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Forum Post: Open statement to generation lost and call to arms

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 26, 2011, 8:32 a.m. EST by GenerationLost1 (1)
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I was at the protest on saturday night and I have been following what sparse coverage there has been in the news. And I have to say that although you people have good intentions unless you organize better this movement, which I fully support, will die. Its okay to say that you want to have a horizontal, open democratic process but unless you implement that into a solid plan of action, nothing will be done. The hypocrisy in American politics is apparent that if this movement started in any other country you would all be called heroes, here you are told to get jobs, but query where are the jobs? You are told to get lives, but query what kind of life does one have if they are caught with out options? We were born too late to take advantage of the last boom and since the crash and the recession, there are no opportunities left.

We are the un-employed or the under-employed, so we have been labeled as Generation Lost. I say we take that name and USE it as our platform. Make Generation Lost mean something, we are forgotten but do not let our voices die.

In the nation that invented social media we have been the ones to use it the least to effect positive social change. Look at Egypt, they organized a winning peaceful revolution that toppled a dictator. They learned social media from us, let Generation Lost learn how to run a revolution from them. Instead of using twitter and facebook to organize flash mobs to dance, organize flash mobs to get out the vote, campaign for the candidates that we can believe in, and campaign against the candidates that do not have our interests at heart, effect the revolution from within.

The Tea Party got their candidates elected and what is the result? We have a deepening recession, a congress that is doing everything in their power to make Obama one and done and insist that once a republican is elected to the top spot, everything will be okay. How will a republican magically fix the economy? get people back to work? get people back into their homes? get people productive again and turn Generation Lost into Generation Found? I have not heard an answer, have you?

Will we let them co-opt our country or will we take it back by voting in a legitimate government?

We are the digital generation, we are Generation Lost and we are the ones who can and MUST shape the future of this Country. I ask that anyone who believes in positive social change to repost this and get the message out. Get it out on twitter, facebook, your personal blogs, select people from within Generation Lost, that we can believe in and get behind. I heard several facilitators speaking on Saturday night and I heard positive feed back. Select from within our movement and Let US PUT GENERATION LOST INTO POSITIONS THAT CAN EFFECT THE CHANGES WE WANT. REGULATE WALL STREET, HELP FOR THE MORTGAGE CRISES, ACTUAL PLANS TO GET PEOPLE BACK TO WORK. IF CORPORATIONS WANT TAX BREAKS, MAKE IT A REQUIREMENT TO FUNNEL THE MONEY SAVED INTO CREATING JOBS IN THE UNITED STATES AND NOT OVERSEAS.

Topple from within, be the 5th column in the next election and vote in people we can believe in and trust to effect the changes we want.

Do you want to live in Rick Perry’s America where happiness is a loaded shotgun and someone trying to cross a border? Do you want to live in Michelle Bachman’s America, where happiness is every sex fiend’s wet dream and women are completely submissive to men? OR DO YOU WANT TO LIVE IN GENERATION LOST’S AMERICA WHERE HAPPINESS IS POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE AND A FORUM TO FREELY AND OPENLY DISCUSS THE FUTURE?




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[-] 1 points by GenerationLost1 (1) 12 years ago

so your response is apathy?