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Suyash Shreekant was born in 1988 in Patna. He grew up in this small city, living there till the age of 16. He picked up reading early thanks to his parents, who kept almost every closet in packed with books. At a very young age he realized the value of his imagination and the need to express it.

He completed his primary education from Delhi Public School Patna and shifted to Bombay to peruse his higher education at Jai Hind College. During his FYJC (First Year Junior College) he started his blog on MSN spaces. This is when he started writing flash fiction.

When Suyash was in his first year BA an idea inspired him to start writing a novel, which has dominated his writing ever since. In November 2009 he made completing this story, titled “Living in Eutopia” his sole objective; he worked extensively on it for the next few months and finished the first draft in early February 2010.

Over the past two years Suyash has attended three creative writing courses, one at BCL (British Council Library) Delhi and two at XIC (Xavier institute of Communication) Bombay. Both the programs helped him further discover his writing style and develop his writer’s voice.

Currently Suyash works for GMR an Internet Marketing Company, writing business blogs and Website content articles. He continues to work on ‘Living in Eutopia’ which in its present form stands at 26000 thousand words. He has written a few short stories and is pushing hard to get them published.

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