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Forum Post: What Do You Believe

Posted 2 years ago on Aug. 23, 2012, 10:46 a.m. EST by ZenDogTroll (13032) from South Burlington, VT
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How Long

Yes, the title is a question. I will not attempt to tell you what you should believe - I will, however, provide a brief examination of what I believe, much of which is based on what is known, what is provable, about ourselves, about human behavior, and about the world around us.

The world is in a dire state today. There are over seven billion of us, many of whom do not get enough to eat every day, nearly one sixth do not have clean drinking water. These are facts - feel free to google.

The climate is warming, humanity is in possession of nuclear weapons, those who possess them are in direct competition, ideologically and directly - for control over what natural, economic, and human resources remain.

There are those in this country, primarily repelicans, who insist it will all be fine, these events were all foreseen long ago, and surely it will all work out, because Jesus will soon return and set things straight.

I do not doubt the role of Jesus in the historical context - I accept that he was a Liberal, a Political Dissident, and that he was slain for having disturbed the status quo.

I accept that it may be possible, under certain circumstances, to see the future -

Some claim Nostradamus foresaw terrible things, things relating to this present age, and upon seeing them ceased his vision quest.

Today our sciences have found the subject of prophecy so intriguing they have turned it into a subject of much study and research - I frequently point to Festinger's early work: When Prophecy Fails [1961]. Such individuals are, as Festinger demonstrates, highly skeptical.

What we do know about human behavior, is that when the end approaches in an individual life, we are often prone to lies and deceit, all in the interest of compassion, kindness, as a means of easing the pain and suffering attendant upon such occasions.

WE cannot say what ancient mystics may have seen. What can be said is that there are certain correlations between some visionary accounts and our present age - and these accounts may be found in such diverse places as the Middle East, China,