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Forum Post: Greedy Bastards and Communist China

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 9, 2011, 7:24 p.m. EST by ithinkergoiam (201)
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Did you know that China imposes a 25% Tariff on all US goods coming into that country?

Did you know that the average labor rate in China untill recently was 50 cent per day?

Did you know that there are virtually no regulations or environmental laws in China?

Did you know that America Spent over 50 TRILLION dollars fighting Communism in the form of the Cold War from 1950 to 1990, but now that cheap Chinese labor is involved, it's ok to give the COMMUNIST Chinese our entire way of life?



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[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 12 years ago

good point, its always about what benefits the oligarchs- the fighting the communism thing was just a con scam- their oligarchy vs our oligarchy. They never had a communism- we never had capitalism or real democracy.

to get serious requires a few things they don't have. like chat admins who aren't ego serving propaganda tools, a wiki, 1001 sub forums, an actual game plan, a straight up political platform... you know.. basic organizational things sane people do BEFORE protesting.. like figure out a diplomacy and logic centered metaprocess to give their chatadmins so that they don't really just drive out even more people than the trolls. Adminatrolla. trollaAdmin. Whats the difference to somebody whos got the truth facing a propaganda tool abusing admin powers to push their agenda? how can you prevent such a thing? Metaprocess. did i mention metaprocess? and science diplomacy science psychology science sociology and all those textbooks to read B4 protesting?

you can't have capitalism without a free(SLAVE) market. but you can have a free market without capitalism. And thats strangely the only way it CAN work.

Marketing 101 was fascinating. I admit thats a lot less than a bachelors but its sure more than enough to see whats really going on given the other things I know. Capitalism is not the problem since it does not exist. corporate oligarchy is the problem. capitalism has never been tried. I am a democracy guy. in order for real democracy to function a free market system is required. Thats not capitalism. thats a free market system. there is a subtle difference there which most people would miss. I will again repeat. Neither capitalism nor marxism nor communism nor socialism has ever existed. All of those governments were oligarchy pretending to be something as a con scam. Telling that simple truth gets one banned out of the Chat by either a capitalist or a socialist whos pissed you just said their pet ideology isn't real. It isn't. anybody who thinks that it is is accidentally playing for team corporate oligarchy as a tool. the ONLY system worth talking about is DEMOCRACY. how democracy HANDLES a FREE MARKET system is dynamic and interesting and NOT capitalism.

o. yes. no. yes. what? making change is not reliant on changing the money system one tenth as much as it is on changing the informational ecology. Going to a gold standard as an idea is a proof of ignorance, not a solution. Really the end game is we evolve out of money. To do that we evolve first new currencies and new economic strategies. this leads to economic singularity in about 50 years. If everyone is a millionaire how much you get depends on exactly the material valuation of that money. Which is to say that by the time money becomes obsolete everyone will live like the current millionaire. Tangible items to other tangible items? the real economy is about ideas, change the ideas and everything changes. the problem with the tangible economy is it does not change; its a static reality. you can't make a meaningful gold standard with only enough gold to represent on millionth of the economy. You can make a purely imaginal money system work; but it has to be subject to moral and ethical laws. This is about pinning down those moral and ethical laws and implementing them in new currencies; not trying to imagine a control freak impossible non solution because of the simplicity with which you go about thinking over the problem.

once again. there has never been a socialist or capitalist economy. in all instances such nations were oligarchies. using a mask and a con scam and telling their dupes and pwns that they were something other than oligarchy. the big hump to get over is that the USA oligarchy and the Soviet oligarchy are in on this lie against the rest of us TOGETHER. Neither of them was ever anything other than an oligarchy. both claimed some other system in order to have US fight over the ideals of THAT system while they secretly shafted us all playing a completely different game.



[-] 1 points by looselyhuman (3117) 12 years ago

Amen. Protectionism has become such a dirty word but at the behest of our free-trade, free-market fundamentalist oligarchs we're one of the only industrialized countries that doesn't have a coherent protectionist policy. Other governments actually serve their populations and not multinational corporate interests. What a concept.

[-] 2 points by ithinkergoiam (201) 12 years ago


Finally a voice of reason -- just look at Germany..

Why are so many Americans accepting of this corporate behaviour?

Is this a Right Wing Propaganda Machine success story?

[-] 1 points by makmak (57) 12 years ago

Keep buying those iPhones!