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We are the 99 percent


Keep your money close and your jobs closer.

What's funnier than an unemployed Capitalist? Nothing!!! Hahaha

If one is in net debt they are Capital-less and should not be Capitalists.

It's unconscionable that I must pay tax on every sock but Bankers pay nothing at all for Trillion dollar deals.

Taxing people is a losing game, the people don't have enough money or jobs to tax. Since the Financial Sector is the largest part of the economy we'll tax it. We must tax the money where it is. Taxing Wall St. does not raise citizen/consumer prices.

Capitalism is NOT concerned with justice. Empathy is anti-Capitalist. What you learned in Sunday school does not apply to Capitalism. Capitalism is an Economic System NOT a Social System. Bastardizing Capitalism into a Social System allows OJ Simpsons and Citizens United.

Our food system is now two tiered, organic or poisoned. Separate and very unequal.

The bank bail-out of 2008 was a terrorist attack. The terrorists threatened Congress with Martial Law in the first secret meeting. The terrorists include Larry Summers, Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke. Congress, Bush and Obama negotiated with the terrorists and payed them $7??,000,000,000. Then Obama hired them.

Liars! Who? Those little white lies your employer gets you to tell add up. Case in point; dad calls for recall info on baby product, rep says 'none' knowing that later this week it will be. That's a 99%er white lying to another 99%er for the 1%. This must stop. So technically I'm calling 99%ers liars. Please stop lying for the super rich.

Ah the FED, yes the FED has been bad for the country and it's citizens, but it's been great for the 1%ers. A FED is a necessary part of ANY economic system, with a federal government takeover of the FED the people would reap the benefits not the 1%. Yes we need to talk about the FED and yes we need to act.

Capitalism is a game and all games have rules. The rules for Capitalism are called laws and regulations.

Czars are Lobbyists put on the payroll. Professional Lobbyists should not be allowed in government buildings. This leaves government employees freer to work for the betterment of the country.

Those between 20-24 should leave the country for 12+ months to teach English in Asia. This allows for easier college entrance and greater levels of maturity and sense of self. There are no jobs here and won't be till 2014. Don't suffer unemployment, leave the country.

John Galt went around the country collecting men. They unionized and went on strike. Who is John Galt? John Galt is a union man.

Don't have any student loans, eh?

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