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Forum Post: Why The US Demonises Venezuela's Democracy By Mark Weisbrot

Posted 9 years ago on Oct. 5, 2012, 1:04 p.m. EST by flip (7101)
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On 30 May, Dan Rather, one of America's best-known journalists,announced that Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez would die "in a couple of months at most". Four months later Chávez is not only alive and campaigning but widely expected to win re-election on Sunday.

Such is the state of misrepresentation of Venezuela – it is probably the most lied-about country in the world – that a journalist can say almost anything about Chávez or his government and it is unlikely to be challenged, so long as it is negative. Even worse, Rather referred to Chávez as "the dictator" – a term that few, if any, political scientists familiar with the country would countenance.

Here is what Jimmy Carter said about Venezuela's "dictatorship" a few weeks ago: "As a matter of fact, of the 92 elections that we've monitored, I would say that the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world."

Carter won a Nobel prize for his work through the election-monitoringCarter Center, which has observed and certified past Venezuelan elections. But because Washington has sought for more than a decade to delegitimise Venezuela's government, his viewpoint is only rarely reported. His latest comments went unreported in almost all of the US media.

In Venezuela, voters touch a computer screen to cast their vote and then receive a paper receipt, which they verify and deposit in a ballot box. Most of the paper ballots are compared with the electronic tally. This system makes vote-rigging nearly impossible: to steal the vote would require hacking the computers and then stuffing the ballot boxes to match the rigged vote.

Unlike in the US, where in a close vote we really have no idea who won (see Bush v Gore), Venezuelans can be sure that their vote counts. And also unlike the US, where as many as 90 million eligible voters will not vote in November, the government in Venezuela has done everything to increase voter registration (now at a record of about 97%) and participation.

Yet the US foreign policy establishment (which includes most of the American and western media) seethes with contempt for Venezuela's democratic process. In a report timed for the elections, the so-called Committee to Protect Journalists says that the government controls a "media empire", neglecting to inform its readers that Venezuelan state TV has only about 5-8% of the country's audience. Of course, Chávez can interrupt normal programming with his speeches (under a law that pre-dates his administration), and regularly does so. But the opposition still has most of the media, including radio and print media – not to mention most of the wealth and income of the country.

The opposition will probably lose this election not because of the government's advantages of incumbency – which are abused throughout the hemisphere, including the United States, but because the living standards of the majority of Venezuelans have dramatically improved under Chávez. Since 2004, when the government gained control over the oil industry and the economy had recovered from the devastating, extra-legal attempts to overthrow it (including the 2002 US-backed military coup and oil strike of 2002-2003), poverty has been cut in half and extreme poverty by 70%. And this measures only cash income. Millions have access to healthcare for the first time, and college enrolment has doubled, with free tuition for many students. Inequality has also been considerably reduced. By contrast, the two decades that preceded Chávez amount to one of the worst economic failures in Latin America, with real income per person actually falling by 14% between 1980 and 1998.

In Washington, democracy has a simple definition: does a government do what the state department wants it to do? And of course here, the idea of politicians actually delivering on what they promised to voters is also an unfamiliar concept. So it is not just Venezuela that regularly comes under fire from the Washington establishment: all of the left and newly independent governments of South America, including Argentina, Ecuador, and Bolivia are in the crosshairs (although Brazil is considered too big to get the same treatment except from the right). The state department tries to keep its eyes on the prize: Venezuela is sitting on 500bn barrels of oil, and doesn't respect Washington's foreign policy. That is what makes it public enemy number one, and gets it the worst media coverage.

But Venezuela is part of a "Latin American spring" that has produced the most democratic, progressive, and independent group of governments that the region has ever had. They work together, and Venezuela has solid support among its neighbours. This is the former president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, last month: "A victory for Chávez is not just a victory for the people of Venezuela but also a victory for all the people of Latin America … this victory will strike another blow against imperialism."

South America's support is Venezuela's best guarantee against continuing attempts by Washington – which is still spending millions of dollars within the country in addition to unknown covert funds – to undermine, delegitimise, and destabilise democracy in Venezuela.



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[-] 3 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 9 years ago

Great post.

Sad that our media is too fascist to report the comments of an ex-President.

To all those who call Chavez a dictator, you're insane. Bush stole his elections (why isn't he in jail?), Chavez won his.

[-] 3 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

it is pretty crazy how they deal with him but he is a huge threat to their plans.

[-] 5 points by Builder (4202) 9 years ago

No wonder he is. Read this.


With the confirmation that Venezuela possesses the largest oil reserves on Earth, the predatory capitalists are aching to knock the Venezuelan economy and government to its knees. When President Hugo Chavez deflected the coup launched against him in 2002, he showed the world that David can still beat down Goliath, that the bully in the North can be defeated. His actions gave hope to people and politicians throughout the hemisphere.

Since then a revolution has swept Latin America. Ten countries voted in presidents who have said “NO” to exploitation by foreign corporations and governments. It is especially significant that every one of those countries was ruled by dictators with close ties to the CIA for many of the post-World War II years.

One of the new Latin American leaders, President Rafael Correa of Ecuador, has a Ph.D in economics from the University of Illinois. He says that he can see no reason why capitalism should not permit his country to use its petroleum resources to help the poorest of the poor pull themselves out of poverty. He will, he says, work with international oil companies because they have the necessary technology, but only if they share a much larger portion of the revenues with the people of his country. He also publicly proclaimed that Ecuador is not obligated to pay much of its foreign debt since its loans were signed by unelected military dictators, coerced and bribed by the World Bank, CIA, IMF, and people with my old job (economic hit men).

Today Correa is under attack. His administration is accused of collaborating with international crime syndicates and drug traffickers. While I have not seen inside information to confirm or deny these accusations, I can say that character assassination is always a risk for those who oppose predatory capitalism.

[-] 4 points by Renneye (3874) 9 years ago

Thank you Builder. Important post!

[-] 2 points by Builder (4202) 9 years ago

You're most welcome.

Information dissemination is what we are here for.

[-] 3 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

land of the free and home of the brave - right?

[-] 2 points by Builder (4202) 9 years ago

What better front could a gang of criminals hope to possess?

Perhaps that's why religious piety is part of the sham?

Gotta demonise those who fail to play the game.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

Consider "Media Completely Ignore American Secret Agent’s Trial for Terrorism in Venezuela" by Alan Macleod:

Note: "One might think that a supposedly innocent American citizen on trial for terrorism inside a hostile enemy country, facing decades behind bars in Venezuela’s notorious prisons, would spark a nationwide media furor." (from 1st link)

fiat lux et fiat justitia ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

Consider: "Deeming Venezuela a Threat to U.S. Security ... Biden Extends Executive Order"!

cui bono?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

"US-Led Economic War, Not Socialism, Is Tearing Venezuela Apart'', by Caleb Maupin

''Americans have been trained by decades of Cold War propaganda to look for any confirmation that ‘socialism means poverty.’ But in the case of Venezuela and other states not governed by the free market, this cliche simply doesn’t ring true.'' ...

Hope U, mayda & all your crew are all well flip. Drop by here if & when time & energy allows. Solidarity.

pax ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

For decades, U$A has fomented coups with impunity .. against countries that nationalize their resources in order to maximize the profits for the use of The People/99%! The Xtrm-RW Anti-Socialism Ideology of US/UK's 0.01% Ruling Elites, Corporations & Military Industrial Complex .. needs to be exposed in order to be resisted! Re. Venezuela, NB:

fiat justitia ...

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

The DPRK has run its breakthrough self-reliance 주체 policy for many decades. Venezuela has the state sovereignty to follow the brilliant example of the DPRK on the path to socialist utopia. Venezuela for Venezuelans!

That much [sour] crude oil reserve is worth enough to feed its population in luxury for sure (but Venezuela's recent history has proven that human desire observes no bounds; freeing Venezuela from its predicaments requires a change of mind; Buddhism calls for meditation; the pathway of truth is within, not without, since Venezuela has been left alone for decades already; "resource" comes about only with the technology and means to take advantage of it; beach sand can be made to be more valuable than gold in the form of a computer chip; why did Silicon Valley grow up in the U.S. { there was the in-Shockley's-own-word "traitorous" fast-recycling-of-discarded-talent culture on cheap 1950s' farmland and orchards and Stanford University which had the largest campus that I had visited being nearby; yeah, it even accommodated the very long and straight Stanford Linear AcCelerator! } instead of some other places with beach sand? Such as Libya, Saudi Arabia, Tahiti, Hawaii, Maldives, etc.) Some crude even came out of the water faucet!

I think that the old-time Saudis had figured out a better way to solve their water-shortage problem when crude shot out of a gusher instead of water shooting out from a well drilled for obtaining fresh groundwater.

》Irrtum hat seinen Wert, aber nur hier und da. Nicht jeder der nach Indien fährt, entdeckt Amerika.《

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

Nationalization was the Original Sin committed by many countries in more benighted times. Hugo Chávez did this. He died. Nicolás Maduro didn't know how to fix the ensuing trust deficit. All he knew was to bribe for loyalty. There was only so much payout possible. He just wants to hang on to power instead of serving his people. He's bad for Venezuela by igniting hyperinflation so he must go.

When the payout to his military ends, he will fade away, too. It takes a long time for things to rot away but without repairs they surely will. It's in the interest of the Venezuelan people to get a peaceful transition of power so that things can be righted. Venezuela for Venezuelans! Maduro may have its state sovereignty but if he doesn't know how to restore trust, he will disappear in due time. Russia can't save him (it still thinks that it's smarter than the Red Chinese! "A new sucker is born every minute," - P. T. Barnum. Hahaha!) Red China is disgusted (it has already fried its "investments" to crispy soot) so don't count on it to save him (I forgot about the escalating trade war so it's an opportune time for a road and belt to be built as a lasso -- I'm looking forward to having a local geopolitical sandbox, a Latin-American-DPRK heartburn, for our Bam-Bam Baby to cut its teeth with silicone supplements such as a made-in-China nipple-shaped pacifier or a dildo {soap just being too Catholic and it didn't say 'hell'} so say 'welcome' to the ancient but regional superpower to becoming a true world power; the not-so-secret secret to success is not to "lie, cheat, and steal" but learn to love scooping up the soiled kitty litter and train the brain to appreciate the health-inducing value of sniffing at the aroma {can aromatherapy grow new neurons?}) The U.S. will probably let it continue festering while holding off undue foreign influence not in Venezuelans' interest. When Venezuelan migrants and asylum seekers flood the U.S. southern border, the U.S. military will take over Venezuela to defend our national security. Maduro will be stripped of power then.

Of course, he can spend a lifetime living in luxury by flying to Russia to enjoy spending the many tons of gold already flown there from Venezuela. I wonder whether it's actually better for Russia if he is to be killed in Venezuela, a bit like the Jewish families which deposited their treasures in the Swiss Banks which then loaned them out to help Nazi Germany build up its war machine and drive out more Jewish families to be killed. Yeah, miraculously, "no one came to claim the deposits!" Retributions by an angry people are no fun unless Maduro is as anally inclined as Gadhafi was. He refused to leave Libya because the Libyans "loved" him. They surely did it to him lovingly!

I hope that Venezuela doesn't follow the example of Libya going into chaos. The security situation in Libya degenerated after the European countries had refused to send their troops to stabilize Libya. The U.S. initially didn't want to intervene in Libya but the Europeans had probably seen Libya's potential to provide oil to Europe and asked the U.S. for intelligence support.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

''Why Are Leading Democrats Supporting Trump on Venezuela?'' by Jeff Faux:

''They assure us they are not for war. But they are supporting strangulation through sanctions, which has led to thousands of deaths'' ... in Venezuela! Such economic sanctions are in law - an act of war by U$A!

I read the first & last paragraphs in your reply above & both are b-s mired in Corporate MSM shibboleths & lies! Your predilection for Mainstream Media Propaganda - is deeply worrisome grapes, so cut & paste links from my bio into your browser & search but fk the MSM b-s and go try something like this instead...

https://www.democracynow.org/ & https://therealnews.com/ and http://occupywallst.org/users/ImNotMe/

e tenebris, lux?!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

"The U.S. Govt. is telling the Venezuelan people that if they want to eat, they have to change their politics." - from ...


[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

''Venezuela’s Coronavirus Response Might Surprise You'', by Leonardo Flores:

multum in parvo!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

I see Venezuela blocking the humanitarian aid for its people who need it. The aid must be allowed to go through unhindered. This is not a matter of Venezuela's state sovereignty at stake. It is the matter of the sovereignty of universal human rights. Consider the shipment as a favor being returned because the late Hugo Chávez had given heating-oil assistance to our poor people in the U.S. when the oil prices were skyhigh. The U.S. didn't block the oil shipments. It was humanitarian. I am sure that some of us in the U.S. appreciated the help. I think that we still remember it. Regardless of whether the others remember, I remember, so I say, from people to people, "Thanks!"

If the people of Venezuela want the humanitarian aid (I think it's true, having observed the situation from afar for years -- under Chávez's watch, the situation worsened over the years; the U.S. oil-product consumers propped up Chávez's and Maduro's regimes through Citgo/PDVSA; the now-crisis has been a long time in the making, not due to hapless Maduro alone but his misguided {Having once been the little brother perching on my Big Brother's shoulders for so long, I learnt the importance of feeling the stress and pissing in place while yelling Texass, Texass, Texass! to call for the cavalry to come to save my ass, be it from Heaven or Hell!} policy of "self-determination {自決}," no different from what our Shittoad-in-Chief is trying so hard to follow, didn't avert the disaster,) let them have it.

There is a difference between the U.S. and Venezuela, of course, due to the vast size of the U.S. allowing voluminous interstate trade so that although most states are not self-reliant, they taken altogether can often be. However, even as vast as the continental size of the U.S. is, the U.S. was and is not self-reliant, such as in titanium @7:36 used in the 1960s for building the SR-71 Blackbirds. We still ride on Russian huffing-and-puffing Heavy-Lift rockets to reach space with heavy cargoes {it's a good deal for peace, too, as those rockets were designed for hoisting much scarier things than "the rocket sandwiches;" "submarine sandwiches" are good but I haven't yet tasted any "bomber sandwiches" expressly flown with Blackjacks to Venezuela to relieve hunger -- I note Russia's attempt to deliver them to us via the far-northern air route with Blackjacks; the tip upon delivery will be bigger, of course, to reward effort.} Paradoxically, the non-self-reliance of the U.S. made it a wealthy country through the comparative advantages of different countries. For example, the Saturn-V [Heavy-Lift] Moon rockets were very expensive, hence their small quantities made. Once they were used up for our visits to the Moon, we couldn't go there anymore until we've developed and deployed or employed new Heavy-Lift rockets so we have been buying and employing then-Soviet now-Russian Heavy-Lift rockets for quite a while already. It's therefore not quite a complete joke that Russia mentioned verifying the U.S. Moon landings because the Russians have the [Heavy-Lift] ¿Moon? rockets so their "mind children" can be sent there if they so desire. However, the question of "for what?" begs to be answered. Having grown up with and somewhat monitoring the Space Age, I found it absolutely incredulous that some younger Americans now believe that the U.S. Moon landings were staged by Hollywood! I appreciated alright the Russian humor and semi-joke about the stupidity and/or gullibility of the U.S. populace and electorate. We of the U.S. need to work and improve our youth's ability to distinguish facts from fictions. I was afforded the opportunity by listening to shortwave radio broadcasts from the Voice of America, the BBC, Quito, and Moscow, etc. while learning the contrast of phlogiston theory with oxidation theory from my Brother's used high-school Chemistry textbook. A trial lawyer once said, "If the evidence doesn't fit, you must acquit!" All hypotheses proven incomplete or inadequate to explain all available examined evidence must be supplanted or buttressed by better and more capable theories. We can continue using these false hypotheses as long as we stay in their realms of applicability within their limitations. We must know where the boundary posts stand or know how to compute the error bounds.

Regarding the "Hollywood" connection about the purportedly faked U.S. Moon landings, it was indeed true that Dr. Wernher von Braun had worked with Walt Disney and/or his company in the 1950s to articulate his dream of going into outer space and visiting the Moon. Note how he had wedded his engineering with the artistry of concept artists and model builders to make his ideas seemingly realizable although still very much just a dream with numbers! Most complex new ideas go through this phase of incubation and marketing. Many top leaders spend their time doing administrative duties such as preparing strategic vision statement and/or its change, staff hiring and firing, budget allocations, doing for customers and constituents concept presentations and proposals etc. to sell and market their own and/or their teams' ideas and concepts to funding sources. It's not accidental that Dr. Braun and Mr. Disney were friends since the former needed the latter to help market and realize his dream while the latter got a somewhat realistic and good story to tell and sell. However far out the state of the dream of going to the Moon was in the 1950s, Dr. Braun had already harbored it when he was at Peenemünde developing and testing the V-2 rockets for the Nazi-German regime. In fact, it was already his even when he was just in a rocket club holding a model rocket. He was inspired by what Worcester-Polytechnic-Institute Professor Robert H. Goddard in the U.S.A. had researched and pioneered in the development of liquid-fueled rockets. Think about why using liquid fuel is so important for Dr. Braun but all of our Minuteman ICBMs use solid rocket fuel. Clues: Could the Brits have bombed and disabled the main airport runway at Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands if their Vulcan strategic bomber were using solid fuel? And how did NASA get around not using a nuclear reactor for a Moon landing? Dr. Braun's admiration of Goddard and Goddard's work could explain his rather apparent gleefulness @8:06, despite having suffered a broken arm in a car crash en route, of driving (or racing to evade the German loyalists to Hitler; Dr. Braun and his team members/families became Greater Americans; others surrendering to the Soviets didn't fare as well being Greater Russians; West Germans and South Koreans did well in Greater America; East Germans and North Koreans did poorly in Greater Russia) a long way with his team and surrendering to the U.S. Army. He was likely thinking of the Moon, Professor Goddard's work, and liquid-fueled rockets to get there someday to realize his boyhood dream. Note that the Saturn-V Moon rocket design was indeed a liquid-fueled one but with no nuclear reactor. We of the U.S. trade a lot even far beyond our states' borders.

Take the few largest economies of the world. Every one of which trades a lot. The only exception was Red China in the past. Red China was a newcomer to the trading club starting with nearly nonexistent foreign trade so it could grow rapidly into the newly opened-up trading niches. It's very scary that Red China believes that it can ignore fair trading and still benefits from trading. The U.S. will call Red China's hand of cards and prove it to be total bullshit.

The chain of causality runs like this: The U.S. stops trading with Red China and shifts its trading to its neighbors which have even better comparative advantages -> Red China experiences massive unemployment -> "Heavenly Mandate" gets lost -> Revolution -> CCP is overthrown -> Red China breaks up into pieces just like the former Soviet Union -> Every neighbor festively gobbles up a suitable chunk of its carcass.

The contention over the right to play balls near the basketball court built upon a previously uninhabited tidal rock in the South China Sea will likely trigger a military conflict between the U.S. Navy and the so-called "People's Liberation" Army which doesn't belong to the Chinese People but is in fact the armed wing of "the Chinese" Communist Party (the CCP) which is 19th century German-Jewish in tried-and-false ideology that is largely abandoned worldwide even after having tried bloodbaths to make it so-called "work." The South-China-Sea War will have as a result the Revolution toppling the CCP.

As for "the Witch Hunt," our Shittoad-in-Chief possesses the Y-chromosome in its genome so it is a wizard who probably still has his balls (Aside from his familial jewels, how else could he play balls in the South China Sea?) At the adultery-daycare showdown, he just needs to pull down his pants to show his ¿pubescent?-girl babysitter and say, "See! I have harder BALLS than geoduck's. I'm no Witch!" "Do you want a bigger and sweeter gaggable lollipop from me instead of the titillating saucy little one which can leave so much dissatisfactory emptiness in your Big Mouth?" Remember: "In America, everything is bigger." Such as our "bathrooms! @0:39" Only Shittoads take "baths" in them with Hair Little Finger. "Magic mirror of your wall; who's the fairest one of y'all?"

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

Re. Venezuela; do NOT regurgitate U$A's RW MSM propaganda! + FYI - consider the following ...

e tenebris, lux?!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

The current dismal state of affairs in Venezuela is by its government's own doing. Hugo Chávez enforced political self-determination in Venezuela in order to squelch domestic criticisms of his failing policies. While I appreciated his helping the poor people in the U.S. with paying their oil bills, I still think that his first responsibility should have been towards Venezuela and his own people. After all, he was the President of Venezuela! Of course, I would have appreciated his voicing the systemic inequities in the U.S. that had led to the dire situations of the poor people here.

The situation in Venezuela is serious. Let the people eat! The U.S.-paid-for food tastes better than the roasted pig from Red China or the turkey from Anatolia because these other foods are vaporware, no different from Russia's huffing and puffing. I doubt very much that Russia will be flying in beef-stroganoff bomber sandwiches again.

A true Patriot of Venezuela would kneel and beg for feeding his own people. I gained respect for Hank Paulson, the former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury who knelt on one knee to implore then Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to bail out the investment banks (AIG was the insurance backer standing behind these, uninsured-by-FDIC but with their-"products"-¿insured?-by-AIG in shadow banking [now prevalent but being clamped down in Red China!], that was the lit fuse - going through the run on the money market funds where businesses kept their payroll money - detonating the global economy,) the U.S. and hence the World's economy. He realized that he and Ben Bernanke might have triggered the meltdown of the global economy so he sought to ameliorate the situation in any way possible.

There was a Biblical story about Jesus performing a miracle on a Sabbath. A sheep gone astray on a Sabbath would still be rescued by its good shepard, regardless of the Mosaic Law. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." - John 3:16.

God the maniacal Artist needs His Engineers' help to make His unfinished projects work, here on Earth!

Ideologies, the -isms, are like tofu. Here's a parable of the "gourmet" tofu. A young married couple were getting hungry and making dinner in the kitchen of the home of the in-laws. The wife found a carton of tofu at the back of the refrigerator. She opened it, sniffed at it, turned her nose up, declared it as spoiled, and was about to strain it at the sink and toss it all into the garbage can when her husband stopped her. He sniffed at it and said that all tofu smelled like that and told her to cook it for him and her brother -- she herself didn't have to eat it.

The wife duly cooked the tofu and served it in a bowl to her husband. He took a mouthful of it and immediately ran to the garbage can to spit it all out, rinsed his mouth at the sink, declared the tofu as spoiled, and about to tossed the bowl's content out when the wife's brother intervened. He said, "Let me taste it," so he did. Then he said that there was nothing spoiled about it. "It tastes as good as ALL of the tofu I have eaten in the restaurants and I have eaten in many restaurants for a long time, at least once every day." The restaurant connoisseur ¡chomped! it all down, all by himself.

Was the tofu bad, good, or "gourmet?" Stink was in the nose of the woman. Taste was in the mouth of her husband. Gourmet aroma and great taste were in the nose and mouth of the woman's brother. He ate so much in the restaurants that he was not lying that the tofu indeed tasted the same as those from the restaurants he frequented. Like the restaurants (and Wall Street,) the Great-Walled-In countries must restrict the information their populace consumes. The Philosopher's-Stone-walling turns the garbage into a gourmet dish!

However, Joshua's trumpets blasted and the Walls of Jericho came tumbing down.

God planted two trees at the center of the Garden of Eden because He wanted to allow for the freedom of choice. Was God or the Serpent telling the truth about Adam's "surely dying" upon eating the Forbidden Fruit?

Do people like Coney Island crabs? We can trap some for you if desired. We'll also eat some Nathan's hotdogs when we go beyond Governor's Island and reach Coney Island. Mustard sauce dripped onto beef-stroganoff bomber sandwiches doesn't seem quite right. When my Brother and I went to buy breakfast porridge, his guidance at the condiment stand for me choosing what to put on the porridge's morsels was:《番茄酱是甜酱, 芥末酱是辣酱。》Where's the beef? Ahhh, here it is!

Financial freedom in the long run (getting wealthy slowly but surely, barring government-generated hyperinflation, wars, famines, pandemics, robberies, etc.) comes from《 量入为出》。Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro violated that rule once the configuration sum Z had experienced a confidence collapse due to their poor policies. Confiscating properties scared off the businesses. What's the whole point of being in business, with all its stresses of meeting payrolls, managing vagaries, defending market shares, hiring and firing workers, etc.? To make the kind of money (that is still worth something when spent!) It's rather obvious from looking at its policies that Venezuela lacked basic understanding of economic motivation.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

Re. Venezuela - U did NOT read a single link in the comment U are replying to, did U?! I'm not reading never mind replying to your reactionary screed until and unless U try to address the points raised here:

quid pro quo?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

''The Fanatic Running Trump’s Foreign Policy'', by Daniel Larison:

From the 1st link: "Bolton’s critics were right to be alarmed when Trump appointed him, and I fear that many of us are not worried enough about where U.S. foreign policy is headed over the next two years."

cave canem!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

As Corp.MSM in U$A focus on their Fake-News about Met Ball 2019 & the Met Gala - we can rest assured that CNN & other MSM in USA, will NEVER speak of real reasons for US animus against Venezuela and Iran: State Owned Central Banks & Petro-Dollar Hegemony! Carefully consider ...

fiat justitia ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

''Biden Sides With Trump, Bolton and Pompeo ... in Backing The Coup Effort in Venezuela''

And note: ''Democratic frontrunner characterizes effort to overthrow the Elected Govt of President Nicolas Maduro at gunpoint as just another benign effort to "restore democracy" in Latin America''!

et fiat lux ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

Consider: "Biden Extends Executive Order ... Deeming Venezuela a Threat to U.S. Security"!

cui bono?

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 1 year ago

just read you comment below and thanks and i hope/assume you and yours are well. and i was also wondering about the alaskan man - yes please reach out to his daughter. i am not sure how to try to contact him anymore.

and yes i tried to read the response from grapes but i cannot figure out what he is trying to say. i can only assume he does not want to be understood so?

i met Amy Goodman in the early 80s at the truly great pacifica radio station WBAI in nyc. she is one of my daily resources.

lastly these are crazy and terrible times but i think (probably more correctly hope) that the next few years will be revolutionary in many ways -"the 2020s will make the 60s look like the 50s" to take a phrase from the movie "flashback."

may you live in interesting times! and i will check in to see you and the beautiful one when i remember - i am old!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

a) https://www.democracynow.org/ is second to none for news in USA, imo.

b) I'll reach out to 'The Alaskan' soon & revert - I have his daughter's e-mail.

c) grapes is a law unto his RW self and often slips into tRUMPpian twaddle!

d) We're mos def "living in interesting times". I could do with less so, tbh lol!

e) My solidarity to U,mayda & the family. These articles may of interest to U:

ipsa scientia potestas est!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Left Wingers drove themselves in their state coaches into the ditch on the left side of the road and couldn't dislodge themselves. Venezuela and the D.P.R. of Korea are examples. Of course, Right Wingers drove themselves in their state coaches into the ditch on the right side of the road and couldn't dislodge themselves, either.

Getting somewhere without getting stuck means one needs to have psychological flexibility. While I do respect the sacrifices of the U.S.S.R. in the Great Patriotic War ( as my Dad was on the side of the Allied countries which included the U.S.S.R.,) I don't despise the German people postwar because they were also victims of the друг maniac whom they had chosen for their leader. Not just the Gestapo wore black. My Dad sometimes did, too, serving a different master from the Gestapo's. Who that was mattered morally. Everyone should ask themselves these questions and answer them honestly, "Who's my master ? What am I willing to fight for and at what costs ?"

In the case of Red China's molestation of Hong Kong, my master is Wong Tai-Sin, my spiritual godfather. Hong Kong is a Chinese place whose people, land, buildings, islands, harbor/harbour should be returned to China. Those who were born under British jurisdiction should have been British citizens but the fact is that the U.K. is just a few islands off of the shore of continental Europe { lest people mistake U.K. to be an easy target of conquest, I caution that U.K. by itself probably has the strongest military in Europe already in addition to the strong possibility of its getting a few powerful descendants of the British Empire involved: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and often the U.S., too, due to many shared values besides the language 《or more accurately dialects; much closer to each other than between the multiple Chinese "dialects" often mutually incomprehensible by the monolingual natives { Hong Kong unrests' motive proved that Cantonese and Mandarin/Putonghua(普通話/普通话) meaning "common=普通 speech=话" ★which is absolutely NOT common but is mandarin/"of the nine top grades of the former imperial Chinese civil service"★ are indeed rather different--always remember that when reading Red China's [¿logical?] naming, it's often the case that the anus is the entrance for food annexation and the mouth is the exit for правда excrement } due to many differences in grammar, expressions, pronunciations, and vocabularies 》 and significant cultural overlaps } and has no capacity to absorb all such people from Hong Kong. However, the remnants of the British Empire have ample capacity to absorb them. For example, Canada, whose troops fought and died to defend Hong Kong from the invading Imperial Japanese Army, is an immigrant country. The U.S. is also an immigrant country and has the most financial interest at stake among all the countries of the foreign nationals in Hong Kong but the Sino-British Joint Declarations treaty doesn't involve the U.S. so it's up to the U.K. to decide what to do regarding Red China's breaching the treaty. As Red China had kept on claiming state sovereignty that Hong Kong was an internal matter, the U.S. also claims state sovereignty and sanctions any and all officials and/or states harming U.S. national interest whose scope is the entire world, no different from Red China's petty claim of national security to include striking economically at how Taiwan can be listed on a tourist travel menu ( in order to travel to Taiwan, one needs permission from Taipei, not Beijing; listing Taiwan at the same level as Red China thus indicating the support of Taiwan Independence was just too farfetched.) The U.K.'s offering a temporary extended-length-of-stay-up-to-five-years-and-permit-to-work abode for British National Overseas Hong Kongers and their families with a path to British citizenship was definitely a gain for the ones who have never lived under the oppressive rule of Red China. One who has lived in freedom treasures it more when its loss is threatened.

When I was young, I didn't understand what all of this mumbo-jumbo about universal human rights meant but it is really the most important thing for all peoples. Red Chinese people may scoff at the notion of having freedom under British Colonialism but hundreds of thousands of Red Chinese people had tried to swim to Hong Kong to escape Communist rule and more than a hundred thousand ( far more than the death count at the Berlin Wall ) drowned during my years there. What did these people strive and die for ? Being colonized by the British ? No. To escape the horrid governance of the hypocritical Mao Zedong ? Yes.

As my Mom had told me about Mao: he brought the 555-brand British foreign cigarettes to smoke when he came by to have his huge portrait drawn ( for display @1:24 at Tian'AnMen front entrance during the founding of the PRC ceremony on October 1st, 1949 C.E. ) and yet his policies blacklisted the people with foreign connections, herself being one whose husband, my Dad, worked for the British. ( My Dad was chosen as the spare son and sent away once for the 1918-1919 flu pandemic and possibly later again during the Second Sino-Japanese War after the Great World Bombing on Black Saturday; yeah, as his numerous siblings all died of war and diseases, he really mattered ! ) What's Mao's "history" background connection ? He's the son of a landlord, connected to a targeted purged black class. Mao should therefore be blacklisted, according to his own cockamamie logic.

My paternal Grandma donated much of our family's fortune to defend our Chinese people near and in Shanghai ( Mom was living in the French Concession at that time so the Japanese weren't attacking that part of Shanghai where she was; perhaps Grandma was there, too, on occasions ) against the invading Imperial Japanese Army and Navy (flagship cruiser Izumo) so I consider our family as being highly patriotic despite its wealth spent for the defense having come from the sale of our family's land ( our vast-land-holding lineage was "black" alright but without that "black money," how could China have put up such a fierce fight { to allow time for the withdrawal of vital industries by the government to Chungking, now Chungqing,} in the Battle of Shanghai and later on on the road to then Nanking, now Nanjing ? Connections were made so despite our later on being dirt-poor asylum seekers living not much northeast of Boundary Street { south of which was ceded in perpetuity in 1860 to the British as evidenced by the name of the next street south: "Prince Edward Road W," } not quite making it to being refugees in Hong Kong yet, there was help in multiple places offered to us from time to time.)

Mom fervently served the Red Chinese people before getting out of Red China to escape to or smuggle into Hong Kong. She saw firsthand in person the abject poverty ( and was greatly impressed by the people's ability to have eradicated [flight-capable-but-flew-and-fluttered-till-they-dropped-from-the-sky-and-be-killed] sparrows which ate grains but the simple-minded brute force exercised without basic ecological knowledge against the wrong target destroyed the nemesis of the locusts, viz. the sparrows; locusts eating even vastly more grains than the sparrows ushered in the worst mass starvation { 35 to 55-million people were starved to death } ever in the whole world, even overshadowing the previous record-holding one under Stalin's bloody reign ) the result of Mao's errant policies ( during the Great Leap Forward resulting in the Great Famine, officially Maoized as three-year natural disaster which was man-made from idolizing and copying Stalin's policy which had already led to mass starvation before in the U.S.S.R.) and being thus traumatized, vowed never to return. She kept her words.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

There's no need to "figure out" once one has accumulated enough puzzle pieces which gel together in intricate and fitting connections. The remaining pieces may click together easily.

There were seemingly random and senseless utterances from my Dad which I have only recently truly understood long after he has died decades ago. He said, "Germany was extremely COLD. I walked a long distance on thick solid ice of the frozen harbor/harbour of Hamburg to reach shore. The Germans called eggs '阿爺 (Grandpa).' " He smiled when he said that Germans called their ancestors 阿爺 》Eier《 or "eggs." It didn't make any sense to me as a grade-schooler-child because he worked for the British. I also wondered why we bought German products and he owned a Gestapo-like black leather coat ( which attracted women's attention.) Probably still thinking of the coldness of northwestern Germany in the 1939-1940 winter, he flatly told me that it wasn't a good place for our family to emigrate to because "Germany isn't an immigrant country" but he admired the German educational system for transitioning students to the working world via an apprenticeship-like industry-cooperative program/programme { fewer highly educated college graduates but those who didn't attend college still make good living in the crafts and they could get more free or low-cost education as needed, unlike in the U.S. where the successful college-educated winners take most of the winnings in life while the others do the low-paid tiring work; there were U.S. PhDs waiting tables in the 1970s as human-talent exhaust in the Cold War Space Race science/technology/engineering/mathematics/management/politics competition ignited by the Sputnik launch; I don't disparage Sputnik because without it working as a "techno-vaccine", the U.S. wouldn't have developed microelectronics and the internet, the first Type-1 civilization accoutrement for largely cooperation on a planetary scale but cavemen mentality still abounds to break it down to Type-0 }. He fussed over this for me by getting me an [unpaid] internship and a brief well-paid-but-tiring summer task but I decided to "become educated," more fitting with my Mom's education zealotry and aspiration for me ( I was helped by my connection to my Big Brother who "rebelled against my Dad's become-an-apprentice idea, under Mom's auspice, although years later she being the booster eventually caved in to our terrible financial reality from Dad's having become unemployed but by then my Big Brother had already reached escape velocity as an adult going for higher education" and thus he had gone to college first, largely relying upon his own effort { but at a critical juncture a memorial fund from the U.S.A. filled in the shortfall,} in earning the money to pay for my own college education { connections count; he got me job application forms from hiring employers and told me to apply 《definitely not as durable as an "arranged" marriage but arranged options for a job, free to be rejected by me 》; a similar thing happened to him when he was guided to apply for higher-level education.} )

There's a Russian saying, "The first pancake is bad." Yeah, both Caine ( his jealousy led to fratricide but he was supposedly the forefather of all human beings according to the Old Testament; at least in Judaism and Christianity, we are all descendants of the first murderer; did Abel, Caine's murdered brother, "fool around" and sire non-murderer-descended human beings? I didn't see any evidence of that written in the Bible; was there an Abel's wife or did Abel commit fornication to leave non-muderer-descended offspring ? ) and Esau ( selling his firstborn birthright privilege of inheritance ) popped into mind. The following can be a Russian rejoinder with American attitude, "But as long as the kitchen hasn't been burnt down yet, the second pancake can be better !" { after thinking of why the first one was bad and how the process could be improved; believe in rigorously following recipes but feel free to tweak them if there are discernable improvements possible }

My Dad's utterances make sense to me now. Hitler's eventual choice to ally with Imperial Japan due to its "being ready [militarily to conquer the World as 《Yellow Aryans》]" rather than Nationalist China was an important pivot. True understanding comes from an empathic feeling. My epiphany was: { Nazionalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei } Germany captured my Dad as a prisoner of war ( but he was released after a while--during a few years or decades before that time, Nationalist China, which had earlier refused to sign the Treaty of Versailles due to the Chinese people calling it unjust { which Hitler's Germany had surely and eventually concurred }, became an excellent customer of products, equipment, military education & training and consultations of Weimar-Republic-and-later-Hitler's Germany.)

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 1 year ago

and so was Nicaragua in the 1980s - according to ronnie raygun anyway. we are a VERY insecure nation it seems. i am sure the Venezuelan military is getting all their row boats readied for their invasion of south Florida - no worries on that front - the rich white venezuelans will fight them on the beaches.

still waiting the hear someone at msnbc explain all of this is rational terms - or at least stop cheerleading for bidens "presidential" bombing of Syria.

and i see that rehab has greatly improved grapes sense of humor but not his coherence

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

Not sure U read the manure below and sorry if U did, lol. Alas flip, grapes is now our resident reflexive reactionary but at least he serves the purpose of "The Agon" here ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agon ).

Not sure that U can hold your breath waiting for anything independent & illuminating from MSNBC but I believe - https://www.democracynow.org/ is probably one of THE best sources for real news in the USA.

Sadly, U$A's War Machine and War On Anything Remotely Progressive, constantly needs a casus belli manufacturing for public consumption; while the realities are hidden, as they are so clearly egregious & mendacious. One of the best examples of the exposure of this:https://youtu.be/hOudBT4S4y0 (14m vid)

Solidarity to U, mayda & your family flip in these strange & difficult times. I'm also wondering IF U heard anything from our friend & your ex near neighbour, now in Alaska? IF not, I'll reach out to his daughter if possible. I do hope that he's ok. Be well in all your doings my friend & take care; be well; stay safe.+FYI

Nearly ten years of this OWS forum & we're still standing, doing what we can do for the info & The 99% Struggle. Please do try to keep your eye in here, as & when time, energy & inclination allows. Solidarity.

pax, amor et lux ...

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

"Look around and see whether the ones coming toward you have their nostrils pointing downward. If they're so, they are kidnappers. If they offer you candies/sweets, they are terrorists," my Mom taught me how to spot bad people as I played unsupervised in our shantytown.

Rich White people ( Jews and Indians mostly, whose ancestors came from West Asia ) generally taught their kids in a similar way. Don't come back to a house, mansion, home, apartment, trailer, residence, or dwelling in the U.S. a second time if the people in it didn't open the door during the first time. One may not know what these people's life experiences ( such as former military members { numerous long-term unemployed or depressed veterans } suffering from PTSD, ex-intelligence agents, or self-aggrandized crusty "nimrods" of the judicial systems,) businesses ( such as brothels or illicit-drug sales,) or mental states are. A Louisiana resident shot to death a Japanese exchange student who went to the wrong address and returned after his having been rejected the first time. "Don't get lost," and "Know your neighborhoods." The U.S. South had a legacy of violence from slavery so guns were generally favored for protection and prevalent.

Generally speaking, suburbs ( yes, much Whiter than the Darker skin-colored urban areas; skin color functions like a brand so light-skinned ones such as the ethnically northern Europeans don't evoke much fearful knee-jerk reactions as Whites' national origins matter little as "Whites" were a culturally manufactured identity; the most numerous Whites' national origin was Germany { which was far too militant for many [mostly liberal-minded] Germans who emigrated to America because they wanted no part of Prussia's many wars and oppressive military rule so even modern-day Germans don't cry much over the disappearance of Prussia from Germany } but their ethnic identity was suppressed due to the repeated World Wars of the U.S. against Germany; in my own case, I usually don't alarm anyone except the White kids of the exclusively White neighborhoods { yes, indeed, I being a stranger with my nostrils pointing downward may very well be a kidnapper or terrorist to them so one should drive there, don't walk there; better still is to have a limousine driver drop you off and ring the doorbell for you at the front door to announce your arrival; do call ahead to make an appointment for a mutually convenient time 《 unlike the working-stiffs, some rich people, aside from work, may have the private or discreet things going on during the day 》 and make sure that the "proper" welcoming party would be there to greet and get you in safely through the security or paranoia/fear complex; a prearranged password may work well as a key } because I look like a rather genuine "model minority" in multiple ways, probably looking a bit like a Japanese ) without any public transportation are safer than older city areas.

All around the U.S., I have seen many people with their nostrils pointing downward so we are absolutely surrounded by kidnappers and terrorists ( including Venezuelans and Nicaraguans.) I didn't own and carry a light carbine when I was playing in the garbage/rubbish dump in our shantytown or I would have shot two kidnappers, too, instead of losing two of my godfather-blessed jade-coin pendants, each one on those two occasions.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Just because the U.S. Military can probably put down an invasion by the Venezuelan Military doesn't mean that Venezuela isn't a threat. A threat is largely defined by an antagonistic motivation. Venezuelan Military had previously demonstrated that it was so motivated with its saber-rattling while "collaborating and colluding with foreign forces."

Venezuelan Military assaulting the U.S. Capitol in the style of the January 6th, 2021 insurrection could have far worse consequences than the domestic terrorists who did. On that day, the U.S. Military certainly possessed the ability to put down the invasion force accompanied by heavily armed(means) people while Congressional members were in session(governmental target) carrying out the business of our democratic election. The intention to harm a human being was clearly demonstrated by the chants as well as the symbols and effigies(intention.) Means + governmental target + intention = insurrection.

All three points didn't exist in the Hong Kongers' breaking into the unoccupied Legislative Chamber of Hong Kong to vandalize it. In criminal laws, intention to cause bodily harm tends to be considered as being far more serious than intention to cause property damage. I suppose that some Red China's leaders just don't possess the discerning judicial understanding worthy of being in leadership positions judging ( but perhaps propagandizing is a task for every Red China's leadership position.)

Iran's shooting down a U.S. drone didn't get bombing retaliation killing Iranians because of this understanding and the desire to give a proportionate response. While the drone cost much money, revenge for it wasn't worth killing hundreds of human beings. Recall the motto heard around the World: "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

The last item was probably an ingenious wording by Thomas Jefferson for his then-secret sexual-intercourse sessions with his { already partly Whitened by her mixed-race parentage and definitely not a prostitute as she was unpaid for her resistance service on the Global Vaginal Line } female slave, Sally Hennings, while avoiding writing her in, denigrated as being just "Property." Southern Gentlemen had pursued Happiness for certain, as it was recorded in the American Blacks' DNA sequences. Southern Gentlemen surely possessed { ¿libertine? } ejaculatory potency and virility. 猩猩尖叫:「美國現在強大啦 !」

Black slaves were expensive to capture ( because many escaped from or were shot dead during the raids and hunts so the efficiency of capture was low ) and import from across the ocean ( even with the help of the godly trade winds blowing from West Africa towards the "proper" Barbie-doe-s, the sentinel [slave-depot] island of the Caribbean Sea, puffing up the sails of the slave ships to propel them onward, the transoceanic passage was still a long, slow, and arduous voyage incurring much wastage of the expensive [human] cargo ) because of the high attrition rates. Breeding them locally in the New World made economic sense. In some cases, male Black slaves had probably become too tired from their daytime field work to carry out their nighttime breeding duties so their helpful masters filled in and pitched in the balls to score for them on demographics, which was destiny ( from the experience gained in the record-breakingly-fast vaccine-development struggle against CoViD-19 pandemic, mRNA cure for cancer greatly sped up by computerized DNA sequencing may emerge.) The Holy Bible recorded that the Lord had commanded, "Be fruitful and multiply," so it was said, and so it was done.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

Note - "The EU and US Imperialism in Latin America" ...

Which is Nathalia Urban's interview with Mick Wallace MEP.

As 2 paras become 3 before becoming more, read ^ U dick!

And stop spewing the establishment's imperial propaganda!

Even as Para 4 - shows what a big Trump ass-kisser U are!

No doubt Paras 5/6/7 & more will follow, U reactionary twat!

et anguis in herba - temet nosce!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

''US Mercenaries Captured in Venezuela After Failed Coup Attempt'' ... by Amy Goodman and Juan González of Democracy Now! ...

fiat lux; fiat justitia; fiat pax!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

"Trump Tells Florida Crowd .. “Something Will Happen in Venezuela” Soon" ... by Alan Macleod:

“Something will happen with Venezuela. That’s all I can tell you,” Trump said, before not-so-cryptically adding that Washington would be “very much involved.”

cave - bellum se ipsum alet!

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 9 years ago

poor pull themselves out of poverty.

it's like the oil was already there, and they just pulled in out of the ground

but nothing is for free...

[-] 1 points by Nevada1 (5843) 9 years ago

Good post Builder. "Collaborating with international crime syndicates and drug traffickers"------That sounds like the US government.

[-] 1 points by Builder (4202) 9 years ago

I hate to say it Nevada1, but I'm thinking that most of the crime syndicates and drug traffickers have "lobbied" their way into our political system.

The Mexican cartels were supplied with weapons just recently?

Fast and Furious, or something like that.

[-] 1 points by Nevada1 (5843) 9 years ago

You are correct.

[-] 2 points by Builder (4202) 9 years ago

Greedy people will kill us all.

So keen to see the end, now that I can see it coming.

[-] 2 points by Renneye (3874) 9 years ago

Wow...that's heavy, Builder.

Norman Dodd explains exactly how they did it in this brilliant interview (which I think should be OWS mandatory education) that 'Middleaged' brought to our attention...


After that you may need to listen to something like this. He's one of your own...and I haven't been able to stop listening to him.

Tommy Emmanuel



[-] 2 points by Builder (4202) 9 years ago

Oh, the man on the axe?

Love Tommy. He's such a devoted father as well as a great guitarist.

My comment meant that I want all the worst of what the oligarchs have planned to come in my lifetime, because I want to be at the coalface, doing my best to battle the bastards.

I'm so over telling people how bad things really are. Nobody here believes me. Got a good feedback today posting a link to some people, but it's a slow road here in the land of OZ.

[-] 3 points by Renneye (3874) 9 years ago

The axe? Not quite sure what that means.

I hear this a lot from 'awakened' people...and its the same for me. My family doesn't believe me either. Very recently, I got a glimmer of hope when my wealthy political brother-in-law from the US finally started speaking about the elite oligarchs and how they operate. You could have heard a pin drop in the room, but they actually looked like they were contemplating what he was saying. I don't get it...I take every opportunity to learn everything I can...and am frustrated when I can't enough time to learn even more. And they don't even want to know.

I love 'em, but man, its like they're twanged or something. You know?! I see the wheel spinning...but the hamster looks dead.

[-] 3 points by Builder (4202) 9 years ago

The "axe" means the guitar.

I hear what you're saying with trying to spread the real word. People look at me like I'm a born-again trying to get them to come to a revivalist meeting. Online, I get called everything from "foil-hatter" to "minisculist" (tiny brainer), and everything in between.

I'm guessing that the penny drops for some thinkers, but they simply can't comprehend that those at the controls aren't like Captain Kirk and Doctor Spock. They don't have everyone's well-being in mind when making major decisions about policy.

Greed and personal gain rules parasitic state capitalism. There's no "me" in there at all.

[-] 3 points by Renneye (3874) 9 years ago


Oh gees...I've only understood the bigger picture for a little over a year. Big pharma(mandatory vaccines) was how I got into it initially. Then I went on a major learning curve. I have to say, it blew me away and took a while before I got my equilibrium back.

They'll slightly listen if I talk about it from the 'banker' financial side of it. But if I even hint at NWO or globalists. Glazed eyes.

I see it happening all around us. If it were just me, I'd be able to put it in perspective...but its difficult watching my kids' lives be affected by the NWO, especially regarding their education. The globalists' meddling, and the 'dumbing down' is frustrating. I talk to my kids about it openly, so at least they are aware. The latest issue is, my 9 year old daughter came home from school with papers for me to sign for her class to be involved in a '2 year study', by US (we're in Canada) 'psychiatrists' to evaluate their 'math' skills, as a group...not as individuals. I've read of this NWO 'giving up the self for the good of the group' mentality. I'm livid! As you can imagine. I did not sign the papers.

You're doing good here though. You have people's respect, while still getting the word out. We gotta keep on keepin' on

[-] 2 points by Builder (4202) 9 years ago


What do you think of Lee Camp's work?


[-] 2 points by Renneye (3874) 9 years ago

Ran out of reply space to below.

Peace back at you, Builder. I'm at 4:30 am....and I'm deliriously tired. Time to 'hit the hay'. G'nite.

[-] 2 points by Builder (4202) 9 years ago

More power to you, Renneye.

Sleep like it don't matter.

[-] 2 points by Renneye (3874) 9 years ago

Hahaha! Love it! He's brilliant! I saw him for the first time only a couple of weeks ago, then I saw your earlier post this evening with him. I don't quite know how I can laugh so hard, when the subject matter is so dire. Lee Camp is beyond hilarious. I think it is very effective when you mix genius and comedy.

I love it when I see these young contemporary voices talking and singing about this stuff. It gives me hope.

[-] 2 points by Builder (4202) 9 years ago

The deadpan sneery sarcasm gets me in.

I've only just "found" him too, so it's a revelation to both of us.

Was watching the young turks when the sidebar came up with Lee.

It makes the job of sharing info that much easier for me here in OZ.

Hope it works for you in your country too. Peace.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 3 years ago

Venezuela will not be forgiven for failing to defend the property rights of the 1%, even if the 99% are starving. Capitalism must prevail no matter the cost to the rest of us. Blessed Milton Friedman said so.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

In the 2008 economic near-collapse (only a few hours at most to the collapse of the U.S. economy and likely the World's economy, too,) the run on the money market funds holding the payroll money of most businesses threatened to infect Main-Street businesses with the collapse in confidence on Wall Street. (I send Red China my thoughts and prayers from the bottom of my cardiac cavity as the camel tries to thread through the eye of a needle: it's shadow banking, again!) Payroll money is what keeps businesses going in many ways. Businesses get workers to produce desired goods by paying them. Without this payment (due to the money market funds, such as that of State Street Bank's in 2008, "breaking the buck" causing a run) this production halts so no more desired goods will become available. Workers without the payroll money cannot buy the goods of the businesses since they don't have the money from being paid for working. Businesses grind to a halt. Workers are fired. Businesses have no customers.

Starving the 99% has a very analogous resemblance to the case of the workers not having the money from being paid for working. In both cases, economic collapse becomes imminent as the X-soul flies away from Haleakalā on Maui Island. Beware of the Icarus syndrome. Highly profitable sizable businesses attract raiders or "Jewman" coming with "fake money" such as banks' cashier checks created "out of thin air." How much cashier check "money" can a bank issue? As much as the "Jewman" which is not necessarily a Jew, allows, after the U.S. Congress has promised to pay back the LOAN with INTEREST by lifting the national debt ceiling to avoid a federal government shutdown due to a budget deficit.

Financial chaos and wars will destroy the excessive illegitimate "fake money" created in the takeovers' aftermath. I can trace why I as a preschooler was picking through our shantytown neighborhood's garbage dump for fun and games. My ancestral wealth created through trade (from trade, wealth but if not carefully controlled for fairness and righteousness to prevent the wantonness of wealth, come contagion, diseases, and death) was destroyed by the "fake money" representing the greed for acquiring valuable things for next to nothing.

Adolf Hitler was simpleminded but he had grasped the essence of the underlying origin of the problem of uncollectible debt. It was not just the Jews' working as the crafty masks for Greed, which is primarily of European and European cultural origin (Red China learnt that recently so a shadow banking explosion could happen outside of the traditional Anglo-European cultural dominion, too, a bit like how Japan took on Imperial Colonialism and exponentiated it, having been a victim of Anglo-Europeans' aggression.) Both the European disease and the excessive European autoimmune response spread worldwide causing world wars, injuries, poverty, diseases, and deaths galore. Some walls are good!

No rational person likes the people breaking down the door to an infectious disease negative-pressure-containment hospital ward.

Indians are advancing in the footsteps of the Jews but the traditional skin-color barrier slows them a bit, unlike the Jews who had immersed in European culture (as ruling class's conciérges, the XXXman: Goldman, Silverman, Pearlman, etc.) for centuries and are light-skinned.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 3 years ago

Starving the 99% has a very analogous resemblance to the case of the workers not having the money from being paid for working. In both cases, economic collapse becomes imminent.

Everybody knows the profit of elite classes from organizing the labor of the masses is more important than the well being of the general population. We all agree the billionaires are better and more deserving of life than we debt serfs. Capitalism is God's way!

[-] -1 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

Have you ever lived through hyperinflation? Venezuelans are all billionaires by now, I reckon. You should be a fan of hyperinflation (everyone becomes billionaires!) because it will discharge your debts (remember how flip, likely yet another Jew, was advocating for inflation in this forum.) Thank God for "the Jewman" among us who will come to generate more inflation and recession to render property rights meaningless for everyone not tuned into "the music of the Non-U.S. Non-federal No-Reserve."

Nicolás Maduro, the "John Sculley" of Venezuela, went crazy with his "Jewman." Venezuela has a very significant amount of property - heavy sour crude, pretty meaningless, right? Property rights on that crude aren't worth much without the refining capacity for that special kind of crude (the U.S. has much of this capacity on its Gulf Coast and has been supporting Venezuela's financial stability during the Obama administration by buying increasing percentages of Venezuela's diminishing crude oil output; using local oil is good for slowing anthropogenic climate change and more because shipping the same amount of crude oil from Saudi Arabia would incur transcontinental/transoceanic costs and risks such as from the Somali pirates and the terrible oil spills which had likely radicalized the fishermen into becoming those pirates by depriving their livelihoods.)

My parents lived through hyperinflation and I myself lived through the 1970's when inflation was running rampant (WTF! Jews again? Bouncing off of the Arabs this time...) INFLATION SUCKS! I am sure that most peoples who have lived through high inflation and still remember, despise inflation. Those who abuse their control of monetary policy, historically the Jewish scapegoats and more recently Nicolás Maduro, create both living and dying hell on Earth. There always comes a time to take out the garbage before Dad comes home. At the condiment stand, I chose to put ketchup on my breakfast porridge. It's sweet but...

Sovereignty of universal human rights means: we hunt and kill the land whales for it. The ketchup smells like iron. It came from a can with an expired date. Shantytown preschoolers get no respect. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Ancestral wisdom passed down by the Conquerors: wolves and dogs are one, we hunt. The New Japan knows how to cut off nipples for play-marbles, not to be outdone by Imperial Japan.

A nuclear war with the DPRK should commence to minimize the inevitable carnage. It may at most take out some parts of a few U.S. cities (tens to hundreds of thousands of casualties perhaps, most likely at the low end; targeting accurately the cities in the humongous U.S. land mass with widely dispersed population is difficult, so it's very acceptable for stopping early the nuclear proliferation for all) but the number of possible casualties grows quickly once DPRK's production line as well as targeting accuracy become faster and better. Use the high-yield nukes for maximizing the kill radii to over-compensate for the uncertainties. DPRK will be taken out for certain in our rendézvous with Destiny. Rapid denuclearization will surely happen to the Korean Peninsula as well as a part of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. "Negotiating in bad faith is a capital offense."

The well-accepted custom of the U.S. is to shoot the hostage takers. Oh, we have enough firearms to arm every U.S. national with one, including newborn babies and toddlers, and still have many firearms left over unmanned. Fear not, the firearm distribution is not uniform. Generally our babies and toddlers don't carry firearms yet. I didn't do that myself at that age.

When I come to think of it, I was likely "born American [wild, wild West]" as far as the preschooler "toys" were concerned. I'm so glad that I was born in an earlier more permissive (no-jailing!) free-range era, when gunpowder provided fun and games (there were definitely drawbacks with this! But the survivor who has escaped around/through the blackhole arrives at a dimensionally Euclidean discretum of Zeitraum. Determinism in the Zeitraum { which is like a Christmas wreath for us the caterpillars crawling on the branches in it -- we don't necessarily fall off if we know its topology well enough through history. Alpha is Omega. Omega is Alpha. } doesn't enforce deterministic "trajectories" in it. I know the potholes on U.S. roads all too well but I still drive consciously and knowingly straight at a pothole at times, like my injecting myself with a disease germ {vaccination} to provide for my future health. Aiming and knowingly going straight at a blackhole doesn't imply a deathwish but it's going for the Zeitraum warp available there.) Later on for several times during the political power struggles, some people decorated my neighborhood and the path to my elementary school with political-slogan banners and cans containing gunpowder (IEDs) which the Martian/firefighter-jacketed/suited-and-helmet/mask-shielded explosives' expert detonated the smaller ones at a penalty-kick location (penalty spot) and the bigger one at the center of the soccer field (Boom!!! Impressive!..) Puff, the magic dragon!

[-] 1 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 9 years ago

Chavez wins!!

I guess we are the banana republic, with a completely bogus, trust-me, opaque voting system.

"The U.S. – a beacon of democracy, and an example to be followed by the rest of the world. One big source of pride is its' fundamental concept of free and fair elections.

“American elections are a disgrace. It's like looking into a kitchen of a world-class restaurant and losing your appetite at what you see, because we have an election system, a voting system that is completely non-transparent,” said Mark Crispin Miller, Professor at NYU and author of “Fooled Again, How the Right Stole the 2004 Elections.” . . . “If you were to hand your vote to a man in a magician's suit who then went behind a curtain and came out having first shredded the ballots, to tell you who won – would you trust that process?” said the co-founder and director of the Election Defense Alliance Jonathan, Simon. "

Stealing a US election? Nothing’s easier! http://rt.com/usa/news/us-election-voting-system-785/


[-] 1 points by VQkag2 (16478) 9 years ago

So you do know we tried to over throw Chavez in early 2000's I'm sure.

And I suppose our right wing still demonizes the socialist wave Chavez leads in South America, but the American Left isn't really demonizing him are they?

If Dems win here in Nov I think there will be improvement in relations.

[-] 1 points by VQkag2 (16478) 9 years ago

Hugo Wins!

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

easily - does that make obama sad?

[-] 1 points by VQkag2 (16478) 9 years ago

I don't think so. Do you think Obama is sad about that?

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

yes -

President Obama made his comments in an interview with the Venezuelan newspaper, El Universal.

He said the US was closely watching the build-up to Venezuela's general elections, due in October 2012, when President Chavez is seeking re-election.

"We have felt great concern at actions taken to restrict the freedom of the press and to erode the separation of powers that are so necessary for a democracy to flourish," he said.

"We are concerned about government actions that have restricted the universal rights of the Venezuelan people, threatened basic democratic values, and failed to contribute to the security of the region."

Mr Obama said the US did not "pretend to dictate" foreign policy to sovereign nations but said Venezuela had not benefited from its close ties with Cuba and Iran.

"It is up to the Venezuelan people to determine what they gain from a relationship with a country that violates universal human rights and is isolated from much of the rest of the world," he said.

War of words

Since taking office in 1999, President Chavez has forged a close alliance with communist Cuba and cultivated political and business ties with Iran.

He has also been a relentless critic of US policy around the world, and accused Washington of being behind an attempted coup against him in 2002.

Mr Obama's election in 2008 led to a brief warming of ties, but Mr Chavez soon expressed disappointment that there had been little change in US foreign policy.

Last year the US revoked the visa of the Venezuelan ambassador in Washington after Mr Chavez rejected Mr Obama's choice of a new envoy to Caracas.

[-] 1 points by VQkag2 (16478) 9 years ago

Well we have improved our approach to Venezuela because we are not trying to overthrow the govt as you point out.

So that is good.

We have criticized them, they have criticized us. So what? We have to placate the ring wing wacko population here in America. Criticism, is not war so I'm ok with that. I think the criticism both ways probably has some truth. This is goodthing no?

You state, and I know that the relationship has warmed, I submit it will warm further. In fact as I think has been mentioned on this thread Chavez said if he was American he would vote for Pres Obama.

I think the relationship is fine, and we are poised for great improvement with all the South American socialist countries (incl Cuba) if we can keep the right wing wackos out of the White house

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

so you think maybe another 4 years and i can visit cuba like a normal country?

[-] 1 points by VQkag2 (16478) 9 years ago

Sure. The Cuba situation WILL be resolved finally if we can keep the right wing wackos out of the White house.

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

don't bet on it - let's see 8 yrs of clinton and 4 of your boy and how do i get there - through mexico and then paying some fines or is it jail time

[-] 1 points by VQkag2 (16478) 9 years ago

Times are changing. The Cuba embargo WILL end!

I don't bet, but it is a good bet if you can find it.

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 9 years ago

poverty has been cut in half and extreme poverty by 70%. And this measures only cash income.


[-] 1 points by Nevada1 (5843) 9 years ago

Good post flip.

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago


[-] -3 points by yobstreet (-575) 9 years ago

That's cool. So when can we start drilling his backyard? Our military budget is like twice that of the entire world - we should act like it.

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

we do you moron - don't you read the newspapers. but like any good mafia don we don't pick on countries that can fight back - at least not since vietnam. haven't you noticed? that's why they haven't attacked iran or north korea.

[-] -2 points by yobstreet (-575) 9 years ago

Two generations ago places like Iran, Pakistan, North Korea were far more civilized than they are today; the only progress they have made is in the globalization of their pathology. While we're busy celebrating diversity to no end, unable to even secure our borders, these two bit basket cases are nuclearizing. Remember Sudan and "Save Darfur"? While we partied in Massachusetts with celebrity activists, the machete crowd continued to pile up bodies in Sudan - hundreds of thousands were murdered with machetes, which let's face it, is somewhat labor intensive - it would be much easier if they had a bomb.

If we acted like a military superpower which is what we are, there would be no need to engage in economic political wars. And Iran would not be offering nuclear support to Venezuela.

[-] 2 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

sure the world was a sweet place in the 50's - savak in iran helping people every day, korean villages being bombed and burned. negroes being lynched in the good old usa and no crime commited. and how about south america in those days - nice place right - nice place to be a rich white man

[-] -2 points by yobstreet (-575) 9 years ago

Without a doubt, the world was a much more civilized place. We have allowed our tolerance to empower apocalyptic ideology, which makes no sense in light of our military capability.

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

really - that is your opinion - you could use a bit of education but can you handle it - here is my boy noam to begin the process - read it carefully and please no long winded silliness - please! take note of vasca de gamo - use google - and note the dates also! The Responsibility of Intellectuals Noam Chomsky The New York Review of Books, February 23, 1967 TWENTY-YEARS AGO, Dwight Macdonald published a series of articles in Politics on the responsibility of peoples and, specifically, the responsibility of intellectuals. I read them as an undergraduate, in the years just after the war, and had occasion to read them again a few months ago. They seem to me to have lost none of their power or persuasiveness. Macdonald is concerned with the question of war guilt. He asks the question: To what extent were the German or Japanese people responsible for the atrocities committed by their governments? And, quite properly, he turns the question back to us: To what extent are the British or American people responsible for the vicious terror bombings of civilians, perfected as a technique of warfare by the Western democracies and reaching their culmination in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, surely among the most unspeakable crimes in history. To an undergraduate in 1945-46—to anyone whose political and moral consciousness had been formed by the horrors of the 1930s, by the war in Ethiopia, the Russian purge, the "China Incident," the Spanish Civil War, the Nazi atrocities, the Western reaction to these events and, in part, complicity in them—these questions had particular significance and poignancy. With respect to the responsibility of intellectuals, there are still other, equally disturbing questions. Intellectuals are in a position to expose the lies of governments, to analyze actions according to their causes and motives and often hidden intentions. In the Western world, at least, they have the power that comes from political liberty, from access to information and freedom of expression. For a privileged minority, Western democracy provides the leisure, the facilities, and the training to seek the truth lying hidden behind the veil of distortion and misrepresentation, ideology and class interest, through which the events of current history are presented to us. The responsibilities of intellectuals, then, are much deeper than what Macdonald calls the "responsibility of people," given the unique privileges that intellectuals enjoy.

The issues that Macdonald raised are as pertinent today as they were twenty years ago. We can hardly avoid asking ourselves to what extent the American people bear responsibility for the savage American assault on a largely helpless rural population in Vietnam, still another atrocity in what Asians see as the "Vasco da Gama era" of world history. As for those of us who stood by in silence and apathy as this catastrophe slowly took shape over the past dozen years—on what page of history do we find our proper place? Only the most insensible can escape these questions. I want to return to them, later on, after a few scattered remarks about the responsibility of intellectuals and how, in practice, they go about meeting this responsibility in the mid-1960s.

[-] -3 points by yobstreet (-575) 9 years ago

I'll tell you quite frankly that I see people like Dwight, or rather his stance on militarism, as our alter ego. It's an alter ego that exists in every individual, in the resultant organizational structure, and our political mentality. If we allow this side to repeatedly win, we cease to exist, and evolution does not permit such an option.

By the way, I don't accept his guilt of atrocity or his minor theory of complicity; it's factually incorrect, intended as a means to persuade.

[-] 2 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 9 years ago

You're a sick f*ck, aren't you? And you feel no need to hide it. Do you have a conscience?

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

you do realize that chomsky is writting about dwight - don't you - you are really a complete waste of time

[+] -7 points by Clicheisking (-210) 9 years ago

Gods you people are getting more surreal everyday! If you think Hugo Chavez is so wonderful then go live in Venezuela. You can build your socialist paradise!


[+] -6 points by Clicheisking (-210) 9 years ago

You are gonna have to kill a shitload of people before that happens. But that's just a small matter to your kind. Proven by history.


[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 9 years ago

communication, trade and transportation is entirely different

[+] -6 points by Clicheisking (-210) 9 years ago

I agree. We are WAY past due. But I wouldn't bet on your side to win that war.

[-] 3 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 9 years ago

Believe me douchebag, we know this is a death match. "This is a death match between the American middle class and Wall St. 1%ers. One or the other will cease to be." http://occupywallst.org/forum/whats-the-difference-between-a-tapeworm-and-a-wall/#comment-849006

Welcome to the nonviolent second American Revolution. No doubt you would have sided with the British, worms always side with power.

[+] -4 points by Clicheisking (-210) 9 years ago

Oh, how fucking precious!

[-] 2 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

you know what jim morrison said - "they got the guns but we got the numbers!"

[-] -2 points by Clicheisking (-210) 9 years ago

Will the "numbers" outnumber the bullets?

[-] 2 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

spoken like a true fascisti - always good to show your colors early in the debate. that isn't really the question - you are not well versed in history obviously. the question is will your soldiers fire on the people! or do they turn their guns towards you!

[-] -3 points by Clicheisking (-210) 9 years ago

I'd be willing to bet I'm better at historical knowledge that you. But my point is don't assume those soldiers are on the side of you Marxists.

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

your point was obvious as is your class bias - are you rich or just a quisling - not as impressed with your knowledge of history as you are.

[-] -1 points by Clicheisking (-210) 9 years ago

You didn't answer the question. And I fail to see how Quisling fits here.

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

shows your ignorance of history - or maybe simply your stupidity - as to your question only time will tell


[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 9 years ago

just sent this to your evil little quisling friend - i thought you might like to be reminded of it - you know what jim morrison said - "they got the guns but we got the numbers!"

[+] -4 points by Clicheisking (-210) 9 years ago

I truly believe that my side would see the end of it. Your subtraction from the equation would mean nothing.

[-] 2 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 9 years ago

You threatening us, asswipe?

[+] -4 points by Clicheisking (-210) 9 years ago

I threaten no one. I simply state the fact that you egotistical asswipes don't speak for all of the so called 99%. Oh, and fuck off red scum.

[-] 2 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 9 years ago

Sorry that "red scum" attack don't hunt, don't bite, don't bark. Your ilk have used that as a shield to hide your hatred of American freedoms and love of fascism since WWII. Begone, you have no power here.

[+] -4 points by Clicheisking (-210) 9 years ago

Yeah. As if you socialist/Marxist/facist assholes understand this nation or it's Founders or freedom. Keep spreading you propaganda Red boy.

[-] 1 points by VQkag2 (16478) 9 years ago

You resort to childish insults 'cause you have no substantive arguments?

If you can't discuss these issues in a civil & respectful way you should be an adult, admit defeat, refrain from the schoolyard bullying tactics of your candidate Romney, & just don't comment at all.

If you can't say anything nice don't say anything. (lol)

Don't make me tell you again.!

[+] -4 points by Clicheisking (-210) 9 years ago

No answer? Big surprise.

[-] 1 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 9 years ago

Well, I saw you sneaking off with your Eva Braun photos. I didn't want to interrupt you while you were doing what you do best.

[-] 3 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 9 years ago

You would have called George Washington a communist (or whatever the equivalent was back then). Obviously you don't share American values or understand the principles and ideals of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

[-] -1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 9 years ago

what a pile of meaningless accusations

[+] -5 points by Clicheisking (-210) 9 years ago

Yeah. Your interpretation of the history of this nation is the only true one. Go away Marxist butt boy.