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Forum Post: What is 'conservatism' when only The Parasite Class' interests are protected at all costs & everything else is left to perish ?!

Posted 2 years ago on Oct. 25, 2012, 5:03 p.m. EST by shadz66 (19985)
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There was once a time when political 'conservatism' meant roughly what the word implies - attempts to keep things as they are and to prevent economic and societal change in order to defend the interests of the dominant class. However nowadays, 'conservatism' has mutated into quite a different phenomenon though its purpose is still to maintain the position of the dominant class and their corporations.

It's no longer enough to merely own the Land and most of the Capital and to own the media and via the corrupted system of 'party funding' - to own the 'political system'. In order to restore Dickensian levels of inequality, the crazed 'elites' now seek to reverse what political progress has been made in the last hundred years. This particularly involves dismantling any tax system that may redistribute wealth and it means trashing any rules that may prevent 'the powerful' from acting just as they please. Nowhere is the mantra of 'deregulation' more destructive than in the treatment of the natural world.

In the UK, the Right Wing, 'Conservative'/'Liberal Democrat' alliance government has published a list of environmental regulations which it aspires to remove. Amongst the regulations to be removed or diminished are those for controlling hazardous waste, air pollution and contaminated land. Regulations are the means by which modern 'civilised' societies resolve their internal conflicts and it prevents the selfish and the most powerful from spoiling the lives of others. Ministers describe deregulation as "the shrinking of the state", whereas in reality it is the 'Shrinking of Democracy' !!

This kind of 'conservatism' has no regard for what is destroyed. It does not care whom it hurts. It will sacrifice entire species and ecosystems rather than contemplate the slightest check on its own self-interest - as everything else is left to perish !

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