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Forum Post: Flier for Wiki (as requested by my GA..)

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 2, 2011, 6:16 p.m. EST by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA
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This Wiki is CRUCIAL to the meaningful evolution of our species, It is CRUCIAL to human survival beyond this Century, and it is HOW all of WE can ever hope to give full and meaningful attention to the very LARGE NUMBER OF IMPORTANT ISSUES.

Please then, Consider what A General Assembly does for us. It is evolutionary, it is consensus and community building, it is 5 or ten minutes for you to speak live and in person and eye to eye and heart to heart with other people about the issue that matters to you. This is evolutionary, this is powerful, this is how we bring hundreds of years of knowledge thats being held back and hidden back from behind the veil; However, what we all know is that our personal important issue NEEDS MORE THAN THAT. It needs new laws written on its behalf. It needs open source research. It needs open source problem solving and democratic, consensus driven, direct democracy fueled problem solving process. If we gave each sub issue its own time and space to resolve inside of a GA, that would take WEEKS, or MONTHS or EVEN YEARS to iron out in a GA, PER ISSUE. How do we expand direct democracy fast enough, how do we accelerate direct democracy till its smooth as greased lightning instead of feeling stuck? How do we all come away from the GAs of next year feeling like our issue has been actually listened to and heard and resolved and addressed by the masses, instead of feeling like our own personal issue has been more or less ignored while some ego driven internal oligarch pressed ahead with organizing tens of thousands of people to do anything other than the WORK on the INTELLECTUAL LEVEL that CONSTRUCTS a REVOLUTION by means of a PARADIGM SHIFT... Instead of Demonstrating ourselves silly; But achieving still next to nothing and certainly not an end to Corporate Oligarchy, which has its plan to Co-opt the movement and make it work for the ELITES and oligarchs.

Please Consider carefully HOW we will build the NEW POSSIBLE WORLD. More important than HOW we will protest or WHERE, is the more fundamental Question of What does OUR NEW WORLD of DEMOCRATIC and CIVILIZED society Look like,(??!??) in terms of ITS ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS to EVERY high order problem. Only protesting but not doing that intellectual work, we can fail to have a revolution. The right order of the revolution should have been, First get mass educated, first form a new political party, first call for an article 5 Constitutional convention, and THEN once the message is 10,000 pages long and crystal clear , edited by ten thousand people with one person actually authoring a single page... about their core important issue to them...

THEN You'd take to the streets, THEN you'd start protesting, THEN you'd start occupying. The Occupy Movement put the cart before the horse. Okay, well, On a moving along and clear and present and how do we fix it note then, How do we DO THE WORK and get the Cart and horse in the RIGHT ORDER.???

There is a Giant Dam created by republican and democrat propaganda war dumble down and oligarchic control and intentional damage they have done to our so called educational system. 200 years of social and civil intellectual progress is being held back by 200 years of lies, spin doctoring, dumble down, and the simple meta function of keeping the public ignorant.

If you want then ONE SINGLE METHOD by which to END THE GAME. STOP BEING IGNORANT. Tell everyone and tell the world and stop running from the work, and crack open 1001 textbooks as a mob and then learn and only AFTER you have knowledge, TRY? TO USE KNOWLEDGE, not OPINION, to work and solve the problems. Everyone has to let go of their opinions, of their pet issues, of their biases, of their agendas, of their team sport ISMS and SCHISMS which are the bread and circuses THIS holy roman cathar empire uses to keep us divided and conquered and forever sequestered away from intellectual and thus spiritual Enlightenment.

The movie "The Matrix" is a fine metaphor for a real phenomenon. You are all being kept inside of a mental cage composed of FALSE inforamtion and that FALSE information would be utterly destroyed and that SYSTEM of FALSE INFORMATION would be utterly destroyed IF you all SWAM TO THE TRUTH TOGETHER. It is the latent power of SOCIOLOGY, CIVIL ENGINEERING, POLITICAL SCIENCE, SYSTEMS THEORY, GAME THEORY, ECOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS, PSYCHOLOGY, FORMAL LOGIC, EDUCATIONAL THEORY, and BRAIN ANATOMY which open those doors which are closed. Unlike in the movie, all the doors are as closed or as open as you have the time and energy to pay attention for. The TRUTH is OUT HERE. And it is waiting for you. And it is in many senses hunting you. AND IT WILL FIND YOU, IF YOU LET IT.

There is a Giant Dam of lies and spin and emotional control and head games built by 200 years of democrat and republican and oligarchic party propaganda machine. And that Dam must break sooner or later as their con scam actualy destroys civilization entropically. The writing is on the wall. Your Civilization is doomed. The infant Born today will not live to see adulthood unless we chart a new course for this civilization that is not CORPORATE OLIGARCHY and MASS CONSUMERIST WASTE. The idea that "capitalism" is efficient is quite amusing, because in fact "capitalism" wastes everything. Its a throw away society. Your artifacts are designed to fall apart as quickly as possible to then be replaced. Even your steele megaliths are built with explosives prepacked so that they can be destroyed once they become archaic. And the funniest thing of all is that this is done, and then they get hit with "terrorist" planes and detonate themselves into oblivion...So putting the pre self destruct function in and then MAKE BELIEVING it falls apart on accident is the true single greatest con swindle of your civilization; its hallmark feature. The same trick is employed to make light bulbs that burn out and batteries that only last a tiny fraction as long as they could have if built by science, instead of by a corporation gaming the consumerist WASTE system on the question of HOW LONG can we make this last and then SELF DESTRUCT IT in order to FORCE the ARMY of CONSUMER DUPES to BUY THE REPLACEMENT? Just like 911, your whole civilization is built to self destruct in parts, so that the oligarchs can ride the bubbles and balloons of that entropy and self immmolation and continue on, making bank on the suffering of everyone else. Corporate oligarchy wastes everything. Every resource, every life, every dime, every dollar, every last human resource, every last physical resource, all of it, sucked into a garbage making, for proffit but built to self destruct cycle.

The DAM MUST BREAK. The only question is whether we will have the sense to allow that to happen in a construtive and non violent way, or whether everyone on earth dies due to oligarchic corruption and malfeasance and negligence and Gross mismanagement of the Earth. Again, I entreat you, invite you, and incite you, to come join the revolution and make it happen on the WIKI.

Facebook is designed from the word go to create small cliques and walled gardens, to limit the actual number of voices that actually hears what you say to a very small number. You can play that game very effectively if you play all day long and hard to game their system to reach thousands instead of hundreds, but even then, you have only elastically stretched their bandwidth and control, you are walking inside of a cage. Facebook ise designed to simply pile every nodes information into a single giant pile. Every group, every page, every user, has a conversation whos contents are scrolling off the page, most likely never to be seen again only a few days from now. Face book is where people are managing to connect and thats awesome, but the utility of these social networks is merely to make those connections, from FB if we do not immediately escape to someplace with a whole lot more organizational potential, our conversations and work are all being lost in a maelstrohm of noise.

A Wiki is a simple but evolved program. Each user simply creates an account, providing an email and a user name and a password to the system. The system then creates two whole pages based on the user name, the "user page" and the "talk page" the user page is for the user to talk about themselves, and introduce themselves, and represent themselves on the network. The "Talk page" is the users page to communicate with other people in the network on the wiki. From these two main pages, the user can create any number of new pages by simply putting any string of words into brackets. [[forexamplenewpage]] Once all of that is set into motion, the software allows everyone to edit the wiki, such that a people can write a three paragraph long page, leave it, and others can continue to edit that page in their absence until it is hundreds of pages long.

This is fundamentally different than a chat or forum, because it facilitates community building, consensus style decisions, group work, and direct democracy. Its like a perpetual GA; which can go on at a global scale, in which anybody can "veto" a page by simply adding their information to the talk section of a page, or by even putting in a new headline at its top. (But usually, by having effective communication and diplomacy... please...) Sometimes an initial reaction to this is people worry that their work couldbe lost. The Wiki stores each new change independently of all others, so your version will always continue to exist in the system. If the page is trolled, or attacked, you can simply restore the version back.









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[-] 1 points by ZenDogTroll (13032) from South Burlington, VT 10 years ago

ok - that answers the question I posed on another thread.

You do realize you are asking to cut into my frisbee time. That's what I do, you know, play frisbee.

I make frisbees of words, and fling them. Usually I hit repelicans with them. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy . . . .

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 10 years ago

thats fine, now just manufacture 1001 frisbee poems but this time put them in an organizational framework so that OTHER people can use them.


the frisbee clue by four brigade needs you!


every time you post here.. post there... chronicle your adventures here over there... here its going to be piled down and under and lost 30 days from now. THERE its going to stand eternal and vigilant and still be accessible ...

and others can detail your work, and these things that start out as your frisbees can become lightning striking down pelican ideology con scams .. etc.

or.. just share your recipes and your days deep thoughts.. whatever..

[-] 1 points by ZenDogTroll (13032) from South Burlington, VT 10 years ago

Some of my frisbees are on my website:

[click the pic]

And I've been keeping a list of what I've

posted here - that way I can be obnoxious

and bump every once in a while - just to

drive people nuts.

. . . . and it's clickable . . .

One person can make a difference

I believe that.

And if that is true, just think what all of us can do, together.

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 10 years ago

so, why can't you get all those materials to the wiki?