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We are the 99 percent

Occupy 2012: Wall Street New Years Eve Celebration

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 31, 2011, 3:19 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

occupy 2012

2011 was an amazing awakening. Let's start 2012 off right! Come celebrate with thousands of other members of the 99%, at our park and in the streets, as we make our special New Years Revolution together. Bring a drum! Bring your instrument! In the 2 hours before, we will reclaim our park and the area around it.

First, come to the Noise Demo outside the Metropolitan Correction Center (150 Park Row, New York, NY) at 9:00pm. Then, at 10:00pm, we will gather in Liberty Square. At midnight, the party goes mobile!

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[-] 3 points by 99PercentFriendly (31) 12 years ago

Start the New Year with new ways of thinking.

We should fight the one percent in a way that has a good reflection on the whole movement, civilized and calculated actions geared towards raising the awareness of the 99 percent will do more good in the long run than what might look as antisocial and wild behavior that is only going to cause distrust amongst the very people that this movement is supposed to be helping.

The 99 percent should see us as a force of good that is going to fight to protect the humanity and this planet as a whole from the greed and fanatic agendas of the one percent.

Happy New Year to the 99 percent.


[-] 2 points by Kathleen (35) 12 years ago

Sure hope OWS takes up the NO WAR WITH IRAN...no more sanctions against Iran based on more unsubstantiated claims as one of their focal points.

Go to RACE FOR IRAN. Flynt Leverett (former Bush administration official and former CIA analyst who quit the Bush administration based on his stance against the invasion of Iraq) for more accurate information about Iran.

We are marching towards another unnecessary and destructive confrontation with Iran...Hope OWS gets with it on this critical issue


[-] 2 points by Edwin (47) from Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do 12 years ago

Have fun. Happy New Year. 2012 is gonna be great for Occupy. Never give up.

[-] 2 points by struggleforfreedom80 (6584) 12 years ago

Happy New Year to all Occupy-participants. You´ve done such wonderful and important work the last 3.5 months, and this is just the beginning. May 2012 be a year of continued growth and fight for freedom and democracy.

Greetings and solidarity from Norway.


[-] 2 points by FHampton (309) 12 years ago

"In great upheavals, analogies fly like shrapnel. The electrifying protests of 2011—the on-going Arab spring, the ‘hot’ Iberian and Hellenic summers, the ‘occupied’ fall in the United States—inevitably have been compared to the anni mirabiles of 1848, 1905, 1968 and 1989. Certainly some fundamental things still apply and classic patterns repeat. Tyrants tremble, chains break and palaces are stormed. Streets become magical laboratories where citizens and comrades are created, and radical ideas acquire sudden telluric power. Iskra becomes Facebook. But will this new comet of protest persist in the winter sky or is it just a brief, dazzling meteor shower?"



[-] 2 points by InquiringMind (2) 12 years ago

This is great! I hope you guys gain enough momentum for tonight! It's great to see a new years celebration in an environment that is NOT so "sponsored", although I do wish that there would be some occupiers up there with messages and signs - i think it is more important to harness as much collective energy at such a "symbolic time" as new years. I believe in the powers of collective conscious and my thoughts are there with you guys!

[-] 1 points by 99pctBetterThanU (1) 12 years ago

If it wasn't so "sponsored" who would pay for it??!! You? Dumbass

[-] 2 points by burke7 (8) 12 years ago

Cant wait to celebrate and ring in the new year with a GA and a party in zoo- kotti!!!! Love and respect- Brendan


[-] 1 points by anbubenji (5) 12 years ago

A New frontier is being occupied!!

OCCUPY EVERYTHING! http://www.occupyfashion.spreadshirt.com

[-] 1 points by vsean (1) 12 years ago

Slogan for 2012:

Boycott 2012-November!

[-] 1 points by shadz66 (19985) 12 years ago

Onwards and Upwards into 2Ol2 !!!

iViva Los Indignados! ; iViva Los 99%! iViva OWS!

per ardua ad astra ...~~~*


[-] 0 points by marga (82) 12 years ago

Happy New Years OWS. Our founding fathers would have been proud of you. They were co creator's and destroyers of worlds. The American people could stop all wars and poverty with the drop of a hat. All we have to do is stand up and tell our military to come home because they are dying for some one else agenda. We have no reason to feel threaten or scared of anything. Either way you look at it they have been brainwashed into becoming cold blooded killers. Kill or be killed. And we honor them, they are our heroes lol. Oh brother this world is sick. Its gonna take a lot of healing to nurture it back to its health. Its a slow progress but we can do it. We must do it and we will do it regardless who's fragile little feelings we hurt or who's cushy life style we upset, everybody is entitled to a decent life style however he/she prefers to live. There are plenty riches to go around for everybody and then some more.

[-] 0 points by Jumphrey (106) 12 years ago

Taken from a press release from Anonymous: We resolve that we will not allow our cause to be distracted by politics, for they wish to use politics to divide and co-opt us. We resolve that we will remain non-violent in our protest, for they wish to incite violence to destroy us. We resolve that we will be tolerant of each-others religious differences, for they intent to inflame religious prejudices to divide us. Let us resolve this new year to help save people's homes, let us resolve to protect and protest, on behalf of the down trodden and innocent. If you can do nothing else make it your New Year's Resolution to spread the message, this new year does not belong to politicians, it does not belong to banks or corporations. This new year is our year, the year of the people, let it forshadow the end of tyrants.

[-] 0 points by Riley2011 (110) from New Britain, CT 12 years ago

I think that this is a New Year of hope and this movement has given me inspiration in a way that I have added some goals for the New Year. I will have a 20.00 bill in my pocket at the start of the week and before I make 1 purchase I will think about what it means and whom I support I will be more outspoken about tax benefits the wealthy corporations are getting- while the middle class and the poor are being taxed to death I will try to help a neighbor who is in foreclosure with any resource that I can I will support those who are fighting for change I will not run into malls because I am bored, will wear out my shoes like my great grandfather did during the great depression and will learn to reuse things A library can be used instead of spending, spending, spending- So, these are a few ways that I am changing me this New Years....... I know its not much, but it is something

I do believe that we need focus in 2012 What is the agenda... America is losing its homes Americans are out of work We are growing poorer, more malnourished, less educated... Focus!

[-] 0 points by marino (-1) 12 years ago

It's a pleasure to see in new year eve that you haven't give up dreaming to change this rotten capitalism. I can suggest an Italian way to achieve this, the "5 Stelle" movement, until now we have few representative in the cities and regions councils, and we hope to have many MPs in the next Parliaments election due in 2013 if Monti can survive until then as PM. No question that in democracy the only way to change things is by the parliamentary control. May our dream for a better an more equitable world come true in 2012. Happy New Year to the 99% http://www.beppegrillo.it/en/