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Forum Post: What are Gary Johnson and Ron Paul Really Advocating?

Posted 2 years ago on Oct. 23, 2012, 4:50 p.m. EST by struggleforfreedom80 (6584)
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The answer is tyranny.

The policies advocated by Gary Johnson, Ron Paul and the rest of the leading figures in this so-called libertarian movement are really destructive. Now, there are some reasonable suggestions from parts of this movement when it comes to foreign policy for example, but when it comes to the economy and property rights etc, these people are way off. The libertarian movement is in reality advocating tyranny.

These so-called libertarians (a term used in a completely different way thruout history) advocate something that in reality would lead to a more corporate-run society. They want to privatize more services and give HUGE tax cuts to the wealthy and the big corporations. That of course means that the corporate elite and the top 1% will become even more wealthy and powerful in society.

Handing over huge amounts of cash and resources to the rich will weaken democracy even more, moving society towards more tyranny – private tyranny: Non-elected wealthy elites getting even more powerful.

In a real democracy it would be the people themselves that got to be in charge of their own workplaces and communities. In a free-market capitalist society however, it’s the wealthy that have the overwhelming power over our economy and our communities – even though we’ve never voted for them! We’ve never voted for the ones controlling our workplaces, and we’ve never voted for the financial elite and speculators at Wall Street. Still Paul and Johnson want to hand even more power over to these people.



These policies are also, as we can see, not very far from what the Republicans advocate. A good example of this is the Rand-worshiping republican Paul Ryan. And it is exactly these kinds of policies with privatization, weakening of workers' rights, tax cuts for the wealthy etc, that have