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Forum Post: For hope and democracy

Posted 1 year ago on Sept. 2, 2013, 2:31 a.m. EST by Spes (0)
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This is our chance. We can make a difference this time. For too long the United States has gone around the world eliminating and attacking all those who oppose its rules and regulations. Now we can make a damn difference.

Obama has decided to seek Congress approval for military intervention in Syria, and with this decision it has given we the people a chance to say no.

It doesn't matter whether you like Assad or not, that is irrelevant. A military strike on Syria would cause a domino affect that would in turn kill a lot more people than it would intend to save.

There is one thing a Congress member cares about more than money, their constituents, us. We have to work together to do this next part.

Congress returns on Monday, September 9th, this gives only a week for this plan. We must relentlessly call them telling them our disapproval of the strike, we must protest outside of their offices, and we must threaten them with our votes. What that means is that if they choose to vote in favor of the strike, we will no longer vote for them.

This cannot be done by a few people, we need the American people to wake up and take a stand against this war. So please, pass this around. We only have until the 9th before they return.

Say no to war with Syria, we are not the world's police force. If we truly are the land of the free, we should not be bound to another war.



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