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We are the 99 percent

How to Rebrand Walmart

Posted 11 years ago on Dec. 14, 2012, 12:25 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: 99 pickets, walmart

via 99 Pickets:

Ready to Jam a Walmart Near You? Great! Here’s How.


[Go to 99 Pickets to click and download high resolution JPG files that you can print on any color inkjet printer, or download a .ZIP file with everything included here]

Making the Signs

  • The “Unstoppable” and “Fightback!” price cards are ready to print and copy onto 8 ½ X 11 card stock. Cut ‘em youself!
  • The “Lower Wages Guarantee” sign can also be printed on 8.5 X 11 with little cutting (Those are the same size and look as signs right by the cash register… Just sayin’).
  • The red banner-type signs (“Poverty Pay”, “Inhumane”, ”Solidarity” are formatted so you can print them on legal size paper and they’ll be just the right size for the displays in the store. After you print them on legal paper, cut them. Then copy them two at a time onto 11 X 17 card stock.


Put ‘em up!

  • There are plenty of places for the price cards. Anywhere you see one of theirs, you can put one of these!
  • The banner-type signs fit a few different kinds of displays. They should fit over the text of longer signs that are the same height. Just look like you’re supposed to be doing what you’re doing. Smoooooth!
  • No need for tape, or clips!


Jam Your Own Jam!

  • Have another message for Walmart shoppers? Make your own signs!
  • Go scope out you local Walmart to come up with ideas.
  • Act on Good Ideas! There are a lot of peaceful, creative, fun way to clear the eyes of those blinded by corporate-driven consumerism and send a strong message to the corporate crooks themselves. Choose yours!
  • Make people laugh. Make people think. Cause consternation. Challenge the consumer to re-examine his/her environment and choices, but be creative not destructive!

Share With Others!

Send photos and videos (at your own risk and discretion) of signs you’ve posted to our Rebrand Walmart tumblr!



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[-] 3 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 11 years ago


So much

Best post today!

Definitely doing this!

[-] 7 points by beautifulworld (23789) 11 years ago

Just think how much less violence we would have in this society if everyone earned a fair wage and could live their lives decently and with respect.

[-] 3 points by therising (6643) 11 years ago

Excellent point!

[-] 3 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 11 years ago

It's possible too!

[-] 1 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

The football player Jovan Belcher was making $500,000. So is it money? A living wage? $500K seems like a decent wage.

[-] 2 points by justiceforzim (-17) 11 years ago

In a way, yes. if he had been a nobody, he would have been arrested for DUI prior to the shooting. He was found sleeping with the motor running in his VERy EXPENSIVE car and the cops let him go. Funny,that msm hasn't really mentioned this in their coverage, eh? google it if you don't beilieve me.

[-] -2 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

You are a sick fuck. Lanzas family was wealthy, the Aurora shooter was a scientist. The Army doctor was a DOCTOR. The Virginia Tech killer was in college.

A living wage has nothing to do with evil murderesr, but you do. I think you are happy this happened so you can dishonextly connect a living wzge to some evil. You should rot.

[-] 4 points by beautifulworld (23789) 11 years ago

First, I said violence, not mass murders. Second: "Children Were All Shot Multiple Times With a Semiautomatic, Officials Say"


Third, good point about the living wage. It is evil that we don't have one in this country. And, how do you know what Adam Lanza's personal economic situation was anyway? Maybe he couldn't find a job.

[-] 3 points by shadz66 (19985) 11 years ago

Strong link & sorry for butting in, but 3roundmags, with his idiot moniker saying that you of all people "are happy this happened", was more than I took stomach as I sat here, groaning and recovering from recent illness. Rhetorically, what are the odds that he'll address himself to your question or to any of the points below, I wonder ?! Thanx for your link, love, logic & light. Solidarity & shine on for a 'bw' for all ~*~

pax, amor et lux ...

[-] 8 points by beautifulworld (23789) 11 years ago

The problem is that far too many people have warped views like this nutter who thinks it's okay and even necessary for people to own semi automatic weapons. It makes me weary how sick this society is. Fighting for gun ownership but not against poverty. Where is the morality in our society?

[-] 3 points by therising (6643) 11 years ago

Great point Also would be nice if we had unfettered access to health care and a pretty tough time getting guns instead of unfettered access to guns and a pretty tough time getting health care.

[-] 1 points by shadz66 (19985) 11 years ago

It's in you and all good people in this still btw, bw - bw ~*~ and I also append a link to the crypto-fascist- (c.f."The Heist") corporate roots, that ties Wal-Mart {who sell guns and ammo} ; your <3 centred words ; this News-Post and The CT Massacre & joins the dots like TrevorMnemonic did on his post and thread :

amor, lux et iudicium ...

[-] 5 points by beautifulworld (23789) 11 years ago

Are we going to let the 1% continue to wreck this nation? Or are we going to take our country back for the 99%. The power that Big Money and groups like ALEC wield must become obsolete.

For those who just can't grasp why we need gun control: "...some observers are pointing out the terrible coincidence of a knife attack that injured 22 students in China within a day of these 20 American school children being murdered in a matter of minutes by a gunman in Connecticut, which shows yet again that the ready availability of guns in the U.S. can be the difference between life and death. And easing access to deadly firearms has been a major part of the NRA/ALEC agenda, underwritten by ALEC corporations and advanced by ALEC politicians, for years and years."

[-] 3 points by shadz66 (19985) 11 years ago

20 6 & 7 year olds dead in the USA & 22 injured in China !!! Collateral damage to ALEC, The NRA and The Gun Industry, no doubt !! + Some joined up thinking urgently required ! Therefore, I append below :

fiat lux et fiat pax ...

[-] 3 points by beautifulworld (23789) 11 years ago

I would like to see the names and photos of every Pakistani child our government has killed with drone attacks on the MSM with sad music, lit candles, and talk of their talents and loving homes and families. I would like to see real remorse over the deaths of those children.

From the article: "This justification- that the United States has to kill Pakistani children in order to protect our children- is the exact same mindset of every person in US history deemed to be a terrorist."

[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 11 years ago

You and your joined up ; morally salient ; ethically cogent ; heart centred ; reasoning and reasonable voice, are a necessary tonic in these times of intellectual pygmies purporting 'to rule' over us. Finally, for your further consideration in due course :

fiat lux, pax et justitia ...

[-] 3 points by beautifulworld (23789) 11 years ago

That was painful to read, and the drone issue profoundly sad, but we must face the truth of what our government is doing.

"The killer who slaughtered the innocent at Sandy Hook is dead. The Child-Killing Apparatus over which Obama presides continues merrily along. Americans understandably shaken and saddened to the depth of their souls by the horrors in Newtown should consider this: The government that impudently presumes to rule us has made Sandy Hook-style massacres routine for residents of Pakistan."

[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 11 years ago

"What If Children Mattered No Matter Where They Lived–and Died?", by Peter Hart : http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article33367.htm , short & succinct but sadly caveat - probably no less painful to read.

multum in parvo ...

[-] 3 points by beautifulworld (23789) 11 years ago

Thanks for "The Revolution is Love." That video sums it all up perfectly for me.


[-] 3 points by shadz66 (19985) 11 years ago

Re. Walmart, the workers in Bangladesh and the historic NY Garment District fire from 101 years ago, please see :

That video is an inspiration 'bw' as we all work towards a bw for all on this winter solstice and beyond. The day was its darkest today but light triumphs thereafter. Onwards, upwards & ever forward for us all.

per aspera ad astra et dum spiro, spero ...

[-] 3 points by beautifulworld (23789) 11 years ago

Children do matter, no matter where they live and die. That is a universal truth. No child is worth more than any other child and to think that some are worth more is a fatal error that creates a world out of balance.

And, thanks for the article. Very powerful.

[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 11 years ago

A sub-5 minute shot in the arm : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxHG3jUqdQ0 more in keeping with the season and this important forum-posted item and as my 4 other links above have been rather heavy.

pax, amor et lux ...

[+] -4 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

Trying to connect mass murders to poverty is a fascist lie, used for your fascist propaganda. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were upper middle class. Seung hui Cho Vtech was South Korean and upper middle class. Charles Whitman the UTexas belltower sniper was an exemplary marine. Nidal Malik Hassan was a PSYCHIATRIST! James Huberty, the McDonalds killer was a nutcase survivalist who thought the Federal reserve and International bankers were trying to manipulate the economy (1984 mind you, maybe he was pre OWS), McVeigh couldnt find a girl, etc, etc, etc

Most common murderers are black, most mass murderers are young white males.

[-] 6 points by beautifulworld (23789) 11 years ago

Hmmm. I wonder why? You think the march towards society's vision of "success," materialism, working your ass off to have a bunch of cars and a bigger house, and "status" makes people happy? We have a sick society on many levels and poverty and greed affect everyone negatively.

[+] -4 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

There you go again, using your twisted fascist propaganda to suit your needs with your lies. Do you worship Adolph Hitler? Yes you do, because only a fascist would connect falling crime and murder rates and suggest falling crime and murder rates are bad because you use them to assail society. Crime is lower than ever! Thats a good thing in my world, a beautiful thing. Hosanna! But you were a Jew killer in a former life, for sure, because you hate falling crime rates

[-] 5 points by beautifulworld (23789) 11 years ago

What you spew speaks of yourself. Projection a little?

[-] 3 points by shadz66 (19985) 11 years ago

"Projection" a lot, me thinx, lol. pax, amor et lux ...

[-] -3 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

Is crime falling a good or bad thing? Simple yes or no.

[-] 8 points by beautifulworld (23789) 11 years ago

If you add in all the innocent people our government has killed overseas, including the hundreds of children killed by American drone attacks, I don't think crime is down at all.

Fascists are actually people like you who love guns and violence to the point of defending it, and who harbor hatred for the poor, and love the control that exploitation has over them.

[+] -5 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

I thought so. You cant accept that crime going down is a good thing. BeautifulWorld is a lie.

Wow are you sick.

[-] 3 points by shadz66 (19985) 11 years ago

Run along now and go get a clue about joined up thinking :

fiat pax, lux et justitia ... hic et uqique .. ~i~ .

[-] 1 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 11 years ago

Crime rates in my state are up.

In 2011, there were 53,285 crimes reported statewide. That was an increase from the 51,992 reported in 2010. These numbers only took into account the most serious categories of crime, for example, murder-manslaughter, forcible rape, motor vehicle theft and arson.

Violent crimes actually decreased overall by about eight percent. However, murders increased 20 percent (from 54 to 65 reported offenses) and forcible rape increased six percent (627 to 663). Yet several other categories saw large decreases, including aggravated assaults, which were down 13 percent.

"Overall, men, minorities, the young, and those in financially less favorable positions are more likely to be crime victims, as well as commit crimes." - Bureau of Justice Statistics.

You're spinning information and being an a-hole to one of the nicest people on the forum is what you're doing.

Yes there was a huge spike in crime in the 80's and early 90's.

But according to data... Crime is going up in the more recent years in many cities and states. My state being an example.

And how the fuck could anyone correlate high CEO pay to low crime? That was easily the dumbest thing I have ever heard a person say. You should look up the term correlate. I'm usually not one to immediately jump to an insult, but your attacks on BW are fucked up.

You are being ridiculous 3roundmag, and so are the trolls stalking my comments.

[-] -3 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

He isnt being honest. Drone strikes by Obama are equivalent to domestic crime? That was ridiculous. Please provide links to your stats.

Crime is down all over America. Thats cause for some optimism. We should ALL be happy about that. If we arent, that says something about US.

[-] 1 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 11 years ago

Nebraska source here - http://www.jsberrylaw.com/blog/2012/07/increase-in-nebraska-crime.shtml

They cite the nebraska crime commission.

Crime is down in some states and up in other states. Again, my state for example has had an INCREASE. I don't know much about others, but gang violence is also up in my state. We have had shootings every week in my city. Definitely not going to celebrate that.

You are very wrong on many levels in your comments with BW and Shadz.

I consider drone strikes and civlian death caused by US foreign policy to be associated with crime. Murder is crime. The "casualty" epidemic is outrageous.

Your associating beautifulworld to Hitler was also insanely outrageous.

[-] 5 points by shadz66 (19985) 11 years ago

What ? "Most common murderers are black" ?!!! You really are an idiot, aren't you ?!! Your inability to join the dots is indicative of your inability to join your head to your heart and your confusion of ass, (x) and your elbow. L... & readers will get why I have to draw it in order to spell it out for you, here & below !

The prevalence of murderous automatic and semi-automatic weaponry and the simultaneous on going socio-economic violence of poverty and austerity, in a violent society are the points being raised, you jackass. So go read and learn something now, you deluded, hysterical, gun toting, irrational nutjob :

and again from below - No, you're the sick fuck for thinking that semi-automatic weaponry in homes is an ok idea ! The Second Amendment was all about facilitating the formation of peoples militias in the absence of a standing army at a time of flintlock weapons but things have moved on since then, you numbnuts !! You should try to extract your empty head from your fat (x), come up, see the light of day and smell the roses - you "sick fuck" !!!

et nosce te ipsum ...

[-] -3 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

Sorry but you are wrong. Accept it. The murder rate is dropping. I can tell tho you are a bloodthirsty demon, wringing your hands in fervent delight at the deaths of children because it suits your fascist ideology as you twist horror to suit your bloodlust.

Murder and violence have fallen for years now, so ALEC COULD ACTUALLY TAKE CREDIT for a falling level of violence. But YOU, the bloodthirst unsatiated revel in innocent death and try to connect it to your own agenda. How many more deaths do you want of 6 year olds?

[-] 3 points by shadz66 (19985) 11 years ago

Yep ! "How many more deaths do you want of 6 year olds?" Go on, reread what both you and I have said here and tell us your answer, Einstein !! Your gooney goo-goo gobbledegook is all Greek to me !!!

gnothi seauton ...

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 11 years ago

The drop is directly related to first responders and trauma centers, not ALEC.

Almost everything ALEC does is a failure for the 99% and a plus for the 1%.

Just look at Wisconsin.


All that lying for Walker......for a loss.

They should have recalled the bitch.

[-] -2 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

More bullshit. Crime is down and has been falling for years. Had virtually nothing to do with trauma centers or first responders.



Interesting to see that you cant blame it on that which you hate. Here is my advice, be at leadt a bit happy that crime is falling. Thats a very very good thing even if you cant blame right wingers.

[-] 2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 11 years ago

Not bullshit at all.

By the way both articles are based on stuff from one source.

However you missed this important quote entirely.

"The government’s stepped-up aid during this recession may have had an effect on crime, says Bushway. “The extension of unemployment benefits probably held off crime,” he says."

Oooooops.......Obama done it and GOP is trying SO very hard to undo it.


[-] -2 points by firghtyer (-66) 11 years ago

Only thing Walker is guilty of is creating more jobs for his State

[-] 3 points by shoozTroll (17632) 11 years ago

That's the propaganda, however, as usual the reality is VERY different.

And you didn't even bother to read about the reality.

You should probably back away slowly.

[-] -2 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

Jovan Belcher the football player was making at least $500,000. You bringing up poverty and a living wage marks you as a liar, a fascist.

[+] -4 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

His father was a vice president at GE. Violence is DECREASING, and rapidly. There are less murders now than at the heyday of unions and what could be claimed the highest living wage. In fact the argument could made that the larger the difference between the minimum wage and CEO pay, the less violence, but of course thats just a correlation, not causation.

Some suggest abortion might be responsible for the dramatic drop in violence. Less unwanted children. You tell me why murders and violence is decreasing.

[-] 3 points by shadz66 (19985) 11 years ago

No, you're the sick fuck for thinking that semi-automatic weaponry in homes is an ok idea ! The Second Amendment was all about facilitating the formation of peoples militias in the absence of a standing army at a time of flintlock weapons but things have moved on since then, numbnuts!! You should try to extract your empty head from your fat (x), come up, see the light of day & smell the roses - you "sick fuck" !!!

temet nosce ...

[-] -2 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

Mass murderers are rarely poor. Pretty vicious and evil to deflect mass murders to some political gain.

[-] 1 points by VQkag2 (16478) 11 years ago

STFU you heartless gun corp shill!

[+] -4 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

Violent video games are the cause. Poor people cant afford violent video games.

[-] 0 points by stevebol (1269) from Milwaukee, WI 11 years ago

Sure about that? I play violent video games and I have no desire to own or shoot guns. They bore me. As far as buying games, it's easy to buy a hot computer and download game illegally.

[-] 0 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

No i am not sure. But i know for certain it isnt poverty causing mass murderers. There are some sick liberals who apparently wanted these kids to die so they could connect it to government policy. Thats just sick.

The Aurora killer had to have spent $5000 to buy his guns and ammo. A living wage wasnt his problem.

[-] 1 points by VQkag2 (16478) 11 years ago

Maybe he put his gun purchases on cr cards, & haven't paid them off. You don't know.

I think hopelessness is a big part of what drives people to snap. (job, money, partner, acceptance) Every individual most be analyzed specifically.

No easy pat answers. Best thing we can do is care for our mentally ill, and punish gun owners who allow their guns to be accessed by those who snap!

[-] -1 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

No gun owner should ever lose control of his weapons. I agree. And you are right, each case is specific. But you tried to connect mass murder to some right wing ideology and thats simply fascist bull.

Most mass murderers are not poor,they tend to be upper middle class. Murders are at their lowest rate in decades and we have the lowest living wage in recent history, so you need to look elsewhere.

[-] 2 points by VQkag2 (16478) 11 years ago

"you tried to connect mass murder to some right wing ideology"

Is this more of your desperate distractions, & blatant lies.?

Which right wing ideology did I connect mass murder to?

[-] 0 points by stevebol (1269) from Milwaukee, WI 11 years ago

We all know there's a connection between economics and homicide rates in the US. There's no sense in getting side-tracked by this because we have to determine what we're willing to accept as far as legal firearms. This isn't about liberals and conservatives. There are elements among both groups that would like to see a total ban on all guns for civilians. Not only is this unrealistic but I have to wonder if these people just really want to see the world burn. The war on drugs hasn't worked so how the hell is a war on guns going to?

[-] -2 points by 3roundmagsonly (-63) 11 years ago

It wont happen, but i would like to see local armories where private citizens could house their guns. Check them out to hunt or target shoot. Put them back afterward.

[-] 0 points by stevebol (1269) from Milwaukee, WI 11 years ago

I see no problem with that but that would be something regional. If people want to fund an armory/storage place because they might not want guns in the house or for some other reason that seems OK.

[-] 2 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 11 years ago

I love me some peaceful civil disobedience !!



[-] 2 points by MsStacy (1035) 11 years ago

I wonder if anyone will even notice. It seems a juvenile act, but do what you wish. Once people are in the store you've already lost.

[-] 0 points by shmoopie (0) 11 years ago

I wonder why you bothered to make that comment MsStacy, it seems so juvenile, but don't le me tell you what to do. Once people are invested in a lie, it's hard to get them to see the truth.

[-] 2 points by MsStacy (1035) 11 years ago

I bothered because I felt that the problem isn't going to be solved by signs in the store. The people that have gone there are there looking for low priced goods and simply don't care.


[-] 0 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 11 years ago

You should add little messages around on the signs - like boycott wallmart - support workers - living wage for all.