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We are the 99 percent

Direct Action Training

Posted 10 years ago on Nov. 11, 2011, 4:17 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

Action Preparation & Training for November 17th, November 30th and Beyond. Direct Action Trainings: build affinity team, train to do actions and civil disobediences, meet new allies and friends and have some fun with us.

Action Preparation and Training

Monday Nov. 14 and Tuesday Nov. 15 1:30-3:30 and 4:30-6:30. Meet at the Red Cube

Wednesday Nov. 16 5:30-7:30 UFT 52 Broadway 6th Floor




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[-] 3 points by struggleforfreedom80 (6584) 10 years ago

I really love this movement. All the individuals starting, building, and participating in this global-spreading Occupy Movement are the true heroes of the world. This earth and it´s inhabitants despertaly need changes, and this movement will in time play a huge role in creating a better world! "In this possibly terminal phase of human existence, democracy and freedom are more than just ideals to be valued - they may be essential to survival" -Noam Chomsky

Update: My new article The Transition Phase: The Road To Freedom has now been posted on my blog

Keep on growin´ keep on fightin´. Greetings and solidarity from Norway. SFF

[-] 2 points by Decoy4924 (44) 10 years ago

I believe this movement has much potential but the negative actions by the few are effecting the whole. If possible further training in how to handle yourself in protest needs to be done. Not just a single class or two instead daily class that goes over the basics. According to some polls we are sitting around 30-35% acceptance but to grow this number larger action must be taken to clean up our image. We need people actively working on PR with easy to digest goals and groups teaching while keeping in check the more violent participants. With out a united front we cannot hope to stand against those who wish us to fail. I apologize if this came off preachy but this movement in my eyes needs to succeed for good of all Americans.

[-] 0 points by FreeMarskeet (10) 10 years ago

Det. Thorn: It's people. Soylent Green is made out of people. They're making our food out of people. Next thing they'll be breeding us like cattle for food. You've gotta tell them. You've gotta tell them!

Hatcher: I promise, Tiger. I promise. I'll tell the exchange.

Det. Thorn: You tell everybody. Listen to me, Hatcher. You've gotta tell them! Soylent Green is people! We've gotta stop them somehow!

[-] 1 points by shoesandtables (20) 10 years ago

This Action Preparation & Training is a good idea. Also, here is a link to a video showing the "Wealth Gap" in the U.S. -- Seeing this visually makes it clearer -- Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7tmZv1o5Ac

[-] -1 points by Billtheciaagent (2) 10 years ago

If there is no suppression then how come you shall be forced to work?

[-] -1 points by struggleforfreedom80 (6584) 10 years ago

What we see in the video is just the resault of the state-capitalist society we have today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iebK7VVDayY

Today I will post the Article "The Transition Phase: The Road To Freedom"on my blog where I give my contribution as to what can / should be done on the road to a better society. Check it out:)


[-] -2 points by Billtheciaagent (2) 10 years ago

We are unnerved with these words please do not write like that!



[-] 2 points by Thisisthetime (200) from Kahlotus, WA 10 years ago

Excellent idea. I hope their will be more Action Training and in more areas. Keep up the Good Work. Fair-ness.

[-] 2 points by nucleus (3291) 10 years ago

Bad forwarding URL



[-] 1 points by zootsuit (34) 10 years ago

the area around the stock exchange had been occupied by the nypd since 2001. what difference does it make when it's the people's turn to occupy wall street?

[-] 1 points by cowboy (1) 10 years ago

The police should get out their 50 calibers and mow every protester(Communist) down. Why let a crisis go to waste.I've heard that before..Oh it was from Romm Emanuel and Eric Holder.ha ha ha

[-] 1 points by Fivepercent (39) 10 years ago

I'd like to see direct action training on stuff like personal hygiene, job hunting, and life skills.

[-] 1 points by GreenbeltCarousel (15) 10 years ago

Train my directions to the True North of revolution. This country must die before it can be reborn into a land or ripe fruit and juicy organs.


[-] 1 points by GreenbeltCarousel (15) 10 years ago

The feeling of the power of the 99 will never leave you as long as you can smell the burning flesh of fat pig bankers.

Bankers are drinking the juice from our organs.

[-] 1 points by biff1982 (1) 10 years ago

This protest needs to be moved to Washington DC

[-] 1 points by athos (-3) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago

I went looking for the 1:30 training today - forgot to write down where in the park it was being held - and was told it had been cancelled. Can someone please reconfirm whether these training sessions are still happening?

[-] 1 points by lonespectator (106) 10 years ago

Once again an example of the failure of OWS to do anything to truly progress the movement to the source in DC. These foolish assemblies in NYC have done nothing but taint you position and rapidly lose support. Nov 6th, you had the opportunity to promote "Occupy the White House" but chose to secretly support "stop the pipeline while working with the DNC and (I've since discovered) the National Democractic Socilist Party. This is why you are falling apart at the General Assembly level, and continue to attract the Black Bloc Anarchists.. Stop this foolishness in NYC now, and Amass at the White House to Occupy the White House..Occupy the peoples house and Congress. OWH. That is what the majority of the Occupy movement is calling for, and now seems to be landing on "deaf ears" as this Nov. 17th operation will prove. This is your end..Your self-destruction. GO TO WASHINGTON..The Capitol Police will not steal your tents and Generators. OWH..Take your demands to the source. The President supports you and wants you there now. OWH Now!!!

[-] 1 points by rosewood (543) 10 years ago

what and where is red cube ?

[-] 1 points by athos (-3) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago

the red cube is a sculpture just to the east of zuccotti park.

[-] 1 points by dana9 (1) 10 years ago

This may seem like random placement of this post, but without a Search field, i can't find the post i wanted to respond to before i lost track of it in the process of registering. What i want to know is: How did someone get raped in the middle of so many people? Here in CA I've been telling people a womon is safer over night at an Occupy encampment than at home, where she'd have to fight single-handed.

[-] 1 points by stanchaz (36) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago

Our emperors have no clothes. Our emperors have no shame. These governors, mayors, city councils, police chiefs and street cops of America need to realize that it is NOT UP TO THEM whether or not Americans peaceably gather , protest, discuss, or demonstrate. It's up to a document called the US CONSTITUTION. Zuccotti Park is no longer just  a place - Zuccotti Park is everywhere. You can beat us and arrest us and tear-gas us, you can try to "permit" us to death....but you can't kill an idea. You can't keep down a people’s hopes and dreams for a better life.....a life with dignity and freedom....for us, and for our kids. More power to Occupy Wall Street, as it spreads to every town and city. Because OWS is us, and for us, and by us. It comes up from the grassroots, and it lifts us up in turn. With OWS America has found it’s voice, and that voice demands fairness and justice - for ALL. This land IS our land! AND WE WANT IT BACK! We want our LIVES back! We want our FUTURE back! But it’s much more than just words.... it’s much more than just politics.... it’s your LIFE, and how you want to live it. So why not take some time, find a quiet place somewhere, and consider this: Each of us has only one brief life....one chance....one roll of the dice....and many choices. The time has come to choose....to risk...and to act. If not now...then when? If not you, then....who? You DO have the power my friend....and the choice IS yours. Don’t let your dreams die....

[-] 1 points by JosephCouture (45) 10 years ago

The massive assault on the Canadian movement coming from the 99 percent themselves is showing us who are the biggest obstacles to success at this point.

read about it here: www.josephcouture.com

[-] 1 points by therising (6643) 10 years ago

Excited for direct action but I hope all OWS supporters keep this one thing in mind: Tactics without mindset yield poor and weak results. Here's how many believe we can win this using direct action...... with an accompanying mindset: http://occupywallst.org/forum/note-to-all-ows-supporters-if-we-engage-in-great-t/

[-] 1 points by tsdevi (307) 10 years ago

This is a tangent, but I just read on Alternet how Jay Z, the billionaire rap artist, has co-opted the theme of the Occupy Wall Street movement with a line of shirts reading "Occupy All Streets." Given how this person's influence in NYC has helped to promote economic inequality and given how this person brags about their material success, clearly the message of the OWS movement has not impressed him much...go figure.

[-] 1 points by bubu88 (0) from Mumbai, Maharashtra 10 years ago

America must show us the way, not alone in a global revolution, but simply lead the way in History.

What the current two party system, and the the elite of the America fail to realize, is that by greed and oppression they hack the very things that make America a super power and a great country to live in.

This system of greed, has now reached a point that its eating on itself. The weaker the USA gets economically, the greater is the global power vacuum.

I don't want to live in a century where China calls ALL the shorts. Hell no! I don't, so I pray that people of america are able to rise in revolt, and bring an end to the idiocracy of the Financial sector, and this capitalist cannibalism.

From Bombay.

[-] 1 points by PeteDutro (3) 10 years ago

I have resigned my position at OWS as I have contracted HIV in the camp. I wish everyone the best!

[-] 1 points by rejoice952 (0) 10 years ago

the truth is , this is the way it works. You pay target money and people who work at target recieve money. You tax the rich more, They FIRE People.

[-] 1 points by struggleforfreedom80 (6584) 10 years ago

And if we take over the communities and workplaces and start running our affairs democratically we could FIRE the RICH (and at the same time take back all they have stolen thru exploitation and bailouts)


[-] 0 points by Decoy4924 (44) 10 years ago

Not necessarily true for instance company's are reporting record profits yet are still downsizing people. Business does not grow jobs just because they have money there must be a need big enough to necessitate the job. This argument is akin to I buy ice cream if Im taxed less I can buy more ice cream. Now will I buy more ice cream no I actually have enough so I would just keep the money. Thank you for your argument I hope my statement was some what helpful.

[-] 1 points by ARealNewYorker (227) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago

I want to second this. The studies that show that taxes are disincentives to invest were mostly conducted decades ago. There may be some truth to them, in general (although the truth is that the truth is far more complicated - larger companies often advocate for tax increases at the local level when they know that the programs that the revenue will be used for would have been far more costly if they had to pay for them themselves). But the game is way different in the current situation. Companies are not just sitting on piles of money, they're sitting on piles of money they made by laying people off and outsourcing over the last twenty years (mostly to countries where the cost of labor was kept artificially low by the governments in those countries and where extremely low taxes were used as incentives to draw business - corporations love big government when they don't have to pay for it). Currently, taxes are incredibly low for companies that are large enough to outsource in order to keep producing; the marginal tax rate is at 35% but a recent study by the CTJ showed that the effective tax rate for the top 280 corporations in the US is somewhere around 18%, with 30 of the largest corporations actually having a negative tax liability; http://ctj.org/ctjreports/2011/11/corporate_taxpayers_corporate_tax_dodgers_2008-2010.php. A recent World Bank report claimed that the US is the fifth best country in the world to do business in, based mainly on a measure of regulations; http://www.doingbusiness.org/reports/global-reports/doing-business-2011/. What is more likely is that larger corporations will use the excuse that they won't hire when they weren't planning to do so anyway in order to get people to support their anti-tax initiatives. Any quick glance at the major oil companies will show how little most larger corporations intend to spend on job creation - Exxon Mobil, for example, spent more money on stock buybacks than it did on R & D over the last several years, and R & D is what creates jobs (stock buybacks do nothing but fill the coffers of the major shareholders who buy them up (and who are frequently CEOs) since they no longer have to pay out dividends); this is general information on large corporations' stock buybacks: http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/09_34/b4144096907029.htm.

[-] 1 points by Shule (2638) 10 years ago

May I complicate the discussion some by describing one corporation's hiring practices; that of a particular defense contractor that is wholly dependent on the defense department for its billion + dollar income. This corp hires people in spite of the fact there is little actual work to do. Most people (at least in the office) sit around and vainly tray to find trivia to do. The reason for this becomes clear around contract time which usually comes around about the same time as election time. The corp then threatens the Defense Department that they will have to lay off so and so many people if they don't get the contract. Under pressure from Congress the Defense Department caves, and the bloated contract gets awarded. The employees in essence are but fodder in a high stake extortion scheme. That is how at least on defense contractor that I know of operates. It would not surprise me if more operate the same.
I,m at odds with the practice; at least this corp keeps its people employed, but what all does it say about our "capitalist free enterprise" system?


[-] 1 points by sufinaga (513) 10 years ago

lets free ourselves from the PATRIARCHY. lets remove the agants of the fascist male-only hierarchies. SMASH THE GLASS CEILING.

[-] -2 points by LoneStar5 (9) 10 years ago

Wow...You got your panties in a wad don't you?...Now be a good girl and go make me a sandwich

[-] 1 points by hiddenwheel (83) from Newton, MA 10 years ago

Lone Star, Question. Do you think there is corruption among the largest corporations in the U.S.?

[-] 0 points by jart (1186) from New York, NY 10 years ago

User was banned for this post

[-] 1 points by TheKing (93) 10 years ago

OWS needs urban guerilla training. It's the logical next step. That way they can seize what they want. Hopefully they can go full blown Patty Hearst, and soon.

[-] -1 points by FreeMarkets (272) 10 years ago

I hear they have excellent training programs in Somalia.

[-] 0 points by TheKing (93) 10 years ago

Yes, a few disgruntled Americans have gone there. OWS should join them.


[-] 0 points by TheKing (93) 10 years ago

Plus they can look very chic in fatigues and berets. The "military wing of OWS". Lol!

[-] -1 points by FreeMarkets (272) 10 years ago

Gender neutral uniforms, of course.

[-] 0 points by TheKing (93) 10 years ago

Of course; made from fair trade cloth. Hemp would make a nice statement.

[-] -1 points by LoneStar5 (9) 10 years ago



[-] 0 points by FoxturdActionFigure (11) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago

The estimated cost of attendance for 2011-12 is $52,670 and includes:

Tuition: $37,000

Room charge: $6,596

Board rate: $5,473

Estimated miscellaneous expenses: $3,601

The room charge and board rate are standard for University dormitories and meal plans. Estimated miscellaneous expenses include the residential college fee, activities fees, class dues and a one-time transcript fee. These items, totaling $865 of the $3601 estimated books and personal expenses, are billed by the University along with tuition, room and board. Financial aid credits are deducted from the University bill of $49,934 for those who qualify, leaving the remainder due as a family payment on either a semester or monthly basis.

This estimate does not include the cost of travel, which may range between $100 and $2,500. Students who are not covered by a family health insurance policy must purchase Student Health Plan coverage for $1,620. University charges are likely to increase modestly for 2012-13.


[-] 0 points by Joe4more (165) from Cranston, RI 10 years ago

What's the point? "Thayabharan" is wrong? You seem like the kind of person that would start trouble in the ows area and then blame the protesters. As a matter of fact, I'll bet YOU defecated in the newspaper and threw it into the street.

[-] 1 points by littlebiggygirl (26) from Hesperia, CA 10 years ago

"For every one who has committed to occupying in the name of addressing and creating a solution to rampant corruption there are 10 more who support and laud you for making the movement visible." Ganksta Th'second : http://littlebiggy.org/4660547


[-] 0 points by MrDman (-57) 10 years ago

Is it just me or has the Occupy Movement has accomplished nothing other than to disrupt the economy and livelihoods of others..not only that ,,it doesnt appear to be anyone with a common sense in that group.

[-] 0 points by RexDiamond (585) from Idabel, OK 10 years ago

See, this is where it gets dangerous. Civil disobedience is just another term for "our way or no way."

You disrupt and cause confusion in processes that are very important to our existence. You inject people with false hopes, which leads to disappointment, anger and eventually violence.

[-] 0 points by Sharpie933 (20) 10 years ago

Question, how much training does it take to stand around shouting "SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!" in unison and "THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING!" and shouting 6th Grade level vocabulary through a megaphone? Because thats just about all you guys ever do!!!

[-] 0 points by TheWolf (0) 10 years ago

Freedom Fighter Radio is the only Patriot website that openly condones, encourages an armed response. Deadly force should be used against any and all that are part of the Occupy Movement who attempts to sexually assault, rape, vandalize and or destroy private property such as in the incidents mentioned in this article. If anyone attempts to repeat these hate attacks such as those done in Brooklyn, New York they should be shot and killed. http://freedomfighterradio.net/2011/11/12/occupy-wall-protesters-go-on-rampage-burning-jewish-owned-cars-and-scrawling-swastikas-in-brooklyn-new-york/

[-] 0 points by gamblingmofo (36) from Westbury, NY 10 years ago

You think you know the truth? http://www.youtube.com/user/KilluminatiStudio

[-] 0 points by bobby (58) from Quincy, CA 10 years ago

Mid-West Super-state Parliament Elected on 11/12/2011:


[-] 0 points by zucnei (103) 10 years ago

This just feels tired.

Is the point of this movement to cause change or have another day of indulgent performance art, under attended rallies (like yesterday), and disruptions for commuters and small businesses in Lower Manhattan that have been through enough?

One can already see how this will go: the stock exchange will be surrounded by police, the neighborhood will be barricaded to the harm of the many 99%er's who live and work here, 1000 people will show up, OWS will say it was 5000, Fox will say 500....

[-] 2 points by hiddenwheel (83) from Newton, MA 10 years ago

Your comment is only half complete. What do you propose that would work more effectively? I'm all for criticisms but, without suggestions to support your ideas you lack the credibility to be taken seriously.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 10 years ago

small business thrive on gatherings

[-] -1 points by FreeMarkets (272) 10 years ago

the point is indulgent performance art. Note that the crowd counts include the press (who outnumber the protesters).

[-] 0 points by zucnei (103) 10 years ago

Its starting to feel that way - unfortunately

[-] 1 points by Vooter (441) 10 years ago

Then go home and wack off, you useless piece of shit. You know that's what you want to do anyway...

[-] -1 points by FreeMarkets (272) 10 years ago

Donny: Are these the Nazis, Walter?

Walter Sobchak: No, Donny, these men are nihilists, there's nothing to be afraid of.

[-] 0 points by Jimboiam (812) 10 years ago

Straight from the Marxists and Anarchist running this movement. Don't fall for this garbage.

[-] 1 points by struggleforfreedom80 (6584) 10 years ago

And none of these "marxists and anarchists" are suprised that you don´t present one singe argument as to what you specifically disagree with.

[-] 0 points by bobby (58) from Quincy, CA 10 years ago

Early results for vote counting of the See more as votes are counted at: http://usparliament.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=514&p=1024#p1024

Mid-West Super-state Parliament Election http://www.usparliament.org/ss8.php

By Vote Counting Minister James Ogle 11/12/2011

Five Tics

1,5,1,8,1_ Roseanne Barr [Green Tea] (16) - Elected President _77,4,52,2,64 Chuck Pasch [Environmentalist] (199) - Elected Vice President

[-] 0 points by wh1tel1ne (0) from East Stroudsburg, PA 10 years ago

I don't mean to be an uptight spelling nazi but just in case it wasn't noticed previously, the second November has an extra "r" in it (Novermber)

[-] 0 points by Ajayagosh (-1) 10 years ago

Our solidarity to u and the occupy movements around the world.. Try to build a new world of dignity and social justice and true democratic values..Reject the imperialist slogan "A world of Corporates , by the corporates and for the corporates..with revolutionary sprit and greetings People Against Globalisation[PAG]


[-] 2 points by khewitt333 (35) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago

This is meaningless information. Some of the protesters live in residences that are worth a lot. Do they own those residences? Even if they do, and even if they are well above average in their assets, etc they are protesting for economic equality, so good for them!!! As well, for anyone not aware of real estate prices in NYC, 500K will maybe get a 600 square foot, 2-bedroom apartment in a nice neighborhood in Brooklyn. Even in a "bad" neighborhood a small 1-bedroom is going for at least 200K. Try raising a family in 600 square feet. New Yorkers get screwed with very high rents and few can afford to buy! The rich in NYC have apartments worth millions. Even an average home in a nice neighborhood in Brooklyn or Queens costs 2 million (at least ! in Manhattan real estate costs much, much more). A residence worth 500K is hardly luxury here - it is actually incredibly cheap. The average people in NYC feel the bite of economic inequality fiercely as the cost of living here is so high. A salary of 60K would provide a comfortable middle-class life elsewhere in the country, but for NYC and cities like it (San Francisco or DC for example) that salary is barely middle-class.

[-] 1 points by aaronparr (597) 10 years ago

While I agree with you your numbers are muddled. Someone with a salary of $60k can only afford a $180k residence and so your mention of such has nothing to do with $500k houses.

The real question is about those statistics mentioned. They are taken out of context and do not include the whole picture. In essence they are pure BS. You are right it is meaningless information.

[-] 1 points by Sly (19) from Brattleboro, VT 10 years ago

It is not about how much wealth you do or do not have. If you are NOT using your wealth to wage fiscal warfare to control the government and enslave the common man, you ARE part of the 99%.

[-] 1 points by ARealNewYorker (227) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago

This means basically nothing. First of all, there may be many people in the movement who have an animus against "the rich," but most people don't mind the existence of money, they just mind what people do with it. Buying one nice house isn't quite as bad as buying an election. And way to mix up a slogan with the real thought behind it (by your logic everyone can give Obama a big thumbs up for promising "change we can believe in" because change is a constant thing (Obama changed his shoes from yesterday to today), and at least two people (a "we") including Obama believe it happened) Secondly, maybe these people are tired of their comfortable house (the USA) being built on a pile of corpses (everyone affected by the tax, assistance, environmental, and foreign policies of the gang of right wing psychos that have had outsized influence for the past forty years), and they're trying to lay the foundations for a better society. Just because someone has wealth doesn't make them a hypocrite for wishing institutions existed properly and justly to distribute wealth. And just because many people have acquired wealth unjustly doesn't mean that others haven't acquired it justly. We'll never know who is who based on arrest records.

[-] 1 points by aaronparr (597) 10 years ago

No. The problem is concentration of wealth and the wealth gap.

The statistics mentioned are meaningless because they are neither grounded in facts nor do they explain what is implied by their presentation here.

[-] 1 points by struggleforfreedom80 (6584) 10 years ago

Message to participants in the Occupy movement:

My new article ”The Transition Phase: The Road To Freedom” has now been published on my blog Check it out. SFF



[-] 0 points by Billtheciaagent (2) 10 years ago

First of all who got this idea which unnerves the Government?We shall find out that Rat!That Bastard.

[-] 0 points by Billtheciaagent (2) 10 years ago

The Government shall crush you just as the French commune members were crushed.You are doomed to lose the just cause.You cannot defeat any evil.Because you are not immoral like us the Government of USA.

[-] 0 points by nparker (39) 10 years ago

THIS IS WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT IS HIDING FROM US TO THE BENEFIT OF THE BIG OIL COMPANYS! Etremely disturbing stuff. Please spread this link around.


[-] 1 points by Billtheciaagent (2) 10 years ago

God gave the Government a big power to suppress people who the hell you are .R U God. U challenge God?


[-] 0 points by Dio1313 (69) 10 years ago

Maybe you should just ask god to make all the bad men go away.

[-] 0 points by nparker (39) 10 years ago

Here is the video link for the police beating protesters at Cal Berkley. This is bullshit and has to stop.


[-] 0 points by Billtheciaagent (2) 10 years ago

Nice police shall crush you because you are right and innocent.

[-] -1 points by Dio1313 (69) 10 years ago

I had post the titles of several "occupy" videos and where to find them. Funny that I do not see those post here today. Guess you guys do not want to watch the videos that show you all acting like idiots, the same videos that make everyone want you to just go away. The same ones that show that you deserve to get beat.

[-] -2 points by LoneStar5 (9) 10 years ago

I seen that video...The only problem I seen was that the Police didn't bust any of the stinking filthy hippies heads open.

[-] 0 points by nparker (39) 10 years ago

Why has #ows not posted video of the police beating students at CAL Berkley. I think its important to post anytime the police get violent in the midst of these peaceful protests. Someone please get this info up on the site. The movement needs to see what their governments tactics are for dealing with our right to peaceful assembly. Thank you. 99%er

[-] 0 points by Billtheciaagent (2) 10 years ago

Please do not remind the people of this beating.Because we evil do not want to be noticed.

[-] 0 points by sufinaga (513) 10 years ago

nov 17th may be too late!!!!! seeing all the media stories against OWS i see a savage clampdown, a major and brutal attack against all encampments on WEDNESDAY 16th Nov!!!

[-] 1 points by Billtheciaagent (2) 10 years ago

Yes!Yes! you shall be crushed like rats.You Rats!

[-] 0 points by Dio1313 (69) 10 years ago

Lets have this stupid mess cleaned up by Thanksgiving.

[-] -1 points by LoneStar5 (9) 10 years ago

I can't wait....The sooner the better....With the drugs, rapes, violence, vandalism, diseases and rest of the filth....It can't be soon enough.


[-] 0 points by occupyoccupyoccupy (14) 10 years ago

occupy berkeley!!! people some crazy shit went down and no one knows bc of that penn state pedophile!!!!


[-] -1 points by stevo (314) 10 years ago

Rule # 1: When facing off with cops, look mean, talk tough, don't move.

Rule # 2: When you get arrested, shriek like little bitches

[-] 0 points by RexDiamond (585) from Idabel, OK 10 years ago

You forgot:

yell nonsensical statements about rights and police brutality. Then try to incite others to come running in with fake screams of agony.


[-] 0 points by Dio1313 (69) 10 years ago

Protesters are always so quick to RAISE THEIR VOICE because they believe being loud will over ride the fact they have nothing intelligent to say.

[-] -2 points by FreeMarskeet (10) 10 years ago

Nerd Rage?

[-] -1 points by alouis (1511) from New York, NY 10 years ago

You are the best of the best.



[-] 1 points by struggleforfreedom80 (6584) 10 years ago

This movement wont stop until serious changes are achieved. It´s gone national, and global. Nothing can stop this growing movement now


[-] 0 points by Dio1313 (69) 10 years ago

'Not a solution' Mayor Jean Quan has drawn withering criticism for her handling of previous attempts to shut down the encampment.

"Tonight's incident underscores the reason why the encampment must end. The risks are too great," Quan said. "We need to return (police) resources to addressing violence throughout the city. It's time for the encampment to end. Camping is a tactic, not a solution."

Exactly why you will fail. You cannot achieve positive change by constantly pissing of the working class. Mob mentality rules you stupid sheep!

[-] 0 points by squarerootofzero (81) 10 years ago

Theft and threats in Zoo York? Um, foxy...you've got a little hypocritical turd on your face.

[-] 1 points by FoxturdActionFigure (11) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago

John Corstales said he was particularly upset about an incident involving New York Police Inspector Anthony Bologna, who was reprimanded by the department following circulation of a video of him pepper-spraying protesters on Sept. 24.

“He is the best captain in this neighborhood for five years. No better human being than him,”.

[-] 1 points by Joe4more (165) from Cranston, RI 10 years ago

Do you have a man crush on John Corstales? I'm also suspect about the turd tossing story, I mean, given your name and all. If it's all true, I'm missing all the fun....

[-] 0 points by FoxturdActionFigure (11) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago
[-] 1 points by squarerootofzero (81) 10 years ago

Any individual committing a crime can be punished as an individual committing a crime - period. These things happen every single day. This is not going to stop with simple libelous gerrymandering. But thanks for looking out for the safety and welfare of ordinary citizens!

[-] 0 points by jimmycrackerson (940) from Blackfoot, ID 10 years ago

So, instead of X amount of people occupying wall street, we're going to to have X+Y amount of people occupying wall street? Now if I learned anything at the Crackerson institute of Mathematics, I'd have to say that it sounds like the movement is GROWING...carry on.

[-] 0 points by FoxturdActionFigure (11) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago

John Corstales said he planned to take the employees of his restaurant — Essex World Cafe, located a block away from Zuccotti Park — to the news conference.

“I’ll bring all my people. These protesters—they’re not even protesters, they don’t know anything—they are horrible. They break things, they steal, I have to close my bathrooms and bring customers downstairs [to employee restrooms],” he said.

“You should see what they have done to my gate, what they do every night when we are closed,” he said, referring to vandalism and damage to the exterior of his restaurant.

One of his employees said the urination and fecal matter in the neighborhood are among the worst of the problems. A construction worker who works nearby said he saw someone defecating into a newspaper, which was then rolled up and thrown across the street.

[-] -2 points by LoneStar5 (9) 10 years ago

When John Edwards was running for Pres, his candidacy was predicated on "There are 2 Americas". He became popular for promoting Class Warfare. When Obama bought his 2 buses (GREYHOUND 1 and GREYHOUND 2) he went on a tour and stood behind his teleprompter and screamed at America that the rich don't pay enough and have to pay more. He also blamed Corporations for not hiring people so they received his class warfare rants as well. When the American people fall for this kind of claptrap, you get what we have in the streets right now.


[-] 3 points by thelastman (51) from Tyler, TX 10 years ago

Umm, spamming isn't cool so . . .

[-] 2 points by nimbus22 (106) from Chaska, MN 10 years ago

bold caps hurt my face. Make it stop.