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Please visit, Matthew's Presidential Campaign Website and learn about the monumental changes we are going to bring to America:

Campaign Website: www.wix.com/usa2012/campaign

All we ask, is to please read through the entire website before deciding whether to support: allowing Matthew on the presidential ballot.

Matthew is hoping to receive the support of the occupy wall street protesters. This campaign will be successful, but only with citizens standing together. Occupy Wall Street is an amazing movement that needs to unite under one cause to be successful. This is our chance to return The White House to it's people.

Please don't forget to sign the petition, we need 25,000 signatures by August in order to receive a very powerful famous endorsement. Then Obama's going to have some real competition!

The more signatures on the petition before step 1, will help gain momentum for the campaign.

Launching in May:

STEP #1:

>>> Matthew and Volunteers will go door to door with campaign pamphlets, explaining the campaign, and asking people to sign the petition allowing Matthew on the Election Ballot.

>>> Matthew will be holding a campaign speech in (local city), The volunteers will be informing people door to door and online, of the speech's time and location.

>>> Matthew will be contacting the local news station/news paper to interview Matthew and report on the campaign, and public speech

STEP #2:

>>>Contacting CNN/FOX news for interviews, controversy around a 22 year old running for president will be all over the media which will promote the campaign and petition.

>>> Receive celebrity endorsements

>>> Hire official campaign staff

STEP #3:

>>> Submit petition. If Obama refuses to listen to the public, we will hold protests outside The White House and around the U.S. until Obama says "I will accept the American's decision to allow Matthew on the Presidential Election Ballot.

STEP #4:

>>> Push the campaign at full steam. Debate Obama and Romney. Launch commercials, blow up the internet, facebook, twitter, youtube with our campaign. Perform speeches around the United States. Matthew will lead the people fighting for American's rights.

>>> Win the election, create a new voting system allowing citizens to have the final say about the future decisions of our country.

>>> Matthew will convert the President's role as leader of america, to the representative of the American people.

We hope for your support, lets unite and save America before it's too late.

Thank you,
Matthew's Presidential Campaign

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