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Occupy Activists Join Social Justice Organizations to Protest the 1% at the Bohemian Grove July 14

Posted 11 years ago on July 13, 2012, 8:54 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

occupy bohemian grove flyer

via Occupy Bohemian Grove:

Occupy groups from Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Portland, Sebastopol, and Petaluma, are joining some twenty other social justice activist organizations to protest the powerful one-percent elites partying at the Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California July 14-29.

2,000-3,000 rich and wealthy men have gathered every summer for 133 years in a private 2,800 acre ancient redwood retreat to celebrate themselves with parties, entertainment, and speakers. The men, Bohemian Club members and their guests, will hold a cremation of care ceremony July 14, where they symbolically burn the cares of the world before a giant owl in a bizarre annual ritual.

This year’s protest against the gathering of the world’s political and economic elite is called “Occupy Bohemian Grove, Expose the 1%. Occupy groups across America, and increasingly the world, are working to expose the one percent in control of global resources who are bringing human rights repression, environmental destruction, and war to humankind.

The Fukushima Mothers and Cindy Sheehan are joining the twenty-four co-sponsors for a Creation of Care ceremony, speakers, and music, Saturday, July 14, at the Monte Rio Amphitheater, just outside the gates of the Bohemian Grove. Kris Welsh will MC the day, and Dennis Bernstein, host of Flashpoints on KPFA/Pacifica radio will broadcast live from the event. Russia Today-TV with Abby Martin will film and John Rees with No-Lies Radio will video-cast the day on the Internet.

The protest will feature Occupy groups as well as other organizations including Code Pink, Peace and Justice Center, ANSWER Coalition, Project Censored, Bohemian Grove Action Network, Veterans for Peace, National Lawyers Guild, Round Valley Indians for Justice, and various others groups focused on key issues, such as climate change, human rights, Palestine, Cuban Five, and a living wage. Representatives from these organizations and more will speak joining in coalition to create a vast cornucopia of care as a counter to the one-percent elites less than a mile away. In addition to the speakers, the program at the amphitheater will include musical performances by Dave Lippman, Teresa Tudury, Jim Ocean, Scott Gerber, Attila Nagy, Keith Blackstone and the Hubbub Club.

Admission to the Creation of Care is free. It will run from noon to 4 p.m. at the Monte Rio amphitheater, which is located at 9925 Main Street in downtown Monte Rio.

Please see the complete list of endorsements and speakers on our flyer.

Media Contacts: Susan Lamont: Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County: 707-575-8902
Attila Nagy: Occupied Press/Prensa Ocupada North Bay: 707-795-1044
Peter Phillips: Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored: 707-874-2695
Mary Moore, Bohemian Grove Action Network: 707-874-2248
Information at: www.occupybohemiangrove.com



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[-] 3 points by shadz66 (19985) 11 years ago

SOLIDARITY !!! Go Occupy !! fiat lux !

[-] 3 points by VQkag2 (16478) 11 years ago


These are the perfect kind of "coalitions" that we need to partner with to grow the movement. We have much in common with many existing progressive groups.

Inclusiveness!!! Solidarity. Occupy!!

End the plutocratic hegemony exploiting workers worldwide!!

[-] 1 points by imortalpeace (18) 11 years ago

It wasn't long ago that any one who tried to let you know about Bohemian Grove was considered a conspiracy theory nutter. My how quickly that has changed. Yes, these are definitely many of the same globalist oligarchical pieces of shit that are also Bilderbergers. They should HANG for their treasonous betrayal to the people of the United States and the World!

[-] 1 points by ddenehie (2) 11 years ago

All of you better wake up to the fact that you are being used as pupets for a set of people who want to be the " new bosses ". They have hired professional agitators who know exactly how to use you. And they are no better than those you protest, maybe worse. The schemers, criminals and power mad people have managed to get control of our world by taking over the classroom, big business and most of government. Now they fight each other for your support. The " systems owes you nothing" . Capitalism isn't what we have today. The simple, single best way for all of us is to just refuse to comply. Live by the rule " treat others as you would want to be treated". Do not succome to the ways of the cheaters and deceivers. Stand on the moral high ground and us their system to defeat them. They are waiting, wanting you to take the attack. Both sides, you backers and the cheaters, want you to break the system down so they will have an open path to power. You are making a terrible mistake!

[-] 2 points by imortalpeace (18) 11 years ago

Agreed! Noncompliance is the way to go. But how do we let the masses know who these bohemain pieces of shit are and what they are up to if we don't protest on site?

I'm awake, but for the purposes of letting the others who may read this, who are the "new bosses"? Who are the professional agitators? And, how will they use us?

[-] 1 points by VQkag2 (16478) 11 years ago

Huh? So you don't support protesting against 1% plutocrats Bohemian Grove?

[-] 1 points by truthistruth (23) 11 years ago

Nixon quote on Bohemian Grove: HILARIOUS

""The faggiest Goddamn thing Ive ever seen" -Richard Nixon


[-] 0 points by OBOMBA (2) 11 years ago

That's where are all the satanists, paedophiles and psycho wack jobs that run our world go. Say hello to the bush's, clinton's and cheney for me.

[-] 2 points by jimmycrackerson (940) from Blackfoot, ID 11 years ago

Make sure to be careful when they unearth Satan from the giant pentagram.

Oh wait, that's kinda impossible due to the fact that Cheney is already walking amongst us.

[-] 0 points by ToddDunning (89) from Aliso Viejo, CA 11 years ago

In solidarity with Occupy's goals, for the duration of the Bohemian event I will abstain from all personal hygiene, contract herpes and sleep under a truck in protest


[-] -1 points by dg3b3 (-2) 11 years ago