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Forum Post: Can I Just Make a Strong Suggestion!!!

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 5, 2011, 7:11 p.m. EST by PeoplehaveDNA (305)
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Do not riot what ever happens and I mean what ever happens!!! The big what ever can be something foreseen or unforeseen. DO NOT RIOT the police and military secretly want you to riot because that is all they know how to handle. I know that it is extremely tempting when you have soo much police brutality and unrest but DON:T. If you see the anarchist namely Black-Bloc or who ever about to start shit get out of there immediately!!! It only takes one person to instigate a group. You can always protest another day!!! Stay peaceful!!!



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[-] 1 points by mapparu (10) from Sun City, CA 12 years ago

If they riot, they'll lose valuable support.

I agree, do not resort to violence.

[-] 1 points by PRJ (115) 12 years ago

No need for riots if you disperse- and occupy the foreclosures.

[-] 1 points by OQPi (162) 12 years ago

I agree that peace is the only way. Solidarity in Peace!!

[-] 0 points by Spankysmojo (849) 12 years ago

Great message. No riots, no violence, no hate on forums...no hate.

[-] 0 points by roloff (244) 12 years ago

Well if you didn't riot no one care about a bunch of people standing around doing nothing except saying they hate rich people

[-] 1 points by PeoplehaveDNA (305) 12 years ago

Riots need to be kept to a minimum it is going to turn off people who are on the fence and there is a tons of psychological, social, and political reasons why rioting will be a bad choice. Believe me everyone whats to throw rocks but restraint will get you more results in the long term.

[-] 0 points by roloff (244) 12 years ago

Still what is your purpose?