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Forum Post: President Drumpf? How Insane Is THAT ?

Posted 7 years ago on Nov. 9, 2016, 3:16 a.m. EST by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN
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I have a hard time just trying to consider him a resident! Think The DNC are kicking themselves now for screwing Bernie out of the nomination?



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[-] 1 points by factsrfun (8310) from Phoenix, AZ 7 years ago

The biggest untold story is that HRC had twice the endorsement points that Al Gore had before the first ballots were cast in the primaries.

[-] 1 points by Shule (2638) 7 years ago

This is the revolution! The people have spoken. No War. Wall Street is going down.

Larry Fink and the rest of the Wall Street Crooks should have known better than to run the tired old wicked Hag for President.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

Yes, indeed, this is the U.S. response to the challenge of China's "One country, two systems." We'll have, "Two countries, one (wild?) party." Ours is obviously superior (more fun and intriguing, too?).

It's too bad that you and VK's support for my "vino, vino, for Virginia!" candidacy came to nought but I'll just go to eat a whole bar of Hershey's chocolate (or trade for some Halloween candy leftovers from the kids)to self-medicate. The good thing is that the Retard-I-can't party can no longer shirk the responsibility of governance by blaming the Demonkrapts who so deviously killed Bernie's candidacy.

Unity in purpose can make America great again. e pluribus unum. God bless America!

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 7 years ago

Will the news (?) outlets be telling us about the people who vanished overnight in the rapture now? Or will that be a non-story?

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

The invasion of Canada (more like a plea perhaps, from shell-shocked North American refugees) shall commence finally, after centuries' delay. Russia wins the musical award for the instrumental cannons.

Dallas and Dynasty reruns in politics have vanished overnight in the Rapture, I think and hope. Prima!

Fellow Americans,

It's time to unite as one people to renew and fulfill the promise of "America" as Teddy Roosevelt had stated more than a century ago:

 I stand for the square deal. But when I say that I am for the square deal, I mean not 
 merely that I stand for fair play under the present rules of the game, but that I stand 
 for having those rules changed so as to work for a more substantial equality of 
 opportunity and of reward for equally good service....
  • from "The New Nationalism," speech by Theodore Roosevelt, 1910, available in "The Documentary History of the United States," by Richard D. Heffner, A Mentor Book, published by the New American Library, Copyright 1952, 1956, 1965 by Richard D. Heffner. p. 227.
[-] 2 points by BrentWeirick81 (-85) 7 years ago

You guys still don't get it. The hard working people of this country don't care about all of your high intellectual thought. We have to provide for our families and Obama and the Democrats sold us out. Your brand of putting people into racial buckets has done nothing to help the people. There continues to be rioting in the streets Go back to your books and take Obama and his rich cronies with you.

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 7 years ago

" The hard working people of this country don't care about all of your high intellectual thought." really - time to read some history. hard working people through out our history have educated themselves about the difficult issues of the day and fought to gain their rights. for the 8 hour work day and the end of the gold standard and more. read about the dirt poor farmers of the populist movement who traveled days to listen and learn about how the money system works. or the years of struggle black (and white) people endured to get the right to vote. stop whining and find out who is really fucking you over. should i say it again - yes clinton, bush and obama played their part but who gave them all the money to run and then gave them lots more when they were done running. illegals - i don't think so. and never forget that your great friend ronnie fucked you first - you just didn't know it - you were the frog in room temp water with the fire raging under the pan.

[-] 1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-85) 7 years ago

I did well under Reagan. It all started with Clinton and NAFTA. I only go by the facts.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

The 1970's were horrible, too. There were recessions in the early 1970's due to Saudi Arabia's oil embargo against the U.S. arising from the 1973 Yom Kippur War with Israel and in the late 1970's due to the 1979 Iranian Revolution causing a de-facto oil embargo. The pattern was Israel, oil and oil, war and revolution.

Achieving energy independence (but not at the expense of clean air and water, people can't drink crude, water's too bulky to transport) will allow the oil problem to lessen so that the U.S. will not be forced to support the UNsinkable aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Israel(which proved itself far superior to the U.S.S. Liberty, nearly sinking it), regardless of morality (it has already started lapsing into immorality even before Trump takes power). Wars and revolutions are vastly destructive endeavors so avoiding them is a smart move. Lilith, bye.

Each person seeing when bad things start depends on their event horizon. I didn't see how destructive the China/Walmart/Clinton/Retard-I-can't/NAFTA Anschluss was until it was already too late("Dad! All you do is work, work, and work!" made me see why my mind went blind and I could say the same regarding my Mom's selection of a babysitter for me). It started with Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America" winning Congressional elections. It should set off an alarm in your head. We've just had them, haven't we?

Yes, Newt Gingrich may well be a significant player in Trump's administration again so I share BW's trepidations but Newt seems to support an expanded Medicare for all so it's a step in the correct direction.

Rudy Giuliani cut New York City's budgets without clear considerations of the potential consequences. New Yorkers died from that so I'm wary with him playing a big role again.

Chris Christie turned New Jersey's governmental apparatus into an appendage of protection money collection for politicking and set terrible tone in governance that led to Bridgegate. Yes, I'm very concerned.

Donald Trump has already signed on to big taxcuts for corporations and wealthy families like his so it shows the type of advisors he already has. He'll likeliest turn out to be a fraud like Reagan did before he was shot. I believe that John Hinckley Jr. had really changed the course of the Reagan Presidency. Reagan was a shrouded-in-the-dark fraud, too, until he realized his purpose in life and in the Office of the Presidency after the extremely close brush with death. Seeing the molten-copper face of God(or receiving a bottle of orange juice given in mercy, in my case) is always very life-changing and enlightening.

Trump is not shrouded in the dark, I hope, because we have social media now. If people want to take the pulse of the American People, it's available online worldwide 24/7/365.25. A major requirement is the mental intensity and interest. Trump personally uses social media, unlike old-school Clinton. Business people need and crave for intelligence so I'm not in total despair yet.

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 7 years ago

no it started under reagan - actually probably cater to some extent. the fact that you still had a job doesn't mean that the process hadn't already begun. i think you can understand that no? the steel plant didn't close in my hometown until 1991 but the process that led it to close started much earlier. lots of people had good jobs in the 90s - does that mean clinton was good. do you realize that the fact of your own life are not all the facts. and while we are on the subject of ronnie reagan check out his immigration policy and what he did in california

[-] 1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-85) 7 years ago

Nafta started in the 90's so not sure what you are saying. Times were good under Reagan and we liked him. He listened to us while Obama and Bush did not. You guys are too stuck in your ways believing all of this theory and claptrap. We are just workers.

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 7 years ago

why is this so hard for you - reagan was no friend to the workingman. time to do some reading - here is a start - "Instead, Reagan and his insurgent right-wing Republicans arrived in Washington in 1980 bearing false promises of how drastically lower tax rates on the rich would produce more revenue. They also claimed that slashed government spending would make almost everyone better off.

Reagan fronted, too, for ideological assaults on unions, de-regulation of banks and corporations, and scrapping plans for solar and other alternative energy sources. Reagan combined these strategies with a massive military build-up even though the chief U.S. rival, the Soviet Union, was in rapid and irreversible decline.

Contrary to Reagan’s assurances, the promised surge in tax revenue never materialized and the deficit swelled to then-record levels. Other negative effects of Reagan’s “trickle-down” strategy were quickly apparent with homeless people wandering the streets and with the decay of once thriving industrial cities.

But other consequences were slower to materialize because the United States had so much wealth that the nation could absorb misguided policies for brief periods.

Thanks to Reagan’s political skills, however, his strategies became deeply entrenched in Official Washington. “Free-market” orthodoxy was in; crank philosophers like Ayn Rand and cruel economic gurus like Milton Friedman were cool. Even middle-class Americans began to worship the “market,” increasingly risking their hard-earned money on Wall Street.

Reagan’s personal appeal helped sell this anti-government philosophy even to many people who were being savaged by the policies. Especially working-class white men were encouraged to blame their declining status on programs that were helping to correct historic discrimination against women and racial minorities.

Even during the eight years of Democratic President Bill Clinton, when there was a counter-surge of government activism, there was still a growing Washington consensus about “the magic of the markets,” further deregulation and continued exporting of American factory jobs. Too many insiders, both Republican and Democrat, were getting rich from the Wall Street gold rush.

[-] 1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-85) 7 years ago

Don't want to get into an argument, but we had jobs under Reagan and the economy did better than under Carter. I don't get into all of these party fights. Obama has been bad for us and Clinton would have been too. Trump will be good. Watching all of these millenials protest just confirms my vote. I don't think these young people know what real hard work is - working with your hands.

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 7 years ago

first of all this is not a party fight - i do not believe in either party that is why i am here. this is a disagreement about history and it is important to know history. your are right on many counts but lets not blame young people. we had it easier than our parents. i can't imagine what my grandparents and parents went through. we are spoiled in their eyes and the next generation is in ours. we are a richer country now - what do you expect.

most likely the next clinton administration would be more of the same - but nobody know for sure. just like nobody can know if trump will be good or not - not you not me.

as for reagan you make statements without much evidence. the 70's were very good for my work - not yours? are you forgetting the recession of 1981-2? and sure there were jobs under reagan. it takes a long time to ship millions of jobs overseas - like reagan, bush 1, clinton, bush 2and then obama - lets see how long it takes your boy to bring them back.don't hold your breath. and did you read what i sent you or are the "facts stupid things" like ronnie says??

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

Note: "Chomsky - Coup Attempt Hit Closer to Centers of Power Than Hitler’s 1923 Putsch"! ...

Miss U around these parts 'flip'. I hope Mayda, U, your wider family & crew are all well in these circs.

et respice, adspice, prospice ...

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 3 years ago

wow you guys are still at it here! obviously i haven't checked in for a long time. all good here - we shut our solar company down and sold it which was good. i still teach tennis once a week but now at age 70 i am playing instead of teaching - finally!

Mayda and i were both unemployed during the pandemic and are having all sorts of problems with NJ unemployment. i got benefits as a self employed for the first time ever - well first time i could not work so? anyway we were both cut off from benefits and no way to reach anyone because the phone service is shut down. were are fine financially but the system sucks and there must be many others who really need it and can't get it.

also the vaccine system is a mess - in NJ anyway. very hard to navigate the system to find out where and when one can get it. our government is dysfunctional!

we have been very careful with covid and not in a rush to take the vaccine but probably will in the not too distant future. Mayda is scheduled for next week.

so you and the beautiful one are still going strong. that's great. what have i missed?

and what about you - and what a country huh? i don't think i would have believed you if you told me what would happen when trump got elected in 2016. and just FYI my young nephew - working for campbell soup in IT told me that there would be a riot on jan 6. how is it that he knew and they were not prepared? i would like to know who gave the order to go with minimum security?

i will check back in soon to see how you are. will take a look at recent posts to see who is saying what

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

This forum is still extant and has a readership that is waaay in excess of the actual numbers who still post here but it's VERY NICE to hear from U, flip :-) Sorry for all your trials and tribulations, but that pretty much goes for All Earthlings right now, I suppose. Hope Mayda's vaccine went well & ditto when it comes to your turn. I am waiting to be called. It is so interesting what U say about the Koup Klux Klowns' plans being known well in advance and what a HUGE Security Agencies fail NOT to see/prevent that fkn horror show! Please do try to keep your eye in here as & when U can my friend, & sincere best wishes & solidarity to U, Mayda & also your wider family & crew. Finally here are two articles that took my eye, fyi,

pax, amor et lux ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

"Israel's Secret Collusion with Trump to Win 2016 Race"! w/esteemed journalist James Bamford:

"Bamford's investigation finds that while American media fixated on Russia's role in swaying the 2016 election, Israeli interference was completely ignored." Further evidence of Intel Agency perfidy & clear infiltration of the US government at the highest levels it appears, imo!

sub rosa?!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 9 months ago

Note "CNN’s Town Hall didn’t hold Trump accountable; It Normalized his lies"! [Sasha Abramsky]

And closely consider that: "This media spectacle served to normalize the immoral and the destructive"!

"The Demogogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots"! [H L Mencken]

caveat - angius in herba!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 12 months ago

As "There's a clear and present danger of a new Trump presidency. Democrats must act now to prevent it"! by Jonathan Freedland:

"Being found liable for sexual abuse hasn’t weakened the Republican’s grip on his party, while the polls are getting bleaker for Biden"!


[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23779) 7 years ago

Hard working people have been mind managed to vote against their own interests for decades. This is largely due to the fact that corporations run your government and control both parties. What do hard working people need? They need a living wage, they need universal healthcare that is single payer and not for profit. They need jobs. They need education and housing that they can actually afford. They need control over their bodies. They need a military that is severely reduced so that we can afford the things that they, as human beings need. What they don't need is the neo-fascist authoritarian that was just voted into office.

Voting based on celebrity and braggadocio and NOT policy and platform will do no good for the working men and women in this country. Big fail. Corporations and the wealthy win big time. Ignorance reigns and, sadly, the environment is probably the biggest loser.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

"Man does not live by bread alone but with every word that comes from the mouth of God." - Mat. 4:4. God cannot be man's helper everywhere and at all times, so He created the babysitter, higher than the angels, and a bit lower than Himself. "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." - Gen. 2:18.

Man's Destiny is to be the Steward of all realms, all His Dominions, both spiritual And physical, both eternal And temporal, for man was made in His image (Gen. 9:6).

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 7 years ago

so i just posted something that makes your point - check it out if you have time - it titled "the lost 6 months in 2009 that still haunt us

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 7 years ago

yes they all sold us out - well i am doing more than ok but the working class that my ancestors came from got screwed. but lets be clear and include the great ronnie reagan in this mess. take a look at a chart of the stock market. i begins it great upward trend in the early 1980s. ronnie (with plenty of help from paul volker) broke the unions and drove wages down and profits up. very simple formula and every president since ronnie has continued the trend.

don't take it from me - here is paul (chairman of the fed in the 1980s) in his own words - "The standard of living of the average American has to decline" (Volcker) said "I don't think you can escape that".

and by the way, i for one am glad you chimed in - getting pretty stale here - keep it going!

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

In the fight against inflationary expectations, the average Americans paid in with the decline of their living standard but had Paul Volcker let the monster rage on, the U.S. would have gone on to become a Zimbabwe or a Venezuela, truly a Hell on Earth.

Paul Volcker was a cigar-chomping no-nonsense public servant who didn't mince words and lived simply, so what if he had told the damned truth. The withdrawal from the cocaine of easy money policy was very painful but necessary. The Fed was very powerful then (unlike the really weak Fed now, after many years of easy money policy targeting fed funds rates to below 0.25%, not much clearance's left to be able to fend off a recession through interest rate cuts) and his heavy-handed tightly-guarded-till-released interest rate hikes returned the trustworthiness of the financial numbers. It was as if the financial nerves of the economy were working once again. If one could feel (all pain initially but what else could one expect, really?), one could have the confidence to act so the economy thawed and gained steam.

The fed discount rate at the time reached over 20% with money market funds paying 17% or more. Unemployment rate reached 9% in late 1982. The secular bull market started on 1981-8-16 after the bipartisan resolve to rescue the U.S. economy had been past into law. Trickle-down NEVER worked. Much fiscal stimulus squirted overseas due to trade links, not that it's too bad for the world, but it was not the intended purpose.

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 7 years ago

first of all i started my working life in1973 and it was never better. bought a house in 77 and my wages went up every year. everyone had money. i have yet to be convinced that it was a bad decade. i imagine even our brent friend was working and making money then.

i think the great volker achieved just what he wanted - he never said the second half of his sentence. the standard of living of the average american must go down - so that of the 1% can go up. you are right that the bull market started in 1982 and has not stopped. but will soon it seems. poor brent can't seem to figure out that the clinton- bush - obama crew simply continued what ronnie and paul v started. great americans no?


[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 7 years ago

the "creative destruction" of capitalism goes on in all decades. there were lots of shocks during the 70s - oil embargo and the end of the bretton woods system. the economic mess of the vietnam war came home so many problems to deal with but i am not convinced that the inflation was the worst thing or that carter was the problem. for sure reagan was the beginning of what we are living through now.money flowing to the 1% and jobs flowing overseas. i will try to be nice to brent but he needs to make an effort as we all do no?

[-] 1 points by Shule (2638) 7 years ago

Yes indeed. I second your thought. Personnally I think all those riots are being orcharstated by the Wall Street Oligarchy. They obviously are totally freaked out by Trump's surprize win for they are really the only ones to loose from a Trump Presidency (that is if he does not cave in.) Look how so much of the noise is coming out of Hollywood. The Wall Street 1% might be out trying to create so much Choas so that come January Obama can declare marshall law and keep the oligarchy in power, or at least make it dang near impossible for Trump to practically function.

[-] 1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-85) 7 years ago

Trump will take it to the 1% Wall Streeters. Obama, Clinton and the Dems have backed these people for too long. Hollywood and the NY media elite are in this scam as well. The working people stood up in this election. We are taking our nation back by getting rid of these bad trade deals. We are going back to work.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 7 years ago

You are deluded if you think Drumpf is gonna lead a people's revolution. He is a wealthy asshole who cares nothing for anyone other than himself = wall street need lose no sleep = KXL should look forward to continued support = TPP is not in danger.

[-] 1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-85) 7 years ago

We will get a better deal from him than we have from Obama and Clinton. What good have you guys done? You sold us out. Did you protect our jobs? No. Did you stop low cost labor from coming into the country?, I was layed off and now have to buy my own health insurance. Did your group protect me, No. All I hear from you guys is to protect some immigrant who is taking my job or some body who is worried about their self image. I need to feed my kids.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

"I need to feed my kids."

If you need help and you are legal here in the U.S., you can apply for the food benefits of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program to get food for the kids. I know it's only a band-aid but it may tide your family over until the infrastructure jobs have been created, which I'm absolutely sure that Trump will create - that's the type of business he knows well and is passionate about.

I'm sick and tired of hitting potholes or crossing bridges or going under overpasses teetering on the brink of collapse(some have already collapsed and I'm glad that I've missed them). We need them fixed. I hope that they know Not to jumpstart China's steel industry instead of U.S. steel industry.

Your complaint about "self image" is off the mark. Tourists did not come to New York, New York, to visit our dilapidated infrastructure, okay? Once when I drove into a pothole on FDR Drive, it shook my dozing female companion awake. She gave me that look. It was terrible.

You may feel similarly as you stare into the eyes of your hungry children (okay, they won't really starve - in schools they can get free breakfasts if they can get up early; in summer, there used to be[I'm a bit unsure if they're still around - considering that Reagan had tried to pass off catsup to be counted as a vegetable for school lunches of children] neighborhood free lunch programs dispensing summer free lunches to school-age children). It may just be "self image" but it matters.

Reagan might tell you to feed your kids with some bags of catsup for vegetables. You can even get free "vegetables" from the fast food restaurants such as McDonald's. Wow! It's Conservatism at its best - starving our children (they don't vote).

[-] 1 points by Shule (2638) 7 years ago

Ragging on immigrants is taking it a bit far. First of all Trump never said that. All he was saying was illegals which does not mean immigrants or other foreigners with valid work visas. Most foreigners are hired to work here for good reason; they are highly competant, qualified, and show up for work in the morning. All Trump is talking about are a few scammers who also slip in, (and then there is that human trafficing problem.) Ragging on immigrants and foreigners is skirting on racism, and I'm not party to that.

[-] 1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-85) 7 years ago

Being against people who are here illegally and do not pay taxes, while I do, is not racist. I adhere to the rules, why can't they. I see all of these protesters demanding that the government look the other way while I got sold out. You know the old saying about knowing who the sucker at the table is, well, it was the hard working people of this country. If you think that is racist, well then we disagree.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

It's not racist. It's accountability. I fumed at the driver who did not stop for the schoolbus picking up children. If we don't even know who the person is, how can we ensure the safety of our people?

Illegal aliens broke U.S. law as the very first act of arriving in the U.S. so there must be penalties. I agree with Shule that the reputation of immigrants should not be tarnished by the presence of illegal aliens amongst them. Immigrants are who made America great and there are certainly many legal ones.

Our corporations and politicians sold us out by not enforcing the laws. The fault is not with the immigrants. In defense of California's agriculture, I'm all for fumigating Mediterranean fruitflies but I'm certainly against fumigating the European honeybees brought in to work the flowers. Bees are not fruitflies although both came from overseas. Lumping them in with fruitflies is unjust. Well, yeah, Hawaii counts as "overseas" in this agricultural endeavor, as much as Guam counts as "overseas" for Hawaii as far as snakes are concerned.

[-] 1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-85) 7 years ago

I agree, but that is not what these people are asking for. They are asking that we look the other way and forget that they broke the law and continue to break the law. Obama has said it is okay. And both you and I know that if they have to pay back taxes in order to stay and get citizenship, they won't. Why would they.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

Yes, of course, and penalties and interests on the employers who benefited from hiring the illegal workers.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

Donald John Trump knows the importance of image, for him to get to where he is. Behold, and he shall teach thee.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 7 years ago

Did the dems have a working majority in the last 8 years to get anything done?


Did the dems have a working majority in the last 16 years to get anything done?


Everything was blocked by the republicans in office - who are responsible for the decline of the middle class and the growth of the poor.

Don't try to blame dems for what the reps have been doing for over 40 years!

[-] 1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-85) 7 years ago

The Republicans are as bad as the Democrats. Obama promised us change and we voted for him. He had his Congress and did nothing to protect us. He took care of everybody else. You name the interest group, he took care of them. The hard working people - he could care less about. The Republicans and George Bush were the same. You guys don't get it.

[-] 1 points by gsw (3410) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 7 years ago

both these parties have abandoned the working man, the homeowner struggling to pay all his,rising bills and support a family, who hadn't seen a raise in 40 years, however I don't think you can correctly say Obama "took care of everyone else,"except with some health care, and protect a basic social safety net, some basic survival rights. These people on this site support the workers, and all the breathing person's rights and justice, in all ways. They have been for jobs and infrastructure since day 1

[-] 1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-85) 7 years ago

I don't care where people go to the bathroom and I am sick of all of these racial arguments. Everybody's lives matter,

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 7 years ago

so the article points out that he did not have a super majority in the senate. true enough but he had 80% approval and both houses and he told single payer reps to go home - no seat at the table for you. then put in place a god awful heritage foundation health care plan that does next to nothing for poor people who actually get sick. they will go bankrupt from copays. health care stocks went way up though no? this was well known at the time since it was tried and failed in mass as romney care. did he go on tv and say "you elected me to change things and these people are stopping me - get out there and make them work with me."

nope he just told the bankers i got your back - "i am the only thing between you and the pitch forks." come on - rahm emmanuel, larry summers and little timmy geithner - what more do you need to know.

8 years later the rich are richer and the working class poorer. did i hear him say when you are on strike i will put on my walking shoes and be there with you.do you remember the dust up in wisconsin where walker put the screws to unions and workers. did i see your boy out there walking with them. not a word out of him - no excuse.

and are you blaming the gop for the fact that we are bombing 7 countries and the president has an assassination list in his back pocket - come on!

[-] 1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-85) 7 years ago

All you guys do is protect Bush and Obama and Clinton. You want to stay in power.That didn't help me. Everybody else got theirs. Now it is time for the hard working people to get protection as payback for all of our hard work. What good did it do us to protect all of these illegal immigrants. My job is gone. What good did it do me to give gay people the rigth to marry. My job is gone. Bush, Obama, and Clinton all sold us out.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 7 years ago

Bush sucked - Clinton sucked - the Obama administration sucked (with lots of help from obstructionist republicans)

But you are totally high if you think Drumpf is gonna be good for the majority of the population.

[-] 1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-85) 7 years ago

I know he is going to be good for the working people. We are the ones who have gotten shafted over the last 20 years. Get out of your academic tower. We live in the real world. Everybody else has gotten support. All of these illegal immigrants who are stealing our jobs need to either go home or start paying taxes. He will stop this crazy health care bill where I have to pay more.

[-] 1 points by gsw (3410) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 7 years ago

The Undocumented, take under table jobs like washing cars, agriculture and cleaning, landscape, hardly a negative dent to the economy, in fact they are they grease that keeps the food coming, maintains our lawns, and they spend back all they make, sure there should be a way to collect taxes from them (income, as they pay other taxes) and we would all be for that, to have them register for green cards if they have integrated and are not causing harm to the community. Most came here of desperation, and once here it's hard to go back.

[-] 1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-85) 7 years ago

Illegal aliens broke the law and still are breaking the law. If it is okay for them to break the law, then why not me? Where is the fairness? I pay my taxes, while I don't want to.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

Yes, he'll try at least to help the working people. The wizard of oz pinned the heart on him so he is brave now. He followed the advice given to him for travelling the road to Damascus: Beware of the Silent Majority.

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 7 years ago

i was mostly with you up to this point. poor immigrants are not why you lost your job unless you do lawn care or pick lettuce. apple makes phones in china - nike makes shoes in god knows where. and sells them for $150 while paying 75 cents to the person who made them. the top .01% have sucked the money out of the lower classes. just follow the money - not that hard.

you are right that reagan, clinton, bush and obama all have mostly the same agenda. they all created policies that funneled money to the top and jobs out of the country. it remains to be seen what trump will do. if the stock market is right and he will spend money to create jobs then that is a start. you will know when he appoints his cabinet. i doubt it will be people who have your back but we will know soon. christie, giuliani and the newt will not do it. we shall see but it does not help if you are as blinded as those who back obama and the clintons. we all must open our eys to the real source of our troubles.

[-] 1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-85) 7 years ago

We had good jobs under Reagan. It was the Clintons, Bushs, and Obama who has sold us out. They gave us lip service while truly caring about all of these other groups. Yes, why should some illegal alien get preferential treatment over me when all I have done is pay my taxes and obey the law. They broke the law.