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On September 15, Ambush Wall Street

Posted 1 month ago on July 26, 2018, 9:26 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
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We do not call lightly for revolution. Insurrection is traumatic. It requires great sacrifice. And if there were any other way to avert USA’s coming catastrophe, it would be a moral obligation to advocate it.

However, as American denizens, we are justifiably afraid for our nation and our neighbors. The president is a traitor: weak, fearful, illegitimate. Now our government cannot be trusted to protect us from foreign invasion, deep state coup, military defeat or internal disunion. Supreme Court appointees dream of granting unprecedented presidential powers and immunity from criminal prosecution, forever perverting the checks and balances of our democracy. The putinphillic’s every deed and tweet is totally inconsistent with a just regard for our innate natural rights, the doctrine of popular sovereignty, the Declaration of American Independence and the spirit of the Constitution of the United States. Under these conditions, revolution is not only justified. It is our collective duty.

And yet, since the inauguration all conventional attempts to dislodge the enemy within have failed. On the contrary, it has shown itself to be teflon when attacked directly. We need a new strategy.

Our best hope is to ignite an unexpected crisis with a DAY OF AMBUSH: a series of uncoordinated daring raids aimed not at the traitor directly, but at reawakening the people’s fury against the greatest corrupter of our democracy—Wall Street, the financial Gomorrah of America.

This is how the spark can happen:

September 15 is the ten year anniversary of the collapse of the infamous Lehman Brothers and the peak of the financial crisis of 2008. It is also the approximate seven year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. There will be unrest in Europe under the coalition banner #10YearsOn. Fifty actions across France will target banks. In the UK, activists will take on the Bank of England, declaring it a crime scene. Change Finance protests are being organized in several more countries. This is our opportunity in America to put the traitor to the test with a sustained crisis the billionaires cannot escape.

On September 15, we want to see 20,000 people AMBUSH WALL STREET with flash protests, midnight actions, and bold new daytime tactics aimed at hastening the great awakening.

With surprising actions large and small, we will smoke the black viper out of the White House and reinstate the rule of the people.

Screw up your courage and join us!


September 15th

Provoke Trump.

  • This is a leaderless protest. If you want to organize for AMBUSH WALL STREET in your city, don’t ask permission - just do it! Repost this call to action on your blog and website, rewrite it, edit it, mash it up. Do whatever you feel will have the greatest possible revolutionary impact!