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Forum Post: Whistleblower from the World Bank...tipping point of trust?

Posted 6 years ago on June 4, 2013, 12:44 a.m. EST by windyacres (1197)
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Karen Hudes is an attorney with a respected position at the World Bank for more than 20 years. A person in this position that warns us that there is a group that has successfully captured the world's capital markets, selected the gatekeepers, and hopes to keep the masses ignorant a little longer to extract as much as possible. She claims the MSM is owned by this one group and only reports their filtered message. Plenty of influence in Washington to make it work.

This would undeniably be an interesting news story, whether her claims are true or not. I wonder if we are already at the point when even this story will be handled, and few will ever know. A link to a video and a link to an article. Is this the straw that broke the camel's back? Is this the truth?





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[-] 6 points by shadz66 (19985) 6 years ago

Great forum-post on an important matter and another cross link again to :

So much to read, so li'l time lol, so all we can do is plug away and hope !!

dum spiro, spero ...

[-] 5 points by windyacres (1197) 6 years ago

In her video, Karen Hudes doesn't hesitate to give the names of the people she spoke with, not typical of someone telling a conspiracy theory. Do any of these people she mentioned deny her claims? How the hell would we know?

[-] 5 points by shadz66 (19985) 6 years ago

We can't have ANY confidence in The Corporate MSM so we have to persevere and glean info and share and hope that justice prevails :

Solidarity with this brave woman in her struggle. She ain't no dope that's for sure !

multum in parvo ...

[-] 5 points by windyacres (1197) 6 years ago

Wow! Again she gives names of the people involved. Why aren't they denying these claims and prosecuting her? They apparently want this to quietly go away.

A must see youtube interview with RT.

[-] 3 points by shadz66 (19985) 6 years ago

Re. Karen Hudes, the link is indeed a ''must see'' and also fyi :

''The pattern is the same in every industry, from farming, to manufacturing, to every aspect of transportation, to the health insurance scam, to anything else you can name. In one common version, already vested interests go to the State demanding regulation and protection from "destabilizing" forces which, they claim, threaten the nation's well-being (by which, they mean competitors who threaten their profits). The State enthusiastically complies, the cooperative lawmakers enjoying rewards of many kinds and varieties. Then they'll have to enforce all those nifty regulations and controls. The State will do some of it but, heck, it's complicated and time-consuming, ya know? Besides, some of the (US) State's good friends in "private" business make a killing doing some of the enforcing. Give it to them! Etc. and so on.''

e tenebris, lux ...

[-] 4 points by windyacres (1197) 6 years ago

Another great link shadz, I agree that there's no evidence that all of Iran's or anyone's government leaders are suicidal.

This excerpt is unforgettable;

"Here is Robert Higgs explaining it:

As a general rule for understanding public policies, I insist that there are no persistent "failed" policies. Policies that do not achieve their desired outcomes for the actual powers-that-be are quickly changed. If you want to know why the U.S. policies have been what they have been for the past sixty years, you need only comply with that invaluable rule of inquiry in politics: follow the money."

[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 6 years ago

"We the People," not "We the Rich." - are the first words of The US Constitution and The SCOTUS has enabled the usurpation of democracy in The U$A !!! Thanx for the great excerpt and I again recommend the article above to all readers & further append :

fiat justitia ruat caelum ...

[-] 5 points by windyacres (1197) 6 years ago

Just another scandal? karen Hudes claims that she told congress about the problem and congress demanded a GAO audit. The World Bank refused to allow the audit so congress refused to fund the World Bank in March.

She claims the whole world is insisting that the US plays by the rules, and allow proper accounting.


[-] 4 points by Renneye (3874) 6 years ago

Karen Hudes deserves to stay in the headlines. I'd been thinking of contributing to this forum post to keep it in the forefront, but feeling a little under the weather right now. Thankfully you and Shadz had the same idea. Thanks to you both for keeping this intelligent and brave woman in people's minds, exposing the corruption of the World Bank and by virtue of association & proximity, scores of influential World Establishments.

Karen Hudes has put the following OWS link on her latest twitter post...



https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bzss7Q0pShvzM0dYOFkzOVhwRzg/edit (scroll to bottom to see OWS link)

Thanks, once more, 'windy' and Shadz for keeping Karen Hudes in the OWS & world headlines.

[-] 4 points by windyacres (1197) 6 years ago

Karen Hudes deserves to stay in the headlines until the headlines change to; The Entire World is being run by the Mafia!

This revelation would finally bring the outrage necessary to get people off the couch and wake up to a true, "Watershed Moment", of desperately needed changes. All other issues are secondary to this because no other issues can be solved until this is solved.

I continue to believe Karen Hudes story because she doesn't hesitate to name people involved and specific events, not smart if someone is not telling the truth.

[-] 4 points by Renneye (3874) 6 years ago

More good news, windy!

The MSM is avoiding Karen Hudes like the plague, but, to no avail.

There is no stopping this information, any more. I just did a web search on her, and her information is EVERYWHERE.

Here's a collection of her information that is now available for everyone to see...look on page 2. We're in the global headlines!!


So take heart, windy! Looks like the RT episode went viral.

And yes, I would agree with your sentiments completely. The obscenely greedy, .01% oligarch conglomerate is indeed a type of 'cabal', that needs to be dealt with as priority #1. Everything else falls underneath their control, so lets get them first.

It is being said that: "Hudes' story is easily the most interesting, compared to major financial scandals, surveillance, etc. The American public, indeed the whole world, would unify with an understanding of a rigged world for a few."

We may be getting that 'Watershed Moment', sooner than we hoped. : )

[-] 4 points by windyacres (1197) 6 years ago

It was brilliant of her to notify so many major players with documentation to back up the fact that she has informed them! Congress, Joint Chiefs of Staff, all 50 Governors and all 50 state Atty Generals, and of course all 188 ministers of finance from the countries represented in the World Bank. Buying a World Bank bond gave her the right to access the accounting at the World Bank which she knew was inaccurate!

The conglomerate, "cabal", must be dealt with first. Her information should be EVERYWHERE!

[-] 0 points by forourfutures (393) 6 years ago

Chance of upholding the constitution to remedy this abridging of the freedoms of the press?

[-] 3 points by windyacres (1197) 6 years ago

A difficult task when they own all of the major media outlets. Several alternative news sites have the RT interview for viewing, hopefully it will go viral on facebook and other social media sites.

[-] 2 points by forourfutures (393) 6 years ago

Looks like NWO endgame strategy. Time to give up the petty differences and worrying about the Super Bowl.