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Forum Post: The issues with reform...

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 19, 2011, 7:15 p.m. EST by larocks (414) from Lexington, KY
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The reforms of the last 50 years have been done by the corporation for the corporation. What we need are reforms for the people by the people. Some issues i think that need reform by the people for the people are as follows;



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[-] 1 points by nobody (11) from Beeville, TX 12 years ago

Separation of state and corporate Business like church and state! Need to amend the constitution.

[-] 1 points by larocks (414) from Lexington, KY 12 years ago
  1. Reform of the way corporations do business in this country. Its hard for a manufactoring company to do business in a country that isnt business friendly. Corporations are for profit and not for the worker, hence they move the jobs to a place that is friendly. 2. Reform the way lobbyist groups conduct themselves in washington. Corporations are not lobbyist groups. The reason that corruption has happened in washington is because these companies dont repersent the people. They represent profit. Lobbyist groups represent people; AARP, NRA, ETC... These corporations create cloaked lobbyist orginizations that dont represent the people but an intrest the corporation has for profit. This needs to be abolished and punished. 3. Reform the way corporations pay taxes. If a corporation creates a job in america then it deserves a tax break. Jobs should be treated as a commodity. Tarrifs and other forms of taxation should be imposed on the export of jobs. If a corporation exports a job then a tarrif should be put on the products that job entails. Eventually the free market system would correct itself because of higher prices on imports vs the ones produced here. 4. Reform the way corporations pay their board of directors. Seriously does it make sence to pay a CEO more money in one year than 50 families make in one year. Invest this excess money made by the corporation back into labor. Spread the wealth around to the bottom of the floor up to the top of the corporation with benefits, higher pay, and other union beleifs. Create new jobs and invest in a new infrastructure to secure our countries independence from outside energy. Cap the amount a person is allowed to make working for a company. 5. Reform immagration and why people come to America. The only reason people come to this country is for work, education, or a chance at the american dream. Immigrants come here for hope of a better life other than the one they leave behind. If a company hires an immigrant worker then pay the immigrant worker what that worker would make in their own country. Keep the amount of money paid to the immigrant worker the same as it would be paid to an american and use the difference as an immigrant tax. Issue work visas to these people and give them the same chance as an american in the work force. As for higher education of immigrants charge three times the amount of regular tuition. If you come to america for a competitive education then you should have to pay the premuim for this. If the american dream is sought then each immigrant should apply for citizenship. 6. Reform the way colleges do business. The only industry that has a growing demand and a higher price is higher education. The cost goes up and people cant afford it. So people must take loans to go to college. Isnt this borrowing agianst a future that is not written. Shouldnt regular banks be in charge of student loans instead of government. These types of loans should be interest free and not have a forebearance clause. If someone has problems paying the loans back then shouldnt that person still be accountable for the loan with no interest or penalties. After ten years and the loan still cant be paid back cause of innability to obtain work then shouldnt the education recieved be considered worthless and the college at fault for the cost of this. Shouldnt the college be held accountable for the loan. I think this would make the higher education institution help insure job placement upon graduation. 7. Reform the healthcare system. It realy is a shame that most americans cant afford health care insurance for their families. But it isnt the governments job to pay for goods and services rendered to you. Open free clinics that are free to the public. The doctors and other skilled workers in the medical industry should have to work in a free clinic for a few years at lower wages free of malpractice law suits before entering the private sector. Pay should be a descent wage provided by the government but not as much as a seasoned employee. Not only would this give the doctors and other workers a chance for experience but it would also give them a feal for patients. Government should regulate these clinics and review them with hard scrutiny. In the long run healthcare costs should come down as doctors are evaluated upon proficiency in medicine. This would also drive down the cost of malpractise insurance since the doctors would be reviewed on a constant basis of their performance. 8. Reform the way our country conducts war. Before one troop can be deployed congress must vote it absolutely neccessary. If a threat like 9-11 happens then the intelligence office should be the one to conduct the operation to remove the threat. Special branches of the military are there for reasons as such. Full blown war is not the answer. Killing thousands for something a few did is not the answer. Bring our over seas empire back home to were it needs to be. Bases around the world to maintain our way of life is not an answer to our problems.