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Forum Post: Occupy: The Wrench - Part II

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 7, 2011, 10:42 a.m. EST by ZenDogTroll (13032) from South Burlington, VT
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Welcome to the battle ground of the twenty-first century, where matters that once were thought red or blue are in fact quite gray. There is perhaps, nothing but gray matter here. If you do not know precisely what you believe, nor the how and the why you came to believe what you believe, you may quickly be lost.

Beliefs are simply things we hold to be true in the absence of facts. Once it was thought that the world was flat. When proof to the contrary was given, there was resistance to this new system of belief. It is important to understand the hierarchical nature of social systems of belief, and the different ways different segments of that hierarchy each in their own way provide resistance to a new set of facts.

Within each individual there is a hierarchical system of belief, just as there are in social structures; beliefs built upon beliefs.

You must also understand the way in which each individual contributes to that structure of social belief, to understand the strengths and the weaknesses, and the methods of interaction with and so reshaping, systems of belief.

To do that, you must first Occupy Your Mind. If you do not Occupy Your Own Mind, you most certainly leave the door open to the possibility that someone else will.

You must know what you believe.

I believe we share a common culture. A common heritage. A common system of belief. When we stand together on this shared perception, this shared belief, we are one and we are strong, so strong no one can defeat us. We have seen that with our first revolution. We have seen the horror of division upon the battlefields of Civil War. We saw again our strength upon the shores of France, where we, with like minded citizens the world over, swept aside the tyranny of oppression beneath a banner of fascism, the swastika.

Occupy Your Mind . . . .

I say if they seek one drop of blood

let them take gallons.

Let them choke on the reprehensible nature

of their own lust for blood.

Our blood.

Our blood that is their blood.

American blood.

We are the 99.

We are One.

Occupy Your Mind.

How Long

. . . . and it's clickable . . .

One person can make a difference

I believe that.

And if that is true, just think what all of us can do, together.

. . . Oh how I abhor

The Hordes of Lying Whores

Who Prowl the People's Halls of Power

Bearing Gifts in the name of Profit

. . .

And so I plant my flag

right in your turf

I raise it high

and why?

because . . . .

... ... ...

we all have hills to fly them on



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