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We are the 99 percent


George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, US Chamber of Commerce, Rupert Murdock, and many Republican members of Congress, should be tried for Treason.

This should be done for many, many reasons; however, I believe this should be done because these people have sold out America. They are single handedly responsible for sending super massive quantities of American wealth and prosperity to China, India, and Saudi Arabia. The largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind has taken place during the Bush Presidency. Sixty thousand US factories have been shut down and moved to China. This wealth transfer, make no mistake, has been born squarely on the shoulders of the working class (i.e. middle class) American citizenry. The average American's standard of living has been dramatically impacted in a myriad of negative ways.

Americans must understand that this Great Transfer has stolen, and continues to steal, the very wealth and prosperity that took generations of their very own forefathers to achieve. Generation after generation of millions of American families have worked and toiled and sacrificed throughout their lives so as to improve their condition and up their lot. Throughout each and every generation, there has always been an incremental improvement in the quality of life for the average American citizen. This has been so except for the last ten years – the years in-which the above mentioned people have been in power. These people that have presided over the Great Transfer, have supported the Great Transfer, and are directly responsible for the Great Transfer. You, the average American citizen, have a responsibility to hold them accountable for this incredible economic tragedy, and as such must have them tried for treason...

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