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Forum Post: This movement has no purpose and will never change anything.

Posted 3 years ago on Jan. 16, 2012, 11:34 a.m. EST by America921 (161)
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I went on this website about 3 months ago and have been visiting it frequently. I wanted to learn more about this movement. I soon began to realize that this movement has no purpose, has no goals, has no plan of attack. This whole leaderless movement stuff is bull. Every great movement that was successful had a leader, i.e. The Civil Rights Movement. This movement does not represent the 99%. Majority of the people in this movement have miserable lives and want to bring down other people's lives. Capitalism is not failing; it has it's failings and the economy will go up and down. The economy right now would be growing if France. Spain, and Greece were not bankrupt and putting the EU on the edge of complete collapse. Capitalism is the best system we have. My great Grandparents came here with nothing and died very successful people. Socialism and Communism do not account for the Human condition. They sound great, I am the first to admit that, but they do not work in the real world. This movement supports Communism, something that this country will never accept. Why? Because we spent almost 50 years fighting the spread of it. Socialism has failed in Greece, France, and Spain. This movement will never change anything, will never be organized, will never receive the nation's attention. This is just like the 60's. It will fail, but of course people will claim that they changed things but atlas it will not. Don't write me off as some Troll or a lassy for the 1% you claim to fight. It's beneath you and childish. I have a right to voice my opinion and anyone who says otherwise is a poor excuse for a human being.