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Forum Post: Combine Innovative Ideas and Gitterdone

Posted 8 years ago on July 29, 2012, 4 a.m. EST by Phanya2011 (908) from Tucson, AZ
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I was editing this post and accidentally deleted it! So, I will try to recreate what I wrote before. I had one response from SenseDuJour, which I will also respond to.

Please pretend you know absolutely nothing about anything, and read the following suggestion as a beginning of a new way of doing things. The links below are essentially footnotes explaining the concepts in greater detail, and are listed in order of appearance :)

Create an intentional/cooperative community (two links) of people who believe that technology can enable us to live in a world of abundance rather than a world of lack (link). Ideally, scientists and engineers would contribute their technical knowledge to build an independent, sustainable community so advanced that virtually all of the work is done by machines, energy is from solar, wind or maybe even a Tesla Tower -- a town like "Eureka" (sci-fi series), where all focus is on innovation. Crowd funding (link) would provide the money, and maybe even Government grants for some of the developments. It would be located near a town that participates in local MoE (medium of exchange- link) and there are several in the Northwest (link). This would be a society within the context of the current one, but not using its methods; merely using its tools and coexisting with it. It would require hard work, by scientists, engineers, teachers, organic gardeners, builders, writers, and all manner of innovative thinkers. I do not know if anyone has put all of these things together or not, but if not, we could start here. The first thing needed would be a website where the entire process could be outlined in as much detail as possible. It would ask people to pledge to contribute a certain amount (which pledge would be by email, so the donor and the amount would be known). Once there is enough interest, an account would be set up to receive donations -- an account which any contributor could check at any time, but from which no withdrawals could be made until there is a consensus of the community to do so (I'm guessing this is possible, but it may have to be tweaked). The money would be used to buy land and equipment needed for the work to be done. The land would belong to the entire community, and folks who contribute money without living there could be given a free week's food and lodging or some variation thereof as a reward. The Venus Project is a bit ambitious, but something like it could be the ultimate goal. Jack Reed has a video at the first link below in which he explains that probably a total of 6 communities of 500 people each, in relatively close proximity to each other, would be enough to show the world how cooperation works better than competition when it comes to achieving goals) Here are the links:

www.cooperativeplanet.org - a clear explanation of a cooperative/intentional community (also: www.ic.org for a list of existing or forming communities throughout the world) www.OsiXs.org - sets out why technology needs to be embraced and used, among other things. www.growthink.com/CrowdFundingFormula www.naturalmoney.org - defines local MoE and how it works www.fourthcornerexchange.com - places that are actually using local MoE

Think "Atlas Shrugs," but "Atlas" are the scientists and engineers and people who care about each other and the earth who are creating their own world within the larger world that is failing. When it falls, there will be a way to move forward already in place.



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