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Forum Post: Activists around the world, unite!

Posted 8 years ago on April 21, 2012, 5:25 a.m. EST by gonzo1 (66)
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We need to combine and unite the energy of all the activists around the world. We need a common place for exchanging experience and new ideas. It's a very sad reality that most of the organizations and charities lack minimum transparency, and they are only providing temporary relief, instead of coming with real, long term, reliable solutions. We need a web forum for all the activists in the world. We need to start to talk about changing the current situation. Many times, the charities are involved into corruption scandals, and we also need to monitor that.

The biggest organizations in the world can solve all the humanity problems. It would be so easy to do it, only if they would start to implement real solutions. For example, World Food Programme is giving food for free to the poor, and they are spending a lot of money for that. Instead, they should buy land, and give to the poor the opportunity to work that land, so they can produce the food they need. Also, Habitat for Humanity is giving houses almost for free (selling them at a fraction of their cost). Instead, it should rent them to the poor, at a price they can afford to pay. Those who don't have money and jobs can pay with work, in order to help building more. Everyone deserves help, but those who are willing to work to produce the things they need should have priority. They should get help first. Not only because they deserve it more, but also because they can help to create more products, and then even the lazy ones can get more help. Those who are lazy and want to get everything for free also deserves help. Simply because one day they might wake up and change themselves. But we should help first the people who want to give something back for the help they get, so we can be more efficient in helping everyone who needs help.

The Red Cross in India provides no annual reports and they don't even have any contact information. That's how "transparent" they are. Also the Mexican Red Cross provides no annual reports. It's very strange to see that the biggest charitable organization in the world doesn't have a minimum set of rules, in order to make sure they provide contact information and annual reports in every country where they activate.

All those organizations are so artificial, disingenuous and fake only because WE allow them to be like that. The real problem is in us.

So we need to talk about all those things, and we need to take actions. We can sign petitions, asking the charities to become more transparent, we can monitor them, exposing the corruption, and therefore creating a positive pressure on them. We can ask all those organizations to start implementing real solutions, instead of wasting people's money on temporary relief. But in order to do that, we need a global activism web forum, so we can start talking.

It is simply silly to blame only the politicians and the governments for the problems in our society. We can solve all our problems even without any politician. But we need to take real action, we need to start creating the solutions that we need.



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