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Forum Post: When the sh*t hits the fan

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 6, 2011, 3 p.m. EST by utopia (17)
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I do not want a redistribution of wealth I want all criminals prosecuted with new laws, I want other criminals to be charged with crimes against humanity, I want all bullshit laws to be outlawed, made illegal or designated not good for the benefit of humanity, I want banking transparency when it comes to were my money is invested or spent,. I want bankers to sign a legal document stating they will not steal or they will be prosecuted to the extent of the law, I want no secret political gifts, all must be posted for all to see, Get rid of the FED, set a maximun that any corporate CEO can make,. Get riid of tax loopholes A working week of monday through friday 8 hour days double time for overtime or extra shifts, Profit sharing Mandatory holidays and separate sick days, Women to get equal pay, All closed government seesions to be televised or streamed including g10, g20, Bilderberg ect....... Or made illegal by law, No mandatory overtime, Workers rights in at will states, No medicare cuts ever, No social security cuts ever, Free education at all public universities, healthcare for all with no loss of healthcare between jobs, Repeal the patriot act and let the public decide on homeland security. No hate crime speech laws, all religious icons legal as per individual right to display. All religious holidays respected and time off on those days, A public forum to discuss or change law per the majority of public opinion, Any white colar crimes to have increased penalties, the worst white collar criminals go to work camp for re-education, public debate on media information being directed at our children and adults and the public majority is allowed to direct content, A free internet , Anything detrimental to the public health or interest will be crime, A choice of retirement options from very safe to risky with criminal charges for abusesof funds, Criminal charges if the media lies or promotes propaganda, End the public taxpayer support of israel by the government and support only by private individual donations. The public Taxes must be approved by the majority of the public, Corporations cannot influence law unless approved by the public majority, All present laws to be reveiwed according to priority and the public can chhose which laws are legal or illegal , No gun control laws, All drugs are legal as per public decision, Decriminalization of personal drug use

Enough for now

Let the shit hit the fan!!!



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[-] 2 points by sat (31) 12 years ago

mmm..illegal to abuse animals...but okay to abort and euthanize human animals... gee makes sense to me.
mmm..you want the public to decide.. uh, isn't that direct democracy? then why do you need a representative government and not just a leader? who is to pay for all your wants and needs? If all the money in the country was equally disbursed, it would not pay for all to live their lives till the end.. so then what would you do to create you notion of "fair"? Companies are closing people are being laid off... who will make the products? Why would public energy companies even have profits in your fair world?? How much profit would they be allowed to have?? just because you have an idea, doesn't make it a good one...

[-] 2 points by daddyo14171 (48) 12 years ago

Paragraphs are your friend....

[-] 1 points by zoeoz70 (13) 12 years ago

Not when wiggling fingers are replacing ballot answer forms, this is beginning to seem a cult of individual manifestos. I would not drink any kool Aid after a major issue in one of the meetings is met with majority suicide fingers (yet to be made public) and now that the truth about legal use of bullhorns has been passed on, can people stop the human microphone.

[-] 1 points by AlternativeSynergy (224) 12 years ago

Exactly, that is the best way to make sure your posts aren't read.

[-] 1 points by locke (10) 12 years ago

Take some history lessons. If you stepped outside of your personal bubble and looked into the past for answers, you would find countries that implemented these policies(or at least very similar ones) and how they took harrowing dives into depression. Your ignorance is a symbol of the failure of the human race.

[-] 1 points by Idaltu (662) 12 years ago

Except for the weird Blue Law...I agree. And that Blue Law is not minor. I believe in absolute separation of church and state.

[-] 1 points by sat (31) 12 years ago

I believe in absolute seperation of state and church! Why is Islam being taught in government schools and portrayed as the holiest of the 3 major religions? Why is the Bible said to be Jesus's stories instead of the word of God? I believe no religion should be in the hands of Government schools.

[-] 1 points by Teacher (469) 12 years ago

koo-koo. Schools don't say anything about religion except not to hate each other for being different.