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Forum Post: Why so much hate for wealthy business owners here and so much love for celebrities

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 21, 2011, 6:09 p.m. EST by ArrestAllCEOS (115)
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I have asked before why no one goes after the rich celebrities on here or asks them to redistribute their wealth, and the answer is always "they earned it, like through concert sales or tickets" while the business person "exploited and stole"

Which I find completely ridiculous, as a successful business owner we take a lot more risk and put in FAR more work than most celebrities.



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[-] 3 points by NielsH (212) 11 years ago

Nice straw man.

It is not about individual rich people but about income distribution. Over the last thirty years nearly all economic growth has gone to a small segment of society. This is not only unfair (the small segment are not solely responsible for the economic growth), it is also bad for the economy.

Too much concentration of wealth creates a tightly coupled system which becomes eventually becomes too big to fail.

Too much concentration of wealth also leads to an exorbitant growth of the financial sector, which doesn't add to productivity. I am not saying we don't need a financial sector, but due to concentration of wealth it is bigger than is good for the economy.

Finally, too much concentration of wealth reduces demand. It is almost impossible not to spend $20,000/year, but it is hard to spend $1 billion/year. Putting money into a raising gold-price may help investors to park their money safely for a while, but it slows down the economy.

Forget about deserving rich vs. undeserving rich, that's just a red herring. The problem is NOT individual rich people, but an income distribution that hinders economic growth, making us all poorer.

It will in fact even catch up on those 1%. If the economy stagnates further they will lose money too. So it's in their own self-interest to return to a reasonable income distribution.

[-] 1 points by legalassistant (164) from New York, NY 11 years ago

This is the real conversation on this thread.

The focus on celebrities is a favorite and tired straw man.

[-] 1 points by L3employee (63) 11 years ago

So stop whining, already!

[-] 1 points by L3employee (63) 11 years ago

I feel constrained to observe that, those celebrities you deride often paid their dues for years. Waiting tables, doing other unglamorous day-jobs, while working the main job that really didn't pay until they succeeded. So, they often labored to make you successful business owners successful, while following a far riskier path to success (many called, few chosen).

I really don't know if they "earn it" through ticket sales. I do know that a successful business person gets a cut, and gets wealthier through those ticket sales as well.

[-] 1 points by Mcc (542) 11 years ago

No love here.

The rich and famous do not want to be seen as 'pigs' or go down in history as 'villains'. They want to be seen as 'heros' and go down in history as 'humanitarians'. The market for their product has become global. The fan base has become global. Therefore, the 'humanitarian' effort and 'good will' PR machine has gone global. These 'huMmanitarian' efforts and 'good deeds' are not chosen to address the greatest need or injustice. They are chosen almost exclusively to appeal to the largest demographic for their respective commercial products. The largest fan base. Efficiency or effect is of little or no concern. Its all about PR, marketing, image, and fame. This is why so many of the rich and famous have taken up 'philanthropy' or 'good will' around the world. This is why so many have 'schools' or 'foundations' in their name. This is why so many play golf or appear on a TV game show for 'charity'. This is why so many sign motorcycles, other merchandise, or auction off their own 'personal effects' for 'charity'. This is why so many have TV shows with a 'charitable' gimmick. This is why so many arrange photo ops with wounded veterans, firefighters, or sick children. This is why so many have adopted children from around the world (Which they always pay others to care for full time. The hired professionals are sworn by legal contract to confidentiality. Not allowed to discuss or appear in public with the children they care for. Those 'photo' and 'interview' opportunities are reserved exclusively for the rich and famous 'adoptive' parents. Often sold for millions.). This is why every 'humanitarian' effort and 'good deed' is plastered all over the media worldwide. Its not about 'humanity' or 'good will'. Its all about marketing, image, fame, and PROFIT. This is why we are so often reminded of their respective 'good deeds' or 'humanitarian' efforts shortly before or after the release of their latest commercial product. IT IS A SHAM. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE HUMANITARIAN. GOOD WILL HAS BECOME BIG BUSINESS.

Charitywatch.org is a non-profit charity watchdog. Others include guidestar.com and charity navigator.org. Of all the well rated charities (about 1500) only three are closely affiliated with celebrities. Michael J Fox (he is not the primary donor), Tiger Woods (he is not the primary donor), and Bill Clinton (he is not the primary donor). That's three well rated celebrity foundations out of 1500. THREE OUT OF 1500. That should tell you something. In general, celebrity foundations run like crap because they blow half the money flying around in private jets, securing five star accommodations, and hiring PR crews.

Don't even get me started on Jolie and Pitt.

Oh the hell with it. I'll tell you just a little.

Virtually every penny they have 'donated' has come from the sale of baby photos. The babies had no choice. The money goes to their own foundation first. Then later, a portion is donated to a a legitimate charity. Another portion is blown on private jet rides, accommodations, photo ops, and pr crap. They always schedule their transactions and photo ops to coincide with the promotion of a new movie.

The Make it Right Foundation took in over $12,000,000 the first year alone. Tens of millions overall. To date, the Make it Right foundation has helped 14 former families of the lower ninth ward in New Orleans move back into new homes. These families were not given homes. They were required to pay an average of $150,000 each. UP FRONT. That's tougher financing than any bank. The difference is offered in cheap loans or on occasion, forgiven.

That's 14 families total after 5 years and tens of millions in funding. Brad Pitt has never been the primary donor. He is nothing but a figurehead. Make it Right is the epitome of inefficiency. A God damn disgrace.

Celebrities sick. They are just like politicians. The only difference is that the celebrities have had more plastic surgery. THEY SUCK.

[-] 1 points by Sid81 (30) 11 years ago

Because people are misinformed and stereotype. The movement (originally anyway) wasn't against successful business owners. They were against lies and cheats who manipulated the system and exploited consumers/employees to line their wallets with even more $$.

[-] 1 points by Kulafarmer2 (118) 11 years ago


Go to this website, is much more civil and directed, This forum here is out of control and not representive

[-] 1 points by stevemiller (1062) 11 years ago

Business owners have no talent and don't bust their ass like athletes and entertainers.


No chance for progress in America

The media pundits keep telling Americans on TV that we must have globalization, we must only elect Republicans and Democrats, we shouldn't have a class war, we should keep letting the politicians take bribes on the record and kickback favors for those bribes, and the list is a bottomless pit of stupidity,

Only people in a deep trance would be irrational. Americans are so arrogant and hypocritical that they'd prefer being destroyed by the pundits who use propaganda to keep them in a trance around the clock.

Obama has lied about everything he promised us. I don't care what color the president is if he's making decisions that will benefit all Americans with good job opportunities, fair taxation, and a great energy plan.

[-] 0 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 11 years ago

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