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Watch Reverend Billy's Unholy Matrimony in Albany this Tuesday

Posted 11 years ago on May 5, 2013, 9:44 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: fair elections, money out of politics, albany, reverend billy

I now pronounce you

If you are prepared to object to the unholy union of big business and the United States government, we implore you to join us in Albany, Tuesday, May 7th when Reverend Billy will preside over the ceremony to wed big business and government in a celebration even the wedding industrial complex would love. Since the law considers corporations people, then why can't they marry one?

We need you to show up in the streets with us on Tuesday to show Albany that we will not allow our democratic process to continue to be directed to serve the interests of big business and the 1%. We need more, we deserve better, and we are demanding a structural change in our elections. How many more years must we suffer the results of legislators who govern with the fingers of capital around their throats? How many more resources must we lose to the 1% and big business?

We live in a world that is defined at every moment by big business. From destroying local business communities, to enslaving our bodies to the pharmaindustry, the quality of our lives are determined by strategic plans drafted to serve the relentless building of capital.

Through the policies and candidates purchased through legislative loopholes and the coffers of cash found on K Street, our modern world is not one with with a separation of big business and state, but one of total devotion between these two massive entities.

At last we will witness the happiness to be found between offshore money and onshore servitude. On the same day in which those who choose to support the status quo by holding a sham hearing, activists will be in force to defend a publicly demanded system that continues to serve the community of New York City. It is called "public financing" and what it means is that elections are financed with money from the local community, not funds from mysterious LLCs with corporate financiers hiding in the shadows.

Join us and say no. Join us and demand a better system in New York State. We can lead the way to a new playing field in the United States that serves the people by rendering impotent the power of corporations with profits that outsize the GDP of many countries.

"All contributions by corporations to any political committee or for any political purpose should be forbidden by law," proclaimed Theodore Roosevelt. Certainly we can finally finish this fight, over a century later when we enter Room 124 of the State Capitol Building with our signs to show that the people should always contribute testimony on legislation that directly affects us.

Join the bus leaving from Union Square, Tuesday morning, in NYC.

Demand better for all of us. Just get on the bus.