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Emergency Call for Support from the Riverdale Mobile Home Encampment

Posted 11 years ago on June 12, 2012, 7:06 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

construction sign that has been altered to say ¨construction begins never¨

The following was written yesterday, June 11. For more: SaveRiverdale.com

This morning, we were informed by a utility worker that construction crews affiliated with Aqua America are planning to begin excavation on the land of the Riverdale mobile home community tomorrow (Tuesday).

We have successfully delayed construction of a massive water withdrawal facility, permitted to suck up to 3 millions gallons of water daily from the Susquehanna River for use in fracking operations, for over 10 days now. The encampment is in urgent need of support at this time! Now is the time to show your conviction and solidarity with these brave residents and volunteers who have decided to stand their ground in the face of ruthless corporate giant - Aqua America.

Ways to Support:

COME TO RIVERDALE: If you live within a few hours of Riverdale, now is the time to drop everything and support a community in dire need. The families that have stood their ground face imminent homelessness upon their removal. Call in sick to work, or take a vacation day - do it for the Riverdale residents.

DONATE: It has cost hundreds of dollars to feed and house the dozens of people who have come to support the residents of Riverdale. Money will be needed to support residents who face homelessness, and bail will need to be posted ASAP for those brave supporters who are holding the barricade.

Call or Email those responsible for fracking and the construction of this (and all) water withdrawal facilities.

CONTACT your friends, neighbors, allies, churches, and other networks that you may belong to. Ask them to spread the word, donate, write letters to the editor of their local newspaper.

This fight can still be won, but only with immediate action from people like you!

Update, 7am Tuesday: via @SaveRMHC: ¨Breakfast served at the encampment, a good crew of folks from @OccupyWallSt are here.¨ Follow them on Twitter, and get down there!


Occupy Berlin Biennale & Occupy Wall Street action against Deutsche Bank

Posted 11 years ago on June 12, 2012, 6:26 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

occupiers holding signs in front of Deutche Bank tower
Occupiers in front of the Deutsche Bank headquarters. October 22, 2011, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

via Take the Square, via Occupy the Berlin Biennale

The crisis of global capitalism requires a global response. We will now act against its leading institutions one by one. Transnational banks are central to this crisis and profit from the suffering of the people everywhere. Our first target will be Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is active in over 70 countries in the world, creating complex local crisis in various regions. For example, Deutsche Bank is speculating on the lives of people in Southen Europe, using economic and political mechanisms to ensure the payment of odious debts. In the United States, Deutsche Bank is known as the “foreclosure king” for driving millions of people from their homes.

We need a new global tactic. Like Deutsche Bank, the movements are everywhere, we are connected, and now we can act in coordinated ways, targeting socioeconomic injustices through the specific companies that spread them; from Berlin to Cairo, to Madrid to Mexico City to New York to New Dehli. We will respond to situations in their local complexity and global commonality and share these actions and tactics on a platform for everyone to see.

We are people from many regions of the global Occupy/15M movements who met in Berlin within the seventh Berlin Biennial. This human zoo, financed by the German Government, objectifies and de-politicizes activists who have been exhibited in a room where they have their meetings, discussions, and sleep. However, as people who believe in action, we do not see this situation as a static one. It embodies the problematic nature of many contermporary neoliberal spaces which the Occupy/15M must confront.

Our first targets are worldwide Deutsche Bank locations on Wednesday June 13. We will be at Deutche Bank Berlin on Unter de Linden. We call on all movements to do creative actions at their Deutsche Bank and upload documentation to the N-1 network under “International Targets: Round One” The backup location is on Facebook under the same name.

Let’s build on the global actions of the past and keep connecting a cooperative mass resistance for the future.