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Stop Mass Incarceration Network Five Borough Action to Blow The Whistle on “Stop-and-Frisk”

Posted 2 years ago on Sept. 12, 2012, 11 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: police, nyc, stop and frisk

Blow the Whistle on Stop and Frisk banner

via the Stop Mass Incarceration Network

WHEN: Thursday September 13 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
WHERE: 5 borough locations below

New York, NY – On Thursday, September 13, in every borough of New York City, people who have had enough of the illegal NYPD policy of stop-and-frisk will gather at various locations to “Blow the Whistle” in areas heavily targeted by the NYPD. The Stop Mass Incarceration Network says 14,500 whistles have been distributed to communities, with another 6,000 to be given out Thursday.

According to NYPD figures, every day almost 2,000 mostly black and Latino males are stopped by the NYPD, subjected to stop-and-frisk, which the Network calls “unconstitutional, unjust, and racist.”. Organizers say, “In the face of the massive public outcry against stop-and-frisk, the NYPD is doubling down. They are on pace to stop and frisk almost as many people in 2012 as their record in 2011 of 684,000. Now is the time to organize widespread political resistance that can end to stop-and-frisk.”

Carl Dix, co-initiator of the Blow the Whistle to Stop-and-Frisk campaign, said: "On Thursday, September 13, people in NY, Cleveland, L.A., Chicago, San Francisco and other cities will declare their determination to no longer accept this official abuse in silence. We will blow the whistle on what the criminal ‘injustice’ system does to people, and we will look out for each other and have each other's backs. We will carry this spirit of resistance forward from Sept ember 13."

Cornel West, co-initiator of the Blow the Whistle to Stop-and-Frisk campaign, said: “We are blowing the whistle on stop-and-frisk because we love our young people in this city, and especially those who are victimized by this racist and unconstitutional practice, disproportionally black and brown young brothers and sisters, but we love all of them.”

Elaine Brower, a resident of Staten Island who was also arrested protesting this policy says: “It’s time we all stand together with those throughout the city who are being racially profiled by the NYPD. When you see someone being stopped and frisked, blow your whistle to alert the police that their activity is being watched! Blow your whistle to alert others to turn on their cameras and raise their voices! Blow the whistle to stop violations of our rights. If thousands of us participate in calling attention to this illegitimate practice by the NYPD, we will end it.”

3:00 pm Action locations:

Harlem: 125th & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, State Office Building