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Forum Post: Is Mitt Romney a Reptilian?

Posted 2 years ago on Aug. 1, 2012, 8:57 p.m. EST by NLake72 (510)
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Ok... Simple question. I never used to believe in reptilians, but as I look at Mitt Romney I think... Maybe he's a reptilian. He seems to have the look. And, he seems to follow the same agenda. He speaks with a forked tongue, and I can't find any pictures to confirm that he actually does have a human tongue (and not something more akin to a snake's oral sensory organ.) I don't know... I never used to buy into any of this reptilian stuff, but I get that vibe... I don't know... It's just creepy. I mean, I'm not saying we are victims of an alien invasion, but man... I just get that queasy feeling like Mitt would sell out planet Earth to an alien race... Frankly, he might not be a human being at all. I get that "sans humanity" chill when I glance him out of the corner of my eye... Maybe we should see if other animals shy away from him? That's usually a pretty good trick for detecting pure evil... Maybe it works with aliens too? Food for thought.

Edit Paul Ryan looks like he was spawned from the same pod. You can't deny it, they are clearly a matched set.... It's like the Boys from Brazil. I bet they all have code names in a dossier somewhere.



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