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We are the 99 percent

Occupy National Gathering Promo Video

Posted 8 years ago on June 10, 2012, 10:32 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

The Occupy National Gathering will be held at Independence Mall in Philadelphia, June 30 - July 4, 2012. Come be part of history.



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[-] 0 points by 99antman99 (-2) 8 years ago

I can't stress this enough. If we don't stand for Obama, we're gonna get Romney. If we displace as many Republicans as can be done, with Democrats, we make things a little better. Additionally, we show the political arena that we are in charge. The sooner that is realized, the sooner things will get much better.

[-] 0 points by sdfkwejiun (3) 8 years ago

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[-] 0 points by cjruhol (1) from Brooklyn, NY 8 years ago

If we want change Obama cannot be reelected. If we want change we need to get the movement to elect an official into presidency who actually cares about what we are saying.

If the entire movement and their friends and allies take to the polls, we can attempt to elect someone who can change the world, someone who wants to change it.

The peaceful protests and gatherings are great for morale but if we want change, we need a leader, a voice in the government we so desperately want to change who can speak for us and who can change it.

RON PAUL is our Leader, Let's work to ELECT him



[-] 1 points by cjruhol (1) from Brooklyn, NY 8 years ago


[-] 0 points by VQkag2 (16478) 8 years ago

I thought Ron Paul was a proven racist! Why would we want him as our leader.? He doesn't appear to support OWS. At least the Dems have spoken in support of OWS. Republicans have all attacked us. And arent you supposed to refrain from campaigning for specific candidates.? Where does he stand on taxing the wealthy?