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Forum Post: Why is NOW the right time for a Middle Class Revolution in America?

Posted 2 years ago on April 15, 2012, 11:07 a.m. EST by KingofthemiddleClass (0)
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Because if you are rich (1%) or poor (10%) in this country you got it made! Your living the American dream. If you are in the Middle class like the rest of us, your getting the shaft. In this country the poor are getting richer, through the freebie social programs and the rich are getting richer through the tax codes, while the Middle class taxpayers are stuck paying the tab for both their free rides. Its time for both their free rides to end, before the middle class, the heart of our country, becomes like the dinosaurs; extinct. The only way to save the dying middle class is through a revolution- a revolution in thinking- Thoughts in Books not Bullets in guns, that’s how we’ll fix this great country. As a King of the Middle Class, and a die-hard red, white and blue American patriot, I am here to lead this much-needed revolution. Look we all came together to save the bald eagle, an icon of America, now its time, before its too late, to save the most valuable asset in America, the middle class the heart & soul of our great country.



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