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OWS Updates for the Week of June 13

Posted 12 years ago on June 13, 2012, 4:55 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

Last week was a somber one, as the 99% in Wisconsin failed in a people-powered effort to recall a governor who has shamelessly declared class war on working families.

There is certainly cause to question whether the occupation-inspired popular uprising was sold out by electoral politics. But first let us take heed of the tangible damage being done to the day to day lives of so many Wisconsinites, if only considering that the billionaire-backed subversion of democracy taking place is being explicitly cited as a model that will soon be followed across the country.

Likewise, sending any form of solidarity to our Cheesehead-clad brethren would undoubtedly be appreciated, even through an action as simple as tweeting to #SolidarityWI.

And let us recognize that the fight is absolutely not over in Wisconsin, whose state motto -- Forward -- couldn’t ring any truer.

Occupy These Upcoming Events

Wednesday, June 13th, 8:00pm
NYC Casseroles Night #3
Washington Square Park
This is the third weekly Casseroles event from the NYC Infinite Strike Marches in solidarity with the student strike in Quebec. We hope to build momentum for an American student strike in the Fall. Bring your casseroles (pots and pans)!

Thursday, June 14th, 7pm
FtheBanks: Hit Obama Where it Hurts
Washington Square Park
Since there is NO substantial investigation into the massive, criminal bank fraud of 2008 and before, there will be NO high society fundraisers for Obama's campaign without us making a fuss with Pots & Pans and loudly educating his donors about his failure to seek bank justice.