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Forum Post: What is Better Individualism (Amsterdam or European Style), Collectivism, Community Censure, Community Review of Adults

Posted 2 years ago on Oct. 14, 2012, 3:10 a.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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Freedom and Liberty What is Better Individualism (Amsterdam Style or European Style), Collectivism, Community Censure, Adults Managed by Community Review-governmental body Review-religious authority Review?

There is a decision Point for all Striving peoples, critical to political freedom

The question starts out small dealing with one persons liberty. But the questions expand to a whole country's right to explore and find its own future. One term seems to help, Self-Determination.

I'm dealing with the contrast between community activism in the extreme end where adults might be turned over to authorities for smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol everyday.

On the other side would be where adults are treated with respect and allowed to find their destiny (self deterimination) as long as they didn't come to the attension of the law. But in my view adults have human frailties, there is a wide range of behavior, and the community should not attempt to interfere/manage adults in most cases as long as there are no victims. There is no such thing as consensual crimes.

But I don't have the answer. This maybe a gray area rather than black and white.

What are the Paradigms?

1) Religious, the church doctrine and church authroity determine your fate.
2) Law, performance metrics and employee ratings mean if you have violated the law in any way - you will be prosecuted and authorities will determine if you can keep your kids, lose your job, go to jail, pay fines, perform community service, be evaluated for insanity, treatment, guardianship, removal of individual rights, and institutionalisation.
3) An Education Paradigm, help the person, educate, theoropy, physical theropy, nutritional theorpy, social skills training.
4) Alternative to many pregnancies, males and females can contribute to society through writing, creating documents, and the influence of society by continuing eduation, higher learning, and university work.
5) Jail or Prison.
6) Netherlands or Denmark style democracy. People are seen as human, or at worse sick or d