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10 year anniversary of Lehman Brothers collapse is coming up.

Posted 1 week ago on May 15, 2018, 4:54 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: anniversary

"10 year anniversary of Lehman Brothers collapse is coming up. It coincides with the 7 year anniversary of #OCCUPYWALLSTREET. I hear rumblings from activists abroad who hope to spark an uprising on the anniversary. Is it possible? Yes. Will it work? Only if we go straight for power." - Micah White



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[-] 1 points by elf3 (3898) 1 week ago

The napalm of Net Neutrality and an uncensored internet is still hanging in the balance...Votes in the house this week.

[-] -1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

''Inside Job'' = Xcllnt Doc. Film, re. roots of Global Financial Crisis:

radix omnium malorum est cupiditas ...

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2078) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 week ago

The bubble has grown to record size in the past few years. When it bursts it will add to the probability of a successful uprising. It won't be much longer now.

[-] -1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

''Chris Hedges and Kshama Sawant - How to counter establishment politics.''

per ardua ad astra ...

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33491) from Coon Rapids, MN 1 week ago

Protests by the General Population are growing in number across the USA - will it lead to recapturing the State & Federal Governments by the PEOPLE? Lord knows the republicans are doing their best to alienate the general population - and - that population seems (SEEMS) to be waking up and voting them out of office in record numbers in solid red states! Will This Trend Continue? And if so - will it make a difference? As we need to see the Public UNITE in placing Individuals into office to replace the corrupt individuals with People who are like Bernie Sanders = trying to work for the BEST INTERESTS of The People! BECAUSE - Without a WORKING MAJORITY In BOTH Houses (State & Federal) - the Public will not move forward in Peace Health & Prosperity for ALL!

[-] -1 points by factsrfun (8482) from Phoenix, AZ 1 week ago

The #Resistance Had A Very Good Night

"Two Pennsylvania congressional primaries also pitted progressivism against pragmatism, and the progressives went two for two. In the 1st District, philanthropist Scott Wallace, the grandson of the Progressive Party’s 1948 presidential nominee, defeated former Navy prosecutor Rachel Reddick 56 percent to 35 percent. Reddick had made her conversion from the GOP a centerpiece of her campaign. In the 7th District, a split in the progressive vote nearly caused Democrats to nominate Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli, who has made comments friendly to Trump and not so friendly to undocumented immigrants. However, Allentown City Solicitor Susan Wild defeated him 33 to 30 percent, with Bernie Sanders-endorsed pastor Greg Edwards in third with 26 percent. More than Nebraska’s 2nd District, both the 1st and 7th Districts in Pennsylvania are true swing districts, with a partisan lean of R+1 and D+0.04, respectively — in other words, they’re almost perfect bellwethers for the nation as a whole. So Democrats have a little more margin for error there in such a Democratic-leaning political environment. (Of course, if that environment changes … )"

Things can change if we seize power....