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We are the 99 percent



Here is How You Do It.

Say the comment above this line is the different color link.

1) put your pointer on the link and left click - this will bring-up a pop-up menu - Click on the "copy link location" option.

2) go to where you pasted the article - find that statement again "Here is How You Do It."

3) put a bracket ( [ ) at each end of the statement.

Example : [Here is How You Do It.]

4) now don't put in any spaces. At the last bracket in the statement put a parenthacie "(" then with your pointer left click your cursor and your pop-up menu will appear again - this time click paste - and the link you copied will be placed - now all you do is place the final parenthacie ")"

5) example : Here is How You Do It.. When you save the comment it will be complete and your line will now be a highlighted link.

This one I had to save

[-] 0 points by TrevorMnemonic (5408) 1 hour ago

here's one he linked me a while back.


Is it really that hard to believe that a political party would create a strategy to try and get voters? What do you think campaigns are?
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This one had to be saved

[-] -2 points by Builder (3885) 3 weeks ago

It does indeed.

The leader (and all of the cultists) come from the planet Lesbos. (No men there)
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