totalitarian dictatorship fundamentally opposed to the U.S. idea of freedom. It is only using capitalistic methods to strengthen itself for its death strikes on the U.S.A. We must defend ourselves.

There are tens of millions of Chinese Communist Party members doing Red China's bidding and infiltrations. Red China doesn't separate its government from its commercial firms' activities so when the U.S. owners sell their equity stakes to a so-called "commercial" firm of Red China's, the underlying business becomes an appendage of the Red Chinese government bent on subverting the U.S. from the inside out. We are already very much infected.

Joe Biden is out of touch with the reality regarding Red China (he sees the "Indian reservations" there but not the English-speaking high-tech cadres already at battle-stations here.) The Brits sold the U.S. out before in the safekeeping of atomic secrets. Beware of the possibility (overlooking the White and English-speaking people can become a worst blindspot -- I knew even without any checking that it wasn't "Negroes" who had betrayed the U.S. atomic secrets because they wouldn't even be permitted to know due to the systemic Blancoarchy of the U.S.) "The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." Who said that?

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 5 years ago

It's obvious what he is to all who have the consciousness to see and perceive -- a Russian-Jewish roulette, very exciting Bam-Bam Baby!

He reminds me of his similarity to Coney Island's rundown rollercoaster (New York went through the Hellish years in the 1970s { U.S. itself went through the turbulent 1960s; I think that the national annual number of domestic bombings even exceeded one thousand } so Coney Island was no longer the fun daytrip destination for most people; fewer customers led to less maintenance) the Cyclone. My Dad and Mom in their moment of nostalgia (Dad's decades-old ¿1940s-1950s-..? youthful experience from mid-20th-century) and temporary suspension of geriatric wisdom (Mom's idea probably -- Black Label dopamine rush) decided to ride it together (to rekindle their youthful romance?) After the bone-jarring ride, Dad kept on muttering that the padding of his seat was too hard so he got intermittent pain in his waist. However, for the geriatric crowd of "Retard-I-Cans" who have kidney stones to be shaken loose, it may very well be a doctor's prescription!

Everyone on Earth should thank the U.S. for giving them an exciting adventure with this FREE ride on the very aged Cyclone rollercoaster. Compacted hard buns are sexy. There's even no charge for breaking up kidney stones. Now that's free Trumpcare for the trumpanzees.

It's about time for yet another payroll withholding tax cut for the primates. When things get white-hot on the trade-war front, "A Hunt for Red Fuckgina" will make for a great entertainment show. Who's been sleeping with the enemy in the U.S. Congress?

Red China has been waging a total politico-economic war on the U.S.A. for decades already. Due to the national security emergency, it's reasonable during such a war to search for who has a Chinese waifu in the U.S. Congress acting as a potential spy. It'll be a waifu hunt, not a witch hunt. When it's time to get a "most-favored-nation" status from the Supreme Court, that leverage of a Department-of-Justice investigation can help with the decision coming from the Federalist-Society majority built up on the Supreme Court over decades.

Red China was boasting of ¿getting, huh? German technologies while Germany is doing its best to suck up to its red ass. Germany's younger generation is selling out the bonds that bind them to the U.S.A. or their free democratic future. We should agree to a divorce. Let the tariffs on automobiles take effect. The U.S. must fight totalitarian mercantilism head-on, alone if need be. Germany is rapidly spinning away to the enemy (I had seen this happen before to the U.S. selling out our people to the kleptocracy's profit motive in the 1990s under the Clinton administration which ignored the red-tide corrosion; it's déjà vu to me) so the U.S. must recognize and take account of this fact.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 5 years ago

As the Germans who had rescued (captured and eventually released) my Dad during World War II understood this {originated from the British and French [bankers] being overlords and Germans et al being underdogs trying to hold onto the legacy pride and suppress the inferiority complex} message: ,,Vergiss nicht, dass du ein Deutscher bist." so my fellow Americans should understand this message: "Don't forget, that you are an American."

Our family wouldn't have bought the German-made major appliances if the Germans had killed my Dad (as a prisoner of war) in World War II. There were [German] Nazis but then there were old-school Germans, too.

And old-school Americans.

Peace through deaths and rebirths (it will be a paradise on Earth: there'll be ten women for every surviving mineshaft man ! It's not quite seventy-two female virgins to one superior Islamic man but there's no blowing-yourself-up requirement for descending down the mineshaft and it's still two-hundred-and-fifty percent of the Islamic maximal-fitness ratio of hooking up four women with one superior Islamic man, as derived from applying the Wartown-M.B.A. 80/20-quality rule to females breeding with a superior male under Sharia.) "Peace is our profession." Haven't we heard this song on a ship before? Yes, perhaps for the ones leaving onboard the Empire Haven as it was requisitioned into military service and one day arriving for the rescue of the survivors of the sunken Laconia.

It seems to me that Allah wanted to propagate the good genetic traits conferring superior survival fitness to offspring as quickly as possible by creating males as purified-sperm (i.e., freed from the masking effect of the second X sex-linked chromosome) packets primed for exhibiting phenotypes in the offspring for natural selection. Selective pressures should be highest in austere environments such as the Arabian Desert. Hence, Sharia law developed there indigenously is evolutionarily maximal-fitting in and around Arabia as willed by Allah. Women worldwide should therefore flock to Arabia and its surroundings to "get some" while they are hot and still fresh from the recent openings, cultural or otherwise. Of course, purebreds are unsurprisingly Arabian horses -- the fastest racing breed! And probably it's the end of the line due to its having reached near to its maximal genetic potential.

I suppose that Genghis Khan, whose paternally inherited Y sex-linked chromosome appears most frequently in males in these days must have been bored with too much riding horses in his 'Yellow Peril' conquests so he had ¿offered? himself to be ridden by women galore of the conquered tribes instead for work-life balance. He's a fast study, capable of culturally diverse hookups while muttering tenderly under his breath, "This is a stickup."

How much money if any did Genghis Khan pay each woman who rode on him in our sexualized-imagination's Lady-Godiva style while wearing bras instead of her long hair to observe the proper ancient-Roman "non vulgaris" custom? Who was the personal attorney of Genghis Khan? Was it a Rockefeller or a Rothschild? It had to be someone who could "print paper money" in exchange for silver.

Genghis Khan might have to cull many pigs in advance of a contagious swine disease in Cathay so Chinese pork may be bought cheaply by the DPRK suffering a terrible drought. Fresh-water-flush toilets use many gallons of water everyday. A man can easily collect his urine in a lightweight but bottom-heavy-and-stable container (a plastic gallon milk container suffices) to bunch up flushes into a single one, combine its flushing with that for flushing away feces, or better yet, dilute it to water plants such as this miraculous tree as a fertilizer. A woman can do the same if an adaptor (a female urinal) for her urogenitalia is used. On long automobile roadtrips in the vast U.S. no-man's land, female passenger(s) using urinals can save pitstop (sometimes none nearby) time and avoid soiling the automobile's interior. If the container holds a larger volume, it can help save flush-water, too. Russia had a bumper wheat harvest last autumn so it might still have some stored up and unused yet. A thin layer of inert but edible oil at the top of a reservoir's water may reduce the evaporation rate of the water. Our apples are coated with a thin layer of paraffin wax to reduce their drying up or spoiling so paraffin can be a food-grade edible oily substance. Evaporation rate of water increases with rising temperature so keeping water in cool dark places help reduce evaporative loss. Shield the water from the sunlight. There is no need to use fresh clean water to flush away feces. Graywater or even seawater suffices.

Note that seawater can corrode metallic infrastructure via galvanic action between different metals connected by the saltwater acting as the electrolyte among them so beware of the potential problems of going down that path. However, there is a way to protect against saltwater corrosion of metals by first consulting Chemistry's EMF series or galvanic series for the specific environment. Notice that we have steel-hulled ships prowling the oceans for decades without being quickly sunk by galvanic corrosion. I believe that they have zinc sacrificial blocks to protect the steel. Also our electric hotwater heaters have magnesium sacrificial rods to protect their constantly immersed-in-water heating electrodes and they work well for years. Science, technology, and engineering have already found solutions to the metal corrosion problem. Another option is to use composite materials such as steel for strength but ceramic coating for low electric conductance.

Composite materials are where many innovations are happening. I had severe corrosion problem with my car's muffler due to the road salt being used by most municipal governments due to their cheapness as well as enriching the coffers of business owners dealing with replacing rusted-out mufflers, brake lines, fuel lines, and undercarriage of maybe tens or hundreds of millions of automobiles in the U.S. alone. Every few years, my car started growling and it took a big mouthful of the money in my pocket to placate and satiate itself. I got it licked with composite material so it purrs softly these days and doesn't morph into the MGM lion anymore. I can weather car-muffler steel tariff very well.

Do you know that for the first time ever since the ancient Roman Empire days, we the people of planet Earth have a greater encyclopedia? Yes, although wikipedia is now completely banned by Red China, it is free for most uncaged people all over the world to use as long as they have an internet connection. How did we manage to surpass the glory of the Roman Empire? With open-society peoples' power! Due to their government's banning wikipedia, Red Chinese can no longer contribute to this power. It's why we in the U.S. must eventually cut off all contacts with Red China to help their government achieve cultural apartheid, starting with raising tariffs more and more to reduce trading gradually over time until completely weaned. Three cheers for our Schildkröte @4:34 which beat back from becoming a Japanese Mandate Island in the South China Sea: Hip, Hip, Hurray! Hip, Hip, Hurray! Hip, Hip, Hurray! It's obvious why closed societies such as the DPRK had slipped so far economically and likely militarily in conventional warfare as well behind their brethren in the "rural" South. Of course, the DPRK wasn't alone in being hampered by closed-society Socialism (it's not Communism because the people of the DPRK don't own the properties in common with Kim Jong-Un who is the foremost capitalist there.) Red China didn't start to take off economically until it was opened up in 1979. "Mao had to die, for China to rise."

The Chinese Communist Party did get one policy correct, though, after about thirty years of wandering in the socialist wilderness to no avail. That is the policy of promoting the learning of English (previously Russian was favored) to facilitate trading with the World, especially its greatest customer, the U.S.A.

Regarding the car muffler rusting problem, the more one knows, the easier it is to fit new knowledge in with the old knowledge to achieve an end such as taming the MGM lion hiding under my Catbus.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 5 years ago

Iran threatened to go after getting nuclear bombs again. What do you think the U.S. will respond with if there is no other means to resolve the sovereignty issue?

If you were a U.S.-American citizen, how would you respond to the chants of "Death to America!" from Iran?

I know that the answer would be "Death to Iran!" unsurprisingly.

The enmity originated from the European greed as manifested in the European Colonialism but the source of it pre-dates World War I so most Iranians and U.S.-Americans alive today probably wouldn't even know why Iran/U.S. are locked in a death struggle.

Red China/U.S. was in a similar death struggle for the sake of the DPRK but Red China realized how absolutely stupid it was. Mao was no doubt a no-shit dumbass who got his son "volunteered" and killed in Korea but for what??? And yet the Chinese so-called "Communist" Party still reveres the idiot as a god in a godless state. Now you see why I believe that Red China is very much all fucked up. Of course, how can a Fuckgina be passed up empty on a gulf course by our weak billion-dollar-loser "win-win-win" Shittoad-in-Chief? "Trust me," said the artificial-islands' creator in the sea, "sailors will be rescued more easily." Due to excessive time spent eating mushrooms grown in a funky dark cave, Xi-math is an oxymoron. Did those mushrooms go to college?

The DPRK exists because of Red China but idiotic China has very little say about what Kim Jong-Un does. Of course, regardless of how much "influence" Red China still has on the DPRK, the U.S. has other problems to resolve so going after Red China is logical. The evil dragon must be slain.

See how angry the DPRK's propaganda posters are: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=81Qc1L3jnjY

The DPRK's policy of self-reliance is manifestly a failure. The policy has existed for many decades in which other countries such as Red China and India have largely warded off famines. I remember these famines very clearly from the 1960s. The U.S. farmers offered free grains but India didn't have the shipping to haul them home. Farmers are generally not great transcontinental shippers or financiers who have the wealth and courage to underwrite and carry out the expeditions. Why should North Koreans starve nowadays but for their idiotic government?

Wars are generally stupid because they are often symptoms of diplomatic failures. Winning a war is relatively easy for the U.S.A. but winning the peace afterwards is challenging, to say the very least. Shooting down a civilian airliner bothered me: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lRJnumxuHwY. It's why I fear itchy fingers in high-tension regions. Saddam Hussein had turned against U.S. presence there (probably to avoid the U.S. knowing what he was doing there; it's analogous to the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty; an ally who doesn't join the fight is attacked instead, hopefully covered up by the chaos of war) so Iranian civilians were killed instead. Doesn't this sound familiar, revenge meted out to the innocents and pardons given to the guilty ones? Jewish bankers were there to fund WWI, are there to fund Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and will be there to fund Iran war, right? Oops, so this isn't Saudi Arabia? Sari... They all dress alike, don't they? Yes, to a gringo for whom black is white and white is black, Sunnis and Shias are interchangeable.

When Iran's oil wealth has already been stolen by the British Empire to win WWII, the U.S. and Iran still bicker over the oil industry's nationalization, CIA's assassination, installation of the brutal Shah, and the tit-for-tat aftermath again and again. Saudi Arabia had almost gone down the same path of nationalization but refrained from it by imposing an income tax instead. If I do the same thing as Iran, I should be raising an army to retake my ancestral wealth now owned by a private equity firm which purchased stolen property. However, I won't do it because I suspect that I myself might have purchased stolen property. I read some old history recounting the events from colonial times in America but they have subsequently been deleted (probably by the Whites, I suspect a ¿whitewashing?) Who knows things that far back in history? For Jews, close to two millennia. Besides, what proofs are still around? The Old Testament. Extremely old people said so for me and their stories jibe with verifiable facts but these wouldn't suffice in a court of law to reclaim properties lost during wars and revolutions. How long does it take for old wrongs to be forgotten or forgiven? For Jews, more than millennia. As an example for exploring the question about the ownership of ancestral land, let us still ask the question of Kashmir and the homeland of the Kurds.

I was perfectly calm until I discovered that someone else was enjoying my ancestral wealth. However, a few centuries ago, some of my ancestors could have stolen or robbed properties, too. How much of that should I repay? Should I deny repayment requests because the people could not show me the ancient property deeds which might not even have existed at all due to their leaving some land as being so-called "owned" in common such as by the Native Americans? Before there was Central Park, there had been Seneca Village. Once I was looking at my place of birth in a former shantytown, I saw a site with brown soil exposed and construction equipment. Yep, all those fluffy white clouds I wondered about ( walking on them; I also did that next to my neighborhood-boy playmate while we were crouching in the entrance-steps' hollow of a carpentry workshop { in which "holy gods" were carved from wood ! } pretending it to be our foxhole and working as sentries to defend our "birthplace-of-the-wooden-gods" neighborhood against "the bomber aeroplanes/airplanes of our enemies;" I've realized that maybe the soot in my godly shantytown neighborhood probably came from burning "the afterbirth of the wooden gods" so yeah, I was anointed by soot so I had to be baptized by a bidét later on ) are still there floating lazily in the blue blue sky but all of a sudden, tears started to roll down my cheeks. I remembered my paper kite flying up there in my kiddie drone war, fighting, entangling, being jerked to saw off the kite of "our enemies," { who were they but the burnt-out victims of the prior fires? they were just as poor and sad before as we were if not worse but they were by then a little bit better off after having been resettled in newly built dwellings; we the neighborhood children might have been more fortunate than "our enemies" despite our poorer living conditions because we didn't experience a conflagration in our neighborhood; who knows if "our enemies" had lost their loved ones in their fires? } or pulling it down for capture. "Up there, we've got to push it. That's our job!" "They violated our airspace," now sounds hollow to me. It's not like we don't have enough airspace for the few kites to fly up there. Besides, airspace is reusable by another kite after a kite has flown in it. I think that I had learnt at that time from my Big Brother this hatred of "our enemies" because they had public swings and public basketball courts in their neighborhood but we didn't and they discriminated against us by their hogging the swings and elbowing us in the chests hard when we played a basketball game against them. They were bullies. Even a preschooler like me went to the kiddie drone war to fight against them. The atmosphere around there was incendiary.

Having a new and suitable philosophical perspective helps. For example, Iran may feel a lot better about its stolen oil wealth if it recognizes that without the Persian oil, we may very well have lived under Nazi Germany's or Imperial Japan's military dictatorships. We may not have had the postwar prosperity, the rebuilding of Japan and Germany into democratic and staunch allies of the U.S.A., etc.

I hope that those owners of a cemetery's graves who might have planted there the guava trees and nectar-rich flowers have the forbearance and perhaps even the feeling of joy at seeing very poor children who probably illegally climbed over a wall eating the guavas and sucking the nectar from the flowers. We the very poor children likely ate the atoms and molecules from their ancestors. The edibles were much better than what I could forage from the neighborhood garbage dumps and trade with the recycling pedlar. There are really no abandoned properties aside from what are in the garbage dumps.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

Go watch ''Iran Is Not The Problem'' (Video Doc.) ...

By the fkn way, "Mag Bar Amrika" (''Death to America'') is a ritualized chant to symbolize the U$A which has proven itself to be an enemy of Iran & Iranians since they & the Brits & Saudis & Israelis foisted that fkn despot The Shah - on Iranians! U waffle about DPRK & how your family inheritance was lost or WTF ever else U ramble about BUT this forum-post, thread, comment & reply .. are about Iran! Read some of the links here & watch the videos, especially the ones above. U may've said something vaguely sensible above 'grapes' but I'll never know, because I haven't the time or patience to wade through your screeds!

verb. sat. sap.?

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 5 years ago

Looked at in a different perspective, European Colonialism which has caused so many problems and killed and wounded so many people all around the world is just European Nationalization of many countries everywhere.

If you think that Nationalization is not an evil, European Colonialism is also benign. That's absolute bullshit! It's hard to have world wars if the bickering (and somewhat inbred in their royalties) tribes of Europe didn't nationalize so much everywhere.

My Dad became an international pinball and almost got killed. I can see the hardship and struggles which my family had gone through. There is a source whose evilness has wound through European Colonialism and Nationalization of industries. That is Greed which is contagious and had also spread from the West to newly powerful Japan (after the First Sino-Japanese War 1894-1895) and post-World-War-I Japan via racial discrimination (Japan defeated Russia in the Battle of Port Arthur so it grew the expectation that it be treated as a great power by the West and accorded war booties but its expectation was dashed.) The Chinese Communist Party also grew out of that. Other dissatisfied countries included Italy and Germany. Japan, China, and Italy were victorious in the Great War but didn't receive war booties as the other nations. The die for World War II and beyond were cast at the Treaty of Versailles. China was jilted by not recovering its sovereignty over Shantong, the German concession in Northeast China which was given to Japan instead. China held grudges ever since against the West.

You didn't write about the British Empire having used the oil from Persia to fight World War II. Don't just focus on a limited time span to convince yourself of the validity of your already made-up view. Have you noticed that most nationalities brag about when their nations were dominating the region or the world and yearn for recapturing their old glorious days? That leads to many overlapping claims -- far too many to be settled peacefully. Hence, we get wars to settle "unequal treaties" (e.g., the Treaty of Versailles which China had actually refused to sign but it was the last straw of China's alienation from the West) from old wars, and so on, and so on. Perpetual wars ensue. No justice, no peace.

A possible way out is to reach for, "Although I cannot forget, I can choose to forgive."

Our family has survived because we were willing to give up so much of the past. We were told that the decision to leave was ours to make but we should never ever come back once we had left. Figuratively speaking, we burnt on the beach the ship in which we had arrived and we knew that there would be no going back home. Before agriculture had been invented, 'home' was a rare and uncommon idea. Home must be where "our heart" is. An iridescent octopus can nearly "disappear" into its environment in plain sight. Does "our heart" disappear when the tide comes in? Does "our cloud" disappear when the wind blows by? Does "our hatred" disappear when the soil is pushed to fill the hole?

Our global voyage taught me that things from different cultures could be contradictory to each other and yet they actually made sense when they had been done in their particular way at that original time. What is polite in one culture is disgusting in another. What one culture never even notices at all can cause a catastrophe in another. I take the position of "show me the original reason why it should be done this way; let me see whether it's still valid today or not; if it's valid, I follow the tradition; if not, I won't follow it unless I can find another reason." Far too many people all around the world carry the prejudices and idiosyncracies from their own upbringings and refuse to change even if necessary. That's the crux of culture shock, often leading to wars. Sometimes, there is no resolution possible so wars are the BEST way to resolve the differences for at least a while. In my kindergarten years, my first alphabet vocabulary book started with 'apple' and 'arm'. Operation Superlord. Operation Fuckgina. Operation Papa Bare. Both Russia and Red China will feel much safer if they allow the U.S. to station troops on their soil because they won't feel being left out of the Global Peace Club and surrounded by U.S. military bases. Liaoning and Vladivostok are excellent choices for warding off DPRK, ROK, and Japanese invasions. The U.S. needs them to send Manta-Ray bomber sandwiches to the Russian and Chinese people when Pootin runs out of his bomber sandwiches because he has been feeding Sarah Palin across the Bering Strait. She has put on some Russian-Gifted poundage for sure. She needs to put lipstick on before she kisses our Bam-Bam Baby's beautiful moons to brand them as for sale abroad. Capitalism must not mean mass deprivation. Socialism must not mean mass enslavement.

Some people balk at the idea of apartheid but I believe that cultural apartheid is justifiable for certain groups of people(s) who neither understand each others' cultures nor want to learn about them, or tolerate the inevitable cultural dissonance that may flare up at an inopportune time. Peaceful coexistence can be more beneficial than forced integration which can cause the great explosion after the initial implosion. Fire, shaped explosives, nuclear fission, and nuclear fusion are all started in the same way by slamming elementary particles, atoms, and molecules hard together to breach the potential energy barriers.

For example, it's not particularly unusual to meet someone in the U.S. who kisses their dog(s). Generally speaking, most U.S. dogs (pigs, too) don't eat garbage so they are often much cleaner than what many cultures imagine or assume. However, Koreans seem to consider dogs as despicable animals. How does a Korean interpret seeing a U.S. person kissing a dog? With disgust, I suppose!

I interacted with a dog before. I liked her temperament very much. She seemed to be genuinely interested in trying to understand what I was up to and show how happy she was to meet me (she wagged her tail very quickly, stuck her tongue out, chased after her own wagging tail a few times, and laid herself down on the floor exposing her belly for me to pet and scratch.) She was also very protective of me (I think that she had a keen sense of potential dangers to me and herself {she vehemently fought against going to a dog-grooming service which did eventually kill her by incompetence or with malice in a hair-drying oven; the grooming service should have screened the cultural background of the groomer against misogyny.}) When you have a dog, in the dog's eyes, you "are become" god !!!

Dogs having to be walked every day, rain or shine, is a bit bothersome, though. I wonder whether the expression 》Hundewetter《 originated from this requirement to walk the dog(s) in rain, sleet, ice, snow, and all mixed together.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 years ago

''Proof U.S. Is Provoking Iran Into War'' (video)

caveat - bellum se ipsum alet ... et fiat lux!

[-] 1 points by ropeknot (359) 12 years ago

Is this Gods' way of telling us to light the next cigarette and see what ignites ?

[-] 4 points by shadz66 (19985) 12 years ago

'Fraid that I caN'T answer for G*d ; YHWH ; El ; Adonai ; HaShem ; Allah ; Bramah ; Vishnu or even Shiva, Ommm~{:-p)

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

The linchpin of the U.S. is not biased for or against any religion due to its First Amendment: https://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/first_amendment

The U.S. does police the World ( so it both fights against and for Muslims because Islam being a religion wasn't relevant to the casus belli ) due to its painful experience of letting Colonial powers run amok between WWI and WWII ( largely European powers but Imperial Japan was also a new marauding colonial power in Asia.) U.S. supports many U.N. universal human rights' realization worldwide. Among them are the Four Freedoms.

Territorial integrity's ( and state sovereignty's -- must the police stay out of the home of a husband beating up his wife and children because of the "home is a man's castle" sovereignty ? No. ) often being necessary for achieving but always subservient to attaining the Four Freedoms for all, the U.S. supports it so it's obvious why U.S. supports Ukraine since those Russian-speaking not-wearing-insignia Masktians had occupied Ukraine's Donbas, violating Ukraine's territorial integrity. Both the U.S. and the U.K. have clearly stated security responsibilities for Ukraine as both were signatories to the Budapest Agreement under which Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees, especially from the Russian Federation.

The Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky was aromatic. The invaders in Ukraine will be driven back or returned in coffins, if lucky ( many mothers weren't lucky enough to get back the remains of their sons but some of them might have had sunflower seeds in their pockets given to them by Ukrainian civilians so wherever one sees a sunflower blooming in Ukraine, it may well be a son of Russia's remains fertilizing it to bloom in all of its glory to the sun, слава солнцу, powering the bundles of wheat. The smarter ones have already quitted Ukraine. Knowing which is the life-sustaining choice ( e.g. climbing up a hill or building to forego working for a day on the day when the Deluge arrives ) is important for both health and wealth.

Ukraine and Japan are the two countries which have experienced living with long-term high-level nuclear radiation zones ( aside from Russia's secret disaster and dumpsites, a huge one east of the Urals and small ones around Moscow.) Ukraine has Chernobyl in 1986 and Japan has Fukushima in 2011. Both very much dislike nuclear disasters. If Russia isn't driven out of Ukraine, nuclear non-proliferation will die. Every billionaire can join our Global Plutonium Association and build themselves a nuclear bomb in their basement ( under the kitchen sink was a bit too cramped unless we have even more powerful explosives.)

Iran's nuclear bomb and missile projects will likely trigger more Middle Eastern nuclear bomb projects and cause great fluctuations in World's energy prices. If what we've seen so far with high inflation isn't enough, the Middle East can certainly serve up much more then. Whip Inflation Now ( WIN ).

The post-WWII economic boom was underpinned by the U.S. Navy's protecting the cheapest ( in terms of tonnage delivered divided by total expense incurred from source to destination ) form of long-distance transportation of goods: via the sea routes. An important example is the U.S. Navy's safeguarding the oil shipments to Japan, Red China, Europe, and more passing through the Strait of Hormuz, right under the nose of Iran which had threatened to close it down several times, including during the Iraq-Iran War. That's why the U.S. Military needs to be near there. Saudi Arabia is one allied country over there which hosts some U.S. military personnel and much U.S. weaponry it had purchased in recent years, prepared to fight a war if necessary.

Our global inflation problem has a major component coming from the Russia-Ukraine War. There's no superpower near the Black Sea with a strong enough conventional military to beat nuclear-armed Russia into compliance with what it has promised under multiple agreements. Under the Montreux Convention in a warring situation in and around the Black Sea ( which to most people of the World clearly exists although Russia may still call it a "special military operation" and jail those who call it a war for up to fifteen years perhaps; well, I'm not under Russia's jurisdiction so..; hmm, maybe the U.S. can take Russia's position that there is no warring situation and send our Sixth Fleet into the Black Sea to escort grains and fertilizer shipments from both Ukraine and Russia to feed the global South and calm down global inflation in a "special civilian operation" { and we'll jail anyone saying that it isn't so up to fifteen years in Guantanamo Bay's Camp X-Ray; there might still be [warm comrade] companion captives there from prior U.S. operations; we won't demand marriages between prisoners there in Camp X-Ray lest Poo-tin be forced into a gay marriage violating his freedom to worship the multitude of Dickens } because Turkiye is an approachable U.S. ally in NATO ) Turkiye is obliged to block all military vessels ( including the U.S. ones ) from transiting through the Bosphorus Strait under its control.

[-] 1 points by MattHolck0 (3867) 9 years ago

Iran has staged several protests as of recent

free speech is permitted

[-] 4 points by lugano (1221) 9 years ago

The GOP and Israel-Uber-Alles, AIPAC, Likud extremists don't like it one little bit BUT.. "Iran Deal: A Game-Changer for the Middle East" by Phylis Bennis - http://fpif.org/iran-deal-a-game-changer-for-the-middle-east/ and as she says - ''Negotiators in Switzerland just won a huge victory for diplomacy over war. Now we've got to protect it." All the rest of us can do is pray for peace and hope that Right Wing Nut Jobs don't actually drag us all to another war in the middle east... just like they really want to do!

[-] 4 points by MattHolck0 (3867) 9 years ago

US pumps weapons into the semitic region

stopping that flow would help a lot more than hoping

[-] 5 points by lugano (1221) 9 years ago

Iranians are not Semites - they are the Persians, Medes and Magi of old and an Indo-European people ('Iran' the word, comes from ''Aryan'')- BUT I totally get your point. I wonder IF we can find out just what proportion of the US economy is made up of the War Machine? It could be pretty alarming knowledge!

[-] 4 points by lugano (1221) 9 years ago

''Tom Cotton Says War Against Iran Would Only Take a Few Days'' - (because he is a Right Wing Nut Job!) http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/tom-cotton-says-war-against-iran-would-only-take-a-few-days-10163707.html - Tom Cotton serves the Banker Controlled Military Industrial Complex.

[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 12 years ago

The Fact of An "Intentional Misreading and Reinterpretation of The Translation From The Original Persian" Is True and in Truth, it's Not a question of "True or False" ; it's An Analysis Paper ! Cut to the end to see what they, conclude ;-)

[-] 1 points by ropeknot (359) 12 years ago

Are you sure you checked out my ( very similar ) link or are you commenting on my response to your link ?

My link is 12790 , yours is 30111 .


[-] 1 points by ropeknot (359) 12 years ago

Much media bias has gone on for a long time for the talking points of one side or another !

Is this site ( the link below) telling the truth or are we being misinformed for a partisan agenda ?



[-] 3 points by shadz66 (19985) 12 years ago

@ ropeknot : Here's wishing you and yours a Gr8 2O|2 - and an article : "Iran, Another False Enemy", by Stephen Merrill ; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30111.htm ! pax, amor et lux ...


[-] 3 points by shadz66 (19985) 12 years ago

Further to the above, please also see the following recent articles :

a) "Mossad chief : Nuclear Iran not Necessarily Existential Threat to Israel", by Barak Ravid ; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30101.htm ,

b) "Romney Takes Swipe at Ron Paul on Iran Nuke Policy", by Emily Friedman ; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30092.htm ,

c) "U.S., Israel Discuss Triggers for Bombing Iran’s Nuclear Infrastructure", by Eli Lake ; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30098.htm .