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Nov. 5: Move Your Money Out Day of Action

Posted 2 years ago on Oct. 28, 2012, 3:52 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
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banks know the price of everything but value nothing

On November 5th, we invite everyone to come together and hold the banks accountable for their greedy display of democracy. They got billions in bailouts and get millions in tax subsidies and have done nothing to help the economy but make their shareholders and CEOs richer. They have foreclosed on millions of hard-working families and denied them refinancing on their loans. They have lost billions of the American people's money through risky gambling and illegal activities. We must stand up to them and say "NO MORE"!!

So on this day before the elections, we encourage everyone to move their money and move their debt from big banks into credit unions and local community banks. Since November of last year, over $100 million has been moved, and we hope to see another $100 million moved on this day.

Please share this event with all groups, organizations and occupy movements across the nation. Thanks!!

-Occupy The Banks PDX

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[-] 2 points by goodemailme (2) 2 years ago

Lets go for a true Jubilee. Start today. Do not borrow money or use banks. Cash only! No debt. Do not buy or sell to anyone who works for the system. This way