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Forum Post: Has Trump been a fraud?

Posted 3 years ago on Nov. 30, 2020, 12:22 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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"The 1970's were horrible, too. There were recessions in the early 1970's due to Saudi Arabia's oil embargo against the U.S. arising from the 1973 Yom Kippur War with Israel and in the late 1970's due to the 1979 Iranian Revolution causing a de-facto oil embargo. The pattern was Israel, oil and oil, war and revolution.

Achieving energy independence (but not at the expense of clean air and water, people can't drink crude, water's too bulky to transport) will allow the oil problem to lessen so that the U.S. will not be forced to support the UNsinkable aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Israel(which proved itself far superior to the U.S.S. Liberty, nearly sinking it), regardless of morality (it has already started lapsing into immorality even before Trump takes power). Wars and revolutions are vastly destructive endeavors so avoiding them is a smart move. Lilith, bye.

Each person seeing when bad things start depends on their event horizon. I didn't see how destructive the China/Walmart/Clinton/Retard-I-can't/NAFTA Anschluss was until it was already too late("Dad! All you do is work, work, and work!" made me see why my mind went blind and I could say the same regarding my Mom's selection of a babysitter for me). It started with Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America" winning Congressional elections. It should set off an alarm in your head. We've just had them, haven't we?

Yes, Newt Gingrich may well be a significant player in Trump's administration again so I share BW's trepidations but Newt seems to support an expanded Medicare for all so it's a step in the correct direction.

Rudy Giuliani cut New York City's budgets without clear considerations of the potential consequences. New Yorkers died from that so I'm wary with him playing a big role again.

Chris Christie turned New Jersey's governmental apparatus into an appendage of protection money collection for politicking and set terrible tone in governance that led to Bridgegate. Yes, I'm very concerned.

Donald Trump has already signed on to big taxcuts for corporations and wealthy families like his so it shows the type of advisors he already has. He'll likeliest turn out to be a fraud like Reagan did before he was shot. I believe that John Hinckley Jr. had really changed the course of the Reagan Presidency. Reagan was a shrouded-in-the-dark fraud, too, until he realized his purpose in life and in the Office of the Presidency after the extremely close brush with death. Seeing the molten-copper face of God(or receiving a bottle of orange juice given in mercy, in my case) is always very life-changing and enlightening.

Trump is not shrouded in the dark, I hope, because we have social media now. If people want to take the pulse of the American People, it's available online worldwide 24/7/365.25. A major requirement is the mental intensity and interest. Trump personally uses social media, unlike old-school Clinton. Business people need and crave for intelligence so I'm not in total despair yet. "

Let us revisit what I had written four years ago to evaluate the Trump Presidency against that baseline situation.



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[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

"Mary Trump: ‘My uncle is unstable. He needs to be removed immediately’!"

"The niece of the US president fears he could wreak more damage to democracy." Also NB:

Trump crime family & his Chief of Staff gleefully partying from the secure bunker during DC riot:

Meanwhile - "‘Health insurance or food’: Americans face difficult choices amid pandemic"!

"People with chronic illnesses are being forced to make hard decisions about delaying vital care or sacrificing basic necessities in order to pay for health insurance."

spero meliora!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

Consider: "Downplaying Trumpism Is Dangerous"! by Henry Giroux:


[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

Strongmen-nopause is the seizing of menstruth-nation.

Tariffs such as those by Russia can be good for preventing slave-labor-produced goods such as cheap "Chinese" clothes from crossing state boundaries in order to fund Kim's nuclear weapons program. The U.S. doesn't want Syria to funnel money to build more nuclear bombs and missiles in North Korea so Syria should get NO international aid for rebuilding. Likewise, tourists should avoid visiting Cambodia's Angkor Wat because the tourist dollars help build more nuclear bombs and missiles in North Korea.

Of course, the best country to have tariffs imposed upon it is Red China. People who actually read the Bible in its entirety to its end probably know why. Red China will invade Taiwan. U.S., Germany, and most other countries will lose their semiconductor microchip supplies so most modern economies will surely suffer greatly. The most advanced U.S. fighter jet F-35 cannot perform without its Made-in-China well-not-that-China but that "democratic"-China microchips. Japan and Israel own and operate F-35s. Where does Germany get its microchips ? Through Nord Stream 0.

Hmm, maybe Siemens can deliver a high-speed train system to California, without any Made-in-China microchips... It started doing the "runs" in 2020, on schedule.

If we have such low water level in Lake Mead which supplies water to much of the arid near-desert inhabited areas of southern California including Los Angeles, it may be an excellent time to see if we can reduce or stop the constant water leakage through the Hoover Dam ever since its opening day many decades ago. An unprecedented crisis presents an unprecedented opportunity ( i.e. if our U.S. Southwest doesn't "catch fire" first with the little water available. )

Recall that Russia had a huge near-arctic oil spill at Norilsk due to melted permafrost under its oil-storage facility, getting record-breaking hot temperatures near there, ( have you ever thought of having Las Vegas' hot hot hot summer days in the Arctic ? Russia has got it -- and more melting is surely coming to effect the Red-China-coal-fired con-dominium-style conversion of permafrost into soggy swampland -- Russia has wealth galore in the form of freshwater { excluding the warm and now much too dry Crimea which is atypical of Russia's climactic norm; Pootin should get a job as a water-truck driver to deliver water to his prized "wardrobe mistress" Crimea } but where it will be, under Russian facilities, is unnerving for the [non-swamp] residents ! ) and amazingly large-scale wildfires. Our U.S. Southwest may need Russian help fighting wildfires/bushfires this summer and vice versa for Russia needing help to deal with the same problem. Perhaps Australia with its seasons being out-of-northern-hemispheric-phase ( but with the same [fairly global] fire problem ) may have less collision of fire-fighting needs relative to Russia and the U.S.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

Given tRUMP (whose ass U kissed often during the 2020 election btw) played the 'White Card' like NO other POTUS before him, maybe U should just read the following - before U add to your gobbledegook above? So ...

Consider that .. "Before the 17th century, people did not think of themselves as belonging to something called the white race. But once the idea was invented .. it quickly began to reshape the modern world"!

which: "Noam Chomsky talks to 'Jacobin' about why working-class politics can secure universal health care, climate justice, and an end to nuclear weapons — if we’re willing to fight for them." So d'U get it?

respice et adspice et per aspera per astra!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

There is the Fifth Column in Taiwan ( beware of the worldwide infiltration of port cities by the ZPMC: Taiwan has KaoHsiung already set up for Red China's amphibious invasion and the U.S. has New Orleans possibly being watched and war materiel and troop movements reported to Red China in case of a war over Taiwan having broken out; Red China has already researched anti-submarine warfare needed to attack U.S. submarines defending against the reinforcement of Red Chinese troops fighting an amphibious war on Taiwan Island ) so there is also in the U.S. the Fifth Caste comprised of GOOPy heffalumps. I love an abcnews.go.com commentator Shakespeare's summary of the GOOPy heffalump I was kissing ( but in order for the throne in our people's temple to be newly cleaned and harmonized with precious freshwater supply, I ancient-Roman-bleached, I brushed, I flushed [to Florida where no-longer-on-federal-millions-dollars-per-trip heffalumps' close relatives the manatees laze around en masse in power-plant exhaust] ) :

I'll take that over a 33% increase to the national debt, $36 BILLION in socialist hand- 
outs to American farmers due to a failed trade war, 56 associates indicted, failure to have 
a plan [to] protect America from a pandemic, no Healthcare system despite his campaign 
promises to have a "big, beautiful new healthcare system in the first year", suggested 
we shoot a nuclear warhead into a hurricane....
Sided with a foreign leader over his own intelligence community, gave high-level 
clearances to family members who failed background checks, marked up a weather 
map with a Sharpie to keep from admitting he made a mistake, fired competent, 
decorated, experienced staff for telling the truth under oath, incited an insurrection that 
endangered the life of his own vice president, lied about [border] wall funding, gave the 
middle class a small, temporary tax break while giving [rich] people like himself a 
large, permanent tax break, lied to the American public about releasing his tax returns.....

He might be rich but definitely not wealthy.

There was an online website test which asked twenty multiple-choice questions about how one named various things in order to estimate one's geocultural background in the U.S. I took it and was quite surprised by how well it had worked. It said upstate New York was my primary center of geocultural affinity and Honolulu was my secondary !

GOOPy heffalumps grew longer and longer noses as Pinocchio did. Culture is real and physical but may be individualistic ( somewhere out there ¿in a garbage dump? was an $18,000 Corning ware my Big Brother had tossed out into the garbage along with other heritage items such as my Mom's fanciest golden-silk embroidered dress after her passing away; I once asked Mom how she got the dandy go-everywhere-from-stove-top-to-oven-to-dining-table-to-refrigerator-to-microwave-oven-to-dishwasher-to-dish-rack Corning ware set because she used a part of it almost every single time I visited her; it was a decades-old gift from one of our sponsors who was a chef, the one who gifted me a lottery ticket which I never checked whether I had won; "don't throw a pearl to a [pig]," don't expect pearl-appreciating culture in a boar or a sow; I was very surprised that my Big Brother who was together with me at most of these family gatherings didn't notice the dandy Corning ware set used by Mom nearly every time; leave your treasures to the ones who appreciate them because they have the memories; this Corning ware could evoke my happy memories of the times when our family spent time together for the holidays; the worth of art is based upon its meaning to the beholder and how much it's valued in the beholder's money in order to reach for it.)

This test caught my foreigner's center of geocultural affinity as well as it could have because my birthplace Hong Kong wasn't in the U.S. but Honolulu is as Hong Kongish as a city can get geoculturally ( the supreme law of the evolution of the universe is the law of diffusion { Schrödinger equation is the diffusion equation except for its having imaginary time } so cultures diffuse and Honolulu's minimal U.S. city's physical proximity figured into its geocultural affinity with Hong Kong; it's not accidental that my Dad knew how to dance hula and tried to teach me in Hong Kong ) and still be within the U.S. ( it's why the state of Hawai'ī wherein Honolulu is located, although I have never resided there, is the most international and multicultural one of all fifty U.S. states.) I didn't even believe that my having walked through farmland in a rural area would somehow imprint upon my geocultural affinity but it probably did ( as I call those plants 'corn', not 'maize'.) Many little things can indeed accumulate to form one's geocultural affinity. I am a [former-foreigner] Pacific-Oceanic Yankee or using Red China's method to lay down historical claims to resources: Ever since the year 2019 C.E., I have been a West-American-Salty-Lake Yankee.

My geocultural affinity explains why I obsess over Taiwan due to its being the de facto far-flung border national-security linchpin of the U.S.A. ( especially since former U.S. administrations such as Clinton's have already sold it all but in name only to Red China.) Hong Kong has been swallowed. Taiwan or Russian Far East may be the next bite of the Pac-Man on the loose. Taiwan is likelier because Red China believes that it can beat the U.S. should the U.S. intervene. If the U.S. is to cut off Red China's oil supply over the oceans for a long while, Red China may seize Russian Far East to get the oil nearby as it was all Chinese in many past centuries anyway ( there's "the { Red China's } writing on the wall: China is an arctic country elbowing into the Arctic Council," ) Russia cannot easily defend the Russian Far East against a Red Chinese invasion if it is fighting Ukraine many time zones away so its only option is to use nuclear weapons against the far more numerous Red Chinese troops as the nuclear bombing of Red China almost happened in 1969 but it was halted by the U.S. clandestine diplomatic intervention -- younger generation of Red Chinese leader such as Xi probably doesn't even recall that, same as Kim Jong-un forgetting about the Chinese lives sacrificed to haul the DPRK from the edge of oblivion and destroying Red China's plan for stabilizing the DPRK post Kim Jong-un. Russia has a friendship treaty with Red China but it'll expire soon so Sino-Russian trans-border cooperation may fare as well as the Sino-British Joint Declaration did regarding Hong Kong or the Treaty of Non-Aggression between Germany and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Most older Russians and other Soviet Republics' peoples involved in the Great Patriotic War had died but I believe that Pootin still remembers. My Dad ( probably designated as "the survivor" by his parents and shipped out to the Atlantic Ocean for [¡very ironic indeed!] safekeeping, ended up being "the only surviving progeny" ) who had been U-boat torpedoed to become a P.O.W. probably in Westertimke near Hamburg in northwestern Germany, had died but I remember. He was in a long march on a thick solid layer of ice in Hamburg's harbor during that extremely cold winter to get ashore ( and probably en route to Westertimke.) His impression of Germany was, " Extremely cold ! "

Yeah, he could and did walk upon the [solidified brackish river] water of the Elbe. His experience with this exceptionally cold 1939-1940 winter in Germany ( probably after mid January of 1940, not in 1939, according to the weather patterns around that time while the U.S.S.R. was [bullying and] fighting Finland in the Winter War; the bully "won" a very bloody nose in the extreme cold ) was likely why our family emigrated to America 你要吃雞,跟我到美國去。instead of [then Nazi(i.e. Nationalist, same as Chiang Kai-shek's Chinese government)] Germany which in his words was "extremely cold" and "not an immigrant country."

Pootin's lust downed MH-17 so he's definitely a killer. The U.S. used to assassinate world leaders clandestinely, too, as Pootin had assassinated his political opposition Boris Nemtsov. Before the rooster crows for dawn's breaking, its blood needs to be smeared to each corner of the gambling tables. The U.S. now has law against clandestine assassinations of world leaders so people should be glad about observing the new enlightened rule-based international order supported by the U.S. and its allies. It seems that the DPRK's leadership's mindset was still stuck in the 1960s when Kim Jong-un was about to sign the denuclearization agreement. A U.S. law against clandestine assassinations was necessary for diplomacy and negotiations to proceed. Hopefully all peoples' leaders will come to favor Europeans' idea of positive freedom: laws provide the platform on which individual freedom can be exercised. This contrasts with the U.S. neolibertarian idea of negative freedom for which all laws are an affront to individual freedom. Europeans having had centuries of bloodshed understand freedom better than Americans. Russia is in essence a European country.

The U.S. sprouted from a frontiers-town culture as I was once told, "If anyone bothers you, let me know: I have a gun." The old-time Russians of Alaska disliked U.S. gunslinger culture and packed up for good after Alaska had been sold to the U.S.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

Guess who is reading your ever expanding excreta gripes? I don't know either but it's NOT ME!

ad iudicium?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 10 months ago

Consider: "Did Trump Encourage His Supporters To Riot At U.S. Capital? You Decide: Video and Transcript"

Here's the full transcript of Trump’s speech & in the darkness of what's going on, watch/read this! & NB

"The Demogogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots!" [H. L. Mencken]

et ecce homo!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 10 months ago

Re. tRUMP: "No elected official has ever been accused of anything remotely on the scale of what Donald Trump has been charged with. His prosecution is not a “witch hunt” - it is a defense of our democracy. Don’t believe his lies"!!! (Robert Reich) - from:

e tenebris - lux?!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 9 months ago

Note: "Trump yearns to govern a mafia state. Fitting that he faces racketeering charges"!! by Jan-Werner Müller:

As all "The perfected mafia states uses ostensibly legal procedures and insider loyalty to protect corrupt autocrats from accountability"!

ad iudicium?!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 8 months ago

"Tracking Roy Cohn's legacy: from the McCarthy era to the age of Trump"! [Important 7m video]

respice, adspice, prospece - et caveat!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 8 months ago

It takes a while for the wheel of justice to grind onto Trump but it's a juggernaut. It doesn't really matter who reads what you called my psychobabble. Some of it has become reality while others are still in the works. Alaska amongst the 50 states of the U.S.A. has the highest rate of chlamydia.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 8 months ago

For more psychobabble ... please see:

Did U even watch the original video in the comment you're replying to or consider the original post?

et - temet nosce!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

I wish Trump a great Russian Orthodox Bromance in Putin's Palace on the shore of the Black Sea.

"Also on Tuesday, Navalny's Foundation for Fighting Corruption released a two-hour video investigation of what they called “Putin's palace” — an estate on Russia's Black Sea that they said cost $1.3 billion and was allegedly funded through an elaborate corruption scheme involving Putin's inner circle."

Trump can truly be a great real estate developer working for his Bro in the Redland kingdom on the Black Sea. Don't worry--Gremlins [may] occupy Kremlin but that's so far far away from the shore of the Black Sea. Nixon said, "I'm not a crook." We don't fire people. We move them on to better opportunities. Putin was having a much-needed sin-cleansing dip but he wasn't in the nude ( that disappointed far too many Russian women; Kamala may have a better luck with Joe [the real non-trumperious plumber] during midnight skinny-dipping in the White House pool because Biden was old-schooled in the years when all men and boys had to take it ALL OFF before getting into a pool for so-called hygiene { how old was Bill Clinton ? was he old enough at that time to qualify as being "old-schooled ? " } has the White House been sex integrated yet ? I experienced sex-integrated bathroom in the 1970s in the days when traditionally male domains were flung wide open quickly to admit females [¿ without renovations ! ?] in order to comply with Title IX so decades later it's still a fair question to ask about how well sex integration has come along in the Capital's skinny-dipping pool in the White House ) so in order to calm his nerves, we're sending off a STRAIGHT [though a bit "short" bu't "safe"] prick. Bon Voyage.

Has Trump tried fatty-dipping in the White House pool while he still got the chance ? No way ! It's because fatty-dipping could only be done in pub[l]ic but this pool was private. Putin the Bro might have seized the fatty initiative though. There was that beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Eiskreuz ( a Protestant one, not a Russian Orthodox one.) It's just too bad that Kim Jong-un didn't get to visit this private pool of great Russian Orthodox Bromance while having fat ( the best and most-energetic-per-unit-mass biological fuel without any toxic nitrogenous metabolic end product ) was still in vogue.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

I'm on a train with Grandpa DJ.